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    Let's go!?

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  4. It seems the whiteout has passed.

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    2. Remi-Chan


      Oh when I said white out, I meant the forum through the last 8 or so hours was just a blank white screen.

    3. AVGB;KBGaming



      Oops. Oh well, glad I wasn't trying to access the forums then.

    4. Rikifive


      Yee someone kept throwing flashbangs.

  5. Earlier
  6. Finally managed to get a few pieces of furniture out of storage, and now I'm off the floor, at least when I'm at my PC.

    Promised blog post:


  7. So I was thinking about an old project that I had worked on and trying to remember why I stopped.  It was called Temptation Seed.  I realized as I looked at it that I'd done a lot of work on the game, but that I had stopped because I couldn't figure out how to implement certain systems that I've since learned how to do (it mostly just required the use of common variables which I wasn't great at using before another project that forced me to learn fast).  I'm wanting to update it to MZ because it's just easier in so many ways, but the task is daunting!  It's probably gonna take me hours to redo everything!  That being said, I think it can be done and done well!

  8. I took a break from making games, but I'm back now. Got a fun little project comin up that I'm workin on with a close friend of mine!

    1. Rikifive


      Nice, have fun then!

  9. I'm in my apartment now, but I'm on the floor. That really sucks.
    I also don't know if my primary project PC is still in my storage unit. If it is, I'll have to get it at some point because that's where my project files for Ramsey are (I seriously need to upgrade the internal storage capacity for this Windows 10 LTSC PC).
    I did upload a test project to MEGA, for some people to look at, but I don't remember my login info for that MEGA account. If anyone has that test project, I'd greatly appreciate having that back at least. I don't know how much progress I'd be losing, but...

    1. Remi-Chan


      Best of luck getting your gamedev life back online. As someone who had their PC brick back in june last year, lemme tell ya- that shit is not fun!

      I never downloaded your game so I apologize, but I do not have your game files.

  10. though i havent called trailblazer mid yet! should i do that! i think i should do that okay here goes!



    1. AVGB;KBGaming


      First thought that comes to mind:

      The truck?

    2. Remi-Chan


      nah the game by Jeff

      He gets really insecure about people calling his game mid, ahahaha.

      So I'm just seeing if he'll bite the bait, but i doubt he has any presence here.

  11. how am I considered an advanced member ive made little more than 100 posts and at least 50% of those were shitposts, me trolling kyonides or exposing stuff / bitching about people from rpgmakerwebs

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    2. AVGB;KBGaming


      Heh. You're more active here than I am as of late.

    3. Remi-Chan


      Lmao true! But at least your inactivity is entirely validated by real life just plastering a big 'NO FUCK YOU SIGN' onto your window and it has been doing that for a while now!

      I mean this is my third account on this website, my past two got banned. The only reason I can tell that i keep getting away with it is because of my ability to bring the activity or maybe the admins like me for some weird reason!?

      Here's to hoping you can help with the activity thing alongside me, soon!

    4. AVGB;KBGaming



      a big 'NO FUCK YOU SIGN'

      This. Yup.

  12. My goodness, it has been a minute since I've checked in on this place.

    1. Rikifive
    2. RavenBlueIndigo


      I popped in because I heard the site was done for a few days, lol.

    3. Rikifive


      It likes to go down once in a while, and I'm afraid it doesn't have a bright future. 🙁

  13. I think this site needs Jesus more than Christianity and Catholicity combined do right now.

    1. kaz


      You are right there😀

    2. Rikifive


      it do be like that

  14. I think I should start including a new character in my games:  Buck Zerogo.  He's a freedom fighter.  This is funny, but only if you know what the true cost of freedom is.

    1. kyonides


      Well, not many people know about its true cost anymore... unless they live in countries ravaged by war.

    2. Aslanemperor


      Tell me...  Have you paid YOUR buck o' Five?

  15. I'm making my first publicly published game. NO no, for real this time. My dream is partially coming true. I found a newer mobile app for free, easy 3D game design without knowing code. It's a simple app that challenges rookie devs to think and design outside the box, giving just enough to create lots of interesting opportunities.

    I am going to be making a few games, but right now I'm working through testing and asset assessment to figure out what I want to do first.

    Although it's not RM, it will be my first game, so I want to chronicle some of that journey here. The community I struggle within to find my footing and create a game for what seems like a while now.

    Blog or Thread coming soon.  

    1. Rikifive


      Interesting, have fun with it!

  16. This double reply bug? Annoying. On some forums, it actually could get users suspended/banned (like how Gaia Online was once ran).

    Anyway, got a new phone. Will be changing my account email shortly.

    1. Rikifive


      ikr, annoying. ;-;

  17. My likeness to Herta from Honkai Star Rail both in appearance and personality is so fucking funny to me.

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    2. Rikifive


      The game seems to look cool and it's intriguing overall, but I'm sick of mihoyo, so I'm quite hesitant to start playing more of their spawns.

      Besides, I expect that game to also be limited to boring repetitive daily quests relying on FOMO, with no real gameplay whatsoever at some point.

      Eh.. Genshin eats enough of my time.

    3. Remi-Chan


      I stopped playing genshin a good while ago and am waiting until sneznehya or celestia update until I play again.

    4. Rikifive


      Yeah, nothing to see there otherwise. Just inexistent end-game and the like... I do the daily stuff regardless, blindly hoping anything will get better.

  18. I'm having to remind myself that I don't need to make maps that will never be used.  Building a massive "school" for the beginning of my game.  Part of this are fake dungeons for practical exams.  The thing is, the players will only be entering one of them.  Here I am freaking out about how much time it's going to take to build 6 separate biome bases for dungeons.  But five of those just need someone to stand in front and say "this classroom is being used by another group."  Simple answers...  Sometimes they're the hardest to come by!

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    2. Aslanemperor


      I get what you're saying, but in terms of storyline the dungeons aren't "real" dungeons.  They're testing areas for students in the school who are being trained as a sort of military brand of adventurer.  There are treasure chests, but they only contain tokens to be turned in at the end for a higher grade.  There WILL be a ton of optional dungeons.  Particularly, I plan on having at least two characters who learn their best skills through exploration (a martial artist who needs to find special teachers and a Wizard who has to study ancient tablets to learn powerful spells).  There will also be dungeons for the best weapons.  Of course, I am still working on a ton of foundational things, which is why I haven't made an actual post about it in the games in progress forum.

    3. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      Martial arts is one f my things, and I have put a great deal of thought into how one can be used over many decades. I'm sure you have many great ideas, but I also have some of my own you just don't see often because they come out of trying to one in every single RPG I've ever tried to make, more or less.

      I strongly suggest creating discipline trees similar to magic, within your martial arts system, and skill sets. I suggest using stances within each discipline to alter the nature of the characters stats for that battle via making these stances unique status states. So a Then you can create scenarios such as knock skills where his or her stance is disturbed. Things like sleep or other status' might break their stance as well.

      An example of how you can picture this is, in real martial arts, certain stances generate more offense, defense, speed, or chance to block or avoid, even improve countering windows or control range. These things can be represented and used to the player's advantage to strategically use their monks so-called mastery and control of martial combat.

      Each tree would have its own stance set emphasizing that discipline's strengths, but also being balanced enough that those who miss some Masters aren't let feeling somehow broken. If you use something akin to this, you should make their first and primary discipline pretty well balanced for general purposes, to make sure those who don't grind Mastery don't hate the character.

      It may be possible to change the available skills you can use depending on the stance you are in, or from your basic stance. This will improve the strategy of using your monk in battle much more, particularly if you spend time balancing each stance. For example a tanking stance shouldn't let you use certain offensive skills.

      Some great things to learn might be Chi skills, but Chi forms would be awesome things to unlock for them that are like legendary skills, and legendary feats within the canon of the game world. Something the masters keep mentioning to you early on, and you come to find are possible to obtain and use.

      Examples would be:

      Form of the Monkey
      Form of the Crane
      Form of the Mantis
      Form of the Eagle
      Form of the Tiger
      Form of the Dragon (Elite form that has more than one perk)


      This type of thing. Some ideas for perks beyond the obvious buffing are things that end up helping your allies and complimenting their areas of expertise, like somehow supporting the mage, or fellow warrior.



    4. Aslanemperor


      I like the idea, but I think that may be a bit ambitious for my rather modest skills.  I believe I'm pretty proficient with the events system, but I'm still a total newbie with installing and using Scripts and Plugins.  I have zero coding knowledge.  I have a project I'm planning for far in the future that would make use of ideas like this, but that project would probably require a team to complete and it would require for me to learn a lot more.  

  19. art drop coming soon, stay tuned... i'm just too tired to post right now

  20. 👻Just added Religion in The No-Name Project, but only if you are a king... and it's about worshiping yourself... (altars not included, you have to make those yourself on each outdoor map)

  21. Well, I'm 41 now. Getting old sucks! Chronic Fatigue has me bedridden most of the time & has ruined my entire sleep schedule. At least I've lived long enough to watch the world burn & wokeness rot society from the inside out ☹️.


    1. Rikifive


      It does, I myself am in a not too good condition. 🙁 And yeah, it do be like that.

      I hope you had a happy birthday regardless.

    2. kaz


      41 that’s not old 😀

    3. Animebryan


      It certainly feels that way when you have Asthma, Chronic Fatigue, no upper teeth, and can barely drag yourself out of your own home, much less out of bed. Feels like I'm 20 years older than I'm supposed to.

  22. Boy, sure has been a while since I've last been here. This used to be my home.

    1. Kayzee


      Hi Rinoazelda!

    2. Rinoazelda


      @Kayzee Hey, it's been a while!

  23. Forum decides to break and some poor fella due to software on backend accidentally ends up posting a topic thrice.

    1. Rikifive


      yea it sux, i cri evrytiem

      nice triple hit tho

    2. MasterMoes


      Yep, that would be me, haha 😞

  24. getting Error code: EX1062 every topics

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