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  2. Most instances of adding scripts means you start a new game. I don't have the knowledge to modify a save game or change the code so that it will auto correct.
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  4. There aren't any other scripts with the load_notetags_crafting method. I don't have any other crafting-related scripts either. At least I think I now understand what that line of code is meant to do. The good news though, I replicated the error. Basically, I began a new save file in my test project without the crafting script, but I kept the instance items script in. I then played the game, gave myself 6 weapons, checked to see if weapon crafting worked fine (it did), saved, and then closed the game. Then I re-inserted the crafting script, loaded my save file, went to weapon crafting, and BAM, the error happened. For some reason, the crafting script can't handle the existence of any equipment collected before the addition of the crafting script. In my base game save file, I had equipment items I collected from the time before I added the crafting script. How can I fix this?
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  6. It's just a big value check statement. If crafting items is empty or weapons is empty or armours is empty etc then return false. The slash at the end is a continuation to the next line. It gives an error because when it's getting checked it is looking for @crafting_weapons.empty? etc and it says @crafting_weapons is nil so it can't ask nil if it is empty? Nil does not have a method called nil because nil is a null value which means the object does not exist. I was suspecting this was caused by a script overwriting some of the data. Like maybe you have another script in there that uses the same name for the method and it doesn't find the crafting for weapons or armour. Do you have other crafting scripts? Look for load_notetags_crafting And see if you have several returns (search by CTRL+SHIFT+F) Maybe another script is using the same name and overwriting the creation of weapons or armour crafting settings.
  7. It is above the instance items script. I tried placing it below, directly above, and directly below, but it didn't work. I put the script in a blank project and everything works fine. All of the weapon/armor-related scripts work with it. I thought maybe I had to begin a new save file, but it still wouldn't work in the actual game. To answer your question, I can't seem to replicate it. I've tried countless script combinations already and it just works/doesn't work without a hint as to why. I don't even understand what line 269's purpose is...
  8. What is your script order? I think the crafting script should be above the instance items. Can you replicate the issue in a blank project?
  9. I'm using coelocanth's crafting system script for my VX Ace game, but I keep getting this error message: Whenever I open up the crafting menu from the pause menu, it works fine in the "items" and "key items" categories. However, as soon as I scroll over the "weapons" or "armors" category, the game crashes and the error appears. I don't know what's causing it, but it seems to be equipment-related. I am using Victor's "instance items" script in order for my weapons and armor to have durability, and I've had other script errors due to the instance item script, so could it be related to that? Here is the crafting script: The issue occurs on line 269, the "!(@crafting_items.empty? && \" line. Any help is appreciated.
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  11. Im trying to recreate the Level 5 Death skill from Final Fantasy 5 via damage formula code and im having a bit of trouble since this stuff isn't my forte. If you dont know what the skill does in the original game, Level 5 Death instantly kills any and all targets whose level is a multiple of 5. So if an Actor is Level 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, etc. They would instantly be defeated. The skill can also be used by the player as a Blue Magic spell. I am also replicating this via Yanfly's Skill Core plugin and using the Blue Magic code from here: http://www.yanfly.moe/wiki/Blue_Magic_(MV_Plugin_Tips_%26_Tricks). Since the player can use this skill, enemies will also have levels via Yanfly's Enemy Levels plugin. The skill will work the same way when used on enemies, so if a player uses LV 5 Death and any enemy the player is fighting is Level 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 And so on, the enemy will instantly be defeated. and if they aren't , they wont be affected by the skill. This is how i set up the skill. Unfortunatly, the skill doesn't work on actors who have levels that are multiples of 5, So im sure im doing somthing wrong. Any help fixing this would be appreciated.
  12. I'm looking to make an AP system for my game as a secondary MP system. So, MP will be the cost to use magical abilities and AP for non-magical ones. So far using VisuStella plugins I've been able to replace the TP bar (which I'm not going to use) and color it yellow (which I want), BUT the gauge says undefined both where it should say "AP" and where it should say the current amount. Also, I'd like the game to start out with full AP for everybody, just like MP.
  13. Hi all, What I want to do: Make an item that will teach skills to an actor, ONLY if they have reached a certain level in a certain class. For instance, an actor can only learn Lv.2 black magic through a certain item if they've leveled up the black mage class enough. What I've done: Made the item trigger a state and a common event. In the common event, there are the conditions of the selected actor being 'afflicted' by said state, as well as knowing a 'dummy' skill that is learned by leveling up the class in question. When both conditions are met, the actor will learn the skill(s) I want them to learn. My problem with this method is that since it's running an event, it closes the menu, and I'd rather have it act like using an item normally (with no menu closing). I've gotten close to fixing this by adding in the common event the script SceneManager.push(Scene_Item); BUT that puts the menu back in the first item category on the first item. I want it to stay on the item/category that the cursor was previously on. Suspected solves/workarounds: I suspect the most efficient way of solving the problem is if there exists a scene interpreter compatible with MZ. This way, I could run the events in the menu without closing it at all. Alternatively, I could put a command at the end of the event telling the game to reopen the menu and go to the item scene AND in the correct index/category, as well as put the cursor back on the item, but I'm not sure if this method is even possible. I've read something about being able to define certain indexes of scenes (such as the key items category) so that they can be called directly, which would get me part of the way there. I'm just not well versed in coding so I'm not sure how to go about executing this. Any and all workarounds/solutions to achieve the desired end result are welcome (even if it's a method I haven't thought of)! Thanks in advance for the help. P.S. Feel free to move this thread to wherever if it's in the wrong location!
  14. Remi-Chan

    (Rated T) Fantasia ~Surreal Cosmic Progeny

    It seems after making around 100 optional events over a couple months burn out has finally decided to hit me! More info in this vid:
  15. Saikar

    CSCA Encyclopedia w/ Bestiary

    Hello there. I love this script and its working great, but I'm still very bad with the scripting language itself. I know asking about 10-year old script is a long shot but I'm really not making much progress on my own. I was wondering if anyone knows the conditional branch calls for checking to see if certain keys are active or not? I want to check to see custom(1) is on or not. If its not, I call $game_party.csca_set_custom_true(1) to turn it on and display some text and other code, but if its already on I don't want to display all that again. Any guidance in the right direction would be appreciated.
  16. I just got RPG Maker MZ, and I've been using VisuStella's Main Menu Core plugin to customize my menu. What I want to do is instead of having one 'Skill' command, I want to have a 'Magic' command and an 'Abilities' command. How would I go about doing this? So far I have the main menu displaying those options, but when I select the options during playtest, the game freezes since it doesn't know where to go from there. How do I design the Magic and Abilities pages? Thanks in advance! EDIT: Solved! I copied the Skill menu and reconfigured what I wanted.
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  18. Chigoo

    Life In MiNi Town

    PLAY NOW FOR FREE @ ITCHI.IO Abstract: LIFE is an open-world sandbox RPG, a blend of Skyrim, GTA, Pokemon, The Sims, and many other open-world Games. Genre: fantasy, science fiction, Open world Life simulator The Story: Hide contents The game of LIFE: Mini Town just came out a few weeks ago, in its first week everyone was talking about it like it was the best game in the world… As a gamer, you feel obligated to get this highly acclaimed game, so you started to save up for it. After a few weeks of saving you finally got the game and are now about to play it for the first time. As you start up the game you feel an incredible rush of satisfaction running down your spine as you play the game. Nothing at this point can go wrong… Suddenly a blinding light coming from the TV appears and you are suddenly sucked into the TV, and as sudden as the light came it left taking you with it. You wake up falling from the sky with nothing but yourself and your underwear, but only it wasn’t yourself who was falling It was the avatar you just created in the game, but somehow It was you and you it. After arriving in MiNi Town you realize you have been sucked into the game. You spend most of your time in this city trying to find your way out of the game and return to the real world. While trying to find your way out you decide at some point that you might as well try to live your life as the rest of the people in the city do, so you start attending school and get a job. Soon you realize that this strange city is no place for noobs, so you then decide it's time to beef up and get yourself fit for fighting off thugs and whatever else the city hides. So you hit the gym, and buy yourself some weapons for you know "Self Defense." While in the city you meet a lot of people, some friendly, some mean, and angry, and some even weird, and strange, but the only way to fit in is to make friends. Along the way, you also make enemies and lose friends. Some enemies even become your friend, and friends your become foe. The more you fit into the city the harder it is for you to find any reason for going back home, in the real world Character Bios: Hide contents In the real world, you were nobody, no one knew you existed and you spent most of your time playing video games. Your parents are dead and you live by yourself. Credits: Hide contents Victor Engine Yanfly Engine Ace Sapphire Action System IV By Khas Arcthunder Galv's Item/Bank Storage XaiL System DT's One-Person Menu Armor Changes Variable v0.5 by IceDragon, additions by kirinelf Requested by: chigoo Galv's Random Loot Wyrelade's Simple Main menu Basic climate and day and night system b ScreenShots y: V.M of D.T MORE NEW SS Reveal hidden contents Features: Day and Night system - NPCs and buildings react to what time it is, stores are closed and people are at home sleeping, etc... Drugs/Drinking - You can get drunk, or high which sometimes lead to addiction Active battle system - Fight on the map Visible armor type - character graphics change depending on what type of armor you wear, and nude when you're wearing none. Karma system - The more evil things you do the more evil you are and good people hate you same applies for good deeds. Bar/Gym fight - Fight Fight Fight! Arena: (Pokemon Style) - fight in the arena to collect medals collect all 10 to enter E's - Tower Jobs- Get full-time or part-time jobs. You can even become a drug dealer. Bench press system - Mini game that acts as a way to build your strength Crafting - allows you to craft items such as armor, potions, and more Weather System - Rains, Storms, and Sunny Cars - Buy and drive cars, later on, you can steal them (WIP) Mini Games - You can play mini-games from the arcade and many other places. Gambling - you can buy and gamble tokens in the Casino Super Powers(Skills) Four classes - play style varies depending on your class Woodsman jobs - Mine, Fish, Lumber Jack, Hunt animals, collect herbs Gangs - Join one of the three gangs in the city, or destroy them SideQuest - Tons of stuff to keep you busy. Crime system - Work in progress - you can commit crimes Mugging system - Work in progress - you can get mugged Random Loot - Find any container? Well see what's inside and more... PLAY NOW FOR FREE @ ITCHI.IO Download BETA v2.0 http://chigoo.wix.co...e#!reviews/c9qb
  19. Bob Dole

    Tall Tales of Fall

    Well that was a great 4 hours I spent on this game. The final boss was a ton of fun.
  20. Remi-Chan

    (Rated T) Fantasia ~Surreal Cosmic Progeny

    Unless you're interested in the project's ongoing development, the first post is all you need to read. Hope that helps~!
  21. Widen612

    (Rated T) Fantasia ~Surreal Cosmic Progeny

    oh man, lot to read also remind someone did like this too XD
  22. Remi-Chan

    (Rated T) Fantasia ~Surreal Cosmic Progeny

    Okay! As stated I began and finished the organization and implementation of the Pirateship tileset Coyote craft has been and still is working on, hence the lack of detailing so far. Yarr harr, fiddle de dee! But... that wasn't all! For you see I have been doing a lot of recordings, and finally I decided to prop this one up with VA and unofficial music~! Spite Vs Grace Please enjoy it~!
  23. I guess this thread should now be in completed games. Can a mod move it, please? Also, the latest review is up on YT:
  24. Remi-Chan

    The Photo Booth- show your face people!

    ⛧ ~Starchaser Remi~ ⛧
  25. Remi-Chan

    (Rated T) Fantasia ~Surreal Cosmic Progeny

    When working on a game of this scale, momentum is the only means of releasing. Thankfully once I get in the mode I don't stop until I pass out or get distracted enough to break form. The game is my most ambitious yet. Ambitious as Perseverance Full Clearance was, it pales in comparison to the monster I'm creating here. This kinda became open-world before I'd realized it, and unlike a lot of "open world" games, I want there to be some things to do on each world, which is why there's been such a focus on planetary events. Speaking of those: all but 4 are done scenes wise. Yes: I finished Galaxia. Tonight I'll be gearing the S.S. Potassium tileset to work at the scale its artist (CoyoteCraft) intended. He's yet to do the majority of detailing, he claims that should be done after next week. Nothing new from Pjcr yet, and while Xiie has paid the outstanding balance her old ISP threw on her, it is in the process of being connected still. As for me, I have some videos for the Postmartia events. Pjcr's portraits for Xeltara have all been implemented and look stunning! And here's some screenshots showing some of the work I did on Galaxia. In preparation for Tekerlek I grabbed the old Battleship sprite my artist Apoc made for Menagerie and lightly edited it and added some recolors. Second to the left from the top right is the S.S. Potassium. Top right is Baron Gadzoo's "Ruby Annihilator", second to the right from top-left is the Nadinean Seadrifter, the entire bottom row are so-far unknown ships, though the bottom right is likely to be a Havenian Judicator, with the black sailed ship with red markings likely belonging to another infamous pirate. At this point I'm too lazy to add in thrusters, though I might grow the enthusiasm in the future. For reference, the only one of these ships to have been given a legitimate concept or drawing is the S.S Potassium. featuring in Highwaymen of the Starlit Sea I should mention that the only reason i left Tekerlek to last in the roadmap was due to the time the assets for this ship took to develop. It's been shown several times that the characters who star in this segment have plenty of good chemistry and I find it a joy to write them! The events demanded a little editing, so here is the updated Roadmap with changes for tekerlek added. The bizarre obstacle course event was scrapped and the Anathema bossfight was added in its place and moved to the finale. Updated Roadmap for Planetary Optional Events Anathema has been planned to be a boss fight since before work on Disk 2 even began. The fact she has an intense music score / theme... And entries in the database including a medal for impressing her prove that well enough. Still dealing with burnout and a bizarre amount of inter-gestational wind that's making me somewhat uncomfortable so how long things will take to really get rolling again is anyone's guess at this point. But knowing me it won't take too long.
  26. RyenSaotome

    [18+] Renryuu: Ascension

    Since it has been a while since the last update, and there have already been people asking and speculating about it, I thought it would be a good idea to let you know the current state of it. I've spend the last couple of weeks on background stuff, like bugfixes, spelling mistakes, preparing CGs and scenes for the future, but most of all for a wiki page for the game. The wiki page is supposed to replace the blog as my homepage, which got barely any clicks and doesn't seem to be needed. My goal is to make the wiki an improved version of the walkthrough, with all necessary information to answer any question and help with all riddles and problems players may encounter. I know that some people prefer a .pdf walkthrough, but to me, a wiki can be a lot more detailed and is easier to manage. It also helps that the wiki can be edited by other people, so if players find mistakes or missing information, they can add it themselves immediately. I knew from a previous attempt that creating a wiki for Renryuu is a very draining and time consuming thing, due to the several hundred locations, characters, quests, items, and all the details that people would love to know about, however, the wiki has cost me even more time than I expected. That's why I'm making it public before it is fully complete, so that other people can help me with it and lessen the burden at least a bit, and because I don't want to stop working on the new content for the game for any longer than I already did. The wiki has: - A list of all main and side characters. - A story page which explains all steps of the main story without giving full spoilers of everything that happens. - A page for the different locations of all countries. - A list of all quests which can be sorted by alphabet or quest ID number. The pages of the individual quests are mostly taken from the walkthrough, but also contain all quest steps and the text was improved in many cases. - A page with lists for all items, including weapons and armors, which shows all stats and effects. The lists can be sorted, for example weapons by the ATK value on it. However weapons which give a percentage based increase will be out of order for this. - The list of shops. - A page which explains how to craft things. - A list of all enemies with their entire stats. Same as in most other lists, it can be sorted by specific stats or alphabet. - A page for the three raids in the Spire of Courage. - The solutions for all major riddles. - A page for the FAQ with answers to common questions. What is missing: - The individual pages for side characters. - The individual pages for enemies, with their locations, skills, and the drops, experience and gold you can get from them. - The individual pages for locations, and what you can find and do in those areas. - The age, height, breast size, likes, hates, and home information in the list of characters. Since I never made a list for those things in the past, it's pretty much open in most cases. Feel free to add these infos based on what you think is correct based on the existing events and images of the characters. You can find the new wiki at: https://renryuu.miraheze.org Apart from the main page, all pages can be edited, and you can create new pages without limitations. It'd be great, if some people could help me out by adding and improving things in the wiki. It would save me a lot of time and effort. Mentioning adult things is okay, but please don't post any NSFW images in the wiki. As for the next game update: - I fixed the bug with Mary's CG scene, which showed her old CG at first and then kept the new CG on the screen even after the scene was over when you played the scene for the first time. - The cross-hair in Della's aiming mini-game is now certain to go to the middle of the target every X movements. This'll prevent that the game will result in a boring waiting game if you're unlucky and the randomly generated movements refuse to go to the middle of the target. - I removed the word "Equip" from the choices when you change weapons, armors, or horses for vanguard squads, as the text was too long in a few cases. - I started with the events for the romantic relationship with Della, which will lead to her CG scene. - A „black temple“ as big building project was planned to be a challenge area for the individual party members by themselves. For finishing the challenge, the character was supposed to receive a new skills and/or a permanent stats increase. However, I'm not satisfied with the current maps and stories for it, since it didn't turn out as big and impressive as I wanted. That's why I'll have to see how I can change and improve it, and can't say yet whether it'll be in the next update or later. - I'm considering to give Chiyo the new abilities „Alchemist“ at the point of her events at which you can talk with her to open the crafting menu. The skill would replace that option and could be used outside of battles to open the crafting menu anywhere in the world. It would make crafting tables redundant once you reach that point, but it'd be more comfortable for the players.
  27. lavalord96

    Lockpick minigame

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the link to the demo is deleted, for some reason.
  28. Eric Matyas

    Free Music / SFX Resource - Over 2000 Tracks

    Happy November Everyone! I can't believe a month has gone by...I've been super-busy creating custom music for clients. Anyone need some custom music created? Give me a shout...my contact information is here: https://soundimage.org/custom-work/ I can work with most budgets. And, as always, my 2500+ tracks on my site are completely free to use with attribution. Enjoy!
  29. Remi-Chan

    (Rated T) Fantasia ~Surreal Cosmic Progeny

    This year has probably been one of the most productive since 2015. The sheer magnitude of work I started with, compared to the pittance that now remains manages to even make me feel good. Between the open beta weekend where I finished 50 or so maps within a few days. To going from 116 optional planetary events to the point where now only 25 remain, and it's taken only 3 months. 39 optional events per month, at a rate of over one per day. This last 30 days has been immensely productive. With an absolute swathe of planetary events being knocked out of the park, we started with zero progress on anything other than one shots, now we're almost finished. With 2 scenes left for Galaxia and 4 for Tekerlek. Over the weekend I took a break to stave off some mild though very expected burn out, and to process legal forms to keep the place I'm living in. The forms as of today (monday) have been lodged so now I have but to wait for the hearing to be arranged. Xiie should be back about any day now, Pjcr has finished submitting the Xeltara and is now onto Lilith. Xeltara The final pose and two facial expressions. Tonight i will implement them and see about finishing off the galaxion scene events. Now after a break I'm keyed to get back to work. I intend to change my routine back to my shitty hot topic vampire variety as the Australian summer gorws in intensity. So... Will we be done in time? The influx of files Pjcr has been sending is great, but not nearly fast enough. There is still much to submit and Pjcr having reliable net will not magically fix everything. At the current rate we're looking at a march 14th release instead, which is bad and far from schedule, but this is actually good news. With Xiie back in the game soon, she too will have a hard time catching up to present demand, even with the absolute hoard of files she's worked on, there is much i have not been able to get her to make for lack of context and her internet being too poor to accept image files. That's nothing to say of my own progress, while yes, if all events left were merely scenes, I could easily make the deadline, but only 6 of the remaining events are scenes, the remaining 19 are boss fights from medium, to hard, to surreal difficulty. This is also the disk where the first of four superbosses becomes available, rated on the INSANE difficulty. While there are exceptions, these difficulties for players also match up relatively well with the effort and difficulty of production for me to develop. There's also a lot of interface upgrades to be implemented, such as rewards. That's not to mention the custom VA these optional bossfights will necessitate, and given the line up of professional VAs i have for many of these characters, and my limited fortnightly budget, it may just be infeasible to release this game on December as originally promised. So... what will happen? The December Delta Build Demo 3 has already had an Alpha, and a beta as was the weekend in Janurary this year, so when did Gamma happen? Gamma was a closed doors build that nobody actually got to try because it got cancelled for a fairly valid reason. it was scheduled for June 6 but it was one day earlier that my PC bricked. So I decided to just move on ahead, planning a delta build in november, but this would leave only a month for testers, and my breaker is very thorough and a month is simply not enough time, this game is too massive. So putting all things in perspective, moving the delta build to december seems like a fair concillation for a failure to release this year, which leaves Demo 3's release a few months to really get things airtight, and ensure all placeholders are more or less a thing of the past. This would mean Demo 3 would release on 3/14 and our 10th anniversary, the game will also be put on steam, as "early access", the full game should be ready in about a year from then. Avoiding the Problematic Crunch of Rush The release of Fantasia Demo 2 didn't go as smoothly as I would have liked. The writing felt disconnected and jarring, and a lot of what was going on made less sense than more- that is where Re-Write came in. Looking forward, no matter how many delays it takes, I refuse to rush the content. I want to create a game that doesn't need a Re-write patch to fix what should have been correct the first time around. The only knowledge I had plans to release the game in December comes from the trailer, which is a mistake on my part. That said, there will be SOMETHING that happens in December, be it the Delta build, a Simian Scandal 9.5, or whatever else... I don't intend to say there will be something, only to welcome all who anticipated that with nothing. If a miracle happens and my artists get me all the files I need, then maybe a December release will be possible. But that's seeming less and less likely with every day that passes. For the 12/12/22 release, all bets are pretty much off already, as that leaves us less than a month to finish everything. 12/22/22 is more plausible, but still unlikely. Doing this would also mean no QA from the delta build, as this would leave no time for a Delta Build to exist. So in closing: It's more likely a Delta Build will release on the 22nd of December, giving delta testers a little under three months to give feedback, which should be enough. Me and my team can then focus on getting all the resources finished and implemented, while I have the budget to pay the voice actors for their contributions. This would also give us something to celebrate our 10th Anniversary with, not only our first venture onto the steam platform, but a valuable release as well. If this is the path that ends up being taken, I intend to have the game finished completely before march, allowing me time to prep steam direct and get press material ready and some marketing and hype generation done.
  30. Chigoo

    DawnHaven [9Years Later]

    PLAY THE GAME NOW ON ITCH.IO! Dawn Haven 0.05D is out now! New spells New Quests Performance and quality of life improvements A new seekers guild 4 new weapon types (Spear, Gloves, Boomerang, and chain spear) True open world in RMVXA!
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