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  3. Yeah, it works as intended. Merci beaucoup.
  4. Actually, no... I think the weapons array only returns weapons, so 0 will be the first weapon no matter where it's slot is. But you may have to try it and see!
  5. So, those are slot values? Weapons are slots 1 and 2 since Skill Card is slot 0 (or that's how they're arranged).
  6. No silly, why did you change the numbers? Did you think they were the index of the party member or something? $game_party.leader.weapons[1] && ($game_party.leader.weapons[0] == $game_party.leader.weapons[1]) For the party leader at least.
  7. So... $game_party.leader.weapons && ($game_party.leader.weapons[1] == $game_party.leader.weapons[2])
  8. Yup yup yup! I think you are right anyway...
  9. So, this would work for eight directions: x = $game_player.x y = $game_player.y [region_id(x+1,y), region_id(x-1,y), region_id(x,y+1), region_id(x,y-1), region_id(x+1,y-1), region_id(x+1,y+1), region_id(x-1,y-1), region_id(x-1,y+1)] @Kayzee I have an equipment specific skill system (talked about this with Fazune and assigning skills based on equipment-using the same system), and specifically, for spellcraft weapons, if one has two spellcraft weapons, the Dual Hand skill will be in place, but that is replaced by the weapon using a note-tag. However, I only have note-tags for dual-wielding the same spellcraft weapon, not for two differing spellcraft weapons. That's why I'm checking this, and yeah, it should be like... $game_party.leader.weapons ...... (and so on for other party members)
  10. Well the methods are quite short so it could probobly all be rewritten to be pasted in an event script command, but using methods like that is handy. I might have over complicated things a bit really. If you wanted to do it in the simplest way possible all you would need to do is this to get the four nearby region_ids in an array is: x = $game_player.x y = $game_player.y [region_id(x + 1, y), region_id(x - 1, y), region_id(x, y + 1), region_id(x, y - 1)] Or you could put them all in different variables or something. It's just adding and subtracting 1 form the x and y really. Anyway, as for your other question: Assuming 'actor' is the actor you want to check, you can use this in an if statement or a conditional branch script call I think: actor.weapons[1] && (actor.weapons[0] == actor.weapons[1]) Not sure what actor you intend on checking or where you want to use this so I can't exactly give you anything more exact.
  11. Eric Matyas

    Free Music / SFX Resource - Over 2000 Tracks

    Hey guys, Here are this week’s new free music tracks for your projects: On my Action 3 page: WILD WEST COAST RACING 9 – (Looping) On my Nature /Science 3 page: ARIZONA SUNSET – (Looping) On my Puzzle Music 5 page: PEACEFUL PUZZLES – (Looping) PIXEL BUILDER – (Looping) And on my Sci-Fi 8 page: SNEAKING AROUND THE GRID – (Looping) For daily updates as I release new tracks, friend me on Facebook. Have a good week…and keep being creative! soundimage.org
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  13. PhoenixSoul

    Gab Manager

    Dropbox link is dead; using that platform without proper backup was a reeeeeaaalllly bad idea... (hindsight is 20/20-marking this as a dead script to be reuploaded if anyone has it)
  14. Going forward, it'll be much easier to contact me via Discord or Steam; web browser is garbage to startup anymore and I will never have the means to upgrade my lackluster hardware...

    Unless you wanna help out...

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      I've considered running Linux...
      I really need better hardware though.

    3. Kayzee


      Yeah, but on the bright side it seems to me like PCs aren't advancing nearly as much as they used to. Just imagine being in the year 2000 with a computer from 1988 and trying to do just about anything. I mean, you could probobly do a lot of stuff if you tried, but man...

    4. PhoenixSoul


      I think there are people who had that exact problem back then, but it was not a big number of them...

      Unless you count various governmental idiocracies and such (I disregard them because it was pretty predictable)...

  15. I didn't actually think any further code was needed; I had figured it could be done with what's already present, and yeah, it should return the values of the neighboring tiles' region IDs or terrain tags. Ah, well... Hmmm...but it leaves (once again) one query unanswered...
  16. I know and appriciate it. But make Phantasy Star game (even if Im not have any rights on it) was my little dream. Thats why it named Phantasy Star :)
  17. That One NPC

    OTHER Phantasy Star... Twenty years past (RMXP)

    Hey, man, I'm not trying to hate or bring you down on it. Was just answering honestly. I just feel like it would be more distinguished in it's own right if it had its own name that still identified it as a Phantasy fan game. I named my SaGa Frontier tribute game Legacy Frontier. I named my Suikoden concept Destiny Star Saga. Something as small as a name can take your game from, 'That one Phantasy Star fanmake of the same name" to, "_______, that game by those indie developers that's basically a new Phantasy Star!"
  18. Thank you, but yeah, its just fan game. Nothing more. Like funfictions, but... the game o.o I know its SEGA' IP thats why it free and never even tried to be comercial.
  19. That One NPC

    OTHER Phantasy Star... Twenty years past (RMXP)

    It's a protected IP of Sega. And not ours to call our own. Furthermore a simple name change would have better protected it from the wrath of legalities fan games are vulnerable to. It also would have given your game that little bit of identity of its own, allowing it to stand out and brand itself, because it's really not a Phantasy Star game, with all due respect.
  20. Oh, whats wrong with the name?
  21. I thought I answered something like it at some point... Anyway instead of complicated eventing you can use still fairly complicated scripting! Heres how I do it.
  22. That One NPC

    OTHER Phantasy Star... Twenty years past (RMXP)

    I really wish you had changed the name out of respect, but it looks Phantastic! Great job.
  23. Holder

    Holders Animated Battlers

    Just uploaded my first template base for a female Squire, with sword. The weapons will need to be layered above and below the base. Enjoy
  24. This remains unanswered. Also, how does one check to see if both weapon slots (YES DUAL WIELD) contain the exact same weapon?
  25. Made some progress in the actual level, as well as added some details here and there (tiles with plants and stuff in teh grass)






  26. Doomboxx1134

    Quest light

    Is there any way to make it to where Mr. Flippers the cat has a beam of light on him due to the fact that he has a quest for me? Also, I think this is the correct forum for this question, thank you in advance!
  27. Last week
  28. Doomboxx1134

    Help with an event, I think

    Wow, thank you for taking the time to explain it, I mean for the slaves to run away after I beat the boss, like they're finally free, I'm gonna give this a shot, thank you so much
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