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  2. WCouillard

    YEA Party System: Unequip when Removing?

  3. I am happy to help! *sprinkles some fairy dust on you*
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  5. Fan-project (english translation beta) Genre: JRPG Platform: RMXP Studio: Lokator & Di.H Prod WARNING: game translation is in beta stage. The game itself is fully ready and translated to english, but wasn’t much tested by native speakers, so you can encounter various errors. Please report these kinds of things, and we’ll patch them out! Readme file inside. STORYLINE/PLOT 2304 AW. Algol Solar System. Motavia. Twenty years passed since the elimination of Profound Darkness . Ancient technologies were hidden from the people’s eyes again. Hahn Mahlay is the first man on Motavia, principal of Motavian Academy, exemplary family man and the best scientist. He starts a new organization in the east - The Guardians. Defenders monitor the ecological state of the planet and any of its deviations. Our story started in Zema, where two Guardians ready for a mission are having a rest. FEATURES The ideological sequel of the beloved series Well-designed hand-drawn cutscenes Music made with the same tools as the original one Old familiar characters and bright new ones Complex variety of battles Additional quests, a lot of secrets and references Good humor CHARACTERS SCREENSHOTS TRAILER DOWNLOAD LINKS CREDITS
  6. Valentine90

    VXA-OS - Create your MMO with RPG Maker

    Version 1.1.0 available. LOG: -Changes made in the Manual; -Vocab added on the server; -Added speed hack protection; -Limit of inventory, trade and bank added; -Event Command Call Added Common Event; -Error when equipping weapon or armor that increases HP and/or Max MP fixed; -Error when using item that permanently increases HP and/or Max MP fixed; -Error by giving a high gold value through the admin panel fixed; -Error when disconnected in character selection fixed; -Error in vip days count in accounts editor fixed; -Error when creating character without starting points fixed; -Error of multiplying item in the trade fixed; -Error when performing corrected event actions; -Error in priority Below the Hero fixed; -Error in the z-order of the chat fixed; -Error on switches fixed.
  7. roninator2

    YEA Party System: Unequip when Removing?

    Try this.. I can't get it to error out. I was overthinking the structure. I thought I had to point to the party window to get the id. def on_list_ok Sound.play_equip replace = $game_actors[@party_window.item] actor = $game_actors[@list_window.item] index1 = @party_window.index actor_id1 = actor.nil? ? 0 : actor.id if actor.nil? $game_party.battle_members_array[index1] = 0 $game_actors[replace.id].clear_equipments window_refresh @party_window.activate return end actor_id2 = replace.nil? ? 0 : replace.id if actor_id2 != 0 && !$game_party.battle_members_array.include?(actor_id1) $game_actors[replace.id].clear_equipments window_refresh end if $game_party.battle_members_array.include?(actor_id1) index2 = $game_party.battle_members_array.index(actor_id1) $game_party.battle_members_array[index2] = actor_id2 end $game_party.battle_members_array[index1] = actor_id1 window_refresh @party_window.activate end
  8. Unfortunately, that has the same effect in both examples. It always returns as false. Before, it was always returning as true because I forgot to add the required ; at the end of the line, but even with it, it then always returns false. So we either get always true (no bueno) or always false (also no bueno). *sigh* REALLLLLLY wanna get this working. What else can we try? I appreciate you guys helping! EDIT: GOT IT! self.armors.any?{ |eq| eq.atype_id == 5 } This worked. Thank you guys for helping me out!
  9. Huh, I had no idea you could index arrays by range like that. Neat! Though, your problem is that what you are doing there is actually checking if 'actor.equips' includes the array '$data_armors[304...324]' as a member. After all, arrays can have arrays inside them. Also '? true : false' is completely unnecessary. Think about it... It's basically saying if something is true it's true and if it's false it's false. :P Okay okay, maybe if you really need the result to be the exact values 'true' and 'false', but I don't think you do and there are easier ways to do that (like using !! before something). Anyway, what you actually want to do is something more like: actor.armors.any?{ |eq| (304...324).include?(eq.id) } Also if you want to actually use the armor's type, try this and replace the 5 with the right armor type index: actor.armors.any?{ |eq| eq.atype_id == 5}
  10. Eric Matyas

    Building a Free Library of Images for Everyone

    I created a page for that: SFX - Coins. Hope it's helpful! Brand new texture images are ready for your projects on these pages: TXR –ABSTRACT https://soundimage.org/txr-abstract/ TXR – BRICK - Seamless Some bricks covered with moss… https://soundimage.org/txr-brick-seamless/ TXR - GROUND Perhaps for bottom of a pond...or a walkway…. https://soundimage.org/txr-ground/ About 4,000 more images are waiting for you as well. All free to use with attribution. Enjoy and have a good week!
  11. WCouillard

    YEA Party System: Unequip when Removing?

    That is actually doing the opposite of the desired effect. The above unequips characters when selecting change and swapping two party members who are already in the party. Characters who are already in the party, and remain there, should not be unequipped. Only when a character ends up in the reserve, should they be unequipped. It's annoying, I know. Since it has to check and compare both slots being selected, it's not as simple as the first edit, where the remove command simply strips a character's equipment.
  12. Unfortunately, neither of those are working. The first one applies the passive state with and without the right armors equipped (always returns true), and the second has no effect (always returns false).
  13. Oooookay...
    Why is it that when I need a function to work, that I can't get it to work?
    I mean, how hard does it have to be!?
    Anyway, somehow, some damn way, Hime's Level Down State script refuses to work with Yanfly's Adjust Limits, giving me a nonsense NoMethod error that points to `<=` which tells me that the real issue lies elsewhere, but I'm not that knowledgeable about this to know exactly what to look at for troubleshooting.
    Of course, I've tried. Numerous occasions I have. I've even went as far as making a bugfix scriptlet that would incorporate certain aspects of Hime's script into how Adjust Limits checks for params, but I get the exact same nonsense error with or without it!!
    "Like, come ON with THIS!! Quit making it so damn hard to work with you!!!" I want to scream sometimes...
    The struggle and frustrations are very real...(wishing I knew about programming language long ago rather than more recently...)

    1. Kayzee


      I am pretty sure a NoMethod error for <= is actually not nonsense at all... Remember Ruby uses duck typing and has methods for everything, so yeah, <= is in fact a method and is not defined for anything in witch the concept of 'less then' doesn't make sense. Like if you have 'nil <= 1' it will give that error. Likely something is trying to compare a variable that hasn't been set yet with something.

    2. PhoenixSoul


      I've found it very difficult to pinpoint nil issues since I don't understand it well enough.


      That said, I've decided to go about it a different way, and have chosen to focus on other functions.

      Ultimately, there's even more to add before I come to a finished demo state, but I think I have this now...
      I hope...lol

  14. a=actor.equips; b=$data_armors[304..324]; a.include?(b) Try that, see if it works. Also: a=actor.equips; b=actor.equips.atype_id[*]; a.include?(b) [*] : Change this to the proper Armor type ID. Keep the brackets!
  15. roninator2

    YEA Party System: Unequip when Removing?

    I see. I didn't try with an empty slot. It give me the error too when selecting an empty slot. Sorry. Have to work on it some more. *forgot about my last post where it removed.
  16. WCouillard

    YEA Party System: Unequip when Removing?

    Did that, same result. It returns an error when trying to swap two actors, and a different error when trying to swap an actor with an empty slot. I'll start digging around for incompatibilities.
  17. No, I have an accessory, which has the effect of increasing a stat when also equipped with a hat. See what I mean? The state applies the stat buff, the passive state tag on the accessory would have to see if the actor is also equipped with a hat.
  18. Last week
  19. roninator2

    YEA Party System: Unequip when Removing?

    Maybe make a new line and type it in. then delete the previous line that you copy/paste
  20. I don't quite follow. You have an armor type (hat) You have a baseball cap (armor type Hat) You equip baseball cap You have in baseball cap note tag <passive state: 77> true; </passive state> So the state is applied when the baseball cap is equipped. You have a second armor. Sombrero (armor type hat (or whatever)) you equip Sombrero You have in sombrero the note tag <passive state: 77> true; </passive state> state is applied with Sombrero equipped. Is this not correct?
  21. WCouillard

    YEA Party System: Unequip when Removing?

    Only things I've edited in were things to show some background images, which is why there's extra lines. Never messed with any of the mechanics of it, other than the line added in this thread to remove equipment with the "Remove" command. So I copied the text over again, made sure there were no hidden characters (can sometimes happen when copy/pasting) and now it returns an error saying that "id" has no definition, even though it should be clearly defined before this line happens. Strange.
  22. The notetag is on the armor, to apply a state on the actor. But, I have some things like "Boost HP regeneration by 10% when wearing a hat" and such. So I'd like the passive state to only be "true" when the actor equipped with the armor in question to have a certain armor type included in their equipments (in this example, a hat).
  23. Where do you have the notetag added? Armor, skills, states? If it's for specific armors then put in each armor <passive state: 77> true; </passive state>
  24. roninator2

    YEA Party System: Unequip when Removing?

    For me that's line 1276. What have you added in? Yanfly Party is also the only script I have in the test project. Maybe there is an incompatibility?
  25. Trying to use VE Passive States to apply states based on if an actor's equipment currently has X armor type (light armor, hat, etc.). I feel like I'm close to getting it to work (no longer getting game crashes), but the effect isn't doing anything. Would anyone be able to tell me the proper syntax to check using this script? VE - Passive States <passive state: 77> actor.equips.include?($data_armors[304...324]) ? true : false; </passive state> Currently, this isn't causing a crash, but it isn't working (and this one is meant to directly check an actor's equipment, rather than it's type, which would be better). Anyone know where I'm going wrong here?
  26. WCouillard

    YEA Party System: Unequip when Removing?

    Hmmm, that is returning an error for me. Tested with a new save file. YEA: Party System:1306:in `on_list_ok': undefined method `battle_members_array' for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError) The line in question is the line you added in your previous post. $game_actors[$game_party.battle_members_array[replace.id - 1]].clear_equipments
  27. roninator2

    YEA Party System: Unequip when Removing?

    You are correct. A little bit of trial and testing produces this as a positive result. $game_actors[$game_party.battle_members_array[replace.id - 1]].clear_equipments #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # on_list_ok #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def on_list_ok Sound.play_equip replace = $game_actors[@party_window.item] actor = $game_actors[@list_window.item] index1 = @party_window.index actor_id1 = actor.nil? ? 0 : actor.id if actor.nil? $game_party.battle_members_array[index1] = 0 window_refresh @party_window.activate return end actor_id2 = replace.nil? ? 0 : replace.id if $game_party.battle_members_array.include?(actor_id1) index2 = $game_party.battle_members_array.index(actor_id1) $game_party.battle_members_array[index2] = actor_id2 end $game_actors[$game_party.battle_members_array[replace.id - 1]].clear_equipments $game_party.battle_members_array[index1] = actor_id1 window_refresh @party_window.activate end
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