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Crystal (Species: Miromuyia)

Crystal (Species: Miromuyia)

Well folks, after fighting a bit with the uploader, I finally got Crystal into the gallery. While she didn't turn out 100% the way I would have liked, I will say I gave it my best effort. (I still suck with shading and highlighting outside of Photoshop. Also, colors and other stuff was done via wireless mouse. Drawing done by pencil.)


Now, that aside, let's talk Crystal!


The species of dragon that her blood belongs to is known as a Miromuyia (My-row-mew-uh). Her body is 90% water, which allows her to hide in bodies of water from any site or to use the water vapor in the air to create a mirage, hiding her true self. Another nifty adaptation is that Crystal can control the water vapor in the air at will, causing it to freeze if she so chose. With her affinity for water and ice, she can also freeze water outside of blood cells in a potential meal or threat, causing muscle and tissue to be cut at as they move. I'll list the others as quick bullet points.

  • Crystal's teeth are not sharp enough to rip into human skin but are versatile enough to get into fish and marine animals of her diet.
  • As the species grow older, three small spines will grow along the lower cheek, being white in color.
  • Females have shorter frills covering their ears compared to males. This also applies to the frill curves on the end of the tail. These frills also deepen in color while out of the water. The markings on the frills slightly change with age, normally just a slight deepening of color.
  • The Miromuyia have elongated necks to help with swimming and catching prey. While a few may find it a little off-putting, the neck can also act as a place to store ice and water to attack any threats.
  • When the mouth is fully closed and relaxed, the larynx is visible in both genders.
  • As with current Scalvose records, Crystal is believed to be the last of her kind.


© Rezanta

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Last of her kind, eh? *Takes out Pokeball*


The mane came out pretty good, but needs shading, aka your bane to really make it pop. The line work could use some cleaning up to make the outline nice and crisp. Or you could do Samurai Jack style and have no outline. For me, the biggest thing missing is scales. Dragons are reptiles. Reptiles as scales. You can get away with it if you want to keep everything a simple style akin to Pokemon, but cloaking her in scales would make her look much more complete.  Right now, you just have this big empty blue space that's just begging for details to be added.


The eye look a little off, too. The pupil came out nice, but the eye shape should be rotated at the same angle. Maybe make it a little shorter height-wise, too. 


Digital painting with a mouse is tough. Gotta go tablet, bro! =p

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