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GCH - Face and Makeup VX Ace.png
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GCH - Face and Makeup VX Ace.png

I've messed around with Game Character Hub for a bit, and I'd like to share some of these creations with you.
So, here's one.


With this one, I changed the colors of the outfit, and I added makeup. Nothing too fancy, or too dull.


If you want, you can have this, and if you want to change anything, I'll include the library item as well.

Face + Makeup.7z




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The makeup itself is pretty well done, but it's a bit flat. Maybe add a bit of transparency to it to show it's drawn onto the avatar instead of painted, and this would be a neat addition to the generator.

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@Takeo212 Not quite sure how to do that, at least within the GCH software.


I mean, I could make the colors themselves more transparent than they already are but then there's the 'washed out' factor to deal with.


Still, thanks for the compliment. I'm still working on this stuff...

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