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© Perang Cemen
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Sylph located in Kaleo Mountain.

Gnome located in Lost woods.

Undine located in Tobi lake.

Salamander located in Krakatoa Volcano.

Lexar he not spirit but he the one who manage to gather them all by accident.



Sylph: Noisy and say whatever she like without thinking, she also big talking but doing nothing.

Gnome: Silent and almost say nothing, she also like to doing than talking.

Undine: Sad lunatic, she is tragedy freak, and always over dramatic everything.

Salamander: Wild spirit, she is battle maniac, and always pick fight with Undine.

Lexar: He believes he are a hero who act for good of the world and of the people.


PS: if you have anything in mind let me know, but I'm might late to read it since I'm "Late Hero".




© Perang Cemen

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Devil Boy Quest

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I like the picture overall, but I would love to see the pictures of your characters separately because I like the style but not much the composition of your image.

(I have weird taste and knows nothing about art, so that don't necessarily means it's actually bad)

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@Perang CemenSo you did take inspiration from a Tales of game for the names, I was wondering why you had the same name for only 3 of the 4 elemental spirits.
Why Salamander instead of Efreet/Ifrit ?
I did some research, trying to find if the Tales of games and you had the same common source of inspiration  or if there was a Tales of game with a fire spirit named Salamander.

Did you play a localised version of Tales of Phantasia with different names?

PS:I love Tales of Phantasia, it is one of the games that made me love videogames

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@ShiggyBecause Efreet/Ifrit doesn't sound cute. Due to the rule of name calling... every spirit has origin name only known by their master, in other word random people can just summon spirit. Salamander that join Lexar origin name was Sara. If Fire spirit called Efreet/Ifrit I couldn't think any female name with that, really...

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