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Wee Plague Doctor

A cute little character concept I just finished up. I'm uncertain if I may do some future tweaks on him. All depends on how things progress with other character and environment assets. Even if I do change him a bit down the line, I still really like his current form.


If you're interested in checking out other art done by me, you can visit my website @plaguewolfen.com All the social media platforms I'm on are also listed at the bottom of the home page.


Thanks for looking!

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From the album:

Plague's Doodles

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3 hours ago, lonequeso said:

Where there's plague doctors there's @Plague :D

He makes pandemics look fun!

If he thinks he can cure everything with a Band-Aid, he'll certainly make a pandemic interesting. XD

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8 hours ago, lonequeso said:

Yeah, he should be giving everyone Robitussin. 

Or Ny-Quil. I think he'd be pretty handy with a bottle of Ny-Quil.

8 hours ago, Nekotori said:

Aww this look so cute~ Reminds me of Shy Guys in Super Mario x3

Now I can't stop laughing and trying to picture Shy Guys throughout history.

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4 minutes ago, Kayzee said:

Yay for cute widdle plague doctors! *snuggles them*

Widdle plague doctor gently pushes you away with a stick. You know, in case you have the plague.:giggle:

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@Kayzee "That my sick little non-friend is probably just the cold stale breath of the reaper, blowing down your neck." You have no idea how hard I laughed at that. When I hear the line in my head it's still hard to control the giggles.

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Ya know, before I say anything, if you do plan on changing the Plague Doc, why not do it as a progression in the game/work you're producing? That way this version still has uses other than looking cute and sweet XD


All that aside, this kind of reminds me of Paper Mario Sticker Star Shy Guys.

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@Rezanta That's a pretty neat idea! Still not entirely sure if there are any changes I'll be making to him, but if I do I like that idea of still using the original in a progression fashion.


Again I'm sitting here feeling like I need to draw different Shy Guys throughout history. Not for game purposes. Just for fun and to amuse myself. XD

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