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Saryn-Eye Patch and Headwraps

This is Saryn as she is known by everyone. She may not have her eyes to see with, but can see everything with her Third Eye.

Shingantsu, it is called.

She is proficient in Magic, but prefers guns above all.


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Come on now. How are you gonna have a gun wieldin' mage not use magic bullets? :P 

Seriously though, I can see some interesting combo attacks using magic and firearms. Is she a better shot when she has to rely soley on her third eye? 

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I assumed so. I'm asking if she's a better shot when her actual eyes work or when she's blind? It'd be an interesting concept. Something most people take for granted is beneficial is a hindrance to her. Like if Daredevil was suddenly able to see again. He'd probably be pretty useless until he could adapt, and even then his senses probably wouldn't be as strong. 

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Actually, yes, being technically blind is definitely much more of a boost than when she does finally fully heal.


By the way, the eye patch comes off first. Her right eye heals faster than her left eye.

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