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It's not the full set (it's not done yet!), but here's a look at my original Zelda icons for VX vs. my new ones for MV.




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The new ones look great but I actually kind of prefer the older ones in a minimalist kind of way; they convey almost as much information to the player with a quarter of the pixels.

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Haha, thanks guys! :)

I like both sets for different reasons. I like that the newer ones are more true to the source material (and they don't involve any RTP edits), while I like the older ones because they remind me of the fun I had when I was still getting used to pixel art. :D

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Not a fan of Zelda games (I tried some..), but these look neat!

I kinda also like the older ones more- these are more characteristic, even though they  have that RTP style, that I'm not a fan of either. :P 

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