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Rebels Katana

Growing up in a loving enviroment, Kioshi and his family were living normally.


After the Enforcement group took over the city however, Kioshi's family and friends had to go into hiding as the Enforcers began terminating any rebellious citizens.


During this period, Kioshi's father and many other brave citizens tried to infiltrate and assassinate and leader of the group but failed and were either killed or captivated. Kioshi's father was the former.


After forming a rebel group, Kioshi and friends grew up into fighters and protectors of the remaining people. During all this, Kioshi's mother had fallen terminally ill and medicine became sparse. 


After several failed attempts at taking the city back, Kioshi decided to leave the city in search of help. He took his father old sword and left during the night and began his search for allies and to better his own skills, leaving his mother in the care of his friends.


He attached a feather to the handle as a memory of his family and friends back home.

From the album:


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Waaaait a minute... That isn't a proper katana at all! The blade isn't curved! Though I guess yo9u could just be using 'katana' as a generic name for sword...


Ah whatever, still looks neat!

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It's supposed to be a katana. I just suck at weapons xD

The blade is meant to be a little slimmer too, as well as the handle.

On that note, the daggers I uploaded are also squint (atleast the blades are) so yep xD


Thanks you both :3

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I normally do, but for these I didn't. Only reference was an old drawing I made of the characters with these weapons, and those weren't referenced either xD

I need to study some weapons and blades, especially their terminology so I can draw them more accurately. These are rather bright which ruins the "blade" though >.<


Need to study handles and hilts too. These are too simple :P

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