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Some Official Eivana ((Potential Party Member)) Bust Up, And An yandere NPC

Here are some official bust ups, Eivana And sylph, Eivana is a potential party member. 

She could also be friend or foe like most characters.

Sylph is an NPC, that I'm also considering using as my twitch mascot. These are some Yandere bits of her, there's a reason for why she's that way, and she might not be like that in your route. 

From the album:

Official Bust Ups

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*looks at the girl in the pic* Awww... There there, it's okay. You look like you are having a rough time. You kinda made a mess. Is this your first time? No no, it's fine, don't look so upset, I won't judge you. Come on, let me help you clean up.


What? Come on why are you freaking out? Hey... watch where you are swinging that now, you will make an even bigger mess! I really think you should drop the knife and stay still.  Hehe, your mind really is a bit of a mess right now you know? It makes it too easy to manipulate. There there, don't worry. You don't need to worry about anything at all. Good girl, relax. I can solve everything. After all you're mine now. Fufufufu...






Ooops, sorry my imagination got away from me there. :P

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Hehe, I usually prefer non-broken minds, but something about having a pet yandere that I can train to be obedient sounds fun! There is something about molding an unstable killer into a loyal pet that's thrilling. Oh dear, does that mean I am a bit yandere myself?

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