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Suggestions for the shawl/movements?

I feel the scarf is being a little too wonky, is it moving too much or? Advice would be great ;x;

From the album:

Official Bust Ups

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Oh yeah that scarf is behaving extremely weird - it's like a slime that is alive! :o 

To be honest its movement doesn't make any sense. :P 

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The scarf is bundled together and would be heavier than the hair in this instance.

It seems the wind is blowing to the right and then to the left and then right again.


The scarf should move more subtley and as a bundle. You also account for the neck and shoulder so the scarf itself shouldn't move organically and would collide with the body.


Try keeping the scarf in place and move it subtley to the right, left then right without it flying over the place.


Note: this is hard to explain so I'll try make an example later tonight if I can get my tablet to work.

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