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Concept + Art gift - Nature Forme and the Dryad

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This is an unfinished gift for a friend that I had been wanting to draw for quite some time. I recently showed it to him and he loved it almost immediately. I did my best drawing them dancing. Or, at least I hope they are dancing. The Nature Forme is a support type form that grants the player skills to help the party out. However, this forme also has some attack skills that can be used in great affect to inflict debuffs on enemies. The Dryad is a forme for one of the other characters in the game. Her special gift is nature and her healing powers are very powerful. I could go into more detail, but I would like to wait until I draw up her character and get the full bio from my friend. Both looks were inspired by Leafeon.

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From the album:

Kaiso's sketches and stuff

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