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Marina and Mathu from Eadris.


Was trying for a 'scared and protective' thing but there faces are kinda weird... Ah well~

Drawn with mouse. I don't really like the shaded version so heres the flat colours too.

From the album:

Tales of Eadris

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Oh I really like this. It's really well drawn.

Their hands are kind of weird, but other than that it looks great.

Great work Takeo. c:

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I couldn't draw fingers with my shakey hand so I went for the "chibi clump" hand xD


Also just noticed Marina's (the girl) upper arms are weird. Ones super skinny and the others rather thick Dx I miss my tablet lol.


Thanks for the feedback Riki :3 I agree the other version is rather "agressive" and just messy but versions brighter. I loved drawing their ears xD

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