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  2. Karinakamichi

    eventing How to make a chasing monster (Like Ao Oni)

    Nevermind, I got it to work
  3. Karinakamichi

    Chase Event Getting Stuck in Corner of Maps?

    My problem is I don't understand how variables work and I just followed what the tutorial told me to do.
  4. Karinakamichi

    Chase Event Getting Stuck in Corner of Maps?

    Yeah, I removed event 4, and I've followed this tutorial since then, but the oni is just appearing where I place it on the map instead of relocating where the player comes through the door at. The variables aren't working or something. )since then, but now the monster is just appearing
  5. Kayzee

    Help Request- Name Input Window Location

    @roninator2 He wants to change the name input window, not the name window. I don't think Yanfly's ace message script can help with that. Though I assume you really mean Window_NameEdit (where the text is) and not Window_NameInput (where you move around the controller and choose letters)? The location of that window is calculated in it's 'initialize' method, so it's probobly not as easy to change unless you know scripting.
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  7. CSellers

    Help Request- Name Input Window Location

    I will go check that out and see if it helps at all. I appreciate the advice and am open to other ideas also.
  8. The position has been filled. Thank you all
  9. Phew, I was at a big Indian-style wedding today. To much formality for my tastes, and all the people around made me sort of nervous. But it was still quite the sight to see!

  10. Hello @Karinakamichi, I have moved this thread from Tutorials to Editor Support and Discussion. The Tutorial area is for posting your own tutorials, not for posting your issues and seeking for help. Editor Support and Discussion is the area for discussing the software and/or seeking for support with its features. I also have removed your post (that was exactly the same as here in OP) from that tutorial thread. Not only that tutorial thread was designed for MV, while you're having an issue in Ace, the same thing as above apply - the tutorial area isn't for posting your issues and seeking for help, but for people posting their own tutorials, therefore, your post was offtopic, as it wasn't commenting the tutorial, nor at least referring to it, but simply hijacking it with your own issue not related to the tutorial. Don't worry, everything is fine now. Just please keep it all in mind next time. Thank you and have a nice day!
  11. Rikifive

    Event Chase Throughout Different Maps

    Hello @Karinakamichi, I have moved this thread from Tutorials to Editor Support and Discussion. The Tutorial area is for posting your own tutorials, not for posting your issues and seeking for help. Editor Support and Discussion is the area for discussing the software and/or seeking for support with its features. Please keep that in mind next time, thank you!
  12. I don't understand what your event 4 is doing. Your event 11 looks fine but why use variables 3 & 4 if you just set the location to 1 & 2. Event 10 is above players? this would make it to never touch or cause a game over. The oni should not appear in that area unless your common event is not correct.
  13. roninator2

    Help Request- Name Input Window Location

    Yanfly's ace message script can show the name window. You can position it left, center or right. But it would be on top of the text box window. There should be a way to position the name box lower if that's what you want. As for lines under letters, you need to explain more. Perhaps a screen shot of the issue. I don't recall ever seeing lines under letters.
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  15. Karinakamichi

    eventing How to make a chasing monster (Like Ao Oni)

    I did it exactly like you said, and everything looks identical, but for some reason, the oni appears in and gets stuck in the corner of the map (in the black titles)
  16. So I have this event that's supposed to chase me through different rooms, but every time I leave the piano room, the monster just appears in the corner of the hallway map and gets stuck.
  17. Hello! I am new to the forum, so I apologize if my post is out of place. I have been working with VX Ace for a while but still consider myself a novice. I am working on a project that will utilize name input quite a bit. I want to change a few things. I want the name input window to pop and and be located at the bottom left of the screen. Also when the window pops up, it blurs the background but I want the player to be able to read the text on my parallax, so I need to remove this effect. Finally If there is a way to remove the lines under the letters, that would be awesome. I am currently using a keyboard input script, that allows us to use the keyboard to enter text. (It also hides the keyboard portion of the window) I appreciate all your help! Thanks for taking the time to read my post!
  18. I'm extremely late with this, but happy birthday! 😁

    I hope it was a great day for you.

    1. PhoenixSoul


      It was just another day, honestly.


      But the sentiment is appreciated, merci beaucoup.


  19. I'm new to RPG Maker VX Ace, but I'm making an FMA version of an Oni game and I have a question. I'm having trouble with figuring out how to get the event(the Oni) to chase the player throughout different maps (which needs to happen right after I leave the piano room). I've looked on several articles and youtube videos all of them bring up variables, but I don't understand how variables work at all or their purpose(because like I said, I'm completely new to this program). Can somebody explain in the simplest terms possible step by step how to get an event to chase you for a specific amount of time into different maps, specifically after you leave a certain map? More importantly, is it 100% necessary to use variables to successfully have event chase the player into different maps? I followed this tutorial, and Um... It's chasing me but it's not coming from the same spot the player enters the room at. And I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
  20. Well, anyway, happy 4/20 to those that observe/celebrate it.

    1. Animebryan


      Happy Passover!

    2. PhoenixSoul



      I meant, happy marijuana day.

  21. I had been looking for a script like this one... Yanfly's only chases the player; the one suggested in the other forums can do a lot more.
  22. @PhoenixSoul Oh right... https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/event-movement-conditions-based-on-eye-contact.107864/#post-960630
  23. Care to share how this was resolved? There may be others who might find such a resolution useful.
  24. Hi everyone! I am new to the forum, so please excuse any breach of etiquette or similar faux-pas. I'm currently working on a personal and very dear project on RPG Maker MV and am looking for a programmer able to create a plugin that would change the battle system into a simple grid, where careful movement and correct planning can spell victory over even the most over-leveled of enemies. I am picturing the battle starting and all participants being transported on a small grid (6x3 or something around that line) where enemies and allies take turns and move freely (a simple OTB style turn system). Skills would have specific hitboxes (rows, columns, zig-zag patterns, etc.) and thus be avoidable in case of charge-up time. At the same time, empty tiles would have a role to play as well: traps may be hidden, obstacles placed, etc. All this would still happen in a "separate" space, very much like classic JRPG battles do. If you need a general idea or reference point from what I'm talking about, please refer to The Brad's Tale IV battle system and/or the Megaman Battle Network series (for the grid) and Octopath Traveler (for the turn system). Being completely useless and inept at any kind of coding, I'm hoping to find someone to hire here. My only requests, aside from what I've just written, is that such a plugin be compatible with Yanfly's plugins. As I have no skills worth mentioning (sad, I know) I'd be more than happy to pay for such work.
  25. I am using Bobstah's CustomStats and applied certain (custom)stat-increases to weapons and armor. I am also using SumRndmDde's EquipUpgradeComparison (which allows you to customize the stats shown in the equip window) and obviously want the custom-stats to show up when changing the weapons or armor. And the stats do indeed show up in the Equip-Window and the stat-value that currently applies to the actor is displayed without any issue, but the "If-equpped"/"If-unequipped" is displayed as "undefined". Following images include german terms: . Important to note is that the EquipComparisonUpgrade only displays stats that are getting changed. That is why the crit.-rate (Krit-Rate) is displayed, but not the Defense stat. But the "Eisenschwert" does not change the "Härte" Stat. The fact that the "Härte"-stat is displayed and that the actor-stat is getting displayed, leads me to believe that the only issue is that the EquipUpgradComparison Plug-in can't find the and use the weapon stats. Unfortunately, my knowledge about JavaScript is... Low. That is why I was hoping to find help here.
  26. KIAS

    Actor Idle Animation Script

    I'm the one who made the request and I can totally recommend this script! Here is the script in action in my project showing blinking and idle animation: (Blinking also works while moving) This is how you need to setup your actor note box: Thanks to Shiggy for this awesome script! KIAS
  27. Shiggy

    Actor Idle Animation Script

    Following a request, the script has been updated: https://www.dropbox.com/s/frqs24vqutfn95q/idle_anim.rb -A license has been added (you can use the script however you want but there is no warranty and you need to include the license and copyright terms) -The animations now work only if a switch is turned on (but that switch will be turned on automatically at the start of the game) - Beside the idle animation, you can add a blinking animation, every few minutes the sprite of the character will change for 10 frames as if the character was blinking
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