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  2. WCouillard

    Kread-EX Vampiric Damage Mod?

    Thank you so much! :D Works great!
  3. PhoenixSoul

    Why So Whitewashed?

    @Kayzee, is unfortunately, very much pinpoint accurate; Japan is definitely tight-knit in its' societal presentation and has been since the end of the Feudal/Medieval era. Sure, there's local 'melting pots' here and there where cultures are intermingling, but that's about as common as 'purple ribbon' bars/clubs in most of America (trans-friendly/inclusive; some places have more bars and clubs like this like Colorado and Nevada). Oh, and speaking of 'purple ribbon', that's still considered a 'taboo' thing in Japan, though usually not persecuted. Anyway, point is, if it isn't something that people want, well, it isn't going to happen (usually-sometimes there are things that happen anyway regardless of whether it was wanted or not). However, I do agree; there should be at least an attempt to have more variety, and try to be tasteful to boot. Not always easily done, but not impossible...I'd think, anyway...lol
  4. Three times in three damn months, there's been a severe weather event that was enough for the sirens to be sounded off, but Sunday, the Summer Solstice, at five in the morning, was the largest potential disaster. Had there been a viable threat, just like in the movie Twister (second Wakita scene), there would not of been enough advance warning, since by the time the sirens were going off, the storm was already here and/or passed by.

    Fact is, there's not a single f*cking storm/fallout shelter within a hundred foot sprint short of chancing it with one of the nearby houses (that's a 'NOPE' type RNG for me), the apartments themselves have no central room, the buildings are not built to withstand much more than sustained gale force winds (exterior hallway separating two apartments on each of two floors per building making essentially a very unsafe area), so there's not a lot I could do. I'd barricade my window as best as I could, hide under the mattress, and hope nothing falls on top of me, and that's if I had enough time to do even that. Otherwise, I'd just grab the sturdiest thing I could, shut my computer off, and duck.

    My game project? Slow progress.

    That's it. @Kayzee, you're a really good friend. Thought I'd let you know...again...lol

    1. Kayzee


      Don't they say you should sit in the bathtub or something? Apparently it's best to go to the inner most room bathtub or not, but bathtubs are fairly heavy and attached to the wall/floor at least? I donno. Anyway if a tornado does come, it dosn't necessarily mean instant death, so don't give up okay?


      *snuggles you* Hehe, I am here if you need help always. Might not be able to help you all the time, but I can at least look into the problem a bit.

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  6. JasonZ


    Not sure if maybe this already exists, but I'm looking for a script that is able to pull data from a fitbit, say your daily steps. I'd make a game for mobile and the script would read your current steps from the fitbit app and reflect it in your game, is this possible?
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  8. vFoggy

    Kread-EX Vampiric Damage Mod?

    I edited the original script and implemented what you wanted to do. I also included some comments so that you understand the changes I made. Additionally, I added an extra notetag "<Ignore vampire> that you can use on skills, which does what you wanted to do with the list. It seemed more practical in my opinion. As it is now, there is no limit to hp/mp_drain percentage, so maybe you want to add one? Lastly, the vampire and mpvampire methods in RPG::UsableItem are not needed.
  9. Pako

    Card Master

    SYNOPSIS Cards are mysterious artifacts that exist in the world since its birth, and they allow people to control the forces of nature. Not only that, but over the years, the human kind has learned to craft their own cards. Now, almost everything is done with the use of cards, and the ones who battle with them are called Card Masters. Every 20 years, Utopia, a mythical card capable of granting any wish, appears on Earth, and all Card Masters battle for the honor of using it. In order to determine who's worth Utopia, The Empire, a political group that rules the world, has skilled Card Masters battle among themselves in groups of four people in the Card Master Tournament. The game follows the story of 3 childhood friends, Tez, Erika and Lucius, in their pursue to become strong Card Masters and have their most desired wishes come true. However, it's not going to be so simple, as strong adversaries will stay in their way to winning the tournament and, mainly, a huge mystery appears and raises many questions: What is the secret behind The Empire? What exactly is Utopia and, most importantly, what is the origin of Cards? CHARACTERS Tez Tez is a rather simple-minded countryside boy who sees life in a very positive way. Despite being extremely oblivious, Tez has a huge heart and will do anything to help his friends when they are in need. When he was 9, his parents set off on an adventure to take care of something and never returned. Tez has incredible strenght and bulk, being the perfect physical attacker. Erika Erika is a determined, and sometimes pretty bossy, girl. Erika lives in the same village as Tez and, since Tez' parents were believed to have died, her mother let him live with her and Erika. Since then, Erika has acted like a big sister to him and bosses Tez around up until the present days. She treasures her homeland, the Kokonoko Mountain, more than anything. She is the fastest of the group. Lucius Lucius is a humble and polite boy who likes learning about different topics of study, such as astronomy and sailing. Lucius lives in Port Harbor, a beach village near Tez and Erika's place. Because his father is a sailor, he has travelled around the world and has way more experience than his two best friends. He is an average mage and has the highest Luck of the group. Dawn Dawn is a mysterious girl who becomes friends with Tez, Erika and Lucius. She has a bubbly personality, but can be pretty smart when she needs to. Despite being fragile in battle, she has the best magical potential of the group and can deal devastating magical damage to the enemies. GAME MECHANICS It is a common turn based RPG Game, however, your characters' skills and play style are defined solely by the cards they use, giving you total freedom to build your characters and battle in the way you see fit! In this game's world, people fight using powerful artifacts called Cards, being then considered Card Masters. There are 4 different kinds of cards and a Card Master can equip one of each. In order to become a skilled Card Master, it is important to understand the different kinds of card there are: Class Cards: These cards are synthetic, human-made cards that guide the combat style of the Card Master, as well as their weapon usage and mastery. Different Class Cards give different skills and define each Card Master's roles in battles. Being made by humans, these cards are obtainable with people, either in vendors, given as gifts or obtained through trading. There are 50 cards of this kind. Element Cards: These cards are the essence of nature and are believed to be created by Cardnia, the Goddess of all Cards. They can be found everywhere around the world and usually their power creates certain unnatural ocurrings that indicate the existence of an Element Card around. The Element Cards give the Card Master elemental magic related to its inherent nature and define the property of the user (fire, water, wind, earth, light, dark or neutral). There are 50 cards of this kind. Monster Cards: The wilds are inhabited by all kinds of monsters and beasts, and each species carries their essence in the form of Monster Cards. Defeating a monster has a chance of nature presenting the Card Master with the Monster Cards, so fighting more monsters increases the chances of finding their cards. There are rumors mentioning monsters having special variants that carry their species' essence so strongly that, when defeated, always leave its cards. Monster Cards gives the user unique skills and special passive abilities, like poison immunity or half MP cost. There are 50 cards of type. Special Cards: These cards carry powerful deities inside them and not only are very rare, but usually require particular methods to be obtained. Special Cards provide the power to summon its deities, thus allowing the Card Master to turn the tides of a battle. There are only 8 cards of this kind. It is essential to understand the sinergy between these cards and come up with compositions that will give you an advantage in the game. Can you prove you are the Ultimate Card Master by winning the Card Master Tournament and Finding all 158 Cards there are?! SCREENSHOTS DOWNLOAD LINK http://www.mediafire.com/file/pmu9r87no4z1u8w/CM+-+FINAL+VERSION.rar CREDITS
  10. I was just planning my next post to be a boobs post. On a serious note, thanks for the support. I just checked out your game and that battle system was really unique and impressive too. The hardest thing to do with RM is make a battle system that is truly interesting, IMO. Time Fantasy assets are hard to beat. Eventually we would like to create our own unique assets, especially now with Wilson on the team, but Time Fantasy is so vast and ready to go it just makes sense for this project to use that and save some time. Plus finalbossblues patreon is really a steal (2-3 asset addons released a week). Thanks again man and best of luck with your project! :D
  11. bazrat

    ~The Seventh Warrior~

    Diggin' that battle system! :D
  12. Valentine90

    VXA-OS - Create your MMO with RPG Maker

    I just released a 100% English version.
  13. It was the summer solstice yesterday! Hope everyone had fun!

    1. PhoenixSoul


      It was...okay.
      Earlier this morning, a line of storms with radar-indicated rotation rolled through, causing the warning sirens to be sounded off. At the speed the storm was moving, if there had been any viable threat, that would of been too late...

      I'm just glad I wasn't asleep...

    2. Kayzee


      Oh dear... *cuddles*

  14. Wow.. it really seems you have to show boobs and sex in your game to get reactions and support in this forum. Sad. So let me be the first to react to your awesome looking game! I'm really impressed how good this looks. I saw many games trying to make a Zelda like game but they weren't nearly as good as Naima's Melody! The world looks lively and beautiful and I want to explore it for secrets! I also love the Time Fantasy style since it is really reminiscent of Secret of Mana which I was a big fan of ^^ The story also sounds interesting and I'm looking forward to play this game I'll follow you on Twitter Greetings, KIAS
  15. Rikifive

    Free Chiptunes (Also Hi!)

    I checked these out and I do like them. Great work!
  16. donadavs

    Free Chiptunes (Also Hi!)

    Thanks! Hope you like them!
  17. Rikifive

    Free Chiptunes (Also Hi!)

    Hello there! Oooooooh chiptunes!!! These make me feel like a kid again. Awesome stuff you have there, I really like your works. I work in 8-bit ~ pixel environment a lot, so this totally gathers my interest. Thank you for sharing these, perhaps I'll have some nice use from these. c: Keep it up and welcome to the herd!
  18. Hello I'm donadavs, and I'm starting my account here to help get my Chiptune music more known. If anyone wants to use it feel free, no permission required. Here is my playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9Gn1oGL2M-uUM7td0jm86FTe-r0F2s3_ I'd also be happy to make more specifically for you upon request. I'm hoping eventually to make money off of this, but first I must become famous enough, so everything is free for now. It will be easiest to contact me in youtube, username donadavs. If you TOTALLY want more music by me I also write some higher res music in FL Studio (start from the bottom of the playlist if you want to hear the better ones) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9Gn1oGL2M-v6CBUI9ne-bliK_KSlEB6c
  19. Hey everyone! :D Thought it would be appropriate to introduce our teams pixel artist, Wilson Scarloxy. He has been in pixel art for awhile now and has a nice collection pack he sells on itch.io. While we do use Time Fantasy assets from Jason Perry, Wilson and other artists ( special shout out to CChameleon :D ) help add the little details that bring the game to life. Here is a video of our most recent detail added to Naima's Melody, death animations!
  20. Credits: I hope I could wake your interest and you like what you see I really appreciate any support I can get to make this game a reality! Please consider supporting me on Patreon and get special rewards! KIAS
  21. Kayzee

    Why So Whitewashed?

    You know, I know this is months old by this point, but I wanted to say: Remember that 90% of people in Japan are of a single ethnicity and many of them have extremely limited interaction with those from other ethnic groups. I think there is not a huge push for equal representation, and I get the feeling that a lot of Japanese people don't really think this is a big deal. Plus, if you really think about it, the characters in the RTP are actually not necessarily 'Caucasian' as much as they are anime characters. It may seem strange, but a good number of characters drawn with anime-style art are actually supposed to be Japanese or otherwise Asian. I won't say anime-style art is aracial, because it's definitely not, but it is a bit more abstract then a lot of people give it credit for. So here is the real question: What exactly would you need to create an ethnic character? Just different skin colors? It's not that hard to recolor images I think. But that can be kind of lazy and might even come uncomfortably close to 'blackface' to some people. And I don't think you can expect every ethnicity to be fairly represented anyway. You could still try in your game of course, and I am all for that. I just don't think Enterbrain finds it a big problem or worth solving.
  22. Chirp-Chirp Sou

    audio [AUDIO] Sound Design / Music Production - Chirp Chirp Sounds

    Sound Design for The Final Boss game Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1049670/The_Final_Boss/
  23. RoseGuardian

    Militibus Elementis Arc 1 18+

    Sorry for the double post but I changed the download link to RMN because of someone who commented on the itch version, and didn't understand that I am remaking this game.
  24. Version 19.06.19 is now available as "update files only". - New event with Naevy at the beach of Amaranthe - The full body CG of Chiyo has been changed (you can check the new image at the CG room if you already had her event) - New events with Tami at Pumumu. Talk with her for a cooking event in which you can cook either with Mira, Mirel, Tsubaki, Chiyo, Kayelinth, Elly or Ryoko. Options for party members you don't have turn invisible. After the event talk with Tami again for more dialogs. Since this is a rather quick update I'll post only the "update files". A regular full upload will happen again once the next update with more content is done. Update files: https://mega.nz/#!rxo1zawb!hd7bl2nK2F5J_fqIeJLSvYxa0sbsUeRsaGQpRWVHodk https://my.hidrive.com/lnk/aSKIt1dc
  25. Fight ghosts from your past and real ghosts. It's been a long month for Sirius- not talking to most of your friends, having an angry ex talk about you behind your back, and having a friend claim... that her house is haunted? The past few weeks have been long for Hailey as well, as her house has seemingly become infested with ghosts that only she can see- that is, until a fateful day. Demo ♦ Twitter ♦ Discord Characters Screenshots Full Game Details $4.99 on Steam and Itchio (and possibly other stores) 1-2+ hours Multiple endings, several ways to go about smaller things that changes the scenes you see Several battles and bosses Credits (A full list of credits can be found in the demo in the chance I missed some) Art, design, & scripting - MikomiKisomi Writing - Omega Fallon Walking sprites - Ava Plugins - Yanfly, Atelier RGSS, Galv Music - Purple Plant Music Sound Effects - Gamemaster Audio Icons - Avery's Icons
  26. Eric Matyas

    Free Music / SFX Resource - Over 1800 Tracks

    Hey guys I’ve got some cool new music ready for everyone. Free to use with attribution: On my Dark / Ominous 2 page: MIDNIGHT MIST – What lurks in the mist? Muah hah hah! https://soundimage.org/dark-ominous-2/ On my Sci-Fi 7 page: CROSSING THE LIGHT YEARS – This might work under the intro to a space-themed game or project. https://soundimage.org/sci-fi-7/ And on my Technology 2 page: DIGITAL DAYDREAMS – Maybe one day machine-beings will daydream…I wonder what it will be about. https://soundimage.org/technology-2/ Enjoy!
  27. WCouillard

    YEA Party System: Unequip when Removing?

  28. I am happy to help! *sprinkles some fairy dust on you*
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