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  2. Zen Blood

    Fleshport [Horror]

    If anyone is interested in beta testing (volunteer or paid) within the next couple months, I am accepting one more beta tester. After September 25th, I shall not be accepting any more beta testers.
  3. Vis_Mage

    VE Materia - Tweak to AP

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  5. I did something to help myself. dfEG13d.png


    I suk so bad, that I even need to cheat in my own games. 0CHh6vQ.png

    jk, jk, that stuff is just handy, because I can adjust stats / test things on the fly, without having to change the code all over the place and keep restarting the game, you know how it goes.

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    2. Rikifive


      Oh yes and you never know, players will always find the way to get where they shouldn't. 👀

    3. Kayzee


      Provided any one plays my game at all, not like anyone really knows or cares much about it. Also provided I ever finish the thing. XD


      But still! Might as well!

    4. Rikifive


      Heh yeah. I have some games no one cares about on my account, but it's still nice to have something done and stuff. 😄

  6. Rikifive

    A Rat's Journey - Homeward

    The game is really nice, I liked it. It was an interesting little adventure. Well done!
  7. Hehe, I like to help people when I can! :3 *sprinkles fairy dust on you*
  8. I must be doing something wrong of course -.- Thank you for your help :D :D
  9. Normally the game uses RPG::AudioFile subclasses (like RPG::BGM) to hold data about volume and pitch, and those classes call the Audio module to play themselves. The way Yanfly's system options volume settings work is to adjust the volume automatically as the RPG::AudioFile subclasses play themselves, but the jukebox script just uses the Audio module directly so it completely bypasses yanfly's script actually... May look into it more later. How isn't it working? The tricky bit is step 2, because you can't just create a sprite for that mask. Instead you have to draw it on top of the map's bitmap (or a copy of the map's bitmap). It won't work otherwise. Remember Bitmaps and Sprites are different things! A Bitmap is the image you want to draw, a Sprite is where and how the game should draw it. I will have to look over that script in detail later I think.
  10. Luckily the script already has that 3 sprites that simulate what you mention. I did as you said and created the images but I can't seem to make it work.. The script is divided in 3 parts, but I'm pretty sure that is the second part, Iv'e already tried @map_img.blend_type = 1 I aprecciate your help :D
  11. Ninjamida made this jukebox script, and I love it, but there's one thing I really would love if I knew how to pull it off... Pitch and Volume settings. As is, if I wanted to have the selected sound file play back at the pitch/volume settings I have it set to, I'd have to edit the sound file and change a bunch of other things because, well... I mean, I could maybe try to set up some kind of variable like use 'vol' for volume and 'pit' for pitch, but then I'd have to set those up and I'm not quite sure how to do so... The other alternative is to simply set all music and sound to have default pitch and volume, but since I already use Yanfly's System Options, default volume already doesn't match up with the default volume settings of Yanfly's script...
  12. Nope, only one. Doing this for every other number to check for x and exactly x results isn't nearly as useful as you might think.. Plus, if they wrote a method for every number, that would be a lot of methods! :3 If you want to check for an exact number, you are better off using "return a.count" to just get the number of matches. Hehe, I was using Khas Awesome Light Effects at one point, but I was never really happy with it's terms of service and I ended up needing to heavily modify it so much to get it to work the way I wanted anyway, so I eventually scraped the whole thing and wrote my own lighting/effect script from scratch. XD Only thing missing is the real time shadow effects Khas Awesome Light Effects has, which are honestly slow as heck and don't look all that great, so no big loss in my eyes. I also use the same script for a fog effect in one area. Not sure if it looks that great, as is though: Edit: Oh also, for reference, most of my dungeon areas also are covered by a 'fog of war' effect which hides unexplored tiles in addition to lighting. Here is a shot of my foresty area with the lighting script disabled:
  13. MV has a lot of Plugins (just as many Scripts as Ace, if not more). Heck, Yanfly's library of plugins easily outweighs his VX Ace collection of Ruby Scripts, and they offer far more versatile features & options. MV is the first & only RPG Maker engine to support HD resolution, while Ace is still limited to a 640x480 resolution. And who is 'They'? Who remade this using old SFC Graphics? Re-imagining isn't the same thing as a remake (similar to what's happening with the FF7 'Remake'). That phrase actually worries me, because there's another guy who is attempting to do a re-imagining with Ace & not only is his game butchering the classic but he's trying to add so much stuff to the game that he's having issues with scripts & I think he got seriously set back to the point of starting all over again, if he hasn't quit already. I haven't heard of any remake that uses the old NES graphics that I know of.
  14. AethiriatGames

    Credits and Intro (Lori's Light)

    The credits, intro, and about video for Lori's Light.

    My demo is now released, so I will begin working on

    the rest of the game from here on out. The demo

    is but a glance at what is to come, but it contains

    enough content to "appease your video game appetite"

    until it is finished. If you're wondering, the demo boss

    is in the icy plateau, and the credits roll at the stairs 

    on the walls of Piffletown. Enjoy!


    (P.S. A piffle is my take on the cat person. Pughie is a piffle.)

    1. Kayzee


      Hehehe... Piffle. I kinda like that word! It's the kind of word us fairies like to use. You know it's actually a real English word? It means nonsense! Apparently started as 'piff' which means an insignificant thing, possibly imitative of a puff of air. Kind of insulting to call a race that (though I could see it if it's a race commonly looked down on), but it's a cute word. I myself might use Köttr or Köttrmaðr because I am a fan of Old Norse. >w< Or maybe Pussenboots! XD

    2. AethiriatGames


      Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know >.<

    3. Kayzee


      I didn't mean to imply I was upset or wanted you to change it. When I say Piffle is insulting to name a race, I don't mean I find it insulting myself. I just mean I could see how maybe a race wouldn't want to be called Piffles. On the other hand, they are giant talking cats. That is kind of nonsensical to most people in real life, so it could still fit in a meta way. XD And like I said, it's a very very cute word. :3


      Hehe, I admit I just know it's meaning cause I searched for it on google. I was excited when I first saw it because it sounds really Anglishy and I am a big fan of Anglish so I wanted to see if it was a real word at one point. What's Anglish you ask? More or less it's what English might be like if people threw away all the snooty French and Latin that snuck into English after the Normans invaded England and instead used only root words from the Germanic languages of which Old English is a member of. Yup that's right! One of the main reason English has so many weird exceptions to it's weird rules, cause it's really two languages from different language families smooched together! Though to be fair, Latin and French are both ultimately still Indo-European languages, and so was Old English... but then again so are Sanskrit and Hindi. That language family is pretty darn big!


      ...Yeah I am a bit of a language nerd. XD I really can only speak English, but I love linguistics. I also like it when people are particularly clever while exercising their linguistic skills, if you know what I mean. That always drives the ladies wild. 😉

  16. MV doesn't have nearly as many scripts, plus the aspect ratio is so annoying. And it looks like pretty uninspired. I've seen the video of AnimeBryan's work, and mine has a lot more to it. Plus I've been working on my remake over 2 years, putting a lot of effort into mapping, features, and new content.
  17. AethiriatGames

    A Rat's Journey - Homeward

    I love the floating cheese in the battles. I also like how Rusty talks like a cowboy. Keep up the good work!
  18. AethiriatGames

    A Rat's Journey - Homeward

    This looks hilarious! I've got to play it now. I can't wait! I've got two pet ratties at home, Rose Tyler and Ratniss Everdeen. I want to pet them all the time, lol
  19. AethiriatGames

    Hello everyone!

    Thanks! Glad to be here.
  20. AethiriatGames

    OTHER Lori's Light [RM2K3]

    LORI'S LIGHT Lori's Light is a game in progress about a brave knight named Lori from another universe that falls from the sky, having no memory of where she came from, but is imbued with powers that can both mend by healing, or smite with ice. She doesn't even know how she got her powers, or that she ever had them. Three strangers see her fall, and rush to help her. Lori wakes up in a house, where she finds her mom and dad; the only people she can recall. She travels to Quetanis City, and meets the vampress Queen Tarathena, who tells her there is evil that is slowly taking over the lands of Sekoriah. At all costs, it must be fought. Lori, Pughie, Bjorn, and Zeraphi see a plateau up ahead, and decide that turning back now. would be a fruitless expedition. However, just as before, ice spawns to a degree that covers every inch of ground in a glassy haze of frost. An angel approaches her, and something incredible happens to young Lori as the rest can only gaze in awe... WHERE CREDIT IS DUE: Music: Aaron Krogh, YouFulca (Wingless_Seraph), David Vitas, RoleMusic Sound FX: Juhani Junkala, YouFulca (Wingless_Seraph) Charsets: Aethiriat Games, RPG Maker 2003 RTP Battlechars: Aethiriat Games Battleweapons: DoomAttacker, Byrd Brayn Monsters: Joseph Seraph, RPG Maker 2003 RTP Windows: Secret Box Facesets: Aethiriat Games, RPG Maker 2003 RTP Screens: Rod Lazo, RedFox Demo link: Lori's Light Demo
  21. Brief hijack. Were you using a lighting script in this demo? The clips of you running around the forest and kickin' baddies looked really nice. If it was a script, which one was it, and is it pretty light to run? (Pun absolutely intended.)
  22. Well, this is certainly interesting. Sounds to me like one could use any number with this. 'return a.three?'
  23. AOY-dev

    Adentures Of Yi

    Note: This game is only 15% complete, it is not in any shape or form a finished game. Story (I don't have a good description...yet) Yi is an up & coming archer from the Cisian Empire on her way to becoming the High Archer of the Sapphire Bridge. That all change when she finds out that the king of the Cisian Empire is planning on controlling all of the cities of Lolaura by waging war. It is up to Yi and her friends to stop the Empire before it is too late. Features Original Soundtrack Turn-based RPG Mini-games and side quest Vogue and Return story Credits Yanfly Starbird mjshi PandaMaru and more! You can download it here: https://railroadstudio.itch.io/adventuresofyi
  24. AethiriatGames

    Battlechars (Lori's Light)

    Battle Characters from my game Lori's Light.
  25. AethiriatGames

    Charsets (Lori's Light)

    Character sets from my game Lori's Light.
  26. AethiriatGames

    Other Characters (Lori's Light)

    Minor characters from my game Lori's Light.
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