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  3. roninator2

    [VXA] Move the skills to the item menu

    The + goes before the = like Kayzee showed you in the code block. If that gives an error then there is a coding block where that section does not recognize using math operators in a full capacity. the other option that may work is @data << $data_skills.select {|skill| usable?(skill) } The << is a push operator. It is used to add on data
  4. DorFenn

    [VXA] Move the skills to the item menu

    Hey Kayzee! Thanks for the help, I have tried it in many ways but it gives me an error as soon as I put the "+" behind the equal. I honestly don't know what could be generating this. Here is the error: I know that you said that the "+" must go after the "=", but the error it shows me is the same. Greeting and have a nice day.
  5. titanicpiano14

    audio [Music] Sam Foster Sound | Experienced Composer for Hire

    Looking for new games to work on!
  6. I'm Adam Halpin, a US-based freelance music composer and producer, having worked of short films, games, and other commercial works. I'm a fast worker and aim to make every project a rewarding collaboration for all. I specialize in orchestral and electronic music, but I've delved into most styles and genres during my time in the music biz. For more deets, visit my website. Or listen to my reel on SoundCloud. My latest project was Satina: bring Your Demon to Work Day. My latest game project was Stardrop.
  7. PhoenixSoul

    pixel art Amy's Artwork

    She's cute...
  8. Gardehex

    Looking for Beta-Testers

    I will think about it. It sounds interesting, feel free to tell me any other info I may need.
  9. Amysaurus

    pixel art Amy's Artwork

    Ahhh, gotcha. I started the year by getting diagnosed with panic disorder, being pretty much back to normal by mid-February, then having it steadily get worse since March. Medication has either not really helped or put me in a lot of pain, so I'm just trying to take it one day at a time. Anyways, here's quick drawing/painting from earlier today:
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  11. Kayzee

    Passive vs Active Sea Travel

    Why not both? That is, why not start the game with passive sea travel and give the player a ship of their own later in the story? This is actually something that's pretty common in JRPGs, particularly the Final Fantasy series. When game starts out, you don't really have a lot of options on where you can travel, and the game can be quite linear. But after a suitably climatic part of the story the player reaches what I have heard described as 'the Freedom Point', where the player can finally go anywhere they wish. This can often happen in stages too, which is why RPG Maker has different vehicle types. A boat for shallow water, a ship for shallow+deep water, and an airship that can go everywhere. Also many Final Fantasy games aren't afraid to give you a ship or airship for a little bit and take it away later, but they eventually give it back for good.
  12. Kayzee

    [VXA] Move the skills to the item menu

    Cause you are using '@data =' twice in make_item_list, so the list of skills is overwriting the list of items. Try adding a '+' before the '=' for the second one, or to put it another way, change: @data = $data_skills.select {|skill| usable?(skill) } into: @data += $data_skills.select {|skill| usable?(skill) } That will tell ruby to append the array rather then overwrite it.
  13. PhoenixSoul

    [VXA] Move the skills to the item menu

    Hmmm... I don't have any experience with this set of scripts, but mayhaps, @roninator2 does?
  14. Hey! I just implemented Mode7 and guess what?

    It works. lolz

    1. Kayzee


      Something actually worked out for you? 😮 I am glad. :3








  15. PhoenixSoul

    Anyone still need Yanfly's Plugins?

    The only part about Tesla's Coil, that could be copyrighted, is the visual design; everything else is not remotely unique aside from any notes they may of written. Same works, in concept, for the lights on Tour d'Eiffel, though the copyright on that is only effectual on professional works; family photos taken in front of the steel structure at night and shared online are fully protected under Fair Use. Yeah; I'm glad Yanfly chose not to do this with their VX Ace scripts; Ruby is CC code, which means that all derivative works of that code are to be released with the exact same license. It also means that there are scripters out there that are in violation of this by putting certain restrictions in place, one example being translations. I'd never do that. I fancy not being added to the long list of SidAlpha's DirtyDevs. lolz
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  17. Eric Matyas

    Free Music / SFX Resource - Over 2000 Tracks

    Yeah, the old ones are really cool. Mine are relatively new. They sound amazing! Anyhow... A huge heartfelt THANK YOU to the kind folks who reached out and supported my work this month by donating on my site. You folks literally make this all possible. Thank you! That said, this week’s new free MP3 tracks are: From my Puzzle Music 5 page: ICE PUZZLE – (Looping) https://soundimage.org/puzzle-music-5/ From my Sci-Fi 9 page: TWISTED DYSTOPIA – (Looping) DETECTIVES IN DYTOPIA (Looping) https://soundimage.org/sci-fi-9/ Big Ogg Track Update! Super high-quality Ogg versions of a bunch my tracks are ready. They sound really cool and could be used for all kinds of things besides puzzle games I’m sure. They are: BOUNCE LIGHT 1 & 2– (Looping) FROSTY PUZZLER (2 versions) – (Looping) PUZZLE TRANCE – (Looping) HYPNOTIC JEWELS – (Looping) PIANO PUZZLES – (Looping) MONKEY ISLAND PUZZLER – (Looping) MUSIC BOX PUZZLER – (Looping) PUZZLE CLUES – (Looping) CRYPTIC PUZZLER 1 & 2 – (Looping) BELL PUZZLES – (Looping) MELLOW PUZZLER 1 & 2 – (Looping) THOUGHT PUZZLES – (Looping) ROBOT’S CUBE – (Looping) HAPPY PUZZLER – (Looping) https://soundimage.org/puzzle-music-2/ Have a good week and stay safe.
  18. The_Akumatizer

    Anyone still need Yanfly's Plugins?

    The 3 great virtues of a programmer according to Larry Wall: Laziness, Impatience and Hubris Laziness: If someone has done half of the work already, why would I waste my time enacting what will be the same result from scratch when I can just take theirs, modify it either by adding, omitting or altering the definitions within? I'll just copy their homework, then use their homework as a template. Obviously an exact replication would look like plagiarism so I will at least spend some time refining it so that they don't look the same. Impatience: Even if I was excellent at writing code from scratch, if I spent all my time coding I wouldn't have enough time to work on the rest of my projects. That is... unless I delegate that part to others. Thus modifying existing code allows me to save up on time. Hubris: ...according to Larry Wall, it means that you ensure the code you are using works and won't malfunction or if it does, then the error produced won't be serious enough to cause noticeable issues. It is not enough to copy and modify existing code. If the code doesn't work, then based on my observation of other pieces of code which I know work, I will attempt to figure out why that's the case and from there I will correct the error if it can be corrected. Also, when I sell my products I want to ensure that the player doesn't have to troubleshoot the error messages themselves. I've had to do that a couple of times and it was annoying.
  19. Anomaly

    Anyone still need Yanfly's Plugins?

    You're not replicating the code rather then the style of it. Yanfly's style was easy enough for most people to mimic when learning how to write themselves depends how clean it is to follow. Like it was mentioned before let's go back to code itself in Ace. def max_tp return 100 end There's not many ways you can rewrite that. You DO have options such as: $max_tp = 100 @max_tp = 100 attr_accessor :max_tp # returns 0 until @max_tp is called. def max_tp ; return 100 ; end But when you actually break it all down, it's the same function regardless. When it comes to RM why wouldn't I mimic the original code for compatibility? It's faster and more efficient to use the same code again then to write new code that's unnecessary other then to say "WHELP THIS IS MY WAY". Open source projects wouldn't exist with this kind of breakdown and understanding. Do I think it's fair that you claim a system with certain functions? Yes, you designed that. But if I'm able to mimic it the way I'd write it without looking at your code at all and it happens to follow similar syntax style does that still make me the thief? No, it's almost an impossible gray area where only the most elite members have the say over the rest the 1% of the community that influences the rest. Obviously, it will be blatant theft if it's copied THE EXACT SAME WAY, even if you changed variable names but the syntax is a 1:1 replica. This is where people fall shy of hitting the nail on the hammer. IMO Yanfly cashed out when he stumbled on the gold mine. If you have no system of checks and balance besides an honor system your paywall is useless and null and void any terms you ever wrote in the first place.
  20. Mordliss

    Anyone still need Yanfly's Plugins?

    It was just done in extremely bad form. The plugins were free for the longest time, Hell I had the entire library on my laptop, and when I moved on to a new computer, never transferred them. So I had them for free, and when I went to redownload they were all paywalled. Thats like walking into a store, and just as you enter and walk through the door, the manager says the next 200 people to come inside get a free TV... while your standing at the entrance way. Sure it’s the managers right to say he made the announcement after you entered the store, but it’s in poor taste.
  21. roninator2

    Anyone still need Yanfly's Plugins?

    Now I see why things have gotten a little crazy. I guess the idea of a patent is not possible for code. Makes it challenging for an author to protect their work. I still don't understand people and why they would want to replicate code and call it their own. Another sad point for humanity.
  22. Hello everyone! You see, I am creating a menu for the SaS IV (Or Saphire Action System) battle system, and the problem is that when creating the item window, these are not shown but the skill is. It is very problematic since I have tried to add the skills as an item in the categories, but I cannot get the skill to show next to the items in any way. I put the "item.is_a?(RPG:Skill) on the category Ruby: def include?(item) case @category when :item item.is_a?(RPG::Item) && !item.key_item? or item.is_a?(RPG::Weapon) or item.is_a?(RPG::Skill) when :key_item item.is_a?(RPG::Item) && item.key_item? else false end end This is the list created, the original is after the "Else". I have the problem that it shows me only the skills. Ruby: def make_item_list if skill = $game_party.members.any? { |actor| actor.skills.include?($data_skills[9]) } @data = $game_party.all_items.select {|item| include?(item) } @data = $data_skills.select {|skill| usable?(skill) } @data.push(nil) if include?(nil) else @data = $game_party.all_items.select {|item| include?(item) } @data.push(nil) if include?(nil) end end I would greatly appreciate if you could teach me a way to display Skills and Items within the same category. I've only made these changes to the menu, so I can't find anything else to clarify.
  23. PhoenixSoul

    Anyone still need Yanfly's Plugins?

    Ultimately, code is code; if a function can be replicated and that function is not unique to the creator of the function, then like in any common word, copyrighting/claiming is impossible. Simply put, song lyrics can only be copyrighted/claimed in their entirety; any significant alterations and the lyrics are unclaimable. Simple functions are akin to writing a sentence; neither are significant in length or unique enough in prose to be copyrighted. def max_tp return 100 end "She told me to look away whilst she dressed." Can't copyright either of the two examples. One can replicate Yanfly's code functions. If one simply chooses to do so and then chooses to give out their derivative codes, Yanfly has no say. Code is code. The structure and prose of lyrics can be altered. Copyright is flimsy by design; no one really has any true claim over anything they contribute.
  24. lumiesky1

    Anyone still need Yanfly's Plugins?

    dose anyone have YEP_X_MenuActorEvents.js the collection is missing it
  25. roninator2

    Anyone still need Yanfly's Plugins?

    Yanfly has just been depreciated. I disagree. While there were reasons for Yanfly to remove her plugins from the public, I would say that all she needed to do was put tighter controls on the use of them, not make them paid for. Some authors have their script free for non-commercial but paid for commercial use. Regardless, Yanfly's plugins are of great value and she has always been a leading contributor to the RPG Maker community. It was only due to a few bad apples that caused harsh measures to be implemented. As long as you make free games then using Yanfly plugins is not a big issue. It's when you get into making a commercial game where it becomes a problem as you are new and would have normally have had to pay for the plugins; from a legal standpoint it would be a violation. m2c
  26. roninator2

    Help With Galv's Message Busts Errors

    Looking at the script. You would normally use Actor1 file Select the actor face. in this case the script sees this position as 1. so to show the bust you would have a second file called actor1-1 You don't use your bust file for the message image.
  27. Hello everyone ! I'm posting this thread because I'm trying to find ways to properly encrypt my game. For those who don't know, (and I wish beyond all worlds someone can prove me wrong !) the built-in RMMV encryption system is completely useless. Encrypting your game and entering a key will set your files (images/audio/both) as ".rpgmvp" files, yay !... Except the encryption key is clear and open to the world in the "www/data/System.json" file." Then how to use this encryption key ? Well you could google it in 5 seconds but let me ease you : Petschkos RPG-Maker MV-File Decrypter (my 2nd result on DuckDuckGo...) Just put in the "System.json" file of the game you want to get the assets from and boom : And there, anyone can take all your assets and use them just like they are theirs, without any commercial agreement, good luck tracking that down. I mean, an 8 years old could probably do it, no code required, absolutely nothing. God bless you people if you have for me a definitive solution to my problem, something absolutely uncrackable, but if you could also let me know some more tricky encryption systems just so a few people could access my assets, that'd be really cool. I don't plan on having an unbreakable lead safe but at least something better than a wooden drawer with no lock... Thank you guys a lot for your help. - Grimar out. PS : I insist on the fact I've tried so much things I'm tired of looking, I scrapped you forum threads to threads but nothing helps, and no, Enigma Virtual Box is not an option, it just a single file detected as a trojan and kept on crashing on my players computers, and it actually is very breakable too...
  28. KIAS

    ~The Seventh Warrior~

    Updated Battle System (WIP) :) Game_2020-05-25_13-08-04-45_x264.mp4
  29. Hi everyone! We hope you're all doing well and staying healthy at home. :) We’re so happy to present you... the full English version of Monigote Fantasy finally available to all of you! It’s taken a long time (yup, a REAAAALLY long time) but it’s finally here, and it’s complete, and Monier than ever! We’ve debugged the game thoroughly, largely thanks to your feedback on the beta (thanks to Ghoulsteak, TheRpgmakerAddict, Firefly84 and everyone who played, you’ve been great!) which has also helped us balance the experience. Now you can see Moni’s adventure to its end, it includes a guide on how to get all the skins and an extra challenge for those willing to take it on! (And there's still room for new ideas, too!) If you want to continue your game from where you left off, your save from the beta is absolutely compatible with this version, so you can do it TODAY! (For real, tho! What're you waiting for?! Ō_Ō) We very much appreciate any feedback you’re willing to give us (especially in terms of the translation 'cause we're not native speakers) so we can improve this game, in which we've put a lot of work and love. Thank you for reading and hope you like Monigote Fantasy!   BitBros! Games.
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