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    Anonymous || Agony

    Anonymous Agony is an episodic story that follows the parallel stories of a teenage serial killer named Haze Stratos, and the child psychologist, Dr. James Samson. What connects them together, is Haze's sister, Clara; a victim of sexual assault and Dr. Samson's patient. Haze begins using his sister's online handle to lure sexual predators inside his home to murder, as Dr. Samson struggles with the delicate mental state of his patient. As Haze heads towards his own downfall, Clara heads towards recovery. Screen||shots More > Characters || Characters Haze Stratos [SPOILER="Bio"] Haze is an eighteen year old punk that won't hesitate to tell someone off to their face, be it a regular person, cop, or whoever. He enjoys rubbing people's faults in their faces, especially people that refuse to accept themselves for their faults. Haze knows who he is and isn't afraid to show it, he rarely lets outside opinions affect him. Haze can see through most people very well, almost perfectly. He doesn't believe in selfless action, or sincerity so when he actually encounters individuals that have these traits he tends to judge them all wrong. After an accident that almost took her life, Haze grew very close to his younger sister Clara, she is the only person he can even partially emotionally level with. Haze is very protective of his sister, but doesn't show it directly and instead tries to leave her snarky hidden warnings about the crappy state of people disguised as one of his many complaints. Clara Stratos Clara is a ten year old girl that's very bright and chipper almost all the time. She usually only gets angry at Haze for being rude to people, and ends up using "Ass" to describe him more than his actual name. Clara can be a little bratty sometimes but even when she tries to hold a grudge with Haze she usually gives up on it pretty early on. Her favorite meal is breakfast, and her favorite things TO have are Juice, Jam, & Eggs. Craig Johnson Craig is a middle aged police officer, he rarely has fun and works almost constantly, even at home. He rarely loses his tired expression and overworks himself daily. A case of an assault that gravely injured his wife was left unsolved, causing him to act over obsessive with cases, further pursuing them long after his colleagues have given up. His constant serious attitude, lack of emotion, and robot like work ethic earned him the nickname of "Robo" with the younger officers in his department. Underneath all his stress and emotional baggage rests a cop that just wants desperately to help people and do his part. His selfless desire to help and his own personal self interests do tend to blend together uncontrollably a lot. But both are there.He LOVES smoothies. Dr. Samson Dr. Samson is a psychologist for the mentally delicate as well as a physician. He is hardworking and a bit unorthodox in his work approach. No one gives him any trouble since his results speak for themselves. Samson will easily focus on the problems of others but most times ignores his own needs, or is simply unable to even notice he has any. He is good friends with the hospital morgue worker Aster. Aster regularly pesters Samson to go out with him and relax, but if Samson isn't at work, he's thinking about work. If he isn't inside his routine he gets extremely anxious. Zede hospital has certain procedures for dealing with patients and Samson disregards them most times. Dr. Samson can come off as harsh, but is usually never intending to be rude. He just expects other people to be aware of the things that he is, but doesn't seem to realize that not everyone has his job or needs to over analyze things like he does. Annie Trey Annie is a soft yet selectively stern woman, oftentimes being both sweet as well asat the same time hard on people she values. She often has to clean up Dr. Samson's messes from his un-conventional approaches to his more monotonous work. Not to mention aggressively protect him from the vile influences of his morgue worker friend Aster. Aster Erato Aster work in the morgue and assaults his friend Samson with way too many death puns. He seems ignorant to how offensive they are to some folks. Otherwise a silly and charismatic guy Aster is always worrying about his friend's emotional health and constantly utilizes peer pressure to try and get his way. Aster has a wife but sems to subscribe to the belief that work and home should be separated. He is hit on my men and women alike but maintains a solid devotion to his wife. Enny Enny is a patient at Zede hospital along with Clara. Enny was found outside of Zede not having a name of his own. Enny is a bright and playful boy, but is rarely allowed around others due to his odd appearance. Enny has long hair that has oddly already gone grey despite his age. Enny gets bored fairly easily so in those times he escapes his room through the vents and goes to visit Dr. Samson. He has a monkey like demeanor and loves to climb things, roll around and just be moving. Soundtrack || Samples [MEDIA=youtube]5znRL8eVKgI[/MEDIA] [MEDIA=youtube]5KDNWrlU6os[/MEDIA] Price: $4.99 USD Steam: [MEDIA=steamstore]1081840[/MEDIA] Website: https://codedemotion.wixsite.com/anonymousagony Story Illustration Samples
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  4. Glad I could help! *sprinkles fairy dust around the topic*
  5. Hello all, I`m trying the following script call, but it`s only give me "unexpected token" Can somebody help me whats wrong? var $dataMap.events[this._eventId].name = $gameSystem.playtime() I want create a variable with the Name of the Event and set the value to the gametime. Thanks in Advance Nevyn
  6. Thank you, @Kayzee, not only for explaining that to me but for your speedy response too! I did end up finding a work around by temporarily deactivating the event page the script is called in and reactivating it after event #2 started executing its commands. Since it was activated last, it now it takes priority! :)
  7. Uhhh... It doesn't really work like that. Scripts and events don't really run in the background. Events use fibers, but that's more a way to 'pause' some code and 'unpause' it later. I think you can create threads but... threads are stupidly complicated and not really too useful for VX Ace so just forget I said anything about them. Really. You could make the script set a variable somewhere to tell event #2 it ran this frame, and reset the variable on frames it doesn't run. Though if the script runs every frame that would be pretty pointless.
  8. Hello! Question: Is there any way to check if a ruby method is running? Something akin to, "method.is_running?" I have a script that affects event # 1's move route, but event # 1's move route is being controlled by a separate event, event # 2. Because of this, the script doesn't take priority and event #1 will only carry out event #2's commands. This doesn't happen if event #1 is controlling its own move route, but for reasons I can't do that. So I want to check if the script is running so I can disable event #2.
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  10. Wouldn't you think that anyone willing to sign up for an Area 51 march, would by now that Skinwalker Ranch is the new Tinfoil Graceland??


    According to the theories, Area 51 was decomissioned as an ET research site due to global exposure, and everything moved to Skinwalker Ranch, where they say the ETs have their own floors for research...


    Just proves how dumb people are.

    1. Kayzee


      Well how dumb humans are anyway. I mean come on, don't they realize their so-called "aliens" have been on earth or a connected pocket dimension the whole time? Come on. Abducting people? Doing experiments? Messing with cows? Creating strange places flowing with strange energies? Flying around as mysterious lights? Us fairies have been doing all that stuff for hundreds, maybe thousands of years. The government probobly knows it too. They probobly keep the whole "alien" story alive because they know that the more people believe fairies are "real", the more "real" we become. :3


      Hehehe, but don't worry! Someday the dam humans use to hold back their imagination will burst, and the resulting deluge will wash away everything they think is real. :3

  11. Lord Vectra

    Jasemir arrives! Hello!

  12. NickNick

    mv [Show Picture] below the Actor?

    Thanx people for the feedback! I know .. i am using parallax already for map .. but i need more parallax layers.. So thats why i asked about (show picture - below character) Is there a way to have more than one parallax? in different layers? and if so? do you have any plug to suggest? thanx in advanced!
  13. FluffexStudios


    Hi everyone, To continue a great summer, Stitched will be on sale for 60% off starting today, July 18th! https://store.steampowered.com/app/727340/Stitched/ Additionally, here is a second teaser of what to come from us Sketch is done be Henrique Paiva: www.artstation.com/sknart Cheers! Fluffex Studios
  14. Last week
  15. Finally got some progress done before it started storming. I make a habit to never program during a thunderstorm. I found that out the hard way when I lost all the dialogue I had during MoS's post-game final boss. 😰

    1. PhoenixSoul


      I just constantly save if it starts storming.
      That said, most of the time, the storm lasts at most an hour, around here at least.

      It's rare when it goes on for hours. Reminiscent of how the weather behaved back in Arvada, only the humidity is far higher (and yeah I hate it lol).


    2. TobiObito4ever


      My files have corrupted before during power outages. I learned my lesson.

    3. Kayzee


      You should probobly regularly back up stuff anyway, better be safe then sorry!

  16. Today I randomly had the urge to revisit a fondly remembered video of yesteryear... Still internet perfection!

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      Watching that video made me wanna fluff the dancing cat...lolz

    3. Kayzee


      Hehe, that's about the reaction I expected. :3

    4. PhoenixSoul


      Yeah, well here's another blast from the past...lol


  17. Eric Matyas

    Free Music / SFX Resource - Over 1800 Tracks

    Greetings Earthlings! This week’s new free tracks are: On my Sci-Fi 8 page: page: STRANGE LANDS – (Looping) – Perhaps on an alien world? https://soundimage.org/sci-fi-8/ On my Fantasy 9 page: OF OTHER WORLDS - Here’s a dreamy, far away sounding piece that might work under the intro screens of a game…or perhaps something else. https://soundimage.org/fantasy-9/ QUIRKY MAGIC – (Looping) – Perhaps for casting spells in an RPG? https://soundimage.org/fantasy-9/ I try very hard to create and upload at least one new free piece of game art each day. Feel free to friend me on Facebook to get daily updates in your news feed. My page is here: https://www.facebook.com/people/Eric-Matyas/100017638394276 Finally, if you need some affordable custom work created (music, sound effects, images, etc.,) feel free to email me. My email address is here: https://soundimage.org/custom-work/ Enjoy!
  18. DoubleX

    DoubleX RMMV Skill Hotkeys

    Updates * v1.01a(GMT 1400 17-7-2019): * 1. Lets you show skill names instead of icons in the hotkey list * 2. Lets you show hotkey icons instead of names in the hotkey list * (v1.01a+ will be incompatible with v1.00a due to hotkeyNames changes)
  19. new meme who this



    1. Kayzee


      Oh yeah? You think your a big man commenting out things huh? Watch yourself kid. I got code scattered in tons of scripts. Try and comment me out and I'll refactor you so bad you won't recognize yourself. Capiche?


      Maybe you can get away with it on the poor suckers who don't know code, but if you mess with the Programmer Mafia the Programmer Mafia messes with you. :P

    2. CyrusJazzberry


      i don't claim code as my own that's evil and nefarious


      i do however, like making smash memes

    3. Kayzee


      Evil and Nefarious? You got us all wrong kid. We are a legitimate business, see? And we don't take kindly to those kinda accusations. You gonna be trouble kid? Don't make us call our... ahem... 'troubleshooters'.





      Gasp! Richard Stallman? Founder of the Free Software Foundation?!? Grr... You get a pass this time kid, but watch yourself! The Programmer Mafia has it's hands in everything.





      *and there he goes, fighting for freedom, righting injustice, getting into petty arguments over if Linux should really be called GNU/Linux, our hero STALLMAN!*

  20. Kayzee

    Race Swapping In Film

    Some might say that there was a long period during the 80s and 90s where comics trying to be 'mature' and 'dark' resulted in them becoming even more silly. But really I'm sure that's just Sturgeon's law in effect. I do not doubt there were and are good stories in the genre. Heck I know there are, because I have read/watched more then a few. It's just one of those things I never really became a hardcore fan of for one reason or another. That said, I do find the idea of 'superheros' pretty goofy, and most traditional western comic books are superhero stories or gag comics. Like seriously. People get a neat power and/or skills and the only thing they end up doing with it half the time is dressing up in a goofy outfit and beating people up. It's just such a strange idea to me. Even with my favorite stories in the genre (like Worm, man is Worm good even if it is still a bit goofy) I can't help but think it's all a little silly. I would kind of like to see traditionally published western comics become a little more varied, like webcomics or manga for example. I donno, just saying that when I walk into my local comic shop, there isn't really that much there that really pulls my interest. Anyway, I have really gotten off topic haven't I? Sorry about that.
  21. Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3 Download here: https://ufile.io/dy4a626s Galaxy Hearts is primarily a heavy handed Sci-Fi dungeon crawl / space exploration game. Instead of finding keys to proceed, you'll need to find gear and your 2 allies. Space combat in particular will be a nightmare without your buddies. The demo is roughly 15% to 30% of the whole game. You will find your full team of 3 characters AND be fully equipped by the end of it! There is very little story, but each station kinda tells its own story through the environment and the enemies you face. There are probably some balance issues. If you find anything particularly annoying, boring, or just way too difficult then let me know. Be aware though that this IS a dungeon crawler, so encounters are very often and can be rather annoying. Stealth kits are your friend, especially early on! I've played through the demo twice, and there shouldn't be any bugs but if you find any then please let me know. I hope you'll enjoy playing the game at least as much as I enjoyed making it. :) Full Game Plans: 5 Space Sectors (not including the home sector), 12+ Enemy Stations I plan on selling the full game on Steam for about $10, but anyone who's ever given at least $1 on my Patreon will get the game for free! https://www.patreon.com/paladox (I do make an adult game called The Fairy, The Succubus, and The Abyss which is primarily what my Patreon focuses on, but Galaxy Hearts is not, and will not have, any adult content. I'm intending on a PG rating, or at least as family friendly as possible) Credits: RPG Maker MV default resources (various) RPG MAKER Cyberpunk Music Pack RPG MAKER Sci-Fi Music Pack RPG MAKER Sci Fi Battlebacks Pixelart Spaceships For Shmup (Src: Humble Bundle 8-bit Game Dev Bundle - Author Unknown) Various Space Decor modified from resource sets by unTied Games (Src: Humble Bundle 8-bit Game Dev Bundle) Cutscene Artwork by Bec Santus Other: Various images modified by me. I can't remember where I got them all. >.< If I used your stuff and didn't properly credit your work then please let me know! Thanks!
  22. That One NPC

    Race Swapping In Film

    Hard to imagine when you admit to having not read them much, but they grew a lot in the last 30-40 years. Around the 80s and 90s less kids were reading so the direction for many series and character became very mature, dark even. This resulted in a lot good story lines that draw you in, and provided a lot of great character development. DC was always decidedly darker but even they started taking more risks and telling deeper stories. You'll find much of the same styles and themes as you will any form of fantasy, scifi, or fiction, just with vastly more developed characters, which has been the selling point for decades now. I'm on a new a20 phone and for some reason Ifind the keyboard so difficult, so please excuse any glaring errors.
  23. Kayzee

    Race Swapping In Film

    Wait... Superhero comic books... have serious readers? :P Kidding!
  24. Chirp-Chirp Sou

    audio [AUDIO] Sound Design / Music Production - Chirp Chirp Sounds

    Check out the Kickstarter campaign from our friends @Drowning Monkeys Games! We had so much fun making music and sound design for their project called "Castle Kong".
  25. That One NPC

    Race Swapping In Film

    I wouldn't expect to see a Squirrel Girl film in the MCU. It would make a great cartoon for girls, though. She is one of those ridiculous characters most serious readers detest due to writers doing stupid shit with her that she has no business doing.She has managed to defeat some of the top villains in Marvel. To her credit, Marvel has some pretty weak villains compared to DC. Marvel seems to like making the heroes stronger than the villains. Then they use props (infinity gauntlet) or plot devices to make it seem like they won't win. It's been argued - and I think I agree - that Darkseid could beat a fully loaded Infinity Thanos. Darkseid is almost as power as the gauntlet and he has no tools. I think a Squirrel Girl movie would be where the '08 Ironman groupies would draw the line. But then again, Disney gets away with everything except Solo: A Star Wars movie. That was the hill people wanted to die on.
  26. Jasemir


    Hello RPG Maker forums! Since the beginning of 2019, I've been working on my most ambitious project so far, LifeLoop, a turn-based RPG game with elements of crafting. Currently, it's on early stage of development. But enough ready to share it with you guys. LifeLoop consists of many mechanics and systems that interact with each other and feedback regarding them might prove very useful. It will have a great impact on further development of the game, so if you will decide to give it a shot and write few words about it, I will be extremely grateful! I encourage you to try the demo, and below you can find more details about the LifeLoop Demo Version. Hopefully, enjoy! Story-driven RPG game, with a turn-based battle system inspired by Octopath Traveler, Switch between two dimensions: Reality and Fantasy World, Use Imagination to craft items from gathered resources in Reality in order to use them in Fantasy World, Get into main hero Inner Thoughts to learn more about the story, Exploit enemy weaknesses to win fights with ease, Attach Orbs to your equipment to get magical powers, Use special LINK mechanic to connect with your characters during encounters in order to manipulate the course of the battle. Chris stands in his dark, lonesome house. A huge storm with rain and thunders rumbles outside of the window. Thoughts rush in his head, wondering where that weird, inner feeling comes from. All of a sudden, Chris is being immediately drawn away from his thoughts, because he knows what's about to happen. Someone will knock on his doors and the reality will be completely disrupted - once again. Embark on an adventure discovering the truth behind the mysterious Chris' anomalies. (Click on the screenshot to open it in bigger resolution) (Or download it from Google Drive) Credits: Click Additional thanks to Moghunter and his amazing skills at creating plugins. http://atelierrgss.wordpress.com v1.1 [15.07.19] - Corrected few language errors in dialogues Language: English Creator: Jasemir(Daniel Laskowski)
  27. PixeLockeT

    (FREE) Dead Blue recruiting everyone

    Hello. I'm learning Unity right now for my indie game dev team's first commercial game, but I have a lil bit experience in RPG Maker eventing (not so much MV as I was XP user mainly, but I can crack MV open and help). I can also point you in the direction of learning more in game development. ^ u^ But I have questions first. I'll Private Message you!
  28. Hi there ! So, I'm here to obviously recruit people for a game I'm working on alone from almost a year, I've restarted this project from zero a countless amount of times. I'm trying to work on this project seriously but I just don't have enough skills to do everything alone so I'd like to work in a team, not necessarily a big one but having a little help would be appreciated. NOTICE: As I started everything again various times, the game is actually undone. I mean I made something but not a big part. I made some maps, some starting events only to see how the game goes without much details and stuff. I made some tilesets too, only partially but they're okay. The music and sound effect is totally 0% as that's not my thing at all, and so on.. Also, as I'm currently without a computer (it died) I'm working more on a book writing down things and such, when I can I use someone's computer to actually work on rpgmv. WARNING: I'm not sure about how to rate this game but I'm rating it R18 as it'll probably contain lot of swearing, bad terms, nudity and explicit graphic violence. So here's everything there's need to know: Title: Dead Blue; title may change anytime as this one is a little random. Engine: RPG Maker MV. Language: Main lang is english, but as my main lang is italian, I will do other lang available too. Trailer: "You know what Lil, that evening, the evening you said you felt some kind of strange aura around me. It's awkward but that night after the show and the after-party I went home and when I got to bed I had some strange lucid dreams. I was in a forest, the first time, it was okay. Nothing really strange, just a biiiig wood full of trees, though it seemed a little off... Like, the color of the leaves and the grass was dark, really dark. And the sky was too, kinda red. I don't know, it gave me some strange feelings, it seemed like there was someone too... I kept watching around and behind me because I felt like a presence constantly on my back. But there was no one. After that I woke up suddenly like I was scared but it didn't actually happen anything to scare me. I got back to bed after a good tea, I swear I was f**king scared like I just had a nightmare of a giant spider following me! So I had to calm down or I wouldn't have gone back to sleep. As I fall asleep I have the same dream. This time I was feeling scared in the dream too, and I felt a lot more the presence behind me, like, I am just sure enough that there was someone or something there but I couldn't see it. The sky was like.. disappeared? It was just pitch black. Absolutely nothing. The wood was scarier though I don't really know why... It was exactly like before, but my feelings and sensations being there were totally different. I could feel something strange, scary and tense. I was nervous and din't know what to do or where to go... And... Here comes the scariest part. For some minutes I thought I woke up, I don't even know if I actually woke up or not but it seemed a lot more like real life than a dream this, however, I woke up in a room of two kid, a room I never saw, what scares me the most is that it was exactly like reality. I got out of bed ad it felt f**kin' real! The room was a mess, it looked like it wasn't being used from years. There were two doors but they were both locked so I couldn't do anything however. At some point, watching some stuff around I felt again a presence, stronger than before... and it was like I knew it wasn't a good thing, I had this feeling that if that thing I felt was a person or like a ghost, a dead person or something like that, it was a bad one. While I had this thought I found this key hidden on a shelf. As I touch it I suddenly feel two hands on my shoulders and they drag me back on the bed in a blink and then I woke up in my bed and it was morning." Characters: Only the first character is playable as for now. In the future will be add other playable characters. Some of those character don't even have a meaning in the game.. so.. Main Characters: • Lou - he/him - 21 y/o - adopted - leader and main singer of an industrial metal band - suffers of amnesia; • Lilith "Kuro" - she/her - 21 y/o - adopted - Lou's best friend - female voice and bass player of the band - "Kuro" is her stage name - apathetic; • W - ??? Other characters (not really important to the game): • Ashley - Lou's sister (not by blood); • Ethan - Lilith's brother and Lou's other best friend; Other characters (that are actually not needed at all): • Sarah - Ashley (by blood) and Lou (not by blood)'s sister; • Ray - Lou's ex-classmate. Mechanics: Basically the games goes through missions (to give some ideas, exactly like every Devil May Cry or Alice Madness Returns) in which Lou, which had a severe head injury (trauma) that led him first to coma and then to the total amnesia of everything that happenned before waking up from coma, is trying to recover his memories (he doesn't actually know this detail). Each mission recovers one memory (idk how many there will be thought) till the end of the game. The mission basically goes : lou having nightmares → having to find some objects or solving enigmas and so on → finding or obtaining a memory. Through every mission there will be some collectable objects and different things to make missions more fun and interesting. What I need: Exactly I need someone that has fantasy and is good at making enigmas and things to solve to go through the game. The missions I talked about first are to do, and I need someone that can help me with that, I have some ideas but nothing as big as creating the actual mission and I can't actually get to create something decent to make the player actually interested in what they're playing. Obviously I'll accept every kind of help but this one is what I need the most right now. As I am really broke and I barely got to buy rpg maker mv I can't pay anyone so I'm sorry this is totally for free, after all I'm just some kid making a game for fun, nothing professional! Screenshots: Now that you got till here, if u want there's a little paragraph about myself as I am really new on here and just so you know who you are going to work with! About me: My name's Xavier and usually u find me on games or on the internet as xavlu or xavluciel, I'm a 18y/o italian boy who always had some kind of interest in games but being with the family I have I've never been that boy that "always spends hours on console" in fact I started playing on computer as the only console I had was a Wii with basic games and a Nintendo DSi with only one shitty game. My parents just didn't want to spend money on games and I was pretty alone too, so I didn't even know what games were popular and stuff, my first actual games where I actually spent hours and days were online mmorpg such as Elsword, Wizard 101, Grand Fantasia and so on. I'm actually an "artist", I draw since I was born. I always did it, I have my own cartoonish style and I'm not really that good for being 18 years of drawing almost everyday. I did two years in art highschool but for some reasons they got wrong and I was in a bad period for my mental health, they basically kicked me out of school as I repeated two times the same grade and that's the maximum for that school. Now I'm going to a graphic night school and since being there I realized how much videogames fascinate me, I already knew rpg maker but I never actually dreamt of developing an actual game. As I am a really technological person and I love everything related to computers, both hardware and software, programming and so on, the idea of developing videogames (and I'm not only talking about tiny pixel games made with rpg maker but also actual 3D games) really interests me and what I dream of right now is to finish this school and get to a nice game dev school. As for now, I just want to finish this game because I spent a lot of my time on this even if it's still at the start but I'd like to see where my abilities can arrive. If I can finish this I'd like to start practicing with unity or similar but as I'm only self-taught and not really a genius in everything this still seems a lot hard to me. Hope someone can help me~!
  29. Rikifive

    Jasemir arrives! Hello!

    Hello and welcome! Have fun and good luck with your projects!
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