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  3. FranklinX

    Franklin's Resources!

    Hi guys! I am sharing old resources of RPG Maker VX that I edited. I have edited many battles and character sets. I am slowly uploading these resources to my website for public use. Feel free to use edits. Edited VX Battlers VX Character Sets (Coming Soon) Credits: Enterbrain FranklinX Terms of Use: You may only use these resources with the RPG Maker VX and RPG Maker VX ACE. You must own a license for the RPG Maker VX and RPG Maker VX ACE to use these graphics.
  4. AeghtyAteKees

    My Old Audio Script Suddenly Can't Run - Even The Demo!

    Well that's mostly good news. What should I do about this issue though? I can't run my project until I either fix this or find a different way to play multiple sounds.
  5. Kayzee

    My Old Audio Script Suddenly Can't Run - Even The Demo!

    Backwards compatibility is tricky because sometimes things made for other machines do stop working, but I think for the most part windows is pretty good at being backwards compatible. So it's possible, but it's likely that the script is doing something funny. I am not an expert on win32api stuff. Though if for some reason VX Ace stops working on newer machines at all, there is still mkxp. That doesn't support Win32Api at all, but it's possible to make custom builds to add features. I suspect though that this might be a case where the script was doing it wrong but a old win32api bug let it work anyway.
  6. Yeah, my ears were filled with wax. Getting rid of it hasn't caused it to stop completely, but that might be do to my eardrum still being a bit raw and/or I just being accustomed to the rhythm. Hopefully it will go away or at least won't get that bad when I am trying to sleep.

    1. PhoenixSoul


      Let us hope so, love.

  7. AeghtyAteKees

    My Old Audio Script Suddenly Can't Run - Even The Demo!

    So...fmod can become outdated and not work on certain machines? I don't particularly want to use it if it will eventually make my game obsolete. Actually, could that happen to the rgss3.dll as well??? My world is imploding.
  8. Kayzee

    My Old Audio Script Suddenly Can't Run - Even The Demo!

    I think I at one point put a 'rescue false' after those lines when I was using it. Though honestly the whole script might need to be updated to use a newer version of fmod sometime. Edit: Actually that part oddly has nothing to do with fmod, so eh.
  9. Hey guys, This one's tricky. I have been using FMOD Audio Pump Up throughout the development of my project. I got a new laptop (finally, and regrettably, upgrading to Windows 10). All of my other material works fine (so far). It's only this script. If it's present in the project, I get the following error when I try to boot the game: Script 'Audio Pump Up' line 1673: NoMethodError occurred. undefined method 'ord' for nil:NilClass This also occurs in a new download of the demo. The only thing I can think of is that since this script uses a separate .dll file, could it somehow not be compatible with my new OS? I understand very little of this type of thing. In the worst case scenario of this not ever working again, is there another method anyone knows of for playing multiple SE, BGS, or ME? That's all I used it for: adding weather sounds. I'd have to redo a ton of my game though, so I'd love to find a fix. Thank you all!
  10. Last week
  11. kemono3011

    CAPGRAS - When Your Mind Becomes Your Worst Enemy

    HEY FELLAS. It's been nearly a year since I posted this game. The game was on hiatus for months because of some issues that I've encountered during the development process, but luckily it's still here! Anyway, CAPGRAS will have a demo and it's coming real soon. Until that, I will keep posting screenshots and updates. see ya.
  12. Kayzee

    I Would Like Help Choosing A Name

    Ohh! Ohh! ᚱᚢᚾᛖ! ᚱᚢᚾᛖᛋ ᚪᚱᛖ ᚪᚹᛖᛋᚩᛗᛖ!
  13. Oh crap, I think my childhood bane, Tinnitus is coming back in a big way. And it brought friends! Like maybe The Hum? And family? like Pulsatile Tinnitus? The Musical Hallucinations aren't that bad though.


    ... Or maybe someone upstairs has a dishwasher? Or I just have too much damn wax in my ears? The Musical Hallucinations are still all me either way, but I have sorta had those for a while and they are really the main thing that keeps this situation tolerable.

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    2. Kayzee


      Well yeah, but I mean, if I hold the flap in I can hear what sounds like the heartbeat in the same rythem. It's almost louder.


      I guess a better way to say it is it sound like the sound is coming from through the ear like a speaker.


      I did try it though!

    3. PhoenixSoul


      Of course, toggling your ear is more effective at releasing water after submersion, but it does kinda work for tinnitus...

    4. Kayzee


      It sounds like a handy trick to be sure!

  14. image.thumb.png.5c108fa6ac0a6a72bab3c6a21d4f7239.png

    1. PhoenixSoul


      Ah yes, Celianna's tilesets. Quite stunning, and works well with sprites taller than 32 px...

  15. Eric Matyas

    Building a Free Library of Images for Everyone

    I was busy shooting a film over the weekend, but I managed to do some mad experiments creating pixel art-style tiles. These were derived from glass surfaces, but might be used for other things as well. Free to use with attribution. Enjoy! https://soundimage.org/art-glass/
  16. Verdiløs Games

    Everything Was Dark

    Everything was dark. They could taste the betrayal on their lips as they felt everything go cold. Quite a difference from the heat they were used to. Sure, they wanted nothing more than to leave this inferno, but not like this. Not like this. Sentenced to a life of being something like a human for a crime they did not commit. A betrayal their betrayer committed before pinning the blame on them. They remembered him distinctly. Not that anyone would believe them, it was their word against his. Their essence was stripped from their body and shoved into the body of a human who would no doubt grow up confused. Their souls - essences - would mingle and mix, becoming a new person entirely. This wasn't simply a temporary exile from the inferno, it was a permanent exile from who they once were. The creation of a new being from the deaths of two. Everything was dark. Nothing ever felt right. They were always strange, they always felt strange, they always had strange interests. The human children never cared much for them and they never really fit in with humanity. Small, but far from fragile. Kind, but with "unkind" interests. Colourful, but with such a dark mind. They never fit in, but they never wanted to anyway. What was the fun in fitting in when you were created to stand out? And yet, loneliness closed in. Occasionally, there were people, but they all always left. They light they let in always diminished. They got used to it. They thrived in it. They loved it. If the only way to get friends was to fit in, then why bother with friends? Everything was dark. And others felt this way too. They found some of these people and befriended them. Truly befriended them. And everything was not dark anymore.
  17. Version 19.10.21 is done and contains the following changes: - Added a teleport stone plate to the Spire of Courage in the area where you start the raids. - You can now encounter the new girl Neya at Kagabangui when you go up or down the stairs in the east. Requires Vampire's events to be advanced far enough. - New event with Shanna. Starts either at Pumumu, if you told the old man at the secret onsen to close the peeping hole, or at the casino in Newkungu after you had the event with Shanna and Naomi at the onsen. - At the secret prison, when you go to the cell area directly in front of the spot between the two guards, a new event will trigger if you had the Shanna/Naomi onsen scene and had the events with Cookie and the magic spirit. Other news: - I tried to create an apk file for Android again, but it still doesn't work for me. I'll later upload and post the rpg maker files that are used to create the apk file and hope someone else might find a working solution to help me out with this problem. - The walkthrough hasn't been update yet but after being neglected for a long time it's now a high priority for me to finally bring it up to date. - The custom CG scene pledge reward for patreon has been removed for the time being. I want to concentrate more on finishing the current time period, including events that have already started and those that were planned for a long time but never started, that's why I won't be doing custom events and scenes for a while. I'm considering doing it again once I've finished the current time and start working on the time skip, so that I can provide content while the parts I work on can't be played yet. Download: Hi-Drive: https://www.hidrive.strato.com/share/ijp41t-our MEGA: https://mega.nz/#F!CpQXwBDS!wwZlWRrPWoGzZX5h0-MlRQ
  18. The femme fair stands on the corner, staring at you in suspect, knowing you could attempt to harm her, and perhaps your intentions are such, but out in the open with your pathetic ability and/or weapon, compared to her immodest sword at the ready, you decide to nod your head towards her and carry about your own business...

    Ramsey is coming along swimmingly, thanks for asking.


    1. Kayzee


      Gotta say, I don't know about anyone else but reading that paragraph kinda makes me wanna play with Ramsey a little.


      Think my abilities pathetic will you? Think you can decide what I will do? Oh little Ramsey... I know your life is a hard one and is bound to get harder, so I will offer you a bit of advice: To most perhaps a sword at the ready and a glare in your eyes would indeed be a fine deterrent. But to some, well, they would see it as something else: An invitation. *she giggles and grins a bit too widely* I hope if you are showing that around you are prepared to use it. Because believe me, even if no one would dare attack out in the open... they are still paying attention.


      Still, at the same time, I admire that defiance in your eyes. I for one want to see what you become. Don't give up little Ramsey! Just remember that at some point when you start down a path that at some point as the end of the path gets closer you might find you aren't headed to anywhere nice. Going back will be just as hard as going forward, if it's even possible. If you can't find another path or are able to forge your own, what will you do? I think I am going to like watching you. ❤️


      (... Now I sorta wanna be a minor antagonist in your game... hehehe.... But I already am a major antagonist in my own game! Also speaking of grinning a bit too widely, I was a bit curious about the more modern street fighter games I never got a chance to play, and while watching some vids I saw Juri make her 'sexy' face. Now there''s a girl who knows how to do it! ❤️ )

  19. AceOfAces_Mod

    Immortal Sins

    Released Second Edition Beta Version D0.30 Update 3. This update makes some additions and tweaks in preparation for the upcoming guild missions, alongside bringing in the .NET Core 3 version of Northbridge. Changelog: The weaknesses can now be seen during battles. Hunter License can now grant discounts on shops. Balancing changes: Gus can now learn Elemental Shields by stealing the skills from enemies. Elemental shields remove the previous one. Balanced some of the enemies. Added a new dungeon: Tomb of <redacted> (It will be accessible in a later update). Sena’s Adnverturer’s Guild is now available. Performance improvements and visual tweaks. Bug fixes. Vastly improved Northbridge: Moved Northbridge to .NET Core 3: Performance and startup improvements. A copy of .NET Core 3 ships with the game. The game is completely separate from .NET Framework. Improved error handling. Technical improvements. Re-wrote the installer to Advanced Installer. Improved installer size. Added a migration assistant for the Microsoft Store version.
  20. (The demon Slav-squats on the curb and grins at you. The demon is secretly switching back to VX Ace, for they are unimpressed with MV. This doesn't change the fact that the demon is Slav-squatting on the curb and grinning at you. The demon casually pops a Now and Later in their mouth and carries on with their day, which consists of Slav-squatting on the curb and converting their project back to VX Ace. They are more comfortable like this.)

    1. Kayzee


      Slav-squats? But you look animeish and don't have a tracksuit, so shouldn't it be more like Yankii-squats? What is it with thuggish subcultures and squatting anyway? I would totally not be surprised if some of the similar thuggish subcultures do this. Lets see... Amarican gangsta rap types? Check. Can't find much on British hooligan types, not even sure if that's what they are called or if that's just a 'soccer hooligan' thing. I don't know about any other thuggish group. I mean I am not counting the classy professional criminals like the Mafia. The stereotypical image of a 'Mafia goon' might count, but even goons are pretty classy, and besides good goons are just too big to pull of the right look.

  21. Verdiløs Games

    I Would Like Help Choosing A Name

    If you have middle name suggestions, please let me know in the comments! I have ideas for all three, but if you have any let me know!
  22. Hehe, I was working on my game today! I decided to implement friendly 'enemies' that can help you out! I already coded some of it because I had a 'charm' status effect, but there was lots of special case logic to get that to work. Now it's a lot more flexible.


    Hmmm, I wonder if I should have full on Doom-style monster infighting? Though often in Mystery Dungeon-style roguelikes like mine, you really don't want eneimes to kill each other because it causes the killer to level/rank up. If I was really mean I would do both. XD



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    2. PhoenixSoul


      Surprised you didn't ask about what I did, though it's not as impressive I guess, lolz

      Anyway, yeah, I know that it would be risky, of course it would. It's not something that I'd take lightly, even if it sounded like I did. I only simply noted how it would have greater benefit as far as defeat bonuses go, and that's if one seeks such.

    3. Kayzee


      Hehe, okay what did you do then?


      Really roguelikes are basically all about risk vs reward, and a lot of normal RPGs have plenty of elements of it too, so yeah I kinda figured you would know there was some risk involved. Though I wanted to be clear because on it's own enemies "leveling up" doesn't really sound like a big deal unless you get way too greedy with it. Because if they level up the way players do, sure they get stronger, but does a level or two really make that much of a difference? Near the start of the game maybe, but I think individual levels make less and less of a difference as most RPGs go on, with the exception of games with relatively small level caps. I will have to test stuff out to see how much a difference a level really makes in my game to really be sure though I guess.


      I want to be clear that what I was taking about is not only about risk vs reward though, it also serves another function. Because without it, enemies being able to accidentally kill other enemies could be pretty exploitable. But by making an enemy that kills another so much more powerful, it puts the player in a interesting position. It's really not that hard to bait enemies into the path of another one that has a ranged attack, and the rank/level up thing means doing that is risky and you can't just endlessly exploit it without being punished. In face you often need to avoid it accidentally happening. it makes the game a bit more interesting when you have to think about this kind of thing.


      So my game design dilemma is this: Should I follow the Mystery Dungeon tradition, which would limit the player's options a bit because they can't use infighting as a weapon that much without a really risky situation, but also in turn make sure infighting can't really be exploited? Or maybe I should go all in on allowing infighting as a player tool? Or maybe I just have the AI be smart enough not to fire a projectile if it would hit an ally? Or some hybrid, or other solution? I donno!

    4. PhoenixSoul


      Level Cap (for player): FF (for enemies): 100 (one-zero-zero)
      Stat/TP Cap: FFF
      HP/MP Cap: FFFF
      Said values translate to 255, 256, 4,095, and 65,535 respectively.

      I could of course, change this down the road to BAADF00D or DEADBEEF (lolz).


      Yeah, I'm also allowing enemies to have levels. Of course, combat is going to be less of a focus early on.


  23. Yay! More cute fairies! And witches too! Is this a different new project to your Outsiders idea? Don't burn yourself out now! Hey, you know these two characters might fit into your Outsiders game as NPCs or something and you could make your new project idea be connected maybe? Like a sort of spin off/sequel you can work on after Outsiders! I could see you making a whole bunch of Outsiders games in the same universe, especially if they aren't too long. Or you can make them different episodes of one larger game? Food for thought! You know, just in case your brain is hungry. :3 Also: Not all fairies have wings you know. In fact fairies having wings is a relatively recent trend! Fairies only started having wings a few hundred years ago, and fairies have been around for much longer. And elves and aos sí even longer then that!
  24. I have no details about them yet other than they are girlfriends, the top one is a goth witch and the bottom one is a fairy (I wish the Picrew had wings). The fairy sometimes makes flower crowns for the witch. Even though she does not usually wear that sort of thing, she wears them anyway.
  25. Awww! You are so cute now! *glomps and snuggles*

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    2. Kayzee


      *cuddles even more*

      You are just too cute! Okay then, only one thing for a self respecting fairy like me to do in this situation!

      *giggles and suddenly jumps up with you in her arms and runs off with you* Mine now! Tee-hee-hee-hee... ❤️



    3. Verdiløs Games
    4. Kayzee


      I thought you might have been. ❤️

  26. Well, I think there is always a trade off between quality and file size you gotta be aware of. Video files can be insaaaaaanely large. Like gigs upon gigs. So most videos are highly compressed. Think is though the compression is always lossy and makes things blurry and introduces artifacts. But, well lets say a game only runs at 640x480. I think in the end it works out that a modestly compressed 1280x960 video is still way way WAY smaller then an uncompressed 640x480 video, and if you scale it with nearest neighbor instead of trilinear filtering or something, it will probobly look a lot more crisp too because the blurs and artifacts aren't as large. Don't quote me on that though. I mean I could assume there might be a way to take thousands of losslessly compressed .PNGs for each frame, and a 640x480 .PNG isn't that big is it?
  27. PhoenixSoul

    The Side Villains

    I had a run-in with some very interesting side villains in the second Half Minute Hero game recently (via Goddess' Treasure DLC), that of which the content in question is trying to be cute and not too NSFW, but failing. Badly, lolz I won't get into the details too much, but let us just say that the implications are super dirty and definitely sexually charged. However, this is not surprising because this is a JRPG+parody of JRPGs+comedy+fanservice all in one package, even more so than the first game. Oh, and don't even get me started with the user-made stuffs (level editor), because there's plenty of lewd to be found there, lolz Aside from that encounter... I tend to believe that all characters should be given the same amount of effort, even @That One NPC that almost always gets ignored and/or is plot armor/throwaway. However, going further into that would require going completely out of scope, so I'll avoid it. My usual approach to antagonists is never actually truly defining who/what is the main antagonist, until I've fleshed out the story and the setting and all that, and even then, there are times when it's never clear even to me, so why should it be so, to the player/reader?
  28. I have realized that I am a demon. I am the demon Gaz. That isn't my real name, but I like it.

    1. Kayzee


      Demons are pretty neat I think! There are actually a few demon enemies in my game! Even though most of the enemies in my game are based on Fae critters and Celtic folklore, I also currently have a few demons here and there. Mostly imps and succubi. In a lot of ways demons and fairies aren't too different, are probobly at least distantly related, and have at least one common enemy. He would probobly be humanity's enemy too, if so many of them weren't taken in by his lies and propaganda. And his followers keep stealing our holidays!


      Demons can get a bit too obsessed with all of that 'Evil' stuff, but I rather hang with a demon then an angel. Besides they mostly are into 'Evil' just to spit in the face of that prick, and I am all for that! Plus, they have gotten really good at PR in the last few decades or so. Used to be they were more a bit too hostile to humans. I mean, it's mostly the human's fault for giving that prick so much attention, so I get it. But now 'Evil' is the new sexy! They have become super popular with humans, and it's great!


      Hahaha, take that you stuck up prick! Also: Odin is a hundread times the badass you are! Did you hang upside down and lose an eye to learn the secrets of the runes? I don't think so! Go back to your cloud of ignorance Yaldabaoth, you lion headed serpent! *sticks her tongue out at the sky*

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