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    (FREE) Dead Blue recruiting everyone

    Hello. I'm learning Unity right now for my indie game dev team's first commercial game, but I have a lil bit experience in RPG Maker eventing (not so much MV as I was XP user mainly, but I can crack MV open and help). I can also point you in the direction of learning more in game development. ^ u^ But I have questions first. I'll Private Message you!
  4. Hi there ! So, I'm here to obviously recruit people for a game I'm working on alone from almost a year, I've restarted this project from zero a countless amount of times. I'm trying to work on this project seriously but I just don't have enough skills to do everything alone so I'd like to work in a team, not necessarily a big one but having a little help would be appreciated. NOTICE: As I started everything again various times, the game is actually undone. I mean I made something but not a big part. I made some maps, some starting events only to see how the game goes without much details and stuff. I made some tilesets too, only partially but they're okay. The music and sound effect is totally 0% as that's not my thing at all, and so on.. Also, as I'm currently without a computer (it died) I'm working more on a book writing down things and such, when I can I use someone's computer to actually work on rpgmv. WARNING: I'm not sure about how to rate this game but I'm rating it R18 as it'll probably contain lot of swearing, bad terms, nudity and explicit graphic violence. So here's everything there's need to know: Title: Dead Blue; title may change anytime as this one is a little random. Engine: RPG Maker MV. Language: Main lang is english, but as my main lang is italian, I will do other lang available too. Trailer: "You know what Lil, that evening, the evening you said you felt some kind of strange aura around me. It's awkward but that night after the show and the after-party I went home and when I got to bed I had some strange lucid dreams. I was in a forest, the first time, it was okay. Nothing really strange, just a biiiig wood full of trees, though it seemed a little off... Like, the color of the leaves and the grass was dark, really dark. And the sky was too, kinda red. I don't know, it gave me some strange feelings, it seemed like there was someone too... I kept watching around and behind me because I felt like a presence constantly on my back. But there was no one. After that I woke up suddenly like I was scared but it didn't actually happen anything to scare me. I got back to bed after a good tea, I swear I was f**king scared like I just had a nightmare of a giant spider following me! So I had to calm down or I wouldn't have gone back to sleep. As I fall asleep I have the same dream. This time I was feeling scared in the dream too, and I felt a lot more the presence behind me, like, I am just sure enough that there was someone or something there but I couldn't see it. The sky was like.. disappeared? It was just pitch black. Absolutely nothing. The wood was scarier though I don't really know why... It was exactly like before, but my feelings and sensations being there were totally different. I could feel something strange, scary and tense. I was nervous and din't know what to do or where to go... And... Here comes the scariest part. For some minutes I thought I woke up, I don't even know if I actually woke up or not but it seemed a lot more like real life than a dream this, however, I woke up in a room of two kid, a room I never saw, what scares me the most is that it was exactly like reality. I got out of bed ad it felt f**kin' real! The room was a mess, it looked like it wasn't being used from years. There were two doors but they were both locked so I couldn't do anything however. At some point, watching some stuff around I felt again a presence, stronger than before... and it was like I knew it wasn't a good thing, I had this feeling that if that thing I felt was a person or like a ghost, a dead person or something like that, it was a bad one. While I had this thought I found this key hidden on a shelf. As I touch it I suddenly feel two hands on my shoulders and they drag me back on the bed in a blink and then I woke up in my bed and it was morning." Characters: Only the first character is playable as for now. In the future will be add other playable characters. Some of those character don't even have a meaning in the game.. so.. Main Characters: • Lou - he/him - 21 y/o - adopted - leader and main singer of an industrial metal band - suffers of amnesia; • Lilith "Kuro" - she/her - 21 y/o - adopted - Lou's best friend - female voice and bass player of the band - "Kuro" is her stage name - apathetic; • W - ??? Other characters (not really important to the game): • Ashley - Lou's sister (not by blood); • Ethan - Lilith's brother and Lou's other best friend; Other characters (that are actually not needed at all): • Sarah - Ashley (by blood) and Lou (not by blood)'s sister; • Ray - Lou's ex-classmate. Mechanics: Basically the games goes through missions (to give some ideas, exactly like every Devil May Cry or Alice Madness Returns) in which Lou, which had a severe head injury (trauma) that led him first to coma and then to the total amnesia of everything that happenned before waking up from coma, is trying to recover his memories (he doesn't actually know this detail). Each mission recovers one memory (idk how many there will be thought) till the end of the game. The mission basically goes : lou having nightmares → having to find some objects or solving enigmas and so on → finding or obtaining a memory. Through every mission there will be some collectable objects and different things to make missions more fun and interesting. What I need: Exactly I need someone that has fantasy and is good at making enigmas and things to solve to go through the game. The missions I talked about first are to do, and I need someone that can help me with that, I have some ideas but nothing as big as creating the actual mission and I can't actually get to create something decent to make the player actually interested in what they're playing. Obviously I'll accept every kind of help but this one is what I need the most right now. As I am really broke and I barely got to buy rpg maker mv I can't pay anyone so I'm sorry this is totally for free, after all I'm just some kid making a game for fun, nothing professional! Screenshots: Now that you got till here, if u want there's a little paragraph about myself as I am really new on here and just so you know who you are going to work with! About me: My name's Xavier and usually u find me on games or on the internet as xavlu or xavluciel, I'm a 18y/o italian boy who always had some kind of interest in games but being with the family I have I've never been that boy that "always spends hours on console" in fact I started playing on computer as the only console I had was a Wii with basic games and a Nintendo DSi with only one shitty game. My parents just didn't want to spend money on games and I was pretty alone too, so I didn't even know what games were popular and stuff, my first actual games where I actually spent hours and days were online mmorpg such as Elsword, Wizard 101, Grand Fantasia and so on. I'm actually an "artist", I draw since I was born. I always did it, I have my own cartoonish style and I'm not really that good for being 18 years of drawing almost everyday. I did two years in art highschool but for some reasons they got wrong and I was in a bad period for my mental health, they basically kicked me out of school as I repeated two times the same grade and that's the maximum for that school. Now I'm going to a graphic night school and since being there I realized how much videogames fascinate me, I already knew rpg maker but I never actually dreamt of developing an actual game. As I am a really technological person and I love everything related to computers, both hardware and software, programming and so on, the idea of developing videogames (and I'm not only talking about tiny pixel games made with rpg maker but also actual 3D games) really interests me and what I dream of right now is to finish this school and get to a nice game dev school. As for now, I just want to finish this game because I spent a lot of my time on this even if it's still at the start but I'd like to see where my abilities can arrive. If I can finish this I'd like to start practicing with unity or similar but as I'm only self-taught and not really a genius in everything this still seems a lot hard to me. Hope someone can help me~!
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  6. Rikifive

    Jasemir arrives! Hello!

    Hello and welcome! Have fun and good luck with your projects!
  7. Hello everyone! My name is Daniel, aka Jasemir. :) I've decided to join your forums for two reasons. First is to look and check out other people projects in order to compare and learn. And the other reason is to share my own project in develompent to get some feedback. My interest in video games reaches long before I can remember. My true love for RPG games began with Final Fantasy VII, and after that it was followed by amazing titles like Chrono Trigger, Breath of Fire and Grandia. Right now, in between my boring work and great family, I lead a World of Warcraft community as one of the biggest guild on the server and I'm doing same games at my spare time. :) I'm happy to join you and... see you on the forums!
  8. Unigo115

    I Can't Think

    You are in a facility with the goal of completing the tasks they give you. You will be rewarded based on the performance you are shown completing them. Failing in this experiement will send some consideration for your "retirement." Good luck. Warning: May be uncomfortable depending on the type of person. Hint: You can interact with an object and then with a specific object later for more information. Credit to Yanfly and Galv for the plugins. Itch link: https://chinchou2004.itch.io/i-cant-think Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1xXzxcGSarC6bKJlKzqcsaOo7zTz9qg0A
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  10. So nervous about starting my first Twitch Streams. T ^T I'm headstrong on playing a certain game for my first stream (it's important to me), but due to life event it makes it hard to follow through with it as that game and said life event are closely related.........I think I'll annoy people if I get emotional on-stream. XD

    1. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      Best thing to do is separate the two things. Maybe add a small note at the end of the stream about how this game was important you, even why. From what I understand people watch other people play games to have fun, scout games they might play, or see others play ones they like. The main thing is to have fun. When streaming you want to engage the audience in your play through humor and having a good time. Getting heavy and or emotional mid-stream on your first stream might give people the wrong idea about your channel and style as a streamer.


      I feel like if at the very end you say something like, "This game is really important to be because __________. So thanks for tuning in to play with me, it means a lot." That will connect the audience with you that tiny bit make them feel like it was a special stream.

    2. PixeLockeT


      I really doubt that people would wanna hear about a recent suicide during the stream...........I may be wrong, but. Wouldn't it spoil a mood? XD Plus I can't hurt a certain boss on there due to emotions reasons too. I can be pretty sensitive when it comes to things like it, but wanted to try. Is complicated I guess. ^^ Thanks for the suggestions.
      @That One NPC

  11. Summary LiArt is a Phoenix Wright inspired mystery adventure game (more akin to its spin off, Miles Edgeworth Investigations). Here you take control as Acura, a private eye who has to solve a case of murder within the mansion and catch the culprit! With her is Jean, the living lie detector who is able to draw out the lies! A beautiful detective with her trusty sidekick. A murder of a person they love by someone they trusted. Can the walking lie detector artist and the charming, witty private eye solve the case? Features - As a phoenix wright inspired game, expect to have to use your wits to catch peoples lies through PRESSing their testimonies and PRESENTing the relevant evidence to punch holes into their testimonies! - Resolve lies through art! - Different lies have different mechanics behind to solve them, some require tactical stealth action, others good ol' RPG, and more! - Game length: Its a short story with an hour or two of game play time only. - I got lost on what to do next/I can't figure out the answer... Worry not! Your inventory is updated with the notes system, giving you a general gist of what your next move should be! And in the cross examination phase you can use the "Eyepatch" to find out the answer! (limited uses) Screenshots Download Credits
  12. PixeLockeT

    New Streamer Looking For Games!

    Adding it to my queue! I'm fine with even serious romance in stories as long as the whole plot doesn't revolve around just it (unless it has some really great mechanics - some dating sims can be fun and have story outside of just the romance for example which is cool!). I guess I could use a comedic game for a lighter mood. ^ u^
  13. SpongeBound104

    New Streamer Looking For Games!

    I have a game you could stream. It’s basically my childhood game idea that I got after playing Earthbound when I was 9 or 10. The game is very silly and comedic (in my opinion). It’s hard but you’ll just need some strategies. Also, the game is basic and uses a lot of RTP things as placeholders. (For example, I used RTP sprites for fish because the original sprites got taken down.) I made the game over Summer Break and finished in early December last year, so it’s nothing special. Here’s the game: Note: There’s some romance involved in the game, but it’s just a side joke between two characters. Nothing romantically serious or Slice of life-ish is going on.
  14. word has it there's an indie dev's cousin still playing my public alpha from this month, so rewarding.

  15. Unigo115

    In Pursuit of a Dream

    Go into your dream world and look for certain dreams that'll help you with your quest. However, there'll be nightmares included as well, so you better watch out for them. This game is mainly a puzzle rpg where you'll have to do puzzles in order to get dreams. Sort of based on Yume Nikki. Credit to Yanfly and Hime for the plugins! Special Credit to Frostnoble for making the catching sequence! Their twitter is here https://twitter.com/acrimonynoble?lang=en https://chinchou2004.itch.io/in-pursuit-of-a-dream
  16. Version 19.07.12 is now available! Changes: - At the ice area of the Jade Cave is now an encounter with a new character, Libelle. (The ice area is down the path at the bottom right, near where you find the chest with sexy panties for the Begus commander Millaine.) - The elves Eloen and Phraan are now available at the girl selection screen of headmaid Ryia after you had the elf foursome scene. - The events with Varea and the rulership of Amagal continue! You can now talk with her at the castle to decide whether you want to give the new or former King of Amagal more time or help Varea onto the throne. The new events end after her duel. - New items and crafting. You can now craft three different oak staffs. The recipe can be purchased at Witton, the gems for it at the jewelry store in Thremten, the oak staff rod in Orchel and the carsus roots in stores in Begus. If you didn't have the update 19.06.19, since it was only posted as update files, you can also now get in this version: - New event with Naevy at the beach of Amaranthe - The full body CG of Chiyo has been changed (you can check the new image at the CG room if you already had her event) - New events with Tami at Pumumu. Talk with her for a cooking event in which you can cook either with Mira, Mirel, Tsubaki, Chiyo, Kayelinth, Elly or Ryoko. Options from party members you don't have turn invisible. After the event talk with Tami again for more dialogs. Download: https://mega.nz/#F!CpQXwBDS!wwZlWRrPWoGzZX5h0-MlRQ (Upload at Hi-Drive will be up tomorrow)
  17. PixeLockeT

    New Streamer Looking For Games!

    Hai hai everybody! I'm a brand new Twitch streamer and I'd like to promote/play some indie games on my channel during some of my stream times. I will play anything. Any genre, however.......I do favor some genres over others. I like RPGs (any type even oldskool!), Simulation, and Horror games most. I tend to like action/adventure, epic, scary, and science fiction elements. I am not fond of slice of life or romance generally, unless it comes with other story elements, or is done extremely well mechanically (like Harvest Moon, which has just enough plot and excellent mechanics to be a good sim despite being totally slice of life-ish - basically sandbox games are great! I just don't like the petty drama/romance stuff like in those types of animu - pretty sure you know what I mean. lol) since the genre alone is boring/annoying for me. XD But I will play them regardless! I'm going to do these in the order that I receive them. No exceptions. I don't want to play favorites. ^ u^ Longer and shorter games both accepted. I just may break up the longer games into multiple streams. I don't have a regular streaming schedule due to my disabilities. But I'll try to do one day a week (the day may vary) dedicated to these indie games. And at LEAST bi-weekly guaranteed. :3 Ask any questions here. And start flooding me with your best works!
  18. PixeLockeT

    mv [Show Picture] below the Actor?

    Search any parallax plugin and it should do the trick. That way you can bind your picture to the map, use fringe layers if you want, etc.
  19. roninator2

    mv [Show Picture] below the Actor?

    This is parallax mapping. The engine can let you do what you want by default. If you want to have more images then you need to use a parallax mapping plugin
  20. wait there a discord servers for rpgmaker central?!

  21. PixeLockeT

    Hello there everybody!

    Welcome! ^ u^ i was interested young in game dev just like you! (wanted to make them since 2 years old) My first game was scary long for a starter (over 70 hours RPG in a RPG Maker - XP), but it was a fan game so I had a lot of course materials to pull ideas from (Dragonball Z HYYYPE!) and I did finish it. It can be tough at times to stay motivated, but - as someone who has been there starting out - the best method to stay motivated is to actually take breaks in between to do other hobbies. Not only does it give you a rest from a maybe frustrating part (for me, it was dialogue writing XD I'm better at everything else but that, which is kinda of unfortunate since I love RPGs) BUT you can come back with fresh eyes and mind and maybe see problems you weren't able to before. So level up your art and music and all of that in between. Breaks are handy. A game design document is handy too or at least that's how I like to organize my thoughts and goals, but any type of planner will work. If you break things into smaller tasks it feels like you are accomplishing MORE somehow, which leads to less "I'mma quit!" moments. Here's to you finding motivation! <3 Keep the chin up and remember you have the power. Go embrace your creative dream and I hope I can play your game someday.
  22. Rikifive

    mv [Show Picture] below the Actor?

    Hello @NickNick, Since you mentioned the need for a plugin, I have moved your thread to Programming. Forum Feedback and Support is, as its name suggests, for providing feedback and seeking help with things related to the forums themselves.
  23. Rikifive

    Hello there everybody!

    Hello and welcome! I think many of us can relate to that. I hope everything goes well this time; Good luck!
  24. Eric Matyas

    Free Music / SFX Resource - Over 1800 Tracks

    Hey guys, Here are this week’s new free tracks: On my Action 3 page: TRASH CAN WARRIORS – (Looping) https://soundimage.org/action-3/ On my Puzzle Music 4 page: MUSIC BOX PUZZLES – (Looping) https://soundimage.org/puzzle-music-4/ And on my World page: LUAU – (Looping) https://soundimage.org/world/ Enjoy!
  25. That One NPC

    mv [Show Picture] below the Actor?

    Hey NickNick. I think this is in the wrong section, but staff will more than likely move it to the proper section. I think I understand what you mean. You want to be able to show a given image file below the sprite as it navigates maps. I'm wondering if you mean one small image like a magic glyph for example, or footsteps in sand or snow. Or if you want to make that image file the entire map itself. I don't know anything about MV so I'm afraid I won't be much help.
  26. NickNick

    mv [Show Picture] below the Actor?

    Hello all I am using RPG maker MV.. Any [script - plug in] for how to display a picture below the actor? (I want to use the picture as the Map that the actor steps on it)
  27. Hey there! As the username says, I'm Accurina. I've always wanted to make games as a dream since I was young, it was fun seeing people enjoy stuff I create such as warcraft 3 custom maps, youtube videos, etc. Even wanted to learn game development and coding too but due to real life reasons it didn't really work out. Luckily for me, I found out that RPG maker exists! I found that it was a pretty neat way to make classic RPGs and started messing around with it. (started out with RPG maker VX which I still use to this day) My first two games were... unfortunate to say the least, one had simply too many ideas and the execution+length was simply way too long and lacking for me to see it through, not to mention the lack of motivation for it - so it was scrapped. The other game I created was simply generic and bland, which was mainly made as a testing grounds to see what I could do with the program really. Afterwards, I got into phoenix wright and decided that I wanted to make a story focused game, since I've always had stories in my head I wanted to tell, and that, became the basis of my third game, a story focused mystery RPG... That I lost interest in. Before gaining interest in it again, and lost... repeating the process over a few years until today, where I hope I can finally find the inspiration to finally finish a game! Hopefully I'd be able to get it done sometime soon before losing interest in it again wew. Well, thanks for reading my introduction and I hope to get along with the people over here!
  28. vexdestroyer123

    rpg maker xp Health Bar

    I want to create a green health bar Without an icon on the left like some health bars or take up the entire screen in RPG maker XP, but I dont know how, I would love any help on how to do this, thank you if you help me in any way, because i dont want like a combat interface in RPG maker XP i want it where if an enemy touches you, you lose health
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