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    Hobby growing

    Hello guys. I am 24 years old, I come from Poland and I've started my adventure with RPG Maker XP. I made a lot of projects, but none actually finished. I've always enjoyed fun with eventing, so that's what actually my game making was. I come back, this time to RPG Maker VX Ace, to finish a game for my girlfriend. I'm doing my best to understand the program and use it's to its full features and create an enjoyable experience. The game is a wicked story and uses her character as a protagonist. It's mostly fun, but becomes a hobby lately - I just love to adding new maps, weapons, enemies, quests, and look for a way to grant more RPG like features. So far I've created all by myself: dynamic time system, dynamic weather, loot system for Sapphire ABS, perks and character attributes such as strength, luck, intelligence and level up system. I hope to find some help with more advanced features I may need in future. I would also like to get some opinions about the development and inform you about progress. Thanks for your attention, have fun and stay safe
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    Dabbled in making 3D models after being addicted to Skyrim again, and I wanted to make some mods. So I learned Blender (somewhat) and then thought "man, my life dream has always been to make my own AAA quality 3D action adventure RPG game. I should totally learn Unreal Engine." I thought, hey, it has blueprints, so that's already sort of like RPG Maker, but for 3D, right? Well after two weeks of hell, with every solution I find for a problem coming up with 3 more issues, I have decided not to go down the 3D game development route.
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    Advanced Confusion State?

    For actions having no targets, the confusion edit script has fixed the bug for not executing such actions in the latest version(v1.02f). As for the crash coming from the ignore self case, I failed to reproduce the issue(the action's just not executed at all which is intended due to the action actually having no targets while it should've at least 1), so I guess that it's a compatibility issue :)
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    Chaos Krux

    Advanced Confusion State?

    Hey, look at that, you were right~ Again~ I just tried changing the scope all the abilities that were breaking so that they are now not set to "none". I originally set them to none because they were running common events and have no effect on the actors or enemies themselves. Turns out, that was the problem. The abilities all seem to work just fine again now, so thanks a bunch~ I imagine it probably broke since DoubleX's script affects battle targets for abilities, so abilities that are set to none might interfere with that somehow? Either way, your assistance is appreciated, everybody. As a side note, this doesn't affect me since I don't use it, but since DoubleX is here I might as well bring it up. The "Ignore Self" command seems to crash the game if the victim of the status effect is the only target available. I had it happen once where a party member tried to use a damaging ability on its allies while all its allies were dead, which caused the game to softlock. As I said, it doesn't really bother me, and it's entirely possible it's just something to do with the other scripts I have, and/or even just me being dumb again in some way. Still, I thought I'd mention it.
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    Advanced Confusion State?

    I wonder if those common events would run if the battle was over? This is something I noticed from the menu. Some items that I have common events running on, will only take effect when exiting the menu and going to the map. To work around this I put in Hime's Scene Interpreter script. Added the comment on the common event and presto, all good again.
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    Chaos Krux

    Advanced Confusion State?

    I'm actually not using a script for my summoning system, it's all done through common events and troop scene events. I'm far better at using common events than coding, you see. I am unfortunately unable to provide a copy of my game since the laptop I'm currently using is unable to condense it. My apologies for the inconvenience, but the best I would be able to do is provide a list of all the scripts I have in my project. I realise this may not be particularly efficient, but I really have no better alternative at this time. I imagine a majority of these scripts will have absolutely no impact on yours whatsoever, but I just wanted to be safe and list them all. I apologise again for it being so much at once. I should also say I didn't mean to cause any offence. I'm sure this issue has less to do with your script and more to do with something else.
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    Booster Pack & Card Icons

    Awesome icons! Definitely glad to have stumbled across them.
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    Advanced Confusion State?

    I failed to reproduce this issue using just the confusion edit script and a skill with common events, so I guess that it's a compatibility issue. As I don't know what's the summoning system script you're using, I'd be glad if you mention which or even just send me your project so I can check the issue myself :)
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    right ok I don't care I'm making that pride drawing I'll jUST SOMEHOW INCLUDE THE CHARACTERS' NAMES
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    Introduction The base for a gardening/ farming system. Features - Plant seeds anywhere or specify where they can be planted with terrain tags. - Fertilize seeds - Water seeds - Cyclic plant behavior - Harvesting - Use skills to plant seeds - Plants can have up to 1 million growth stages - Erosion Screenshots How to Use Everything is explained in the documentation and the demo. This explains how to set up a very simple plant (for the full features you'll need to read the documentation or look at the demo) Script + Demo Get it from this site so I don't have to run around updating links everywhere when I'm fixing bugs. Credit and Thanks - Tsukihime - Celianna Author's Notes
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    I've listened to 'lifelight' so many times while writing my game that I don't even associate it with smash bros anymore. it's my game's theme now lol
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    Might take a break from social media for a while. Stress has taken a serious toll on my body, physically and mentally. I'm actually trying my damnedest not to puke on my keyboard as I'm typing this.
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    Advanced Confusion State?

    Yeah; the 'none' scope is actually not one hundred percent bug-free with just the default scripts only. Explaining why is not something I can do without making things complicated and far out of topic scope, but yeah, let us just say that it's best to use 'none' for passive ability skill links, since those skills are not actively used, at all.
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    Happy quarantine everyone

    I will try and remember to give it a look at least, but I don't play nearly as many games as I used to. It';s not that I am busy really, it's more that I am a pretty lazy fairy sometimes.
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    Make-A-"Wish" Foundation

    Wish granted! You now have a much better perspective on 2D graphics. You can't actually draw any better or have any new skills or anything, but your attitude sure as changed and that has to count for something right? I wish that annoying voice in my head that always begs and whines to leave it alone (even when I actually am) would, ya know, not do that. Yeah this gonna backfire horribly but at this point a change would be refreshing. >_>
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    Advanced Confusion State?

    What's really interesting to me is this line: Do the skills in question have any other effects besides calling common events? Do they work if given one? Calling a common event is done differently to how other effects work, so I wonder if something is causing skills without any normal effects/damage to be ignored? More technically, MP/TP costs are paid and common events are set up in the same place, the battler's 'use_item' method. If for some reason this isn't called for some skills, the result will be no MP/TP gets taken away and common events are not run. Edit: Also might have to do with the skill's scope if it's set to 'None'.
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    Advanced Confusion State?

    It seems to me that the key lies on those common events and troop scene events you've made to implement your summoning system. I guess that some screenshots showing those events can help here :)
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    Advanced Confusion State?

    I don't see confusion edit in the list. Which one is it? If you didn't list it, then add it in. It helps to know where in the list it is located. I assume of course that this is your script order and not just a random list of you scripts.
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    Out of curiosity, is there anyone around the forums that currently accepts (fairly complex) MV Plugin commissions?
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    Mistia - The Kingdom of Krasten

    Mistia is a 2D pixel art fantasy video game set in a unique world full of details and mysteries to be discovered, with a great narrative story. The game will be divided into four chapters, through which Cole, the young protagonist of our story, will have the chance to meet new companions and explore every area in the vast kingdom of Krasten. If you wish to stay updated on the news about the game and access special contents, don't forget to follow the official Mistia pages: | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | REDDIT | TWITTER | YOUTUBE |
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    Ghost Monsters

    I did do something like that in VX Ace with scripts actually. I remember at one point I was trying to get a ghost enemy to work by turning 'through' on and off but I kept running into problems. I mean the idea of keeping through off in walkable areas and turning it on before it moves into a wall sound simple enough, but the catch is through also needs to be on when exiting a wall, and if it's on it will ignore all character (events, player, and so on) collisions too, so it will step into characters when exiting walls. I eventually made a 'pass type' script that fiddled with how characters decide what map tiles are 'passable' so that characters could either swim (move through water), fly (move over water/pits), or act like a ghost (phase through every kind of map tile). Since this ghost movement was only for map tiles, character collisions still worked and a ghost couldn't just step on a square that had another character on it. On an unrelated note, my little 'pass type' script had a lot of kinda silly advanced features. I also allow any feature object (aka states, equipment, classes, or anything else the game checks for features related to a battler) to set pass types too, so you could have a status effect that made the player float, or since all the enemies in my game are events with a battler attached to it it works on enemies too. Also made some little neat visual effects. When swimming it acts like a tile with the bush flag so the character looks half-submerged, flying characters float up and down a bit and have a shadow that changes size/opacity in sync with the float, and ghost characters are always have half their normal opacity if they are inside a wall.
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    Lord Vectra

    *stares intensely*

    *stares intensely*
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    Rave Lights

    How about a "flash" event? Having a parallel process maybe with something like; Flash (black) wait (30) Flash (red) wait (30) Flash(yellow) wait (30) having that on a loop maybe?
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    Skill Trees

    There are some screenies here if you wanna see...
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    Skill Trees

    You could integrate this with yanfly's learn skill engine of you needed a gui... not sure how possible that is. Oh! Also I was kind of curious about doing a thing like FP Inventory Plus with skills, just because I like customizing skills a bit, so allowing duplicates would be interesting. :3