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    hiiiiiiii, why u delete ur last post? Sorry I didn't respond, my PC got corrupted.
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    Phew, I actually worked on my game today! The player can use actually use skills and items from the menu now!
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    MOAR PROGRESS! BOOM BOOM BOOOOM! Moar in this gifv: https://i.imgur.com/pmn8cKS.gifv
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    Hmmm.... I was fiddling with music again and I made a little tune I might use for my game's intro someday, but I don't think parts of it are that fit for looping. I am sort of wondering how practical it really is to split a bit of music into sections and use scripts to play the next one when one finishes in VX Ace. Not sure how seemless it would be.
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    As interesting as this is, I have a lot going on, and have many projects to boot. But being a sounding board I can do, as I am able. By the way, Dropbox? Pfffffffttttt.... lolz (Yeah, don't get me started on that dumpster fire...)
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    Hi everyone!

    Just wanted to say and get to know everyone. Currently working on an RPG/visual novel hybrid in VX Ace, about two years into development. Mostly an artist/writer with no coding skills whatsoever, lol. I'm hoping to share some of the graphic resources I'm making with everyone here on the forum. Nice to meet everyone, have a great day.
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    YAY PROGRESS! pew pew pew! Shiny, bouncy stars! All you need! ALL DETAILS HERE
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    MOAR PROGRESS! - She can move to another map now! WOAH! - She can sink! YAY! - Finally finished programming that HUD- for the most part at least
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    From the album Official Bust Ups

    Here are some official bust ups, Eivana And sylph, Eivana is a potential party member. She could also be friend or foe like most characters. Sylph is an NPC, that I'm also considering using as my twitch mascot. These are some Yandere bits of her, there's a reason for why she's that way, and she might not be like that in your route.
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    From the album Official Bust Ups

    Here are some official bust ups, Eivana And sylph, Eivana is a potential party member. She could also be friend or foe like most characters. Sylph is an NPC, that I'm also considering using as my twitch mascot. These are some Yandere bits of her, there's a reason for why she's that way, and she might not be like that in your route.
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    It doesn't ask by default... but you can add it if you wish. #============================================================================== # ** Name Input Description #------------------------------------------------------------------------------ # This snippet adds one line of text above typing space. # Written by { Rikifive } #============================================================================== class Window_NameEdit < Window_Base #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Draw Description #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def draw_desc desc = "YOUR TEXT HERE" change_color(tp_cost_color) draw_text(face_width,0,contents_width-face_width,line_height,desc,1) end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Refresh #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- alias :prev_refresh :refresh def refresh prev_refresh draw_desc end end This snippet just adds that one line of text at the top like this: It's not even worth to make a configuration, so just edit the snippet somewhere in the middle to suit it to your needs. You can also put a variable there etc., to be able to change it on the fly. Eventually I made a custom scene, where you can input a string into a variable, rather than having to use actor's name. It allows you to setup description, string put by default and length (up to 30 characters), all different for each NPC if needed- through eventing; before calling the input menu. You can use the variable to whatever you want afterwards, to allow saying something custom in the message box, to put that through conditional branch and of course change the name of the character- and not only...
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    Oh! I actually did something like that once! Lookie: Don't think that's what you meant by 'message sound' though. Anyway the core part for you is that I override the event command to set up textboxes to figure out what sound to use I guess?
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    Magical Stone (Full game Android)

    Hello there! Please update your thread with the following criteria to get this approved. Thank you! Credit section is missing.
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    Purple Phantom

    I finally have MV!

    I finally have MV!
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    https://elohanchronicles890425267.wordpress.com/2018/06/12/elohan-devlog-6-12-18/ More progress. Catching you up on the goals
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    Lord Vectra

    Damage formula help

    I was thinking about a formula that added damage based on the attackers MHP. Would (a.mhp / 3 - b.def) work? What I specifically think it does is take the attackers MHP, divide by 3, then subtract the defenders DEF. You are thinking correctly. It will divide the attacker's Max HP by 3 and then deduct the enemy's defense from that to give you the final result which will be dealt as damage. A separate question, how can I direct a skill that has the option of (One Ally) to a specific Ally? Like, the player has a party total of 3, a warrior, rogue and mage, but the warrior wants to target the mage ally for a skill, not randomly choosing (One Ally). Is that possible? It's not random. Only random if you choose "One Random" as a scope. If you picked "One Ally", then when you pick the action to activate, you will choose which ally to give it to. What I'd ideally like is a mentor to help me learn all I can about VX Ace. I absorb knowledge quickly. I'm your guy. I also played the entire Dragon Age series which I'm sure will help in figuring out whatever you're trying to learn. PM me for contact details. My main program is also VXA so I guess you're in luck.
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    Speaking as an older fella (not in terms of being in the development business, but being 44 years old and only just getting into it), I feel like RPG maker is the best I'm going to be able to do. While all my contemporaries were busy in school learning BASIC and all the other programming languages, I was out playing football. Now, I'm older, I've been writing since the early 2000s and gaming since Space Invaders, and now I've decided I wish to make an rpg or 10. 'You can't teach an old dog new tricks'. Yes, it's a cliche and stereotype, but there's alot of truth there, too. I don't have the time, money, energy or brain power anymore to get into the technical side of game development. I can't draw for crap, (on or off the computer and I'm poor as dirt so I can't hire someone to make stuff). I write a good story, if I do say so myself, so RM is the only way I'm going to get my story into people's hands. So, if you want to dismiss my game because it's made in RM, to each their own, but I hope someone will take away something from my 'simplistic' gameplay in RM. I don't know from other games, but I think it's unwise to dismiss a whole engine because of what a majority of people do with it. That would be like dismissing politics because of all the... wait, I stand corrected, lol.
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    Newbie reporting in

    Hey, I'm new to this forum (hence my first post here). I've had RPGMVXA for almost a year now and made a fangame to be released in less than a month. I'm here to make friends, learn more about programming for VXAce and hopefully get some people together for my next project, another fangame. I'm 44, have loved video games since Space Invaders, and RPGs specifically since Knights of the Old Republic, before Star Wars was bought & ruined by Disney.
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    Haha, found a bug. It is related to collision box, because it is different when you're crouching-- so I can imagine how Twi ends up in a wall when standing up while holding the key for opposite direction. I think it can be fixed by just changing the order of code- first changing collision box, then movement, not the other way around (didn't think of it before). Gotta do that later. Either way, it's a pretty interesting result. I'm wondering if the game would freeze in an endless loop if there wouldn't be any wall on the other side.
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    Lord Vectra

    Hiiii, I remember you! *Hugs*

    Hiiii, I remember you! *Hugs*
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    the Grind

    It's not like I don't understand the desire to give the player some optional way of training themselves, but can't you make better ways to train then just doing the same thing over and over to fill up time? Like optional areas or objectives maybe? It's fine to have some dungeons and other areas that mostly exist to level the player up. What I don't like is when a game just kinda stops and blocks you from doing anything until you run around in a circle doing the same thing over and over for an hour.
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    infinitely repeating gifs are kind of nauseating to have to look at over and over until infinite
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    Official Bust Ups

    Evana My Necromancer!
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    Lord Vectra

    Level Grinding | LV 5

    Doing a 24hr - 48hr stream tonight. 551
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    Official Bust Ups

    I can't fix it at a different position easily, do you suggest something else?
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    From the album Official Bust Ups

    Here are some official bust ups, Eivana And sylph, Eivana is a potential party member. She could also be friend or foe like most characters. Sylph is an NPC, that I'm also considering using as my twitch mascot. These are some Yandere bits of her, there's a reason for why she's that way, and she might not be like that in your route.
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    Lord Vectra

    Level Grinding | LV 5

    Nope. I watched FF7 but thats all. 100 * 5 + 10 * 4 + 3 * 2 (Pemdas, you multiply and then you add)
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    I just recently created a a flexible, easy to implement Line of Sight script for Ace! I think I'll be posting it for public use once my game has been published for a while. So, if you're interested, keep your eyes peeled! I'm pretty proud of it, I think I'm really starting to get a hang if this whole scripting thing. Too bad this may be my last RPG Maker project!
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    Balance Part 2, Randomness

    The question for me is if you can still have randomness be meaningful like that though. I know that playing with odds is a classic gameplay mechanic, but I can't help but think that many RPGs might be better if they were less like poker and more like chess. A fully deterministic RPG would be interesting I think. I rather see RPGs punish bad decisions, not bad luck. It makes more sense to me to use saved games for trying different strategies rather then doing the same thing and hopping it works this time.
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    Hehe, I saw it, I just didn't feel like adding much. Neat thing with making new pages of characters though! I think I saw that before, but never though much on it. But now I am tempted to use it.
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    I'm so tired and angry today, I don't know why ;__;
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    String Input Scene

    Well, nobody said you can't have fun with that...
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    String Input Scene

    Oh, the default variable for the text string, lolz lolz It was just an observation I had anyway. Some old games on the NES and SNES, among others, had text input screens (one example would be Jeopardy!), and it basically functioned just like this. I'm not trying to emulate any of that necessarily, but if someone desired it, this could definitely do that. It could also be useful for creating your own responses to NPCs, rather than a set of choices. But yes, ultimately, Passwords, Cheats and such are likely the best way to use this. Yeah; try using ASCII characters with fonts like Symbol, and end up with a bunch of boxes, lolz
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    String Input Scene

    Well, that makes it easy to add new pages...lolz But then comes the issue of using ASCII characters; some fonts break them. Also, I noticed that \c[3] and such, prints '\c[3]' rather than change the color. lol Anyway, yeah, it is pretty neat.
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    String Input Scene

    Yeah that default input keyboard lacks of some characters, but well, it wasn't designed for that. It is possible to modify the available characters on that keyboard. To not invade that default one, you can make a copy and edit it. Paste this below my script: class Window_StringInput < Window_NameInput #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Character Tables (Latin) #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- LATIN1 = [ 'A','B','C','D','E', 'a','b','c','d','e', 'F','G','H','I','J', 'f','g','h','i','j', 'K','L','M','N','O', 'k','l','m','n','o', 'P','Q','R','S','T', 'p','q','r','s','t', 'U','V','W','X','Y', 'u','v','w','x','y', 'Z','[',']','^','_', 'z','{','}','|','~', '0','1','2','3','4', '!','#','$','%','&', '5','6','7','8','9', '(',')','*','+','-', '/','=','@','<','>', ':',';',' ','Page','OK'] LATIN2 = [ 'Á','É','Í','Ó','Ú', 'á','é','í','ó','ú', 'À','È','Ì','Ò','Ù', 'à','è','ì','ò','ù', 'Â','Ê','Î','Ô','Û', 'â','ê','î','ô','û', 'Ä','Ë','Ï','Ö','Ü', 'ä','ë','ï','ö','ü', 'Ā','Ē','Ī','Ō','Ū', 'ā','ē','ī','ō','ū', 'Ã','Å','Æ','Ç','Ð', 'ã','å','æ','ç','ð', 'Ñ','Õ','Ø','Š','Ŵ', 'ñ','õ','ø','š','ŵ', 'Ý','Ŷ','Ÿ','Ž','Þ', 'ý','ÿ','ŷ','ž','þ', 'IJ','Œ','ij','œ','ß', '«','»',' ','Page','OK'] LATIN3 = [ ',','.','/','?','\'', '"','\\',' ',' ',' ', ' ',' ',' ',' ',' ', ' ',' ',' ',' ',' ', ' ',' ',' ',' ',' ', ' ',' ',' ',' ',' ', ' ',' ',' ',' ',' ', ' ',' ',' ',' ',' ', ' ',' ',' ',' ',' ', ' ',' ',' ',' ',' ', ' ',' ',' ',' ',' ', ' ',' ',' ',' ',' ', ' ',' ',' ',' ',' ', ' ',' ',' ',' ',' ', ' ',' ',' ',' ',' ', ' ',' ',' ',' ',' ', ' ',' ',' ',' ',' ', ' ',' ',' ','Page','OK'] #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Character Tables (Japanese) #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- JAPAN1 = [ 'あ','い','う','え','お', 'が','ぎ','ぐ','げ','ご', 'か','き','く','け','こ', 'ざ','じ','ず','ぜ','ぞ', 'さ','し','す','せ','そ', 'だ','ぢ','づ','で','ど', 'た','ち','つ','て','と', 'ば','び','ぶ','べ','ぼ', 'な','に','ぬ','ね','の', 'ぱ','ぴ','ぷ','ぺ','ぽ', 'は','ひ','ふ','へ','ほ', 'ぁ','ぃ','ぅ','ぇ','ぉ', 'ま','み','む','め','も', 'っ','ゃ','ゅ','ょ','ゎ', 'や','ゆ','よ','わ','ん', 'ー','~','・','=','☆', 'ら','り','る','れ','ろ', 'ゔ','を',' ','カナ','決定'] JAPAN2 = [ 'ア','イ','ウ','エ','オ', 'ガ','ギ','グ','ゲ','ゴ', 'カ','キ','ク','ケ','コ', 'ザ','ジ','ズ','ゼ','ゾ', 'サ','シ','ス','セ','ソ', 'ダ','ヂ','ヅ','デ','ド', 'タ','チ','ツ','テ','ト', 'バ','ビ','ブ','ベ','ボ', 'ナ','ニ','ヌ','ネ','ノ', 'パ','ピ','プ','ペ','ポ', 'ハ','ヒ','フ','ヘ','ホ', 'ァ','ィ','ゥ','ェ','ォ', 'マ','ミ','ム','メ','モ', 'ッ','ャ','ュ','ョ','ヮ', 'ヤ','ユ','ヨ','ワ','ン', 'ー','~','・','=','☆', 'ラ','リ','ル','レ','ロ', 'ヴ','ヲ',' ','英数','決定'] JAPAN3 = [ 'A','B','C','D','E', 'a','b','c','d','e', 'F','G','H','I','J', 'f','g','h','i','j', 'K','L','M','N','O', 'k','l','m','n','o', 'P','Q','R','S','T', 'p','q','r','s','t', 'U','V','W','X','Y', 'u','v','w','x','y', 'Z','[',']','^','_', 'z','{','}','|','~', '0','1','2','3','4', '!','#','$','%','&', '5','6','7','8','9', '(',')','*','+','-', '/','=','@','<','>', ':',';',' ','かな','決定'] #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Get Text Table #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def table return [JAPAN1, JAPAN2, JAPAN3] if $game_system.japanese? return [LATIN1, LATIN2, LATIN3] end end and in my script right after configuration, change the window to the edited copy: def start super $game_variables[RK5_VAREDIT::STRING] = $game_variables[RK5_VAREDIT::DEFAULT] @edit_window = Window_StringEdit.new #~ @input_window = Window_NameInput.new(@edit_window) @input_window = Window_StringInput.new(@edit_window) @input_window.set_handler(:ok, method(:on_input_ok)) end Now there'll be third page with more characters.
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    String Input Scene

    Neat, very neat.
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    @Rikifive It is cool that you're being a guide, but yeah... I've much more to learn on the basic level. I'll get there eventually. I can enable/disable the scriptlet you provided earlier. I know how to set it to look for a switch. @Kayzee I see that script affects items. Cool it exists, not exactly what I need though.
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    Lord Vectra

    Level Grinding | LV 5

    "Remember who brought this pain upon you" - Sephiroth 533
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    Hehe, I did the thing with expanding the text and deleting the face once... I made a thing for renaming items a while ago, and I made a new subclass of the name window to do it: class Window_ItemNameEdit < Window_NameEdit #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Public Instance Variables #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- attr_reader :name # name attr_reader :index # cursor position attr_reader :max_char # maximum number of characters #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Object Initialization #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def initialize(item, max_char) x = (Graphics.width - 360) / 2 y = (Graphics.height - (fitting_height(4) + fitting_height(9) + 8)) / 2 Window_Base.instance_method(:initialize).bind(self).call(x, y, 360, fitting_height(4)) @item = item @max_char = max_char @default_name = @name = item.name[0, @max_char] @index = @name.size deactivate refresh end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Refresh #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def refresh contents.clear draw_icon_with_hue(@item.icon_index, @item.icon_hue, left - 26, 36) @max_char.times {|i| draw_underline(i) } @name.size.times {|i| draw_char(i) } cursor_rect.set(item_rect(@index)) end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Get Coordinates of Left Side for Drawing Name #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def left name_width = (@max_char + 1) * char_width return contents_width - name_width end #~ #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- #~ # * Get Rectangle for Displaying Item #~ #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- #~ def item_rect(index) #~ Rect.new(left + index * char_width, 36, char_width, line_height) #~ end end class Scene_ItemName < Scene_MenuBase #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Prepare #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def prepare(item, max_char) @item = item @max_char = max_char end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Start Processing #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def start super @edit_window = Window_ItemNameEdit.new(@item, @max_char) @input_window = Window_NameInput.new(@edit_window) @input_window.set_handler(:ok, method(:on_input_ok)) end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Input [OK] #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def on_input_ok @item.name = @edit_window.name return_scene end end Probably not that hard to just dump the string in a variable instead. Note: I use this with a instanced items script. In normal VX Ace items are just references to the database object, so just changing an item's name like this won't work.
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    @Rikifive I did not know that one could input a text string in a variable... Now that's interesting. Now to tackle the text color and to export text string input to a variable, lolz (also how to input more than 16 characters)
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    Awesome, this is exactly what I has trying to do! Tried it out, and it works great. Thanks a ton, to both of you!
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    Hehe, I actually worked on my game today. I overhauled my turnbased movement script to use a fiber! Why didn't I just use one in the first place?
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    I bought my first Steam Wallet card... So, that happened, lol
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    Lord Vectra


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    The main point you lose without leveling is a sense of progression. It makes each trash battle you fight have at least some value, as it brings you ever so much closer to completion. If it is bound to skill learning, then you allso lose the "new toy" syndrome, where combat doesn't get stale as fast, because you keep getting new toys/skills. But what are we talking about here ? No explicit stat-boosting through levels, or no change to your characters what-so-ever through the course of the game ? There is a broad spectrum in between those 2 extremes.
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    Breaking the Fourth Wall

    Along with what @Tarq said, don't overdo it. Having it sprinkled around the game from time to time or lightly hinting at it is fine. But if every other joke becomes "We're in a video game", it becomes tasteless.
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    I've been hard at work https://tapas.io/series/The-Epic-of-Aphromann
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    Saryn-Angled Face (WIP)

    So, I set out to create (or remake I guess) one of the faces I made for one of my characters, Saryn, using the MV styled angled faces in Game Character Hub: Portfolio Edition. This is not a finished product; there are some things missing and/or don't quite work. I'll either have to 1) create those pieces myself and/or 2) see if they are in resource packs and nab 'em. Missing: Eyepatch (when flipping it doesn't work very well and it doesn't quite work when trying to make it cover the right eye (which to the viewer is on the viewer's left hand side)) Bandage Covering (non existent - will have to recreate most likely) Tiara (same as above) Hoop Earrings (I used studs in their place for now) Flower in-the-hair (I used a hair style with two of them in place of this and it works for me just fine) Items that I didn't have to make myself: Eyeshadow (it loos different because the shadow mark has the smoky effect already but I was able to locate the yellow-ish and pink-ish tones and use them together-half-and-half like before and looks fantastic) I once again had to do the lipcolor myself (but this turned out fantastic after about twenty minutes of work) I've not done the rainbow eye yet (this will take significantly more time to do - especially since this is an angled face) Also, she definitely has a more youthful appearance, don't you think? Not that I intended Saryn to look/be much older than mid-twenties, but this iteration definitely puts Saryn looking 14-19... ah well... youthful appearances are underrated...

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    Voice acting is kind of all or nothing in my head. Good voice acting can really enhance a game, but mediocre or bad voice acting just sticks out like a sore thumb. It will also inflate the size of your game by having to include a bunch of audio files. In my opinion, good sound effects are more important.