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    Leina Faronwood

    From the album Tales of Eadris

    Leina from Tales of Eadris. I haven't been drawing much lately and my tablet doesn't want to sync up so this was drawn with mouse. My hand hurts D: I know it's messy but after 2 hours of hand cramping I'm done xD
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    i miss this community and rpg maker stuff so much tbh ugh...
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    Perang Cemen

    It's not luck, I'm cheating.

    It's not luck, I'm cheating.
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    Hellou :)

    hi i am Xorceles a pixel artist and game developer nice too meet you all :)
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    Thinking about good childhood memories just now. My old church had an awesome playground and the prettiest pine trees, and a hall I named "Kitten Thirteen," where I liked to play songs on the organ. When Mom had choir practice I would come along and search the church for Barbie Explorer, and also play songs. Thinking about this now because it's Easter and I remember all those fun egg hunts and lady who dressed up as the Easter Bunny and she became one of my favorite people, I loved seeing her every year.
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    so far the first class the player can unlock is in the first world, the Somnios Islands it's the Photographer class, and the current outfit for it looks familiar somehow (do you get the reference)
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    The fix for that bug has actually been known for a while too. You need to find line 559 (the one that goes "actor.default_direction if $imported[:ve_animated_battle]") and fix it so that it reads "actor.poses.default_direction if $imported[:ve_animated_battle]" instead. The fix was actually put up by some guy who commented on Victor's blog (in the post for the Actor Battler script) but Victor himself for some reason never fixed the actual script. ......As an aside, the very first comment on the Actor Battler post in Victor's blog also asks the exact same question as this thread about how to change the battler graphic on the fly and he pointed them to the instructions too.
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    First you need an overwriite of the draw_actor_mp method if you don't want the Mp text or values to be shown. Here's the original method with the text portion commented out. class Window_Base def draw_actor_mp(actor, x, y, width = 124) draw_gauge(x, y, width, actor.mp_rate, mp_gauge_color1, mp_gauge_color2) #change_color(system_color) #draw_text(x, y, 30, line_height, Vocab::mp_a) #draw_current_and_max_values(x, y, width, actor.mp, actor.mmp, # mp_color(actor), normal_color) end end As for Yanfly's MV Segmented Gauges script, it looked easy enough to convert so I did, tho it took me longer than it should have to realize I needed a .to_f somwhere. Yanfly also has a similiar yet slightly different script called Sectioned Gauges, that I went and converted as well. Just choose one of the above, either one is capable of dividing the gauge the way you want. I should mention neither work with Yanfly's Ace Battle Engine at the moment for some reason if you're using that. The difference between Segmented and Sections is that Sections is % based thus appears the same to all actors, while Segmented is constant based, and will look different between actors(assuming different max hp/mp values).
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    spending some time on a scene with an oc.
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    I caught up on the translations for the web novel 'Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?' today... Nai wa! Where am I going to get my cute spider girl fix now?
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    CGMV Encyclopedia w/ Bestiary

    CGMV Encyclopedia By: Casper Gaming Last Update: 4/18/2018 Latest Version: 1.1 Introduction This plugin creates an encyclopedia system. It includes enemies, items, weapons, armors, skills, and states by default. You can also add as many custom categories with as many entries as you want. This plugin works well with the achievement plugin for achievements based on encyclopedia completion percentages. Features - Encyclopedia Scene displaying all categories of the encyclopedia the user wants - All setup is done through the plugin manager - Entries automatically or manually tracked - Compatible with CGMV Achievements - Custom encyclopedia categories (as many as you want) Screenshots How to Use Import into plugin manager and enable the plugin. Plugin Plugin (along with all my other plugins) can be found here: LINK For achievements related to the encyclopedia, use CGMV Achievements: LINK Requires CGMV Core (1.3+), which can be found here: LINK Credit & Terms Link Version History
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    Same here; I can only hope that something keeps World War III from going full-scale.
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    Sadly humanity's stupidity is beyond any scale, but I do really hope, that such a thing will never happen.
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    good morning

    good morning
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    Well haven't been very active lately, only worked on two projects, and on one of them I can't reveal the results, here are some of the other one... (Yes they are the same ones form the previous faces)
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    I made a post in Animation Theater!
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    Amy's Artwork

    School has been driving me nuts lately, so stress-relief doodles are a must:
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    page 2.JPG

    From the album Aphormann

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    Some of the faucets at my college look like elephant heads when viewed from above. I find it kind of cute.
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    To link to my friends' and my studio Discord server or not... On one hand, I encourage people asking about our projects and games' lore. But on the other, I don't want to spoil too much about the stories.
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    Pretty much how I spent the weekend:
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    My computer says I have no internet access. I beg to differ, what are your thoughts on the subject?
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    released a working demo of an old test game
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    Sovereignty: TCG

    I wanted to make the game a little more UX-friendly this time around so here's a list of some of the changes in that regard: There's new cards ofc. Not just those Battlefield cards above but also Counter cards. Counter cards work like Command cards but can only be played in response to something your opponent plays (dw, the game prompts you when its okay to play them). All the new cards are available for free by going to the card shop (...the, uh, person(?) whose face is a card on the overworld). The really big news though is that the game is now BUG FREE!!! Okay, not quite. But all the problems that caused it to crash or sieze up during skirmishes have been solved thanks to some rejigging of the base systems while I was implementing the Counter cards. There's still some minor stuff with certain cards but I'd be surprised if anyone ran into anything serious this time. What's that? A link, you say? Well. Alright. Just this once: https://www.dropbox.com/s/h7kvn01eui6bcqe/Sovereignty V.5.1.exe?dl=0 Don't tell your mother.
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    I'm using Yanfly's Equip Core to allow multiple accessory slots. I have some 'Cursed' accessories that would lock their slot so you can't remove them normally. However, when I used the standard Lock Equip/Seal Equip traits, a single cursed accessory would actually lock ALL accessory slots instead of just its own. I guess I need a plugin to keep this from happening. It just needs to be compatible with Yanfly's Equip Core.
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    so for the Photographer, i'm torn between two ways of handling the two base offensive skills. Wide Lens and Narrow Lens. WAY 1: Standard attacks that do nothing else other than target the entire enemy party and only one enemy, in that order. WAY 2: Make the skills apply a State on Timothy denoting what lens he's using, then somehow checking that State and letting the respective skills be used. There will be three States, one for Wide Lens, Standard Lens, and Narrow Lens. what should i do
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    I personally hate the Times New Roman font. I was writing copyright lines at the bottom of a song I'm making in Musescore and it looked so icky because it was Times Roman and size 8. I changed it to Sylfaen, much better font IMO.
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    almost done with timothy's photographer regular and dashing spritesheets
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    Man, I feel really bad for not being active for so long. Well, I'll be back and active to fix the problem, and I HAVE COOKIES!
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    Hello! I am LarsBars. I am a college student and a game developer who recently got a copy of RPG Maker VX Ace. I'm not one much for introductions so I'll let you guys see this small self portrait. What up I'm Lars I'm 24 and I always found commas a bore.
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    Hello Cyrus Jazzberry!
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    Thank you Rikifive!
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    Yes. It's because his State Graphics script turns "battler_name" from just a getter method into a full-fledged method that looks like this: #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Overwrite method: battler_name #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def battler_name @battler_name = actor_battler_name extension = check_state_extension replace = check_state_replace name = @battler_name + extension if extension name = replace.first if replace @battler_name = name if name && battler_exist?(name) @battler_name end The very first line ("@battler_name = actor_battler_name") now resets the contents of the "@battler_name" variable to the original notetag set in the actor notebox. Before the overwrite, this method was originally just used to check the contents of "@battler_name", which stores the filename of the battler graphic image. The "@battler_name" variable is what the comment call actually modifies whenever you use it to change the image and the "battler_name" method is what the script itself uses to read the contents of the variable. So as you can imagine, this method gets called every single time you try and change the graphic - because it was originally meant to be used to check the variable for the new filename. Except now, it also resets said variable to the original filename at the same time. So whenever you try changing the image with the comment call, it changes it...... and then immediately changes it BACK upon trying to read it. You can try and remove that first line, it will prevent the reset. But I don't know what the consequences will be, since this system involves three scripts worth of code (4 if you count his basic module) and the Animated Battle script itself is huge. Do it at your own risk.
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    Okay... Don't havta much time cos' busy dev my own game. right now still doing some secret boss testing and secret character testing, would you like to take a peek? then see below, but don't tell anyone about this ok?
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    So I just finished watching my first anime (Akatsuki no Yona, because my favorite singer did one of the songs) and it was really good! Plus it was my kind of show, really reminiscent of Avatar the Last Airbender (also a fave of mine). I'm not going to watch another right away (I want to work on creative projects) but I'm thinking I'd probably love Cardcaptor Sakura. I'd also like to watch Princess Tutu but I can't find a free and legal way to do so. )=
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    Sovereignty: TCG

    Just dropping by to say Sovereignty now has over 100 cards! (read: 101) I'm not providing a new build today as the new cards need more work done but I will show the new card type I mentioned in the last update. Battlefield cards! ...yes.Trow cards. Can't count to trow yet? GitGud. (I dont have a background for this one yet) Each of these cards make some slight changes how the game is played and can have a significant impact on playstyle/deckbuilding. The change in background image was just for funsies . I also have plans for another new card type that is going to do way more to up the strategy and dynamics but that is going to require some big changes to the base systems which I'm not willing to mess around with for, jeez, at least another week :3 Man, how far this has come since the first prototype.
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    Entry 003: Throes of Damnation (small update)

    Hmmm, I haven't been working on RPG Maker stuff much lately myself, mostly because I have been obsessively reading a bunch of the web fiction on this site. Though given that a lot of the stories are about someone being summoned or reincarnated into a fantasy world (often as a cute girl), it's rather interesting to compare it to some of the ideas I have for my RPG Maker project given that that's more or less what it's about too. It's a pretty normal kind of framework for a particular style of story.
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    Finished another commision: portraits and sprites. Here's a sample. Hope you like them! And I wish my commisioner best of luck on her project.
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    Finished my first commision: a bunch of icons. Thought I'd share some of them. You can get such icons here!
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    Second Chance [In Development]

    Overview: Engine: RPG Maker MV Genre: Mystery, side-scroller Recruitment: Pixel artists, menu designers Synopsis: Chance knew from the day he was born that he was bound for greatness. Unfortunately, Chance was horribly misguided in this assumption. In the far-away city of Los Cactus, there have been murders most foul. Monster-kind is being shunned from the streets, the blame for these murders falling on their shoulders. An election on the horizon threatens to jeopardize their position in the world even further! Just who will step up to save them? Unfortunately for the monsters, that person is Chance Thomson, a hopelessly errant detective who struggles to tie his own shoelaces! Monster-kind's only hope lies in he and his new partner, a mysterious lady named Grace. With her help, can Chance shape up and solve the mysteries surrounding Los Cactus? Play as Chance in a collection of mysteries against tricky foes and cunning set-ups! Piece together clues to discover the villain's narrative, and do your best not to nab the wrong guy! Meet a wide cast of colorful characters, from zombie waitresses to your very own Slime Friend™, and try to break a very inconvenient sleep cycle! Characters: Gameplay Features: Screenshots: Credits: Of course, this project wouldn’t be possible without the help from my wonderful team, and many of the generous contributors in this community: Want to show your support? Here's a banner!:
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    Hello everyone! I made a script! I have been having some performance problems when testing my game because of storing the files on a network drive, so I decided to write a widdle script to improve the cache! (Get it? The name is a pun! Hyuck hyuck hyuck!) Edit: Now version 5! All things are related to it! (Principia Discordia said so) Also: I made a small script to precache sounds too, but it requires this script and some fiddling to work: Mostly the problem is it doesn't work if you use the default sound system (channel 0). Edit: I made a minor edit to the audio script to cache names too, which speeds it up quite a bit for me. :3
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    Save File Doctor!

    Save File Doctor aims to fix the most common problem encountered when loading a save file after adding a new script to your project. The problem is usually caused by the lack of initialization of variables used on recently added scripts. When loading an old save file, some things were already initialized and the new script will assume that’s also the case for its own variables. It is also useful for DLC or patching systems, since it would take care of said problem in case you add scripts that way. Get it here!
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    CSCA Achievements

    Instead of taking the time to sign up to the forum just to post that, would it not have been easier to go anywhere else like you said? It seems you posted here for a problem you already solved yourself. If someone offers something with terms you don't agree with here - don't use it.
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    Hi guys, today i am going to show u how to convert parallax tiles into tileset form. I tried converting some and it was not too difficult and It was very useful to me So i thought i'd share with u guys I know what it feels like when someone posts an excellent tileset and when we see......., its for parallax mapping so im gonna show u how to convert most of them to tileset form. So lets start. Im using GIMP2. Im going to tell u exactly the same way i did. 1.) First open gimp2 and open an existing tileset , delete the layer, then add a new layer and select "transparency" in " layer fill type" option. 2.) Now go to image--->configure grid---> and set the width and height to 32 in spacing section only now go to view and click show grid and snap grid Now u can see the grid (boxes). 3.) Next open the parallax tileset u want and repeat "STEP 2". But this time don't check SNAP GRID . So that u can select more freely or else u'd b limited to grids. After that just click the "rectangle select" tool in toolbox and draw a rectangle around the tile u want like this, 4.) After u have selected it, Copy it using "ctrl+c" , go to the window u created in "STEP 1" and then draw a rectangle around the box. It should be three boxes high as u can see the "post" is three box big. U'll feel while selecting that as soon as u reach 3 boxes and go a little further it automatically stops.... and the selection remains to 3 boxes... THAT"S because u have checked the option snap to grid Some times when selecting bigger tiles like this U'll have to draw a large rectangle consisting several small boxes 5.) then just press "ctrl+v" the image will be pasted and will be automatically aligned Now the tile is in tileset form.... IF u are still experiencing alignment problems like a line over or below the tile then continue to step 6 6) If u are facing problems after the above steps then disable SNAP TO GRID option and manually align it. After completing step 5 u'll see that there is an outline of the picture... (see the above picture). Now select the "MOVE TOOL" and move the picture to make sure that the picture is inside the 6 small boxes ( which we selected earlier in step 4). If the picture isn't in the box then move it until its aligned in the grid. In this case we don't need the move tool as the picture is already aligned in the grid. As long as u align it right u'll have no problems. To clearly explain move tool i 'll give another example, this time with a big selection Now as u can see that the sides of the picture is not properly aligned. So i'll use the move tool and now it'll look like this, Note one thing, i suggest leaving space when pasting tiles like this, if u are facing problems even after SNAP GRID option is checked Because if u don't want to leave space, then u'll have to be very accurate, or else the pictures will get mixed and you'll see pictures with their side part overlapped by the second pic. And also note that pictures like this are smaller but they are covering the upper 3 boxes ( outlined by red) so if u paste anything above this pic, be careful that the second picture doesn't go into the 3 boxes. Even if a small line will go into that box u'll see it while pasting the tiles in the editor. So....yeah... be careful about that If u follow the steps above and align it properly, u'll get it right. I did it this way and it worked for me Thanx for reading EDIT:- It works for the animation tiles A1-A5 if u place the same type of tiles at their default position and as long as the picture completely fills the grid or else u see the editor's background.... But u won't have that problem if u have checked snap to grid but still if it shows the background... use the "scale layer" tool on that selected picture and scale it until its completely in the grid Sorry guys i didn't know about this function uptill now.... After u select show grid..... In the same column below it is SNAP to Grid.. Check that also... What it will do is automatically align the picture to grid so u won't need to align it urself.... I've added this step to OP
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    Animated Battlers

    Animated Battlers by Jet Introduction So, with the release of Ace, they stuck with the old default CBS. Though, Holder was making animated battlers, which looked awesome. So I decided to make a script that allowed the use of those animated battlers, or others. By default, it is configuraed to work with spritesheets like Holder's found here. Features - Animated Battlers - Notebox driven - Default choices as well - Highly Customizable - Highly Compatible - Can be turned off with a switch - And More... Screenshots Script/Demo Text: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=4Gagm2mM Demo: http://dl.dropbox.co...Battlers%29.exe Again, the demo uses battlers from Holder, found here. Credit Jet Holder if used with their battlers
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    Animated Battlers

    Don't use an animated battler script...