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    I thought of a fun plot twist: What if there was a character who said they didn't know who they are, so everyone assumes they lost their memories, but they didn't and never actually said that. They instead decided to throw away their old identity because they ended up not liking who they became. They knew who they were, just not who they are. Doubt I will ever use this in anything though.
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    Looking for ant scripts or plugins that use my Animated Battlers.
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    When it comes down to it, it seems that MV has a lot more reliance on the Workshop for completeness. The Add-On pack should also be reduced permanently to $10.
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    No, I don't observe/celebrate this upcoming 'holiday'; since when is a day about mindless eating considered some sort of celebration!? Isn't a feast supposed to be PART OF A CELEBRATION, NOT THE CELEBRATION ITSELF!? I mean, I get the milktoast premise of it being about a day where you reflect on what you're thankful for, but again, why on this specific day!? It could be any given day, any given time. Well...I'm not going to elaborate on why, because it would go into an essay long thing, and I'm not feeling up to it. I feel bloated as is just thinking about it, and we're having ham, not turkey. The turkey we were going to have, was improperly handled, and had to be tossed out. I'll spare the details. I'm still bloated. I'd be okay with just baking the ham, and placing it between two slices of bread later.
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    It's been a while since I toyed with music. That sudden motivation though, heh.
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    Wine is one of the healthiest drinks there is. It's true. That said, improperly fermented and/or aged wine, is nothing but bad. Usually pretty nasty, to boot. Also, never more than one glass with a meal, and avoid highly strenuous tasks afterward. #randomhealthtip
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    Hello! I just overanalyzed Eddsworld for the 9999999999999999999999999999999th time. https://eddsworld-late.tumblr.com/post/189258164679/eddsworld-and-subtle-storytelling
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    Let me begin by saying how great it is to be back! I never thought I'd see the day I could safely return. It's been over a year now and I'm psyched to be back in such a wonderful and friendly community of people. Last year, an old enemy of mine decided to make the rounds in my life once again and basically ruined the whole thing. My reputation on multiple sites and Discord servers was smeared and I'm certain it won't be fixed any time soon. People are refusing to believe me because, well, why couldn't I just change my password (like I hadn't tried that anyway)? Why didn't I tell anyone (I did)? Why didn't I do something? It's all fun and games until your enemy becomes good at hacking. Then you're doomed. LUCKILY, that was all dealt with. I have no doubt the friends of one LonnesDev/Akihasu-Senpai will come after me in one way or another once I show my face on Discord publically once again, but that's something I can handle now. I've taken nearly a year to recover from the mess, fix the mess and finally get my life back together. I can handle the crap that'll come from my coming back. I learned that sometimes you have to toughen up and learn how to not actually care what people think. As the saying goes, "Love me or hate me, you're just making me famous!" I'm truly sad that it ended the way it did, but there's no going back now. Also, if he'd actually do something about the floods of anonymous hatemail my friends and I have been getting, perhaps I wouldn't utterly despise him so much. Just a thought, if any of his friends or he himself are reading this~ Also, last year I came out as a transgender man. I was incorrect in that and would like to correct myself here. It turns out I'm agender with a leaning towards the lady side. My apologies for the confusion there, I was admittedly a little hasty with my coming out. Purple Phantom's back and she's going nowhere this time. Yes, I'm still working on my Eddsworld projects. You can find that here and my original content here. I'll be using AutumnAbsinthe and Absinthe Ingram from now on. I had to abandon Purple Phantom and Lazybones (for the most part on that last one).
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    It's been ages indeed; I'm the same old Rikifive, not much has changed.
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    I'm glad to see you too! How are you two doing? it's been a while.
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    Hello, hello, glad to see you back and okay!
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    Yay! *dances and throws fairy dust everywhere*
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    I was an admin on a Facebook group a little while back, and I took a non-power trip, fair, honest, assertive and good listener approach, which while it did well to keep me honest, it also made me a target for the other admins who wanted me to conform to whatever BS standards they wanted, which wasn't going to happen, at all. The whole 'shoot first, ask questions later if ever' mentality, is the kind of crap that gets people in trouble offline, and it most certainly makes all who go that way look like an absolute jerkwad. There is no reward for honesty except everyone makes you their patsy, that's how this society is. Meh.
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    Dark Sky

    Dark's House Decorating System

    Dark's House Decorating System Author: Nhat Nguyen (Dark Sky) Source: taotrochoi.com 1. Infomations - Script provides your game with a decorating system. Who visited here please leave a comment. - Features: Decorating system for your game! Hud displaying stuff selected now. Window displaying your current stuffs. Use Tiles of Tilesets or Event for Stuff. 2. Screenshots 3. Download Dropbox (Virus Checked) Script: Add scripts follow this order. Dark's House Decorating System TileViewer 1.0 4. How to add stuff Step 1: Run project. Press F8. Take a look at red box,circle. Step 2: Goto Script Editor > Script Dark's House Decorating System > Copy things below. Step 3: Paste! Step 4: Edit like what i do below. 5. Term of use. - Credit me Dark Sky. If you want to use it for commercial project, just leave me a message.
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    Hello My Fellow Peeps

    my favorite video games are Undertale (great story) and Death Road to Canada (Fun rouge-like)! thanks for asking
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    I tried it out and it now works. Thank you all so much!
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    Oh and if you'd like to dig into what and why happened; The error says that the true (which is a result of your expression) cannot be converted into a string, then it points to that line of code: so in the end it tried to process this: eval(true) which makes the game *ahem* idk to not search far, if you'll ask Wikipedia what eval is, it will say: So that means, that a string should be provided as an argument. so if you'll add these quotes, it will throw this: eval("your_formula") that then is actually processed. so more or less it's like this: eval(true) => eval("expression") => expression => true or false (or when made typos etc.)
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    It's a bit unclear in the script, but you're supposed to put a string, not the code. The string is then evaluated as an expression that returns the result. With that being said, add quotes to the expression (formula, that is). So it should be like this: disable_good(11, "!$game_party.has_item?($data_items[31])") Edit: Ninja'd, but yup, that's the case.
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    I know nothing about the script in question, but maybe it's expecting the condition to be a string to be used with eval? Try quoting the condition like this: disable_good(11, "!$game_party.has_item?($data_items[31])")
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    Phew! I am feeling much better the last few days. No more annoying distracting music in my ears! Yay! Though I have been pretty sleepy and still have some sinus problems, but I think my new sinus med is helping!
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    I tend to use 10 or 11 elements divided into 3 or 4 cycles: The Energy/Destruction Cycle: Fire, Ice, and Lightning The Nature/Creation Cycle: Water, Wind, Earth The Cosmic/Existence Cycle: Light, Dark, Law, Chaos The Null/Nonexistence Cycle: Void The cycles don't actually reflect on how weaknesses work much, that's much more ad hoc. Also, other elements that don't really fit in: Plant/Wood (water+earth maybe?), Metal (fire+earth maybe?), Poison (may or may not be covered by plant), and about a billion others. That's not even getting into the possible difference between 'elements' and 'damage types'. Like the Physical and Absorb elements in default RPG Maker are not really elements at all, are they? Then there is the old cut, stab, bash damage types.... But this is about colors not elements. The mix of colors reflecting a mix of elements is an interesting idea though. Really I usually think of earth as brownish but made it magenta so I could get every addictive and subtractive primary color, and the way they mix makes sense this way. Fire + Water = Earth makes some degree of sense, since lava and water combine to make rock or obsidian. Fire + Wind = Lightning also makes sense, and so does Water + Wind = Ice. Perhaps the exact algorithm should be that addictive primaries add, and subtractive primaries subtract? Or like how Quantum Chromodynamics has Antired, Antiblue, and Antigreen... Maybe this is getting too complex. Edit: Oh no! I forgot about the tastiest element of them all! I was going to list it with the 'other elements' but it slipped my mind.
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    @usertag needs work

    I've seen this lots and lots of times where @usertags do not automatically convert to the chosen usertag, and then there are times when typing out a usertag, it'll refuse to pull a drop down list of users, making the usertag completely broken unless one refreshes the page, WCS (worst case scenario). This quite simply just needs to be fixed. A bug like this should not exist. By the way, having to refresh the page to temporarily avert a bug, is just bad, period.
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    Over on RPGMakerWeb a topic has been created asking what one thing in RPGMaker you'd like to see. Previously over the years to me this would be nothing more than a wish list. However since the community is much larger now and worldwide having a chance to put ideas forward is fantastic. I've posted what thing I'd like and over the years have heard a lot of other people like to see. Have a look and if you do agree with what I'm suggesting then please all you need to do is drop a like to the comment. https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/what-one-thing-in-rpg-maker-would-you-like-to-see.114599/page-6#post-1012617 Proposals are being written and if there's a large number of our community wanting these things improved then I hope to see our voices heard.
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    ignore this

    just realised there is a video game section, sorry ignore this post
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    So it would be like this?