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    It's my birthday today~ ^~^ But It snowed a lot so this will be a quiet Christmas this year for me. Happy holidays, Merry Christmas and a happy new year in advance to everyone~
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    Happy Holidays Everyone!  

    Happy Holidays Everyone!
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    One thing that I haven't been very shy about admitting is even at my most active I have never been that serious about game development here. I like to code neat scripts sometimes yes, and I do like to experiment, and I love to discuss and theorize, but sitting down and actually trying to make a real game by myself always struck me as kind of too much work for me. Mostly probobly just cause I am lazy, but even so when it comes right down to it I am not sure I ever had a really good solid idea for one. Oh don't get me wrong, I have plenty of ideas that I think are neat, but most of them are either random mishmashes of ideas that don't fit together in any real way or are just too overly ambitious to really get anywhere on. Every once and a while I have this 'big project' I want to work on but don;t end up really doing much with. The one time I tried to team up with some other people didn't turn out that well and I am not sure I am cut out for teamwork. That being said, I still have been ever so slowly chipping away at my own little block of stone. For all the years I have been on this site I have maintained a RPG Maker VX Ace project that I occasionally fiddle with, adding more and more experiments and random ideas to. It's more of my own personal script testing bed then anything else. I know I probobly should have moved on to MV ages ago but... there is just so much I have done with VX Ace! And bit by bit I think it's starting to pay off. It's still a mess of experiments without much underlying theme or idea behind it, but I am slowly seeing more and more a shape emerge that I might be able to refine. One might remember my old dungeon demo thing. I have added a ton to the scripts there since I bothered to update it, and it seems like I added another ton jut with in the lat few months. I just more or less managed to finally get a roguelike-style battle system (or as I like to call it a 'one-step tactical battle system', since it's basically like a tactical RPG battle system only things can only move one step per turn, or one could think of it as a 'turn-based ABS' perhaps if that idea doesn't make your head explode) working properly. Now I have wanted to do a proper roguelike for a while, and I basically have all the major parts needed to make one from the random dungeons to even the item identification thing. I have a number of interesting tweaks to the generator to produce what may be some of the most pretty dungeons I have seen from similar style dungeon generators, and a number of dungeon types already done. I have a fair variety of different critters too that move and behave in different ways. Imps that can fly over gaps, Sea creatures that can swim, Bats that can fly and move quickly but erratically, Spiders which are slow but can suddenly jump at their target, Ghosts which phase through walls, and so on. But if that were all I would still probobly end up with a bit of a disconnected mess of ideas. As much as I think gameplay is more important then story or presentation in games, I can't really deny the importance of theming at the very least. Just blindly programing in whatever idea I can think of without some overall hook to the design to tie it all together probobly will just leave me with what I have been doing for the last few years: Just throwing stuff into a pile and poking it to see what it does. Ah, but fortunately I do have the perfect thing to tie it all together I think, and I didn't even really have to go far to find it! Just look at all the stuff I have been telling people about fairies over the time I have been here. A lot of the details could fit right in with a roguelike actually. Even my older abandoned team game had a big focus on that kind of thing. I even have a name picked out! How about "Dwimmerdelve: Adventures in a Phantasmagorical Fairyland"? What do you think?
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    Which number is the most disagreeable?
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    Old -> New

    It's not the full set (it's not done yet!), but here's a look at my original Zelda icons for VX vs. my new ones for MV.

    © Amysaurus, 2017

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    Eric Chronicles: Adventure to the Starting Point Alpha 1.1 Introduction EC:AttSP is the first part of Eric Chronicles, a series telling the story about Eric and his glorious quests. Story Have you ever started a project in RPG Maker VX Ace? Then most likely you've encountered Eric, the bravest of all heroes. Have you ever wondered why he is standing in the sea? Probably not. What if the new, empty project itself was actually a game for the whole time? Are you ready to give it a serious approach? Features - ERIC! That itself makes the game great! - Includes RTP graphics, sounds and music! Unique content! - Silly adventure! That silly, that it's so EPIC! - Poorly designed villains! jk, there are no villains at the moment. - Unlimited amount of Hand Axes! LITERALLY! - Seas, islands, fishes and even more axes! NO KIDDING! - Well designed mechanics! Now everything makes sense! - Collect all keys to get out of the water, because reasons! 100% LEGIT! - Die if you'll fall into the bottomless pit ... in the sea! YEAH! - Original gameplay as a result of science in RPG Maker XV Ace. Screenshots Eric in the middle of Difolt Sea. I guess you've never listened to Eric's thoughts... What is better than hand ax? A TRIPLE HAND AX! Maybe not hand axes, but they're dangerously upscaled! Characters Eric.png Eric The bravest of all heroes. He experienced many silly adventures and defeated many poorly designed villains with his hand ax, the legendary default weapon. Credits Download Eric Chronicles: Adventure to the Starting Point (ALPHA 1.1) Game Auto Manual
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    Warm Greetings From a Frog Dude

    Hello folks! I am a rather old member here. Haven't visited this forum for quite some time. So I kinda miss this forum... I wonder if anybody here still recognize me?
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    I feel a bit ignored. I tried to start up a conversation in a status post but no one responded.
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    After careful consideration, I have decided that tonight is a good night for pizza
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    Today's christmas eve but the pics dosn't need to be christmas like XD
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    Txt. or DLL

    It kinda depends on what exactly you're trying to do. For example, you can create a .txt file with stuff written inside by using this script call: File.open("filename.txt", "a") {|f| f.write( "Some text\nThis will be displayed in the second line.") } This will make a .txt file in the game directory: Note1: That \n in the string makes it go to the next line. You can put variables and such as well if needed. Note2: Put: File.open("System/filename.txt", "a") To create the file in the game "System" folder. Note3: You can put exactly the same code directly in scripts (Script Editor, that is), if you're working on something there. Note4: Of course, replace ".txt" with ".dll" in the filename to create a .dll file. For some detailed information, perhaps take a look at these? https://ruby-doc.org/core-2.2.0/File.html#method-c-new https://ruby-doc.org/core-2.2.0/IO.html#method-c-new-- mainly: Personally I haven't used it that much, so all I know are some basics. Hope that helps at least a little bit!
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    Phew, I have actually done a lot of coding for VX Ace lately! I know maybe I should move on to MV but I am still more used to Ruby. Anyway maybe I might make an actual game sometime!
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    Oh wow. It's been a long while since I've blogged here. It's been a long time too, since I've belonged to an academia, or even dared to dream of university. Back in highschool, when geometry honors and pre calc were easy and full of joy to explore, I wanted to go to MIT. Everything I kept up on, was happening in MIT. AI, Robotics, all the things that were cutting edge were seemingly happening at MIT. Brilliance was what I thought of them. Fastforward and I'm a community college drop out with school debt living on government benefits struggling to understand the basic concepts of ACE or really any Object Oriented Language assisted Engine (like Unity, and so on). I had known about MIT open coarse-ware since I was enrolled in physics at a community college. I would watch a lecture on Electromagnetism every night, amazed with the content, thinking how cool it would be to use the information to build an electronic device never before seen. I ended up making a aluminium foil capacitor that held 2 volts for .25 seconds Now I'm here, finishing some reading on a MIT press book, Introduction to Algorithms. It's great. It talks about how the book is meant for not only a student teacher relationship, but also a reference manual for professional programmers, to help in creation/learning to create algorithms that always produce a given output from a provided input, are time efficient based on the resources available to execute the information, and without error. It's also a huge plunge into parts of math that remain unexplored for me. Like Weirmer functions, or newtons method, and some of finite math that's since slipped my mind after having tutored university students in the field. The first hurdle was getting the text book. It could not just be an ebook, I want to read it anywhere, and the entire planet isn't guaranteed to have the internet. And as I have learned, it may take me a long while to read all of what the book has to offer, the coarse I am following only has 25 lectures that cover a handful of chapters, wheras the book has a lot more chapters to offer. mainly the exploration of mathematics in it is of firm intrigue to me, should it suffice to be able to construct a method in ruby of it's principles, I should have no problem with the contents. Mom got me the book for an early birthday present. It's very well over 1200 pages. Just the preface alone was cause for me to desire to read chapter 1 the very next morning. All with the delighted hope of learning to craft algorithms that could solve and explore new aspects of reality for me. I began reading, and writing the exercises. I couldn't help be so excited about the idea of learning once more, in a field so vastly unlearned and yet so rewarding, that I upset a contact in a discord server. They ended up giving me a link to another discord server that focused on programming in general. I couldn't help but ignore the feeling of total devistation in having pissed someone off, for having found people that could help me grade myself as I progressed, so that I could correct myself and better apply my knowledge on the subjects in the book. Things checked out on my end for the answers. Such a short section with so much useful information, I had to keep going. after more principles, I had failed to realize something that should have been obvious, involving the direction of the book. regardless, I did my first problem of the book: I probably totally failed it, in that microsecond does not constitute 1000 of itself into a second. Had I paid attention in the non-existent weights and measures class they call elementary science, I would have known. But that's kind of a scaling issue as I found out from my implications. So one of the functions of f(n) was f(n) = log2(n) It wasn't so easy to solve. My first assumption was to create real values for n, and not some representative formula. My first attempts did not posses efficiency, because I am so under-educated about RUBY for one. After talking it over with ruby programmers on the server, I had arrived at this method for the solution My first thoughts are, why does that work. I still don't know. but if t is say, 2, the answer is 4, and so on, until we have a value where t = 1 second, it becomes large quickly. For a day the number n1 became so large that it was unmanageable for modern RUBY, so I had to introduce a factor. and being a decimal starting with 1 and having no other digit seems to have worked perfectly, scaling according to the t value. I did this sort of process for all 64 cells of the 8x8 table. Then I woke up and read chapter 2. And immediately was presented with a real world application for insertion_sort. An algorithm that mimics taking a handful of cards, and aligning them in a sequential order such that the elements are from least to greatest or greatest to least. It was also the first time I had seen pseudo code and attempted to use it as a structure for RUBY code. I toyed around with it for ages. Before reading the book further, and had hit a dead end. All of my debugging techniques couldn't make sense of the garbled mess of the array my method had made. When I read further, it explained that i = j = e. And its use of A[1..j-1] was saying what would happen in the next loop. def insertion_sort(an_array) size = an_array.length i = 0 while i < size current = an_array j = i while j > 0 and an_array[j-1] > current an_array[j] = an_array[j-1] j -= 1 end an_array[j] = current i += 1 end return an_array end def insertion_sort(an_array) size = an_array.length i = 0 while i < size current = an_array[i] j = i while j > 0 and an_array[j-1] > current an_array[j] = an_array[j-1] j -= 1 end an_array[j] = current i += 1 end return an_array end this produced this result: And what I had mentioned earlier, of this being so obvious now. I had made this function before when I was making Classical Age World. It was my sort method for arranging the NPCs in a 2d array into family trees with relationships. I know on my walmar machine it will bog down on 10K entries. It might be more efficient now with the latest RUBY. the time coefficient being defined as: * insertion sort – c1n2 Just from the table I had made, I know that N**2 is really not that great, but isn't the worse efficient coefficient algorithm. The worst on the table being, N! I went and did the method in GML, and it worked eventually. Now I can happily say I know an algorithm with it's application and relevance in programming. The book had me write an algorith to return Nil when a value is not in the array. To be honest I am not sure I understand the problem thorough. this was my guess at it Linear search: For j = 0 to A.length V = A[j] If A[j+1].defined? j = j + 1 else V = nil Break Anyways, I thought people would like to know about this particular journey as it develops.
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    Song Skills

    Summon a horde of dancing zombies to attack the enemy. Also the caster is better at dodging attacks for a bit because they've got some sick dance moves.
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    Sounds absolutely ridiculous! Difalt Sea. Lolz!
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    Song Skills

    Trucker's Hitch: Single target debuff. If successful, the target becomes incapable of dodging or performing actions for the duration of the battle. 1% success rate. Sound of Silence- Simon and Garfunkel (Disturbed does an amazing cover, too)
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    Song Skills

    Glad I wasn't the only one who immediately though "yep, thats exactly whats gonna happen". Title: An Epic Of Time Wasted Type: Support Magic Effect: Effectively stops time. User attacks the target 99 times and finishes with a final 100 hit combo finisher. When time starts again, nothing happens and your turn was wasted. Whoo, need to go listen to them more actually. "Figure 09" - Linkin Park
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    Song Skills

    Summon Skill. Exactly what it sounds like. Deals 999,999,999,999 damage to all enemies. No enemy can repel cuteness of this magnitude! <---- Flavor text An Epic of Time Wasted- Avenged Sevenfold
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    I don't know about anyone else, but the forum was down for me all day today. Not anymore! =)
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    Sorry for the outage. The host took the server offline to perform security patching and after everything came back up the db crashed the users table. This took some time to restore. Everything should be working normally now.
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    so I have decided this is all going into the OST for my game
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    Questions for low end PCs

    In terms of performance, I think Source (the user, not the engine) has the best in the biz when it comes to anti-lags. Gotta pay though. Second best, and free, is TheoAllen's. But, better design is ultimately the winner in reducing lag; Don't give conflicting commands, erase stuff when its no longer needed and do more with less!
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    I almost have another script finished! It's for a puzzle that uses sprites in a scene. I've come so far. ;u; Or at least farther than I thought I would. After I publish my game, I may edit it and post it for others to use.
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    Hello to you all

    Hi, I'm new here. I recently got RPG Maker MV and I totally love it. I already have lots of ideas for a short game I would like to make in the future. But for now I'll just play around with the editor and try to figure out how things work, binge watch tutorials and read my way through this site.
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    Happy New Year! Hope it's better than your old year! I "celebrated" by playing a ridiculous amount of Assassin's Creed XD. Tis an amazing game, and Nightmare difficulty lives up to it's name :/
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    Happy New Years everyone. Be well. Share it with a loved one. Don't let the moment or the time, which is what's truly important, be lost.
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    Themes Hopefully Fixed

    Looks good here. More purple = better forums. We should get rid of these words and just put in more shades of purple.
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    I'm gonna be working on some more icons this week - any requests?
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    Merry Christmas from England

    Merry Christmas from England
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    💖My Little Pony: The Game

    You can't lock the resolution? This is the simplest solution. What are your targets platforms? I fiddled a bit with web games where resolution has to adapt to different browser windows sizes as well as work on mobiles, tablets. Here is what i did: I consider three different parts of the game: the HUD, the background and the game zone I plan the game zone for the lowest resolution (let's say 200x300) and I scale it up by full integer if I have enough space (so if my output device is 900 x 900, I scaled my game zone by 3) . All the game movement has to be scaled up as well (you are moving three pixels/frame instead of one pixel/frame) I then put my game zone in the center of the screen. The HUD size is determined the same way as the game zone buts its position is determined by percentage of the screen size. The background is the trickiest one, you can start with any resolution, you scale it up to the nearest integer but upwards this time so if your background base resolultion was 200x300 and your outputdevice resolution is 900x900, you scale it up to 1000x1500 but you put your background image origin at (-50, -250) . It looks nice but in this situation, you will have 100 pixels horizontally and 600 vertically that are not visible, horizontally you even have 300 pixels that are visible but not playable (because not in the game zone). This worked well for me because I knew the background would be totally separated from gameplay for me and was just decoration. So you would have to adapt this strategy to your game or use a background unrelated to gameplay just to fill the screen (think about these 4:3 to 16:9 fillers people use sometimes on youtube for retro games). Also this work well when you know your lowest resolution will be very low (smartphone) but with a 768x432 default resolution, it may not be as good. I know this is a bit complicated so I hope it helped. You can find more (and better) information about this online. Good luck with your project.
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    💖My Little Pony: The Game

    Did you ever decide on the style you chose? Will Riki finally be able to finish his long lost dream? Will Twilight and Rainbow ever get to kick some enemy butts? Find out next time- Oh wait, wrong section. Seriously though, just popping in to show my interest. Nothing new.
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    Bought Vegas Pro 14 Edit from the Humble Bundle. *video editing intensifies*
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    spent all day on a character sheet tab, to be able to add this feature
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    Create Charactersheet ^/ Create a start menu with -Start -Quit Create a character customization screen -stats ^/ -save throws ^/ -skills Create Dialogue System Create Crafting System Create Combat System Create GUI Create Black outline of selected object ^/ Create Bust of Player ^/ Create Bar for health and exp to next level
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    What I have been up to lately.

    woa. roguelikes seem difficult in that making a valid story behind procedural dungeons is complex. but if you don't think story matters, it's a win win
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    Song Skills

    @Takeo212- I'm tinkering with the idea of making a game where all the skills are song titles. The artists wouldn't be listed anywhere so it'd just be a matter of how many references the player recognizes. The story would revolve around music in some way. Actually doing it would require effort so it's just a thought for the time being. Anyway: Blurry (v1): Just your basic Blind spell. Targets all enemies with a 50% success rate. Blurry (v2): Type: Magic/ Single target debuff. Effect: Provokes an enemy to exclusively target the user. The afflicted can only use single target attacks and self buffs, and accuracy is reduced by 33%. Lets make a silly one! Thriller- Michael Jackson
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    Warm Greetings From a Frog Dude

    @Rikifive Looks like you're still a happy pony @Kirimash Ya, I think I remember you too. You changed your username often xD
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    From the album Cheebz

    Slowly trying to get back into drawing. Chibi's are easy to do, so I'm easing myself back with these. A chibi me I suppose xD
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    Funny when the mountains are 30 degrees warmer than a city by a huge lake. 40-50's the whole time I was in Colorado. 20 and below that time in Chicago. Can't wait to go back. Denver/Boulder area is soooo my crowd.
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    Immortal Sins

    This is a great game! I've been playing a few hours now off and on. Not sure if I'm getting the most out of the battle system just yet, but I'm enjoying the gameplay so far. I'm at the part after you defeat Zero on the bridge before the castle and she and Gus join the party. I like when the party's shaken up in RPGs. It always throws a wrench in the player's system and makes them develop a new strategy. The game feels alive and ultimately that's what player's want. They don't want to know what's coming, where the story is heading and following a precise direction. Freedom is what makes them feel like they are part of something and not just watching a movie. (At least that's they way it has always felt with me!) I like the custom facesets too. They have a unique art style, and it's better than looking at re-hashing faces and poses the player has seen a hundred times over the years. I know artwork takes time and I am not very good at it, so it's easy to appreciate the dedication it takes to render facesets and character sprites--especially good ones. As a programmer, I'm also a sucker for great menu systems, new layouts, and new scenes. It doesn't always have to be a huge makeover, as long as the alterations are in key spots, you know? Like the one in Immortal Sins. Anyway, I'm looking forward to battling with Zero and figuring out why everyone is asking where all the children have gone. Just wanted to stop in and let you know I was enjoying it. Keep at it.
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    Entry 00A: Just a blurb mostly

    Just remember to take care of yourself and do things that make you happy. I'd be really sad if anything happened to you.
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    New user :)

    Hello there! Even if I registered here some time ago, I haven´t done anything until now. Let me introduce myself: I´m Tonko, and I am a new RPG Maker VX Ace user; I got it for 1 USD during the Humble Bundle´s sale. Since then, I have been working on many projects I am from Argentina, a South American country. My native language is Spanish. I do have many pets (2 cats, 1 dog, 3 tortoises, 1 dove and 1 rat), but my favorite animal will be always the cat =^.^= I have 2 computers, but because of hardware specs stuff, I can only use RPG Maker in the desktop one. Right now I am working in two RPG Maker games: One of them is a horror one, and the other one is about adventure. However, since I have no idea how the battle system works, none of them has battles :/ Anyway, Hope we have a good time together!
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    I just learned about Touhou: Genso Wanderer... A Touhou Mystery Dungeon game? And apparently it's out on the switch in japan? Now I want it out in English on the switch.
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    here is my favourite Christmas song
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    IBN II: Ho-Ho-Holy Humbug!

    I'll let it slide, since it's technically self-created assets.
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    Hello everyone. I'm creating some more modernized/ Sci-Fi icons and hopefully going to move on to even larger pixel arts soon. Basically, I'm looking for feedback, and critique, as the title says. Currently, I only have a few icons for Ammo, and a couple of modernized grenades. Basically, every attack in my game that uses a gun, or skill that uses and item, will require ammo from the inventory. So. here we go. Mostly, my doubts involve lighting and shading... THESE ARE WORKS IN PROGRESS. PLEASE DO NOT USE, EDIT, OR SHARE outside of this thread. I Will be posting again when I am satisfied that they are ready to use. A bokuto, or wooden katana. Alien Mind Control (Take me to your refrigerator!!!) Energy Ammo Pack - the bottom is supposed to be a concave cube, whereas the top part is supposed to be cylindrical; silvered metal, with gold bands, and showing glowing red energy inside and at the connector tips up top.... but i'm not sure it doesn't just look flat. M84 - Flash bang. This one had so many sharp angles that i'm not sure you can even tell what it is, or if you can even make out the Pin... M67 Frag Grenade. The entire thing is OD green... so shading it to represent a light source is kind of difficult. A metal Bolt or Slug for a Rail Gun. Silvered metal with angled flanges coming off of the cylindrical core. M18 Smoke Grenade Pretty simple, but still kind of hard to draw the spoon on the side at the correct angles and to show the pull pin and the primer on top Handgun Ammo. Rifle Ammo Machine Gun Belt Shotgun shells in a woven fabric shell carrier That's all so far, and I will add more as i work through it, and need more icons to suit my game. Thoughts? (Once again, these are works in progress. PLEASE do not use for yourself just yet. I will release a new thread when I'm ready to share.)
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    Achievement System

    Author: Calestian Name: Achievement System Version: 1.4 Features: Setup Instructions in the Script. How to use: Conditional Branches: Images: Script: Link:Achievement System
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    This script enables you to use the Characterset graphic instead of the face in menus. V2.5 increases their size and adds the effect to name input. Enjoy! it is my first script so please give feedback, and credit me if use. Screenshot- Script- I hope you enjoy it, and please give me any suggestions and feedback.