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    Oh dear my new lappy does not handle some of the lighting effects I am using very well... not sure why exactly since other ones work perfectly fine. Maybe it's the size of the images? Edit: Nope, it wasn't the laptop at all, it was me making a dumb mistake. Tee-hee... Sorry lappy for blaming you!
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    In the absence of Seriel, I'm considering taking up the task to host something similar to IiaW. Essentially a Game Jam. So I know for reference though, how many people would actually be interested in participating (no judges, actual contestants). We always have alot of people drop out, so unless a fair few is interested, I'm not sure whether to actually make one or not. And what would be better for a time frame? A week or a weekend?
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    BluMiu Art

    Tulamar of the Moons Inheritance
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    Level Grinding | LV 6

    675 Sorry to hear you're having problems, Phoenix; Wish I could do something.
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    should I write a tutorial for flashy/blinky text?
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    @BCJT I have removed the contents from your post. Role Playing And Forum Games is, as the name suggests, generally for forum games, not for posting projects. For uploading your games, please head to All Game Submissions. Remember to follow the guidelines. Your thread didn't meet the requirements, hence why it wasn't moved, but removed. If you'll have any questions, feel free to message me. Sorry for inconvenience. This thread is locked.
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    I got a new lappy toppy! Donno if it is as good but it seems nice. Now I gotta reinstall everything... and get used to having a working s key again.
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    Me: I should work on my current project. Also me: I can't be arsed to worked on it! Let's work on that random idea totally irrelevant to your current project! Better yet, let's make it another project!
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    Starting to create some tileset for my village. So far so good. =3
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    I was working on a boss for my game thing today. Tee-hee, I added a secret trick to the fight too. I think most of the bosses will end up sorta semi-puzzley in my game. Also tempted to try and do a kinda 'turn based bullet hell' thing... no not like Undertale. I mean like turnbased dodging. It actually isn't quite as crazy as it sounds, I just mean making projectiles move in turn like everything else or find another way to telegraph attacks. I just wonder how interesting I can make fights that way. And speaking of Undertale, I am mostly fiddling with a boss cause I came up with a boss tune the other day. Thee boss tune I came up with I called 'TransylMania'.
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    Hello everyone!! ^_^ Starmage here!

    Hi everyone!! It's good to be able to join this websites for RPG maker stuff!! I've been on other forums such as RMW and RMN, so it's great to be able to join another RM forums! I have always loved RPG games since I was a kid!! xDD Now that I have discovered RPG maker, I am very excited to share with you guys whatever games I have and/or will create in the future!! I'm also excited to check out everyone's stuff here!!
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    I finally finished two important scripts for my game! Here's a video showing off what they do. They currently aren't available for public use, but I may release them one day!
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    Hello everyone!! ^_^ Starmage here!

    Hello Rikifive and Lord Vectra! Thank you so much for the warm welcome!!
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    The forum sure changed a lot.... anyone here?
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    Hello everyone!! ^_^ Starmage here!

    Hello there! Hope everything goes well! Have fun and welcome to the herd!
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    Black Mage

    Fast Travel Script

    @Yung_Walrus I'm sorry that your post left unanswered for almost 5 month. A lot of IRL stuff are happening and I got busy this years. Not to mention that I rarely visit this forum. Anyway, for your problem, it's actually simple. You have 26 places but you only assign 25 switches. Thus the error occurred. I tried adding one switch on the switch list and it works fine. P.S As you already see, I rarely visit this forum. So if there's another problem occurs, you can tell me on my Wordpress and I'll visit this place again to solve it. My Wordpress: Trail of A Developer
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    Anyone here ever see the movie Matilda? I love that movie. Also, one of my first solid gamedev ideas involves that character, as a teenager who learned of two terrible things, the first being that a horrific, destructive contest that has claimed lives many, is coming to her town, but it is the second that has her, and her mother, Jennifer Honey, who was also her teacher back in grade school, extremely concerned. Agatha Trunchbull, Jennifer's step aunt and former principal of the same school, was coming back, but not just for revenge; she was also a participant in the contest. A destructive contest that has taken lives many? What to do? Join, and stop the insanity, Matilda thinks, but she isn't old enough to drive... Jennifer reluctantly agrees to aid the fifteen year old Matilda, in her quest to stop Trunchbull, to join the destructive contest known as Twisted Metal...
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    You know, I am surprised something like shareware hasn't made a comeback. Not sure if I want to see what today's gaming industry will twist it into, but in today's would of digital downloads and free to play games you would think it would fit right in.
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    My boredom is infinite, as is my loss of interest in gamedev. I never thought that the loss of flimsy and obsolete technology would affect me like this; I just watched the entire Harry Potter movie series in the course of ten to twelve days. Aye, imagination, pen and paper and some dice and cards only do so much for me... And not a one has bothered to say anything about my latest blog either, even if I didn't expect it, proving me wrong is part of what humanity is, same as it would be for me to prove you wrong, reader. As Van Halen said, that's what makes us Humans Being... Good song, actually. Especially with the full orchestra intro.
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    hey kazidor here

    hello everyone and hello the mod that has to look at my post im here to mostly to get advice on my sub par game making and just to talk to people i made a discord for my hopefully good game can i post discord links or is that bad?
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    Lord Vectra

    hey kazidor here

    As far as I know, you can put it on ur signature but that is all.
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    YEY! I have managed to recover my account!
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    EEeeep! My lap top's screen has a big o' crack in it. It still works sorta but it's freaking out. Pretty colors though. Better back everything up in case it fails on me. Been spending a lot of time lately playing Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded for my switch anyway, though it does inspire me to work on my game more. Can't really do that very well with the screen glitching though. Oh, it's also my birthday! Funny my screen cracks on my birthday, but I am not gonna let that ruin my day!
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    The problem with that is that the lookup tables for what stats you get per level only go up to level 99. If you are past level 99 it will give that error when trying to look up stats because there is no data there and will return nil. Only way to fix it is to either import your own larger table, or recode it to use a formula.
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    Level Grinding | LV 6

    653 I was testing something with profile-pic-change-feature and used a pretty random pic I had... aaaaand I liked it, so I left that be.
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    Level Grinding | LV 6

    I was thinking it would be fun to make people custom engines to work with ace... their dll saves me a bunch of time. 652
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    https://chungsiestudios.wordpress.com/2018/07/23/building-the-engine/ welp. I don't really care who sees my code for my project
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    I'm really bored without you. Now I'm eating a sock. Tell me why I, try to eat a sock
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    Level Grinding | LV 6

    638 Wot? Riki changed his profile pic? That's new
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    Level Grinding | LV 6

    631 Nice, now it looks good
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    I honestly feel bad for @Rikifive; I am flabbergasted at how something that simple now has been wrenched what, four times now!? Certainly takes the fun out of it... It's even less fun than the microtransaction happy Candy Crush. Actually, I do like that game, but forcing the player to use powerups that one has to either buy or cheat to get is some really f*cked up garbage. In some levels, if you don't have powerups, you're so far up garbage pass without a shovel...
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    Level Grinding | LV 6

    Due to two overlapses, I'm gonna go with the post count so that Riki's game is back on track with it's replies=exp concept (and so Riki doesn't have too many posts to edit). 627
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    I wouldn't say it's dead - just on life support. Anyways, my fondest moment was how everyone helped me during depression and how I got the Best Eventer Award. At the end, I succeeded in the goal I originally came for which was to show ppl they underestimated eventing which I've proven multiple times and I'm happy with that (even if some scripters didnt like that). @lonequeso will be my shout out for being an amazing friend. @Rikifive for being an amazing Admin. Good to see you again, ShinNessTen.
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    Y'all... we are all dead, you noticed? And yeah, you probably are aware, but today I would not want to speak ill of the dead. (when in reality, I may actually did) Today I just would like to, mayhaps, share some bonding memories and at the end even MAYBE announce a little competition(in competition zone, for those interested) to spice life into the forums again... even if I'm pretty much the least qualified, due to me being the absolute most inactive member in existence. Also I'm aware that putting my face into the spotlight might irritate some people, because of... let's just say reasons, but I will ignore those from now on, as I now understand what I truly want to have in this existence: tl;dr: Y'all are awesome, keep at it, don't give up, I won't speak for everyone, as everyone wants to speak for themselves, yadda yadda.. I just want to let you know, that no matter the situation, we are STILL here, breathing, regardless of our current situation... and that's what everyone really should be happy about, and if not, then maybe for just a minute. My memory goes as far back as the late 2013s. I remember being the most cringiest kid, having this mentally awesome game that I had no idea would later turn into a giant pile of mess, because it was way too ambitious. The first ever, what I consider friend, I met was @Loriesquare, (back in MY days, we weren't callin' him that, but EienNanashi). Back then I had big plans, but I knew the concepts and everything were extremely flat and landed on their faces the moment I started writing my games story, made the art for it and "borrowed" tracks from other games, that are supriorly better than what I even had planned with my childish brain. Mister Nanashi, back being a lil' ol' lad was actually the first to be interested intensly in my Project I titled "Soul Effect" and from there on, I was motivated to make big plans regardless of them being too ambitious. That push you feel when someone, for the first time, mentions that you are making a cool game is like no other. Eventually you start getting used to compliments and slowly start seeing the dark sides of your hobby/job more than the positives. We've all been there... maybe... you know, when you are kinda sick of receiving praise from the same people and want to come out more. Now I'm not saying this is the case for all the devs, but it was most certaintly for me. I am the kinda person to strive for greater heights and ignoring messages about the "impossible" feats you want but can't accomplish. People tell you "You'll get there, but slow it down a little and play by the rules." I started questioning this more and more as time went on, as I wasn't really satisfied with that conclusion. Instead of obeying the rules and learning slowly that way, I acted a rebellious nature to find out what's hidden in the dark for me, to receive more knowledge of the dark arts of making a game. I found lots, and I mean LOTS of things, for the price of my happiness, sanity, etc. Seeking my own justice, I realized that it's really hecking hard to stand your own ground. But nonetheless, I still am standing my ground today. The first couple of months beating myself over my own mistakes were hard, but once I slowly started realizing that, perhaps, someone else is out there also struggling for themselves are trying to survive their own pain bringing brain like myself. I realized that I didn't wanted to A: disappoint them, because I wanna show that you can INDEED manage to pull through yourself if you are willing your power into existence and B: disappoint myself, as that would ultimately become my downfall, because nobody else but me can support me (in that time). As a young lad, I always wanted to become a hero, someone you can look up to, but eventually realized a year back that it just can't be done. You CANNOT make everyone happy, it's impossible. At that point my fantasy and reality fought each other bringing my mentality to the ground. And then, it hit me... what if, as cliche as it sounds, would the two just combine together? "Genius!" I thought to myself, except I didn't actually think that, because it was a really serious moment where there was no comedy involved. Obviously with that mindset of "bringing them together" the reality side of things didn't wanted that, because it is a ridiculous fairy tale mindset, but once you realize that you can combine both to form fiction into reality, it blew my mind and then I truly said "Genius!". It was never about Light and Dark, it was never about good and bad, it was never about depression or happiness... It was about accepting both sides and bringing them together, regardless of the fact that the negative things boil your inner rage and void. For that... there was always the positivity bringing you back to the middle, to the whole/half (I dunno). Sure, this Ying-Yang crap sounds entitled as all hell, but... do you really have to care about what I say? Do you really have to just put your own mayonnaise on top of my already existing mayonnaise? I'm not saying you can't... in fact, you can. But now imagine doing that in reality with actual mayonnaise on some other strangers bread that he already had mayonnaise on. Pretty sure it's far-fetched, but at the end of the day, you kinda just blame yourself for making these mistakes, even if you say you don't. Which, in the end, I did... I did A LOT. Like me, or like me not. I like myself enough to ignore your... eh... dislike. Is this a public apology? Is this a justification? Maybe... I don't know... I just wrote this, because I felt like it and I didn't think of any drama, except I did when writing further in because I remembered I had beef not only here, but also in various other places. I am still me and you are still you... do with that information as you please, because I know you don't want me to tell you that I am right and you should listen. Yeah... I know, very entitled. But I like myself for it, honestly. ALL I'M SAYING IS... Thank you for making me the person I am today. I may have listed the absolute worst scenarios, but these are the scenarios that helped me grow the most and regardless of them being negative, I still am obligated to thank those that changed my mind and made me realize my place in life. Thanks to all my friends I have made over the 5 years I'm in this RPG maker community. And everyone knowing me, regardless (that's the word of the day) of my beef with you, I STILL consider you a friend... and you know who you are... you... eh... 20 people? lol (yeah, I was a bad boy) Anyway, enough with this cringey depression/selfreflection talk: How about a contest? I was thinking of making a contest based around decision making and multiple path options. Thought that was a cool idea. Obviously like a very short game and I thought it might help out people getting into multiple paths or something. PS: I guess this topic is about how you felt over the years on this community + contest stuff lmao PPS: I know, I still suck at english PPPS: @Loriesquare shoutout to the special snowflake I mentioned here and am still friends with. (Miss you bud)
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    Today I discovered that an anime for Ao Oni exists. Welp.
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    Level Grinding | LV 6

    609 Alright Riki, some people just post here to talk not to increase the EXP
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    How's the RM community these days? I'm getting back into the swing of things but it seems a lot more quiet!
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    The game of "If...then"

    If it is only a matter of time before the clock of doom ticks midnight, then Nira, the Experiment will be successful
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    The game of "If...then"

    If one can get away with murder if they have a badge, an orange is elected as the new president. Oh wait...
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    Level Grinding | LV 6

    589 Hey, you got it, it's pretty inspired by 1984 and The Village from M. Night Shyamalan
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    That moment when you revisit a game, see the thread's closed after you've finally became #1... Riki planned this!
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    You can get some baseball looking dudes in this link (although called golfers, they have baseball looking caps): https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/hiddenones-mv-resource-warehouse.47255/ As for trains, there is a paid resource for all you could want for trains (I think, not sure cause I haven't bought it yet) here: https://rpgmakermv.co/resources/full-train-set-engines-cars-freight-more.1399/ Sorry if I'm late and you don't need it anymore, I just joined the forums pretty recently.
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    Lord Vectra

    How to add monsters

    You would create an event on the map and use the battle processing method. Make sure trigger is event touch and not player touch or action button. You'll want to set its move route to approach.
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    it's mitch mitch mitch mitch, all day everyday for infinity.
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    Woot Check out my new blog for game updates.
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    new game test run.gif

    From the album People That are Cool and I like to talk to

    this is what happens if you have never played the game, once you run this one time, it never happens again
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    RPG Maker MV Quest Editor

    Hi there! For some time, I've been developing set of tools for RPG Maker MV, essentially the Quest Editor (not a wonder, cause title says the same). When I played with RPG Maker Engine for the first time, I've been surprised that such tool wasn't here yet, and decided it will be interesting try to create something like that and see if it will work out or not. So here it is. Flyfox.Quests & Quest Editor. Flyfox.Quests is a set of tools for RPG Maker MV. Its purpose is to help easily create complex quests and dialogues for your game. It includes plugin what you'll need to add to you game project and quest editor for creating your epic story with different choices and conditions. You'll need to follow 5 simple steps to get up and running: In you RPG Maker MV Project, mark events which will be participating in quests (this will require adding comment line). Those events will be your NPC's. Register Flyfox.js plugin with you game project and run game for the first time: this will generate all required metadata for Flyfox.Editor. Create new project in Editor and write you quest/quests. All NPC's marked in step (1) can participate. Export output file from Flyfox.Editor and place it in directory with your game. And... Done! Flyfox plugin will take care of everything else: tracking quests, saving game progress, displaying texts, choices, etc. You do not need to fill event pages or do some other work in RPG Maker MV Editor. Flyfox.Editor gives you easy to understand visual representation of your quest. It shows you "quest flow graph" (see screenshots) which is easy to edit and fill with data. Arrows points where player will go after making one or another choice. You can add new texts, choices, add different translations or variations based on choices players makes. And all of it – in one place. Also editor will show you unfilled fields or any logical errors. So here is some features: Simple and understandable quest graph. Ability to work with quests in one place. Your team's quest writer can now work as he/she wants using only Flyfox.Editor and nothing more. Great ability to customize you quest. Add any number of translations with couple mouse clicks, switch to any translation at any time. Change game flow based on player decisions with ease! Add parameters to your project and see how simple it is to write and manage different text variations. Comfortable UI interface to work with. Current version is 1.0b, which means many useful things are missing. Here is list of things I'd like to add: Customization of text/choice window via Flyfox.Editor. Automatic word wrap (Right now you can use external plugin for it or just break long lines into smaller ones). Variables and conditions. You will be able create global variables (for all NPC's to see) or local variables each quest or NPC. With this you can predefine some ranges and write text for echo one of them. Or add default 'fallback' text. For example, you can add global parameter 'hero anger' and set available choices or texts based on that. Or you can manage friendship between hero and different NPC's. There are unlimited possibilities. UI improvements. This includes not only updating visual design but also things that will improve usability. For example, hotkeys for working with lines and blocks (see tutorial about that), sorting lines with drag-and-drop, metrics and errors windows, additional navigation and more. Additional quest actions. We want to have ability do all sorts of things from our quests: give player reward, move, invoke custom script, set RPG Maker variable or trigger, invoke event pages, etc. For more information about available actions ("lines") see tutorial. Different ways to start quest. Right now you can start quest using default RPG Maker event action button ("Enter"). It will be good to have ways start quest while walking over quest NPC event, or when moving to certain distance from NPC or... You name it! "Multi-stages" (to learn more about stages, see tutorial). Thing is, right now to add NPC dialogue (interaction), you should add it to some quest stage. But what if you want to have same dialogue available for several stages, or even whole quest? Custom in-game quest progress window. Thing is, I would like to hear your opinion about it, like would such tool be useful in real-world projects, and if I should continue my work. I'm aware that you can't create complex cutscenes this way, though I've got some ideas about it (for example, defining cutscene in separate event, and then calling it from Flyfox. This way we'll be able separate quests & texts from events). The idea is to create tool that will be fun and easy to use, and also allowing rich capabilities. So I hope I'll get some nice feedback here AI Plugin There is another plugin I've been working on, but it's not quite finished. It's called Flyfox.AI and it's purpose is create enhanced AI. It will help you create immersive towns and villages living on their own: citizens walking and chatting and sleeping, traders selling their stuff and working in shop, waitresses serving customers, bandits robbing at night... This plugin was inspired by Skyrim AI system. Though it has many flaws, it still provides good immersion into game world. Most RPG Maker games don't have any of that. It's frustrating for me launch a game and see lifeless NPC, stuck forever in one place. Thing is, I've decided that i'll rather finish my work with Quest Editor before continuing work on AI plugin, but I also decided not remove any AI-related code from plugin yet, so if you'll see it, don't be afraid! (That code isn't so bad though) Downloads & Demos Here you can download Editor app (requires .Net Framework 4.5) and flyfox.js plugin. Flyfox.Editor 1.0b Flyfox JS plugin And here is "Getting started" tutorial
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    I guess the important thing to realize is that you aren't selecting between locations, you are selecting between indexes. Really the windows with selectable options (most or all of which are ultimately subclasses of Window_Selectable) are mostly pretty simple and all follow the same format, you have a set list of possible selections (the number of selections is controlled by the item_max method) and when you press a direction key and it changes what the current selection of the list is, also called the index. If you want to do anything like, say, make a grid or other two dimensional selection you are going to need to recode how the index selection works. There are also lots of reasons you might want to have up and down do something different from left and right or mess around with it in other ways. You can always mess with your windows's cursor_ methods if you need to. It still needs to know where in the window each selection should be to be to draw it of course, and that's where item_rect comes in. Basically a rect is just a simple way of doing math with rectangles. They have an x and y starting location and a width and height. The way it's supposed to work is that the item_rect method returns a rectangle within the window for an index. You can code it to return any rectangle you want, but the default calculates one vertically based on item_width, item_height, col_max, spacing, and the index. But Window_HorzCommand for example switches it around to use a horizontal one. I have totally coded one where the selections are not in any real continuous order too. Usually the window calls item_rect in draw_item to figure out where it should draw the images. You could use any of the built in draw_ methods or just draw whatever bitmap you want using contents.blt which draws stuff (basically the blt in contents.blt refers to a special way of drawing on a bitmap, though I have no idea if that is really appropriate terminology when using full alpha masks, but that's besides the point) on to the window's contents bitmap (the image for the inside of a window). In addition, item_rect is used to figure out where the box that surrounds what option you have selected is. Over all not too complicated. In brief: Directional input to select the index of a list of selections, item_rect to help figure out where to draw the selections.
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    Crystal Engine - Item Accessories

    it works, but not as i want the healing item is used automatically at the end of the turn even if the hp is over 50% an the buff remover item still gives me an error, a demo would be SUPER EFFECTIVE!