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    I decided to put some music I made for my game up on Soundcloud. I have used it before to share a track or two to people privately but I put a bunch of stuff as public today. I just figured since I haven't been working on my game much lately I might as well upload some of the music that I feel kinda proud of, just so something I have been working on is out there somewhere.
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    Experience has taught me that the vast majority of you will be too young or uninformed to understand, but I'm going to try anyway. The blatant shenanigans have gone on for far too long, and someone has to say something. I play a TPS MMO for 360 called Defiance. I don't play often anymore, but I maintain an account and a Leadership role within my respective clan. Earlier this month someone had the audacity to call me a "noob" because I don't have (or need) a supreme shield. After humiliating him not once, but twice through dueling, I proceeded to educate him in front of the entire North American server in Zone Chat. Noob is a term we frequently hear thrown around in cheap. And if you've ever taken or plan to take the time to call someone a noob, you're going to want to pay real close attention. The correct spelling is Newb. Newb as in newly registered, new to the way things work, new account, and so on. I mean after all, we'd never say, "What are you, noo?" Because that would make us look like a total foot sandwich, right? Noob, or the even rarer, more idiotic n00b, is what newbs say when they're trying to be cool. So what went wrong? An entire generation of newbs grew up, and noob became the norm... I mean, look, Donald Trump was elected President of the United States of America... It's just the age we live in, folks. Someone had to say something, because again, the shenanigans have gone on for far too long.
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    I was kinda disheartened when I was looking for some female soldiers and commanders graphics. Most of the RTP style things out there (save for personal characters made for people's specific games) are your stereotypical women graphics. Decided to make/edit some myself! All are edited forms of the base RTP graphics. Edit: Made some battlers to go along with the pics. They're based off the VX battlers. Edit: Made a few more faces. No character sprites attached to this, you'll have to make your own. I made little stories attached to each one as I was making 'em. (top row, left to right: Elise, Rhiannon, Lian bottom row, left to right: Dalia, Astrid, Johanna) Elise - A novice red mage who just recently earned her certificate of mastery. She's calm and laid back. Rhiannon - Legendary martial arts master who was recently called out of retirement. Most underestimate her because of her age and sex. Lian - Engineer in charge of the flagship of the airship fleet. She often has her head in the guts of the engines trying to modify them. Dalia - A woman of few words who is well known in the fighting circuit. Astrid - A new appointee to the royal guard who is eager to prove herself. Johanna - A paladin of an ancient order who is still striving to right the world, even as she's getting up there in years. Edit: Female faces of color! Older ladies! Eeeeevil Women! Feel free to use my edits in your own projects, just credit me (and post in this topic that you're using it) Any sort of feedback is welcome.
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    Tried scouring the RMMV Steam forums recently, nearly contracted Stage-IV Ligma in the process. Thankfully, this place exists. Also, I'm back!
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    Looks like the forums have encountered a problem. Please be patient.
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    was anyone gonna tell me there's an rpg maker game with a secret path that tries to recruit you into a cult or was I just supposed to find that out in a recommended youtube video myself
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    What the actual fuck? With staff conducting themselves like this, the whole ghost town scene's starting to make perfect sense. I'm out like Epstein, folks. This shit is too dramatic, even for me.
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    I know midis are a meme and mocked n all but gOD when they're done right it's so
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    you ever play a game that just SPARKS inspiration
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    I wish I could read these scary stories, but my knowledge of Japanese is at a grade school level. I was hoping to find some more juicy inspiration for 72 Youkai Anthology.
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    Hello hi! English isn't the native language for many of us, including me, so don't worry. Have fun and welcome!
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    feels good to be here again XD
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    It is now my birthday! I was born in the early morning I think, so I may be officially 40 now! I am ooooold... but I am a fairy so 40 years isn't really that old for us. Probably won't really do much today, but I am gonna try and have fun today anyway!
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    my character designs are starting to look nowhere near similar to the sprites they're based on and I feel like people are gonna yell at me leAVE ME ALONE I DUNNO HOW TO MAKE OR EDIT SPRITES
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    Thank you all for welcoming me!!!
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    Hello there and welcome! I'm curious about your music. Have fun here and good luck with your projects!
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    Hey guys, Here are this week’s new free music tracks: On my Chiptunes 3 page: page: “COIN-OP CHAOS 2” https://soundimage.org/chiptunes-3/ On my Fantasy 9 page: “SECRET HOLLOW” https://soundimage.org/fantasy-9/ “QUIRKY VILLAGERS” https://soundimage.org/fantasy-9/ If you need some affordable custom work created (music, sound effects, images, etc.,) feel free to email me. My email address is here: https://soundimage.org/custom-work/ Enjoy!
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    https://yogentelevision.itch.io/lunesta inverse kinematics, markov chain, save load function under 1 K save file, character selection, welcome to 2.0
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    Word Wrapping Message Boxes

    Nope, sorry. VX Ace only.
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    You're very welcome! :-) This week’s new seamless textures are on the following pages: TXR - GROUND Some cool new ground cover textures. https://soundimage.org/txr-ground/ TXR – SCI-FI These could be used for all kinds of things I’m sure. https://soundimage.org/txr-sci-fi/ (Make sure to scroll down for seamless textures.) I hope everyone had a good weekend!
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    Phew... I haven't done much work on my game lately but I did today! I made a whole new actor! :O Brings the total in my game to a whole two actors! Though the second actor is not a party member, it's actually used as a back up version of the main character that can be safely reset to level 1 for puzzles and/or special dungeons.
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    After some consideration and lots of spare time at home (due to injury at work) I made two sets of female faces of color. I started making little bios for each of them but kinda gave up since I was on a roll with Photoshop. Your comments always make my day Edit: I'm REALLY on a roll tonight. Here's some older women. I tried to make varied professions (soldier, commander, mage, etc) so she's not just "housewife".
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    Hide Skill Type in Battle

    Sure, no problem, I made something that does exactly that for one of my other scripts. I just had to add in a module for easier use and making it usable on it's own without extra scripting knowledge. https://docs.google.com/viewer?srcid=0BywhvOtY4_H9ZEhmVEczd1J1bVE&pid=explorer&efh=false&a=v
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    Face Edits are awesome. My only say on the sprites is to add armor to their torso, I disagree with their exposed torso - Out of preference. It follows that Armor Bikini Trope, where if a guy were to wear an armor - it's a full on plate armor that covers everything. But if a woman were to wear that same armor, it's just a (harsh-looking) steel bikini. I hope games would stop (over) sexualing women and treating them like items, it's a real shame. That's just my opinion, good job.