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    Author: Valentine Version: 1.0.6 About VXA-OS is a free structure for creating 2D online games. It is currently considered a beta and is still in active development. Features Current: » 4 types of chat; » 9 types of equipment; » 13 administrator commands; » 3 moderator commands; » Global server battle system; » Passwords protected with the MD5 cryptographic function; » 99% of event commands on the server; » Common server events; » Configurable resolution; » Global Switches; » EventMachine network library; » Friends system; » Quest system; » Account Editor; » Teleportation; » Paperdolls; » Party; » Minimap; » Bank. Next: » Remaining event commands, such as: Show Choices, Item Selection, Wait and Move Event; » Customized movement of events; » Parallel process start conditions and automatic start of events on the server; » Weapons and long range skills. Images » Login » Character creation » Bank and party Download With DirectX: Mega 4shared No DirectX: Mega Tips How to attack and chat with events: Press Ctrl. Translation to Englis: To translate the client's vocabulary into English, replace the [VS] Vocab script to: License VXA-OS is a free open source framework, distributed under a very liberal license (the well-known MIT license). The project can be used for any purpose, including commercial purposes, without any cost or paperwork. VXA-OS is not in the public domain and its creator retains its copyrights. The only requirement is that if you use VXA-OS, you must give credit to the creator by including the copyright notice somewhere in your game. In no event shall the copyright owner or copyright owner be liable for any claims, damages or other liabilities. Credits Creator: Valentine Thank you: Cidiomar Soreto LeonM² Komuro zh99998 RGD Team
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    I made a little trailer for my game... Phew! Video editing is hard work! Especially when your laptop is kinda slow... Oh well, I am mostly happy with it for now. Though a bug caused a red evade to show up.
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    Version 1.0.6 available. LOG: -Paperdolls added; -List of friends added; -Bank added; -Teleportation system added; -Party added; -Added moderator commands; -Configurable maximum number of classes; -Pup of gold added; -Fix bug in the drop; -Fix bug in the minimap; -Other bugs fixed. I added some things in the Manual.
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    Hi everyone, I've got a site up with about 1500 tracks of free music that you can use in your games. It's all original...all my own work. All I ask is to be credited as indicated on my homepage: http://soundimage.org/ I sincerely hope my tracks are helpful. Any and all comments are welcome and always appreciated. All the best, Eric
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    I really love when script authors leave out important details on how the scripts, script calls and notetags work. It's so much fun as a novice trying to figure things out when what you're really needing to do is actually move forward in your game development instead of trying for a long ass time to figure out how one little thing works...
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    I wanna change my game's title AGAIN bc I thought of a name that sounds even better gfdi
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    Already called the big reveal from page 1, but daaaayum... Kasen really rocks those horns.
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    I'm so determined to figure out how to use TSBS (theo battle system) by myself I actually started taking notes lol
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    Well, that was embarrassing... A big thank you to one of my playtesters who noticed one very humiliating typo I forgot about. I fixed that up for version 2.0. I had mistakenly made one character look like a lolicon! That ain't gonna fly! [REDACTED] may be a lot of things, but lolicon isn't one of them.
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    In my latest game project, I've decided to use TP as a third vital meter. You know the deal: If your HP depletes to zero, you're done, MP, no more magic/skills/whatever. But TP is by default a safe thing. Not in my game. If TP goes to zero in my game, it's almost worse than a Knockdown (death status), because that character gets hit with a nasty status ailment that weakens their every ability, and is difficult to recover from. Also, every action that requires movement (attacking/casting magic/etcetera), will deplete TP, or in my game, it's EP, Endurance Points. If you don't have enough Endurance, you may as well wait, or defend. Also, some equipment will make actions cost more Endurance, some less. The idea is that you want to end battles quickly, but not so quickly that fatigue sets in before the next battle. I've always thought this was a good mechanic to have, but maybe not everyone thinks so. I appreciate all constructive thoughts on this. Let us discuss with full hearts and open minds.
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    So I finally decided to go back to my game after months... And uh I need help picking a font
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    "wow what an amazing script- OH GOD ERRORS"
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    I have been working on a trailer thingy for my game! It's kinda simple but I think it works pretty well so far. I have to rerecord some of the footage I had shot since I changed some stuff though. Also there was a super secret item that only really existed as a reference to a script I don't even use and really didn't do anything, so I changed it to something else. A fairy egg! What does it do? Fufufu... It's a secret!
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    I've been working my butt off revising things for Kamikakushi 2.0. What kind of things? Revised dialogue, ramped up puzzle and chase scene difficulty, maybe another stupid death or two? idk. Don't get too used to the easy difficulty of version 1.0. It's only going to get harder from here...
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    Phew... been cleaning out my apartment in the human world so it can get sprayed for bugs today. I would use magic to lure them away, but I don't wanna raise any suspicion. Sigh... If only Skitter were here... ... No wait. On second thought that would probobly be bad. She might think I am Glaistig Uaine or something and swarm me. ...Yes I know most likely no one is going to get the reference. Sigh...
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    Kamikakushi is now 100% finished! FINALLY! It feels like so long... Thank you for being patient with me. As always, please tell me if you encounter any errors I may have missed. Without further ado, please enjoy this tale of youkai. Fufufu~
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    It is with great pleasure I announce that the writing for Kamikakushi is 100% complete! I just need to fix up the face graphics and add some lines of dialogue in the bonus room and I can safely say this puppy's good to go.
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    When night falls on the mountain, the youkai come to play...
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    Battle Pouch - Script Request

    Thank you for the advice everyone! Indeed, Sixth helped me get things worked out last night, so all is good now.
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    I can’t believe we’re so far into January already…where does the time go?? Anyhow, brand new realistic seamless textures are waiting for you here: TXR – CONCRETE / PAVEMENT https://soundimage.org/txr-concrete/ TXR - GROUND https://soundimage.org/txr-ground/ TXR – ROCK/STONE 2 https://soundimage.org/txr-rockstone-2/ TXR – VEGETATION https://soundimage.org/txr-vegetation/ TXR – WOOD https://soundimage.org/txr-wood/ New music is on its way as well…I’ll be posting a list on Wednesday. See you then!
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    I did read one short story I thought would make a rather interesting game plotbunny: basically, some Joe Schmoe wakes up in his own apartment with amnesia because of an incident that happened several months prior. Now, here's the interesting part: his amnesia relapses whenever he experiences intense stress. So he's in a constant samsara of remembering and forgetting his wife's murder. Or maybe that's just my love of fine mystery/horror speaking.
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    I don't know who DoctorTodd is, but I do know for certain their Autosave script has the same machine quality as that of the old Ford Pinto. A hodgepodge of parts ready to blow! lolz
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    That's a feature called 'autotiles'. Unfortunately it dosn't quite work in the way you might want it too. Autotiles don't really care what tile they are surrounded with, they only care if it's the same autotile or not. You can't have one autotile that blends into multible tiles. Though I think there might be some weird exceptions where two autotiles are counted as the same so they will never blend into each other, but I am not sure. Autotiles have some weird hardcoded behavior sometimes, so I wouldn't be surprised. The other confusing thing is there are two 'layers' that autotiles are placed on depending on the tile: One for ground tiles (like grass or water) and one for stuff that goes on top of that (like trees, fences, pits, and so on). The annoying thing is what autotile is on what layer is hardcoded. I mean, theoretically you can put any tile on any layer, but there is no way to actually do that in the editor. Since the layers don't effect each other, if you put your floating ice tile on another layer it won't cause any borders. There is a special trick to autotiles though that can help though: The shift key can be used to mess around with how blocks effect surrounding blocks if you need to. It's kinda hard to describe how it works, but in brief: Holding shift when placing blocks or pasting will disable 'autotileing' and make it so the black you placed doesn't effect or get effected by any surrounding blocks. Holding shift while copying means it will remember exactly how the blocks connect together so that when you paste it with shift held down it will create an exact copy of the region you pasted without changing how blocks connect. This means you can totally screw around and make crap like this: I know it looks simple but it's totally impossible to have that kind of layered patterns without shift clicking.
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    Passive Skills

    Name: Passive Skills Version: 1.0 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2016-05-12 What does it do? Allows skills to give passive bonuses to actors. Screenshot: None. How to use? Use the following tag on the skills you'd like: <Passive: [sTATE_ID]> This means skill will give all bonuses state with that ID gives. Example: <Passive: 11> Plugin: <GitHub> How to download Plugin. Click the link above, there will be a button named Raw, press Right Click -> Save As. Terms of Use: Don't remove the header or claim that you wrote this plugin. Credit Mr. Trivel if using this plugin in your project. Free for commercial and non-commercial projects. How to use?
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    Remnants of Twilight: Age of Arius is the first installment to a five part series that follows Oboro, and his sister, Vira, as they traverse five different planets in order to stop Amaya's corruption from spreading throughout the universe of Rumara. The game takes place on the planet Kirin, where the world is inhabited by many people, demons, and structures that can be found within Japanese, Egyptian, and Greek Culture/Mythology. Please understand that almost all the screenshots above are placeholder and are subject to change within the near future. We just wanted to show off what we are trying to do while we collect the extra resources for the rest of the game. A demo will be released for the game in three months time, so I hope everyone will keep coming back and checking up on the project for that If you have any questions or comments, feel free to put them below and we will keep our eyes out for them! We have no lives, so that shouldn't be a problem at all! Also if you would like to see more of our work you can follow the links below to our social media pages: https://www.facebook.com/TwilightTeddiezStudios https://twitter.com/TwilightTeddiez http://twilightteddiez.tumblr.com/ Or if you would like to view our project on Kickstarter, you can follow the link below this text: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/889743262/remnants-of-twilight-age-of-arius-0 We hope you all enjoy the project and have a wonderful day!