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    Hey! Long time no see! Hope you all are doing well!
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    I made a blog post about some stuff I was doing for my game! Haven't done that in a while!
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    I've been messing around in minecraft again lately... But I have found myself messing around with some scripting stuff and some skin editing, so maybe it's time to get back to gamedev. XD
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    Got the states on the tiles, so you can step on a poison tile and get poisoned, or step on a regen tile and get regened.
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    Already done. Though some require other files in demos or on their original pages that are gone. https://www.dropbox.com/s/qo51tkl12bo409c/%2BRPG Maker VX Ace Scripts.rar?dl=0
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    Yay, I have actually been doing stuff related to my game for once! For example. made a basic sprite for a character I have been thinking about adding to my game for a while. I present to you, "The Azure Demon": She's the owner of one of the dungeon areas in my game, a mansion near a misty lake I called "The Azure Demon Mansion". I know, I know, a color themed 'evil creature' girl who owns a mansion, never been done before! She also has an army of ninja maids! 'Original character do not steal'. Maybe I should populate the mansion with more wholly original characters! Like a lazy gatekeeper, a sickly librarian with a cute imp assistant, a head maid that can stop time, and a sister she keeps locked away in the basement because she's too wild. Woah there maybe I should spread some of that originality around a bit! Thinking of having her actual name be something like Lapidea Lazul Lājevard. ... Though I could imagine her fairy name being Lazzy Lass Glasgeamchloch if she was a fairy. Personally I think that name is muuuuch cooler. Maybe I will use that as a pet name! Think it would annoy her? Edit: Oh! Almost forgot to say what her roll in my game is! Looking like she is going to be the second major boss in my game, and probably going to be the leading character in what I have called before the 'demon subplot'. She's also cute as a button. That's a very important plot point that needs to be addressed up front. So be warned, I intend to make this demon super duper cute.
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    I actually did a lotta work on my game today! Mostly working on stuff for little bonus puzzle rooms. Ya gotta have bonus puzzle rooms in a mystery dungeon type game don't cha know.
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    I can test MV and MZ games at the same time now lol
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    - listens to "eyes on me" - remembers one of my characters is a singer - HMMMMMMMMM
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    Can't believe that Tag Manager I wrote in Ace is coming back to MV so that I can finish my grid battle engine.
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    As I've written several easy, simple and small RMMZ plugins, I feel that I'm familiar with RMMZ plugin development. With the fact that I'm going to report duty for my full time job from tomorrow, I think I've to go back to finish my RMMV plugins, and I'd expect that to last several weeks or even months
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    Just given a positive rating on Steam, even though my feeling on MZ's somehow mixed, and my positive just slightly wins over my negative(but I still believes that MZ will get better and better over time)
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    I'm glad to see coders dropping their MZ code resources here. Now, if only graphic artists would do the same...
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    Tried to use ES6 Map to store some battler properties, and while it's nice by accepting anything as key(and MDN claims that ES6 Map's faster as well), those properties are all gone upon load, due to Map not being serializable upon save. Now I just feel dumb on one hand, and hope that I'll be the only stupid noob making this beginner mistake on the other
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    Can't wait to get "any target" selection working with this grid-based target selection. You can literally just move your cursor left and right and it'll jump from grid to grid (video)
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    I'm hosting a giveaway for my video game Night Spasm! You could win 1 of 10 free Steam codes by clicking on the link below and following the instructions. No sign up is required, only an email. This is my first official game (made with VX Ace) and I'm glad to share it with this wonderful community. Entries end on September 6th, so click quickly! https://gleam.io/RUvUN/night-spasm-steam-code-giveaway Check out the Night Spasm Steam page! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1291100/Night_Spasm/
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    FPLE is actually pretty cool, if a bit cumbersome to work with.
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    Yeah, you'll need the demo to get those and also the editor to even use it. But FPLE pales in comparison to MV3D.
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    This is a big one for me: An in-program tileset editor, complete with the ability to make backgrounds invisible. A simple, drag and drop function would be best. It's always such a hassle to craft the tilesets. The last time I did, it took me almost an hour to finish all the steps to simply add four lines of resources from one tileset to another. Also, and this may be easier said than done: a size standardizer. What I mean is, when you get resources from older or newer versions, and they're just a few pixels to big or small and it throws the entire tileset off, have a button where that says "standardize" and it detects the borders of images and resizes the tileset appropriately. If that results in the occasional weird stretch, I'm okay with that.
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    Working on my first game!

    Hi All! I'm Aslan, and after years of fiddling with various older versions of RPG Maker (I started with 2k when I was 16), I've finally decided to get serious and make a full game. My plan is a bit ambitious, but I'm pretty sure I'm capable of doing ALMOST everything I need with very few scripts. The problem is that "almost." I work with VX Ace (Humble Bundle FTW!) and I've already had a couple of instances of needing to ask a question only to find that the official forum is buggy as heck! Luckily, this place is here, which I can actually get an account with and ask some questions! Please be patient with me as I am still learning in spite of my experience (and I have zero programming ability.) I hope to find friends, a great community, and maybe even provide a fun game for people to play! Anyway, thanks folks, I look forward to hearing from people!
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    Working on my first game!

    Well, I joined the forum a few months back, and I've tried two different email addresses. I've even tried emailing support. I actually have a theory that they're not accepting me because I put in that I'm using VX Ace(The main reason being that I've seen several people join and get approved the same day when they put in their profile that they work with MV). There are little things on the site that seem to suggest that they don't have much respect for those of us who got the humble bundle deal. But it's all good. I just need a community to turn to and to find some people with like minds. Also, there are still topics there that I can read, and as long as someone else has asked the question I have, I can learn what I need (I've had that happen a couple of times at least.)
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    O.P. Wilkituska

    Wilkituska's WRPG Tilesets

    This is a work in progress. It's far from complete. I will edit it later. Basically, it's a WRPG-style tileset, for those who want more realistic looking graphics.
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    These are amazing, dude! Definitely gonna use them in my projects... XD I personally like Magic Clock Shop. Sounds nice for the theme of a character I made or as a scene BGM. Anyway, I think I found a second Green-Tone for my one-stop project BGM resource~
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    Wing Helm Parts

    So I saw one of the characters in the trailer had a winged helmet, and I absolutely loved it. I thought for sure such an awesome part would be available to the character generator... and much to my chagrin, it was not. So i made an easy fix for anyone who wants to use it for a faceset SV_battler and Walking Sprite. To use the the battler helm you'll need to export the character you want to place them on, open up the rear wing then layer the character over the top of that image then layer the helm and wing over that and it should fit over them Enjoy! Also please do not move these from this site, as eventually the credit will be lost as to who made them.