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    Yay, I made a sprite... of a sprite! You see, sprites are fairy-like nature spirits. This one is a cute nature spirit of autumn! Edit: Better side animation, no ember things.
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    A new year has new possibilities for everyone's game development. What are your RPG Maker goals for 2020? Do you want to release a new game? Do you want to create a new battle system? It could be as simple as creating your first graphic of a character! I'll start us off! My goal is create a trailer of my current project and release a trailer before the end of the year.
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    YouTube Link embeds borked

    Yeah, I know this place is dead. This borked feature will make it even more dead. Fix please. I'd tell ya exactly what the dumb error code is, but it won't let me copy and paste it (goes away when I move the mouse).
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    I've been working on and scrapping and reworking on projects for close to 5 years now and through that time, I've put in thousands of hours in RPG Maker (according to Steam) and I think I'm now ready to truly make a game that I can be proud of. My goal is to release a game if not by the end of this year, then by the first half of 2021. So in 2020, my game development will hopefully make a lot of progress. I would love to see the main storyline and beta versions of all of my maps and cutscenes completed this year
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    Organize my Final Fantasy/Squaresoft Tribute series to be turned into an rpg of a different name. Recruit a small team to make sure it is the best it can possibly be. Convert that concept into a working JRPG. Begin development.
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    To get as far in development as possible; I'm going to have a demo ready by the end of January. I also want to get better at making animations, something I've never really touched on before...
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    I think I'm gonna have to take a deepdive into my database one of these days and come up with better items/weapons/armor. I feel like I don't have enough and a lot of them don't quite fit the fairyland theme I am going for. I have added some weapons that do fit the theme, but the problem is they are basically all replicas of unique legendary weapons like Caladbolg or Gáe Bulg. I probobly need to come up with more generic weapons. Also still kinda wanna turn potions into mushrooms or something and turn scrolls into something else (not sure what, maybe some kinda of tarot card).
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    You know, I think I have been in a weird grumpy mood lately for some reason and am probobly starting too many arguments. So... Sorry everyone! I don't mind having an argument or two but I think I may have gotten a bit out of hand.
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    Two goals for me, this first is to release a battler for each job class (base version) and try to get some designs out. The second is a bit of a stretch but I'd like to have a working version of a new MV animated battle system demo done with the actors I've made.
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    It's so great you're using the Sony Playstation HUDs for this Game.
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    People disappear all the time. People reappear all the time. But disappearing and reappearing without much fanfare, the situations and circumstances often being all hush-hush, and with new, deadly looking wounds and scars, often after your supposed death, is something rarely heard of. In fact, outside of Revenant, Oregon, where I now live, I had never come across anything like it. I first noticed it when I moved here, and a man by the name of Jacob disappeared. No investigation was made. The higher ups at the company he worked for paid off the local law enforcement. The second weird thing was how a few days later, people saw him walking the streets at night. He supposedly showed up in a blurry security camera image outside of a morgue. Some people claimed they could made out a Y-incision on his bare chest and stomach, clearly from an autopsy, or a dissection, or a vivisection, or something to that effect. As soon as any of this was brought up though, it was drowned out by other things, and it seemed all too purposeful. It seemed too much like it was being covered up. This pattern kept popping up. People would go missing, or have all the evidence lead to their death, only for them to reappear at night, in graveyards, in morgues, in hospitals, on grainy CCTV footage, in blurry pictures. But all evidence that they reappeared would disappear. In one case I remember, one girl’s entire existence was completely erased. Most of the people have forgotten about her, and her family refuses to acknowledge she ever existed. Her name was Marina Northwood. I can’t even search for her on the internet, and she was a moderately known social media influencer. Every trace of her has been wiped clean, except for what people remember of her, and one blurry picture of her standing in a graveyard. Marina’s girlfriend, Eleanor, reportedly killed herself a year after her girlfriend’s disappearance. Police found the knife, and the blood and fingerprints were her own, but they never found a body. A few days later, somebody saw her in an alley between some houses, late one night. That person has since withdrawn the statement, but I refuse to believe that they lied. This wasn’t the first time, and it most certainly wasn’t the last. The next one I remember is a guy I want to say was named Tyrone, but I can’t remember exactly. His best friends confessed to getting into a drunken fight with him, and murdering him. The body was never found. The friends swore they never hid the body. In fact, one of them claimed that his dead friend got up, and attempted to smash his head open on a desk. He certainly had the injuries to prove it, but he later withdrew the statement. I normally wouldn’t go anywhere with this story, I would just keep it to myself, but I turned the news on tonight, and lo and behold, another disappearance. A young woman, Monica Brian, age 21. Her blood, hair, fingernails, a tooth, and some ripped up fabric were found near a dumpster in an alley. Her body was nowhere to be found. Nobody has seen or heard from her in three days. Has anyone else witnessed anything like this? Have you come into contact with anyone who has disappeared like this, only to reappear much later? Have you disappeared like this, only to reappear much later? If you know anything about this, please let me know. I have to know. I have to know what is going on here.
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    To all you people on here who've been saying I'm really a squirrel bestowed with the gift of human intellect inside of a remarkably attractive man-robot, operating him with controls, that is false, it's fake news, it's violent and it hurts my feelings. I'm a kitty cat bestowed with the gift of human intellect inside of a remarkably attractive man-robot, operating him with controls.
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    It finally happened. My RPG horror game, Kamikakushi, has been recognized by a big name: Tara A. Devlin, the author behind the horror anthology series Kowabana. I'm not worthy, AAAAAAAA.... I know I sound like a broken record, but still... WOW.
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    I am so proud of myself! My map of my game's first castle is my best castle ever so far!
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    RPG Maker Offline Builds

    Does anyone know of any offline RM builds? I mean the legitimate ones. Not talking about the archived ones (though there's not really any difference). Since Steam is being a piece of garbage and my hardware and financial situation are not going to improve any time soon (likely going to worsen actually), I haven't any real option other than using offline builds. I don't know what to do; this is my passion and if I have to throw it all away...
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    Display image in Status screen

    Like most things with scripting the answer of whether it's possible is of course, yes. KZ's snippet is basically what you do to display any external picture file in a window. If you look at the default code in the engine for "draw_face" (which is used to display the portrait, located in Window_Base) it basically is the exact same thing, with only one difference, which is that it needs to chop up the image file containing the faces in order to pull the right face from it. #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Draw Face Graphic # enabled : Enabled flag. When false, draw semi-transparently. #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def draw_face(face_name, face_index, x, y, enabled = true) bitmap = Cache.face(face_name) rect = Rect.new(face_index % 4 * 96, face_index / 4 * 96, 96, 96) # This is the only thing it does differently. contents.blt(x, y, bitmap, rect, enabled ? 255 : translucent_alpha) bitmap.dispose end But I guess to be fair, for someone who is only just dipping their feet in the engine's code, these 3 or 4 lines of code might be kinda not very easy to understand. So I'll break down what KilloZappit's snippet actually does line by line: bitmap = Cache.picture(picture_name) # Load (but not display) an image file from "Graphics/Pictures" whose filename corresponds to # the value stored in the variable "picture_name" and set it to a Local variable called "bitmap". # "Cache" is one of the default scripts right at the top of the list, its job is to load images # from the game's Graphics folders and cache them for quick reloading, if the same picture # needs to be used later. If you check it out, each of its Methods corresponds to one of the # sub-folders in the game's Graphics folder. # Example usage: bitmap = Cache.picture("actor1-fullbody.png") # # The file extension is optional. You can omit the extension and it will look for whatever valid ones # it can find. contents.blt(x, y, bitmap, bitmap.rect, enabled ? 255 : translucent_alpha) # Displays the image in the window. Every Window has its own completely transparent, blank # bitmap image called "content" that it creates when it is initialized ("create_contents"). # To display things, some other image is typically loaded and gets copied onto this "contents". # using the "blt" Method. "blt" is short for 'block transfer' and it preserves transparency, so # you can 'layer' things on each other by repeated "blt"s as opposed to other Methods for drawing # things like "fill_rect" or "gradient_fill_rect", which will completely replace whatever was # underneath, even if you try it with a transparent color. # # Example usage: contents.blt(12, 24, image_file, Rect.new(0,0,4,4), 255) # Meaning: "I want to copy the image in the variable 'image_file' and display it starting 12 pixels # from the left of the Window and 24 pixels down from the top. I don't want the whole image # to be displayed, just a 4x4pixel portion of the top left corner. And do it at full 255 opacity, # not translucent or transparent." # # X-coodinates start from the left, Y-coordinates from the top (unlike RPGMaker MV, which I # believe has y-coordinates starting from the bottom of the screen). Opacity ranges from 0 # to 255, with 0 being fully transparent/invisible and 255 being fully opaque. Images are drawn # from left to right, top to bottom. # # The particular call in the snippet does not look much like the example, because all the parameters # used are themselves variables. Plus, there is that headache of a ternary operator used to # decide the opacity. # Meaning of the call in the snippet: "Display the image from the "bitmap" variable however many pixels # to the left was in the "x" variable and however many pixels down specified in the "y" variable. # I want the whole image displayed, the entire portion of whole rectangle of the image in the # "bitmap" variable. For opacity, I want to look at the variable "enabled". If such a variable # exists and/or has any value assigned that isn't "false", make this image 255 fully opaque. # Otherwise, set it to the opacity value stored in "translucent_alpha"." # # "translucent_alpha" is a method in Window_Base whose sole purpose is to store a number. That number # being 160, which is the opacity that not "enabled" images will be drawn at, such as actor porraits # of reserve party members. bitmap.dispose # Unloads/disposes of the image to free up system memory. It has already been copied onto "contents", # so the original is no longer needed. "contents" itself gets disposed when the Window is disposed, # which only really happens during Scene changes. Most other times you 'close' or 'shut' a Window in-game, # like with the message box, it's actually only being turned invisible and not really disposed. You might ask, where are all these variables called "picture_name" or "enabled" or "x" or "y" actually being set and given values? The answer is, they are set in the parentheses that you type when calling the Method to run it. def draw_picture(picture_name, x, y, enabled = true) # Declares the lines of code written after to be a Method called "draw_picture" so that it can be # called repeatedly without having to retype the lines of code within. The value of the variables in # the parentheses are to be specified at the point of calling the Method. The first three are mandatory, # the last one has been given a pre-existing default value of "true" and so is optional; if you don't put # anything in for it, it will default to "true". # # Example usage: draw_picture("actor1-fullbody.png", 0, 0, false) # Meaning: "Load the image "actor1-fullbody" from the Pictures folder. Display the whole image # from the start of the Window's top-left corner, at translucent 160 opacity." # # Example usage 2: draw_picture("actor2", (self.width-200), (self.height-200)) # Meaning: "Load the image "actor2" the Pictures folder. Display the whole image starting 200 pixels # from the right side of the Window and 200 pixels from the bottom of the window. Do it at # full 255 opacity." ... ... ... end Basically, you need to decide what coordinates you want the picture displayed at and have a picture ready so you can prepare the Method call (something like "draw_picture("actor1-fullbody.png", 0, 0)") and then find a good place in the code of Window_Status to insert the call into. Remember that the images drawn will layer over one another, so whatever gets drawn first will end up underneath something that gets drawn later if they get drawn in the same spot. Which means you will want to insert your picture-drawing call somewhere before the text gets drawn if you plan to have text written over it.
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    RPG Maker Offline Builds

    I think your best option is the same one that I give everyone. You may need to ask RPG Maker's customer support. Explain your situation and they may work with you. I hope they do.
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    That One NPC


    The Andoran Concordat During the climax of the Great War, several Time Mages interfered in order to bring the conflict to a close. The death of Icen had drawn a line in the sand. It had gone too far. The world leaders from every nation involved in the war were abruptly teleported to High Rock Plateau in the country of Andora. It was here that the Andoran Concordat was forged. Over a period of three days, the Time Mages endured tireless debates as they convinced the leaders of each nation that this war could not, and would not be allowed to continue. In the end, it took threat of further force to subdue the bloodlust of the Odinkin Empire. Each nation signed the concordat, agreeing to an new era of peace. Borders were negotiated, and the conflict smoldered out over the following decades. Zenobia In the era following the Andoran Concordat, the Odinkin Empire once again fell back into internal conflict. Over the next two mortal eras, their Empire evolved and shifted like the sands their new Empire sits upon today. According to legend, the Zenobian Desert was once a sea of lush, windswept green plains and dense, fertile forests. But somehow, somewhere along the line, it became an arid, destitute ocean of unforgiving dunes. Despite these harsh conditions, the ancient city of Zenobia has managed to not only flourish, but excel. Zenobia is a massive, technologically advanced, desert metropolis. An empire seeking to conquer and erase the old world. Using their far superior technology, they sweep the vast continent committing genocide, and establish new Zenobian cities atop the ruins and corpses. They have been crushing their fellow Odinkin nations, one after another, solidifying a new, glorious Empire of Odinspawn. The desert city is divided in two. The core of the city is awe inspiring. Buildings that tower into the sky. Wealth and luxury for every man and woman. Highly advanced technology ingrained into daily life. Outside the core, beyond the walls and defenses, the people of the slums suffer in poverty and oppression, living in crudely built structures under terrible conditions. They do not hold official citizenship, and are afforded none of the basic services such as fire prevention, law enforcement, or adequate medical care. Zenobia is ruled by the Ducrinus royal family. They have governed over Zenobian lands for centuries, and have become synonymous with Zenobian culture and politics. Hector Ducrinus is the aging, stricken Emperor. Disease has confined him to his bed chambers, and he clings to life support as his oldest son, Lucius, keeps the Empire running. Sarovoc, the youngest, is the President of Zenobia Prime, a technological and energy powerhouse that controls and supplies all of Zenobia's energy. Sarovoc Ducrinus (I've already been informed that it rings similarly to Sephiroth. It was not the intention, and I hadn't realized until I was informed. It's a name I've been using for characters in games for some time. My go-to warrior or mage build name. Zenobia is inspired by Midgar. I've never denied that. Final Fantasy VII is a big part of what this story pays homage to, but it retains an identity of its own.) Sarovoc is a cold, calculated and cruel man. A product of Hector's signature brand of upbringing, and the brutal training of Hogo Marks, Hector's specialist instructor. He loathes both his father, and brother for their cruelty toward him. He desires the throne more than anything, and there is nothing he will not do to sit upon it as rightful Emperor of Zenobia. His first move is to remove his father from the board, unplugging his life support. He attempts to frame his brother, and leaks information surrounding the incident to the Zenobian press. This creates enough of a disturbance to allow Sarovoc to assassinate Lucius, blaming a rogue sycophant looking to avenge Hector. Sarovoc becomes the Emperor Zenobia.
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    I purchased an RPG Maker bundle from Humble Bundle in November and I have a lot of stuff I don't use. Here's a list of everything just PM what you. It's first come first serve I'll strikethrough whatever is claimed. Game Character Hub PE: DS Generator Parts Game Character Hub PE: Second Story RPG Maker VX RPG Maker VX Ace RPG Maker VX Ace - Fantasy Hero Character Pack RPG Maker VX Ace- Ancient Dungeons: Base Pack RPG Maker VX Ace - Futuristic Tiles Resource Pack RPG Maker VX Ace - Seraph Circle: Monster Pack 1 RPG Maker VX Ace - Fantastic Buildings: Medieval RPG Maker VX Ace - POP! Horror City RPG Maker VX Ace - Animations Collection I: Quintessence RPG Maker MV - Karugamo Fantasy BGM Pack 01 RPG Maker MV - Urban Slow Piano Vol.1 RPG Maker MV - M-DRIVE 16-bit Music Pack RPG Maker MV - Hiroki Kikuta music pack: The Fury RPG Maker MV - Dungeon Music Pack RPG Maker MV - Light Novel Standard Music RPG Maker MV - POP! Horror City
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    RPG Maker Offline Builds

    I normally just do Steam in Offline Mode, tbh. That's mostly because of a problem I had with the Steam Cloud though, but it works like a charm.
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    That One NPC

    RPG Maker Offline Builds

    Steam. Now I get it. What you need is the hard pc version.
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    I purchased an RPG Maker bundle from Humble Bundle in November and I have a lot of stuff I don't use. Is there any way of getting rid of or trade them in?
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    Made my own discord server for Animated battlers stuff and help. discord.gg/4fu9kP for anyone that would like to join
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    Huh, it works for me... as long as the graphic is actually set to something already anyway. Maybe that was a change I made and forgot about, but for me the current graphic is always part of the list. The no text menu thing does indeed happen for me if it's a layer that is completely blank though, but there is nothing to really recolor there in any case and the option really shouldn't show up at all. A quick and dirty solution for you might be to add a "None" option to all those layer's GUI_LISTS. Like: GUI_LISTS ={ ... :socks => ["None"], :legs => ["None"], :bra => ["None"], :top] => ["None"], :cape => ["None"], ... } Not sure how well that will work, but give it a try!
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    Just what I needed!