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    Fufufu... I made a 'trickery' detector in my game to detect if anyone has been messing with time and space the save files. I still let the player load the game, but I let them know I am watching them. I keep track of how many times it detected trickery too. :3
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    https://kurtsiestudios.wordpress.com/2018/12/10/announcing-title-additional-member-of-the-team/ starting the day off right
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    List of My Scripts

    Awww, shucks... I don't think I have really released anything in a while though, mostly because I don't use MV and I don't know how many people are still interested in VX Ace stuff.
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    List of My Scripts

    Since some people wanted it, here is a list of links to most of the scripts I have scattered around the site I don't think I have actually released that much of note, but hopefuly some people might be interested! Important scripts - These are the scripts I think every project can probably benefit from: Word Wrapping Script - Makes stuff in message boxes and item descriptions (and anything else that uses draw_text_ex) automatically start a new line if the line is too long to fit. Cache Back - Improves the RPG Maker VX Ace cache system so that games should run faster and use less memory. Note Field Hash - The script I use to load note tags for most of the scripts I make that need it. Other finished scripts - Scripts with complete documentation and usable features that I think are suitable for release: NEW! - Crossfade script - Script to change the fades to use fancy crossades like battle transitions do. Unfinished, undocumented, and/or scrap scripts - These are mostly experimental ones I haven't gotten around to formally finishing: Simple Database - A fixed up version of my old NPC Database script. Alternitive Antilag - A possibly more compatible variant of Theo's new antilag script that also may be faster in maps with few events. Doesn't include the optimization for large numbers of events yet though. Frame Buffer Battle Swirl - An effect when entering battle sort of like the whoosh found in Final Fantasy 7 and other psx era RPGs. (Undocumented, but should just work without any fiddling, may update and formally release soon.) Free Party Turn Order - Changes battles so party members can act in any order. (Unfinished and undocumented, may be buggy.) Accent Generator - An attempt to do something like Chrono Cross's where each party member can say a piece of generic dialogue differently (Undocumented, some of the functions are kinda obscure) Icon Event - Short script to make an event look like an icon. (Undocumented, uses the note field hash script with the :icon_index key.) Custom Item Menu Scripts - Some scripts to change how item menus work, requires some other scripts. (Unfinished, undocumented) Final Fantasy 2/SaGa Series Inspired Stat Leveling System - A experimental stat leveling system that tallys stats when they are used and randomly levels them up individually after battle. Script demos/collections - Tech demos and/or base games for more complex collections of interconnected scripts: Super Dungeon Demo - Everything related to my modification of Saba Kan's Random Dungeon Generator. Adds a lot of new features and rewrites a lot of the old ones. Also includes my modifications and add-ons to Khas Awesome Light Effects, my old Event Battler script (which was released independently but seems to have vanished from the site for some reason), my autotile update script (which I wrote for this) and lots of other stuff, most of which isn't really that useful on it's own. Lots of documentation available here. Super Skill System - Based mostly around extensions and modifications to the Graphnode Install script and my own custom skill system to create a modular system to add extra effects to skills. No documentation yet. Feel free to play around with these and use my code if you think you can do something interesting with it! I like to fiddle around with other people's scripts too so it's only fair.
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    https://kurtsiestudios.wordpress.com/2018/12/08/jazz-boom-flowers-and-physics-realism/ as I enter third day of production, I timidly await the arrival of our project files from the programmer :)
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    I found myself kinda binging on Goriliaz videos lately. It's funny, I remember when the band started, but I never payed much attention to them in between then and now. A lot has changed since then. 2-D looks like he may have actually been happy for a bit there, Russel is no longer possessed, Murdoc is in jail and was replaced by Ace from The Powerpuff Girls of all people for a bit (guess greenies make the best bass players), and Noodle... Uh... Wow. She definitely is not 10 years old anymore, I can tell you that. ...Now I feel old.
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    Whelp. Tumblr's gone Infinity War. At least you can still find me here and on my deviantArt, Pixiv and Twitter accounts.
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    https://itch.io/jam/igmc2018/rate/337070 I submitted a thing. Would love some feedback if you have 15-20 minutes to spare.
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    3-4 years without getting into this place. The name of it even changed! Oh, I feel so old. So, hello to everyone here! Glad the forum has been updated (previously InvariableZ here, though I doubt anyone knows me)
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    Is that person me? :3 What can I say, retorting is fun! Anyway, it's not like I really disagree with you as such, it's just... Here's the thing: There is nothing really preventing people from doing exactly that. If people wanted to they could rise up and tear down those companies, quite easily as a matter of fact. All they have to do is not buy into it. If everyone switched to Linux, Microsoft would crumble. If everyone quit Facebook it would fall. If people had a good reason to, they could change everything. And, in fact, there are a significant number of people who are actively doing all that. It's not actually all that hard. But not everyone is in agreement. Some people don't see anything wrong. Some people do but they feel it's not enough to stop using the things these companies make. And that's okay really. That's what Anarchism is all about after all, that everyone is able to have their own opinion and do their own thing. I mean what do you want, the government to step in and regulate everything? Or maybe a god? That should be the last thing an Anarchist should want don't you think? Or maybe your more inclined to take matters into your own hands? That's fine with me, but I don't see a problem with people choosing to do otherwise. I mean, I am pretty sure you and I are on the right side here, the side that is going to win in the end. The gathering in the shadows is growing. Ever so slowly, but it's there. But it's going to be a long road to go before it's over, because it isn't exactly a straightforward obvious issue that most people can rally around. Not yet anyway.
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    Super Skill System Thing

    Here is a sorta weird demo of a skill system I have been working on for a while. It's based on a modified version of this script with lotsa extra features. skilldemo.zip It's main extra fetures are the ability to attach skills to other skills, restrict stuff so you can only attach some skills to perticular skills or skill types, some extra animation stuff, and my own custom skills system that lets you have multible copies of skills, each with there own name and configurations of add on skills. It's kinda complex and the menu may not be as easy to use as it should be. I do think it's pretty neat though. It's probobly gonna have a ton of little niggly details and strangeness I need to iron out. I think for the most part, if you know how to use the grathnode install script, it's more or less the same except you can make skills grathnodes... but there are so many little details to talk about... I may write more documentation later. Some more info: Edit: Made it so it didn't check the grathnode's/metaskill's occasion anymore, so you could have items and skills that are set to never and still work as grathnodes/metaskills. Also merged the "Grathnode Tweaks" and "Metaskills Apply" scripts since they overlap a lot, and made my weird minimum tp cost thing it's own script so it could be tweaked or deleted. Edit 2: Custom skills now cost MP/TP properly now.
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    Entry 00F: Earth, I Do Not Belong Here

    Well, regardless if you are selfish for wanting it to be over, I am still gonna be selfish and wish you keep sticking around. You can blame me all you want for that. I am not going to hide form my selfishness, from my 'sin'. In fact, I am proud of it. But even so, I get it. I really do. I do not begrudge you for demanding more, for expecting something better. I will not even begrudge you for giving up. I will do what I can to stop you from doing so, but I can really do very little in the end. Divine or mortal, I want you to stay in this world. Because I can't, and won't, follow you if you leave. Or maybe come to mine, but I doubt that's possible for you right now. I think it's still possible that you can find happiness here. I really do. But that's not very helpful is it? You know... I said I would do whatever I can but... No. That's not true. It's a polite turn of phase and a bad habit. Maybe I could send you every dollar I had, maybe I could find a way to get to you and steal you away, but all I really am willing to do is give you pep talks when I can, and it's obvious I could do more. Lots of people could. Most people are selfish, most people 'sin'. There may be genuinely pure good people out there, I don't know. But then, even if there are, how many misdeeds and evil actions have been done in the name of 'good'? Far too many. I think it's pretty logical why most people act the way they do. Well maybe not logical exactly, but understandable. That's why I find it hard to blame humans really, to hate them. They really are just a bunch of animals scurrying after any bit of meat they can find, just machines programed to adapt and survive. I actually find it awe inspiring that the world is as good of a place as it is. Not that that makes problems go away though mind, but it's still a work in progress, it hasn't reach it's final stage. I want to see what the world will be when it does, don't you?
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    Hehe, maybe it is the best we can do sometimes. :3
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    Pew... Okay. I have talked about this kind of stuff before in various places, but it's a topic that keeps getting brought up over and over in gaming circles and I don't know if I ever really sat down and made a blog about the subject. Partly because I suspect 90% of people really really do not care, or if they do, are completely sick of hearing about it or talking about it. The other 10%? Well probably 90% of them have already made up their minds no matter what I say. So likely only 1% of people will actually care about and pay attention to anything I have to say about the subject. But I feel like blabbing about it anyway so here we go. First of all, lets ask an important question: What exactly is feminism anyway? Feminism is, as far as I am concerned, a number of movements which concerns it's self with a subset of the larger subject of Identity Politics and is in particular focused on the liberation and promotion of the "female" identity. It is not, as some people would insist, simply the promotion of gender equality. For many if not most feminists solving the problem of gender inequality is, has been, and always will be, the primary goal of feminism, true. But feminism is not a goal, it is a rhetorical method. The method can be and has been used for different ends, even up to and including the promotion of the domination of the "female" identity over the "male" identity. This however is again a goal and not one a vast majority of feminists share. Therefor, one thing that is incredibly important to realize is the goals and ideals of particular groups of people who use feminist rhetoric are not necessarily the same. Making blanket statements about all feminists or anyone who uses similar ideas and methods is incredibly misguided. If you have a particular objection to a particular recurring argument or a foundational criticism of feminist theory, then those kind of debates and criticism are far more valuable then just blatantly attacking a goal that someone may not share. On the flipside, if someone is using feminist rhetoric to argue for a goal or position that you disagree with, then arguing directly to oppose that goal or position is far more valuable then attacking the theory behind the rhetorical devices they use to push for it. In short, feminism is a tool. If you oppose the tool's usefulness, debate the tool. If you oppose the people's use of the tool, debate the individuals who use it. I have my own objection to feminist theory and to the whole field of identity politics, but on the other hand I also share the same goal as most of the people who are into it do: The ever murky idea of "equality". I just don't think identity politics as it exists is the best way to go about accomplishing that goal. So, what, exactly, is the problem we should be trying to solve? They say life isn't fair. Maybe that is true, but I don't think of it that way. Life is very fair. People are born in the same way as basically everyone else, and everyone's life has the same kind of random factor to it. Are you born as a particular race or gender? Roll a dice. Are you born with some genetic disease? Roll a dice. Are you born in a particular area of the world? Roll a dice. No it's not truly random, but from a personal perspective it might as well be. Everyone starts out pretty much the same, as a helpless baby. Everyone has pretty much the same odds of being born in any particular position starting out as any other. No, it's society that's unfair. It's society that judges you for your birth, not life. Life just doesn't care. It drops you in the middle of things at some random point and leaves you to sort it out. Society wants to sort you, to put you in a nice box. Sure society protects people, but only for it's own interest. Unlike life, it cares about you, but only in how best to use you. The uncaring wilds may chew you up and spit you out but they won't judge you. Except if you count in retrospect by how many babies you managed to pop out and genes you manage to spread, but that's coincidence not intent. To life society is just complex tricks to increase the amount of wiggling things that can be wiggling together at any one time. To society, life is just a source of things to put into different boxes and judge according to what boxes things were put in. So people are put into boxes like "male" and "female", and much more then just biological traits are put in these boxes. Ideas, behaviors, rules, everything is divided up into these boxes. There are boxes for gender, boxes for race, and boxes for other things. Some boxes are put inside other boxes to make a neat tree so everything gets cleaned up and organized. People are expected to take what box they are put in and use it to model their entire life around it. If they can't be put in a box or refuse to be put in one they are just thrown into the "other" box and distrusted and scorned. Once a group of people in the other box with some arbitrary number of traits the same emerges they can be given their own box. And so the cycle continues. People of one box can find it easy to hate and scorn people from another box. People who identify as a box with fight furiously to defend and promote their box over other people's box. And boxes who gain some sort of "power" will try and dominate other boxes. Some boxes will be put other others. It has happened time and time again, and will continue to happen. Life doesn't care as long as that means more wiggly things everywhere. Society delights in it's happy little boxes without caring about the contents of the boxes at all. So what fights for us? Well we do of course. Nothing else will. So what then is the solution to this problem? I can tell you for sure what is not the solution. Playing society's little games with boxes. And that's exactly what identity politics is. If you insist to define yourself as "male" or "female" or "gay" or "straight" or "black" or "white" all you are doing is putting yourself in another little box. It doesn't matter how much you fight for the cause of your box, because your still fighting for the broken system that causes you to be oppressed in the first place. The only way to free humanity from this system therefor is to systematically tear down the system of boxes that people are placed into. And yeah, that's really really hard to do. But maybe not impossible. Maybe as technology advances and humanity can change their bodies more and more in ways that they see fit, the need for these types of classifications will vanish. If people can change their gender whenever they want or even be in between, what need is there for gender identity? When people can change their skin or appearance what need will their be for racial identity? When people finally develop a post scarcity economic system what need will their be for class identity? But until that day comes, and maybe it never will, it will be hard to simply refuse to put ourselves in little boxes. Buit I think it's still something we should look to as an ideal if nothing else.
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    By fuel the opinion I mean to ignore the opinions regarding the social problem; fuel as of sustaining the opinion, by any means.
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    Well I guess you are right that simply making gender./race/etc. a matter of self expression rather then solely based on what you happen to be born as isn't going to really make the problem go away. I mean, people are prejudice on things like what clothing you ware or what shows you like too. Maybe the only way to fix the problem really is just to alter how human brains work. Maybe it should be seen as a mental illness and "cured". That seems like a bad road to start down though. Not sure what you are talking about in "don't fuel the opinion" though.
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    I agree with all your points except the last one. I do not think that your proposed solution will really "solve" the problem. Why? Because even if the human can change their bodies to whatever they want, there will always be the social problem associated with practically any concept, which is the "underlying" problem of the "boxes" concept in the first place. What is the "social problem"? To put it simply, it is an opinion, but a little more established. So, what will be the next solution, get rid of the social infrastructure altogether? That could work, but that has several repercussions. Instead, what would be my proposed solution? Remove the social problem? That can work, but require the education and even then, as long as there is a free speech right, someone will want to cause the social problem. Removing the free speech might not a be good idea either. My proposed solution is much simple, albeit a bit naive: different people has different opinions; don't fuel the opinion. That might not be much of a solution, but I might start finding one by doing something simpler first.
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    I don't think humans are nearly as uniform as you think. People have different brains that work in different ways, some which function in ways so radically different they are often labeled as "mentally ill". The ideas you hold change a lot too in how minds interact with each other. As for human's "flaws", who exactly says that? Why is seeing human nature as flawed even credible in the first place? And what kind of "fix" are you looking for? You sound like you are looking for some supreme god to sweep down and fix all of humanities problems. Would you really trust such a being? I for one rather humanity solve it's own problem. Besides if you believe in one, wouldn't that make all humanities problems the fault of the god in the first place? Either way, I doubt a god is coming. I don't know how you can't call love selfish with how much trouble it can cause, but whatever. :3
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    Madonna earned a lot of my respect when she said, "I'm not a feminist. I am a Humanist." Though, personally, I don't believe species chauvinism is very healthy either. Robert Anton Wilson taught me that. I feel like having any concrete identity based on your corporeal envelope can be very limiting as well, but as long as you're not harming or hindering anyone I don't honestly care what you do in your life. (I sure hope this topic isn't being discussed by a group of privileged males...)
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    Yeah! Yay for transhumanism!
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    Well sheesh, we really oughta be allowed to do whatever we want with ourselves and our property and our bodies as long as it doesn't endanger others, seems like a basic human right to me, standards of things are so weird xp I'm all for idealized self-images, may as well have fun decorating the fleshpile you're shuffling around in if ya can ;3 Whatever makes anyone feel comfortable with themselves, at the end of the day, if that sort of thing matters to em -shrugs- BUT when cyberbodies happen then maybe on-the-fly gender fluidity can totally be a thing, that seriously sounds interesting in and of itself, haha x3
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    Well... Honestly I feel people should have the right to change their bodies however they want (heck I kinda wanna do that), but I tend to be skeptical of innate gender identity sometimes. I think if their ideal self images happens to be of a particular gender that's one thing, but that's an idealized self image, not really an aspect of the "true self"... buuuut I shouldn't preach to people about who they really are. Society does that enough.
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    Well... Yeah. Ditto everything above me. It all never made much sense to me in the first place cause gender kinda never existed to me anyway xD "Are you a boy or a girl?" Me: "Uhhhhh -checks pants- guess I'm a girl? Gee, two whole X's to work with ey? That's- that's cool I guess?" Seems like there's some stuff I have to deal with because of that, and that's not so cool, but I like to think things are slowly improving, it's a step-up from just about any other era I could be living in, at least in Western society, I suppose. Not that I'm dissing anyone by saying that! I hear all about all these people who identify as this or that, or don't feel they're the gender they were born as, and I sympathize even if I don't understand it, and I say as long as you've got a great personality, I don't see what the bfd is, you be what you wanna be yo xD Isn't fair that more people couldn't try to look outside themselves a bit more, I guess.
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    I don't think all feminists were ever fully interested in true gender equality as such, even historically. Feminism has always been primarily a movement run "by woman, for woman, of woman", and primarily motivated by their own perceived lack of agency and power. And that has not changed. Feminism has always had a "woman first" kind of edge to it. And the reason for that is the same reason any group of people who feel oppressed do the same thing, because they think they have to. And sometimes they kinda do. Feminism was, and is, important. I just tend to think it's time for the next stage, for more Postfeminism thought. More about eliminating gender roles and the gender binary altogether and less about advocating for any one identity.
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    Kev win

    STR33g1_Battle Status 0.5 VXAce Version

    alrighty thank you anyway <3 *hugs*