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    I think I am gonna add some difficulty options to my game or something. Before I kinda wanted to do old school roguelike full permadeath and still kinda want that to be an option, but i have played played dark souls a bunch recently and I like how it handles progression and death. So I was thinking maybe it would be better to just have you lose your items and progress to the next level instead of reseting your level completely... We will see!
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    A Rat's Journey - Homeward

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    Thanks, I hope they are helpful! :-) Happy Thursday! This week’s new music tracks are: On my Dark / Ominous 2 page: "MORE SEWER CREEPERS"– Ah, so that’s why the houses in this neighborhood are so cheap. https://soundimage.org/dark-ominous-2/ “UNDERGROUND GOINGS-ON" – Perhaps under a city? Or in a network of creepy caves? https://soundimage.org/dark-ominous-2/ On my Funny 6 page: "QUIRKY GOBLINS"– (Looping) – Quietly getting up to their goblin-y mischief. https://soundimage.org/funny-6/ **If you find my work helpful, please consider making a donation to my website. The synthesizers I use to create the music and sounds that I share with everyone are very expensive…so expensive, in fact, that I have to make monthly payments on them…and donations really help me a lot to pay for them. Thanks in advance…and please feel free to share your projects…I love to see how creative people are using my work!
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    Words cannot express how much I love you right now.
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    Corruption of Laetitia

    The cult is something I should probably add more depth to in the future, yes. I will probably add a book or a semi-random story event somewhere to try and expand on it. Probably the Ilvine caverns or temple. Edit: And done, it will be released with the next big version.
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    Corruption of Laetitia

    This story tidbit has been bugging me for a while, but what exactly do the cultists actually believe in? Do they worship the same gods as the Elysian order, but in a more extreme way? Do they worship different gods or demons?
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    ## Effects Box Script v1.0 ## Created by Neon Black ## Effects and Features names module v1.0a ## Created by Neon Black ## Effects Box Script v1.1 - addon ## Created by Neon Black ## Modded by Roninator2 For my addon this is the function of it. =begin ## *Addition by Roninator2 ## Whenever you desire to hide an items' effects; or weapons or armor. ## use the following: ## <no effect: X> where X is the number for the effect ## *The first effect is 1 the second 2, etc. ## ## So if you had ## Gain HP + 500 <- effect 1 not 0 ## Recover MP 10% <- effect 2 ## ## Using <no effect: 2> would show ## ## Gain HP + 500 ## ## Useful for things like calling common events ## ## If an item has no effects and an empty note box, no effect box ## will be shown. ## ## If you have one effect and nothing in the note box, then effect box ## will be shown even if you use <no effect: 1> ## it will just be empty ## In those circumstances put the normal <effect note> in the note box ## with some info, then it won't look as bad. * also fixed some bugs =end
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    Ah, ya gotta love old demoscene demo music. Even if that visuals seem a bit dated and looks like something from the After Dark screensavers, the music is always... well... The title of the demo says it all doesn't it? :P I don't think the playback quality is the best though.
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    That One NPC

    Why So Whitewashed?

    Why is RM so whitewashed? And I'm not just talking about the RTP... Over and above that, the community artists don't even create ethnic resources. I am well aware of the few ethnic facesets and sprite sheets, but how many even get emotion sets? None, because they seem to be extras for ethnic towns and cities... Like why? lol
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    Can't my birthday come sooner? All the good stuff comes out around that time.
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    Holy Moly! They are actually finally officially released a version of Seiken Densetsu 3/Secret of Mana 2 in English (called Trials of Mana now apparently)? What's next? An official English version of Mother 3? Who knows? I mean, now that Reggie has retired he isn't around to throw fireballs at people for asking. Too bad everyone who cared probobly already played the unofficial version to death and moved on. Maybe I will pick up the remake they are making? I would like to see if they fixed any of the many many issues the original game had! Can you imagine if they decided to remake Mother 3 like that? It would be funny given it was originally gonna be a 3D n64 game.
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    hEY KIDS do you feel like one of your protagonists isn't interesting? make em an antagonist
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    A crawdad? At this time of year? At this time of day? At my part of the country? Localized entirely within my garden? The kicker? I don't even *LIVE* in crawdad territory.
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    Unrelated to RM, but I just completed a labor of love, one that took a lot of f*cking about with scaling parameters and such to get things to a point where boundary breaking and going under the woodwork would not be easily possible, and I had run into crashes many in the process, but it is done, and good grief...lolz Oh, what was this labor of love? I recreated Coastal Parklands in a less-than faithful way; it's a circuit (well circuit theme anyway) from Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2. I used TMInfinity to do so (TMI is a patch that allows one to use the track editor to change parameters like scale, movement and rotation as well as use any piece from any available environment). Now, I am completely fried, and my brain is completely disorganized, lolz
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    A Rat's Journey - Homeward

    It sure did help, this release actually includes all those fixes.
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    Hi! I don't see an official request board here any longer, where there used to be, so I hope I'm posting this in the appropriate area. If not, I apologize! So, I'd like to make an official request for an add-on to Yanfly's Equip Engine for Ace. I have some items with, let's say, LOTS of effects on them. So many, that it becomes impossible to include all of them on two lines of text in the Ace editor. I'd love to see an add-on where players can press a key (let's say the A key on the keyboard) while their cursor is on an item in the equip menu (either an item already equipped, or while selecting an item to equip) that would bring up a window with all of the item's effects listed (although not generic things like "MCR * 140", I'd actually want to be able to write a notetag that would return the exact texts I've input). Text coloring and icons should also be able to be included. The help window at the top should still retain whatever text was put into the editor. So let's say I'm going to equip an item, and I see it is increasing tons of different stats. The item's help text in the editor would say something like, "Press the A key to see special effects" and after doing so, a window would show, with all of the different lines I've input to explain the item's effects. Eight possible lines ought to be enough. If anyone knows of a script that already does this, please let me know. Otherwise, I thank you for reading, and hope someone takes on this request. :D Be well!
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    Starting off

    i guess introductions are requiered. The name's Psyotick, and i'm here to learn more about RPG Maker and what's capable off, so i can begin with my own personal project. i hope we can get along
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    I was just experimenting with if statements that used if statements as conditions in ruby. Yes, you can do that. Only reason I was curious to see how well it worked was I sometimes want to do something like: unless ( if something do_something end or if somethingelse do_somethingelse end ) do_nothing end Or in other words, I want something to happen if and only if nothing else happens. The usual way I end up doing this is like this: done = false if something do_something done = true end if somethingelse do_somethingelse done = true end do_nothing unless done But it sort of bugs me that I need a variable. Not a big deal, but I wonder if there is a better way? Note: The last line of an inner if statement needs to set a value for that kind of funny nested if statement to work. Edit: Oh, actually it wouldn't work the way I want due to short circuiting I think... I thought using 'or' rather then '||' would disable that but apparently not.
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    You need to update the post here to... Here the link for the version 1.0.9 HERE
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    Well, it's been slow with my latest project, but I think I've got this...
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    💖My Little Pony: The Game

    The game will kinda have both styles at the same time. The world and sprites will be all pixel art, but in menus and user interface / HUD in general there may be some smoother elements. Summarizing, it will be pixel art without the option to change it. That would double the required work needed for graphics and would make it harder to setup in general. Perhaps in the future I'll remaster the game or something, but I'm not even sure if I manage to finish it in the first place, due to kind of busy real life. Currently I'm working on a smaller project, that has a much higher chance to be completed.
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    VE Materia - Tweak to AP

    I'm trying to figure out what you are trying to do, but it eludes me. Limiting the AP for the master value? limiting the AP for gaining after battle? How does the original notetags work in your project? <ap list: x> <ap: x>
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    That One NPC

    Why So Whitewashed?

    I have my own theories as well. I think a lot of it ties into the industry standard created by Japan. It's just what's familiar and expected of RPGs, even anime. Ethnic characters are a rarity. It's really frustrating for me because the characters are the most important part of any RPG in my opinion. I would love to be able to create characters from all walks of life, all ethnic and cultural themes. But available resources make this very difficult. I don't feel good about having 17 out of 22 Caucasian characters in my project, but unless I use generated faces, I have no other choice. I'm just surprised Enterbrain hasn't done anything about this yet. The titles actually seem to be more whitewashed since 2k3.
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    Updated the thread in looks and prices.
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    Number Input Extremum

    Description: This allows you to set a max and min for the number input command. You can remove the max and min by setting it to any amount below zero. Also, digits will affect each other. Plugin Commands: Example Video: Terms of Use/Credit: