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    Resource Backlog #1 - Charactersets Welcome to the first of my Backlog Blogs. There will be one for each type of resource that I've 'made' and will host all the current backlogged resources in one place. This way it will be easier to find the resources of the past. Any new resources will be added in their own blog posts, as well as the blog topics. The first Backlog Blog will be of charactersets. I've not created many, but those I have will be hosted here. Without further ado: Transparent waterfall events. To use: Goes with custom water: For RTP water: Corner foam: Arrows for indications. They glow. Footsteps/invisible person Upside down stairs and shadow. Stairs with carpet edges and wall shadows. I find that on world maps one tends to use events to transport to towns so it makes no sense to me to take up room in the B tile with world map items that can be used as events instead. Hence this compilation of the TileB world map items into event form. It'll free up space that can be better used on trees and plants elsewhere. An ice-slope edit and tree edit. Secret spots - now with shiny stars. Remember to set them to step animations. ^.^ Celianna's tiles for use as charasets RPGMaker DS Worldmap Rips Enjoy~
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    Well, never had one of these before, so I figured might as well give it a shot. Gonna use this for my GIP (Game In Progress) while I still don't have enough info/a demo for the Game Dev forum. So, let's go. Five characters, each with their own unique characteristics. Relatively simple though. Three POVs, each selected POV character has their own special abilities that change gameplay in minor ways. Weapons all named, descriptions, prices and shops needed. Armor started, just a few names at the moment, no descriptions or prices yet. Skills about 70% done. Saving damage formulae till the end due to their importance in balancing, currently aiming to finish up descriptions, skill costs and level learnt. All character skills are named, enemy skills haven't been started yet. Item list nearly complete, enemy loot table needed, shops sold needed. NPC list large, but nowhere near complete. Will most likely save till last as an immersion factor. Important NPCs first. Location list mostly done, just need descriptions. Rough map sketched. All info is currently in an Excel file, haven't used the editor at all. Lore Garia: The world the game takes place in. Mainly aethist, with a side order of Shinto; that is, the belief that everything has a soul/spirit within it, from rocks to the sun. Mor: The monsters of the world. Mor are so named because they're essentially just mutated versions of existing creatures that're often bigger and numerous, thus 'Mor' of them. Examples of Mor are giant bees (mutated bees), slimes (amorphic bacteria/virus clumps that gained a form of sentience), trolls (mutated humans) and the like. Alchemy: Magic doesn't exist in the world, however, there are several new elements that can simulate the effects of what is known as magic to us fourth-wall denizens. The act of combining these elements to simulate magic is known as alchemy, and is widely practiced. Elements: New elements include: Shor, Reem, Poh, Gru and Des. These correspond to the fourth-wall elements of the following: Shor Fire Reem Lightning Poh Water Gru Wind Des Earth These elements are found as actual objects in the world. Shor is a brownish red rock that can be commonly found in and around burnt coal, lava and volcanoes, and is usually used in alchemy ground into a fine powder. Liberal amounts of carbon are usually mixed in due to how volatile the powder is; it spontaneously combusts on contact with oxygen. Shor rocks also hold a lot of Gru, which feeds the fire and allows for it to burn even in less than ideal conditions. Reem is a jet black substance of greasy feel and a slightly charred smell, and is most commonly found where natural lightning has hit (A common phenomenon in Garia). It has a sort of magnetic field around it that attracts more lightning, and while relatively inert on its own, when two separate Reem sources make contact, a pulse of electricity is unleashed. Poh is formed by condensation of steam, which doesn't form water in Garia unlike over the fourth-wall. It is a liquid, and is nearly transculent with a slight reflective sheen. Upon heating, Poh turns right back into water; a curious phenomenon where heating water forms Poh, and heating Poh forms water. Poh molecules are held more tightly together than water, and a litre of water makes ten mililitres of Poh. Store chilled to avoid having water shatter your glass from the inside. Gru is an element that makes up air, similar to oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and the like. As an odorless, colorless gas, it is hard to isolate. However, it has been discovered that the element Shor, in rock form, has a high absorption rate of Gru. Burning Shor (Easily done by exposing it to oxygen) releases the pent up Gru, allowing for collection. It is usually compressed into tubes and flasks until the pressure is just under shattering point, and upon opening or breaking the tube or flask, it explodes out with great force if control is not kept. As can be seen, Gru is a gas that supports fire, like oxygen, although it does not support lifeforms. Oxygen is prefered over Gru though, so burning Shor in the presence of oxygen will release the Gru into the air rather than being consumed for combustion. Des is commonly found in most flower petals. It is collected by harvesting petals and grinding them into a powder, then adding some water and filtering it. This results in a creamy white liquid that is then dried to form pellets of Des. When these pellets are broken up, the elemental Des within the oxygenated layer explodes out, typically in the form of earthen spikes, although skilled alchemists can vary the shapes by changing the consistency of the liquid prior to drying. Mechanics MP renamed to SP (Stamina Points). Magic removed entirely. SP limited to 100 per character. SP regenerates at a rate of 3 per round. SP can be regenerated by 10 by Guarding. SP fully regenerated at the end of battle. TP regenerated by 5 by Guarding. Max level of 50. 1 G ≈ ¥1 Mor drop loot which can be sold to shops. Mor don't drop Gold. Status Effects Burn Gradually takes damage over time. Poison Gradually takes damage over time. Slip Causes target to lose a turn due to slippery footing. Stagger Causes target to lose a turn due to unstable footing. Daze Causes target to lose a turn due to being shocked. Blind Lowers target's accuracy due to having dust blown in eyes. Shock Causes target to lose a few turns due to being electrocuted. Bleed Gradually takes damage over time. Confuse Causes target to attack uncontrollably due to mental trauma. Any comments so far? Should I upload the Excel file here for people to take a look at? I do need some feedback on the skills as well as some ideas for damage formulae, since I'm not much of a math person. Edit: The link to the Excel file is here. It will automatically give you the latest version I have, so don't worry about version changes; just redownload whenever you want to see if there's been any changes. SPOILER WARNING for story, since I have a rought story layout in there as well. Enjoy!
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    A blog is born

    "Glorious Empire" made me chuckle. xD Hmm. Looks like a pretty solid foundation. A few questions. Are these Crystals a natural part of your world? What kind of power is this that has been unlocked in the five hundred years since their discovery? Does magic exist in your world (Most likely does, with the intolerance of the Crystarium), and where does it come from? Is magic a natural thing in the world, or is it powered by these crystals? Have there ever been other rebellions in the history that've been crushed? What with these 'odd instances of extreme violence', I would've thought that there'd be at least one rebellion by a victim of these instances. Such as an orphan whose parents have been slaughtered for not conforming to them or something. Not necessary though, just wondering. Anyways, I can totally see these Crysals actually being made by the Crystarium magically, making them a bunch of hypocrites who're using the Crystals to get the world under their thumb. xD
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    There's no magic in the game, so there's no need for a silence effect. The equalivent is a status effect that'll prevent people from throwing element flasks around, so sorta like a 'Disable' or 'Numb' status effect, which is probably getting a bit pedantic, especially with the amount of status effects I already have that are redundant (Burn and Poison do excactly the same thing, as does Slip and Stagger. The reason I have them is for the elemental spells to give the right type of status effect; A fire spell that causes damage over time shouldn't do 'Poison' or 'Bleed', hence 'Burn'). I'll see about getting that Excel file in this blog post; I haven't really done enough to warrant another blog post on updates. To Mike and Holo, thanks for the interest. I'm hoping the skills mechanics using various scripts will be fun and unique enough to not be repetitive.