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    Just throwing out my idea here. I've been discussed with DoubleX at TSBS topic in RPG Maker Web about the combination attack. A lot of people bugging me to put this kind of feature in next update. Alright, so here is my idea. I will explain it in user perspective. To do the combo attack, you need to select the same skill in different battler. I think that's is the easiest way. And also you can do something like this. Actor A uses skill X Actor B uses skill Y It's not combination attack, then actor A will perform action sequence XYZ Actor A uses skill X Actor B uses skill X It's combination attack. Then ... Actor A will perform action sequence ASD Actor B will perform action sequence QWE The setting would me like this Actor notetag <combo: skill_id, ActionKey> Skill notetag <combo> When the same skill is used by two (or maybe more. This seems need an extra config) battlers, they could perform a combo action.Or, if you want to do something like this. I would change the skill notetag into. <combo: combo_id> When all the skills with the same id are used, then combination attack will be performed. -------------- In case if I forget how combo attack looks like, I could open this topic instead of going through my TSBS topic pages. Also, I'm not promosing yet, but I'm excited to make the UI version of my battle system. So that you could test the sequence and edit them in game.
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    I probably shouldn't actually use this blog for actual serious opinion blog posts really, but I guess I might as well. So I found myself watching a video about the whole GamerGate thing again. Is that still even going on? I am not even sure. I hate watching stuff about it because it seems no matter what side of the issue someone takes, they just manage to sound wrong to me. The only exceptions are when people are talking about specific issues with a particular very narrow scope, where they are able to make points on particular questions. If this was an issue about ONLY corruption in games journalism, or ONLY about issues of sexism, or ONLY about the failings of the SJW movement, I might be able to see one sides point over the other, but the fact it gets mixed into a big miss mash and everyone gets dragged into issues they never really wanted to argue in the first place makes it impossible for any kind of right side to emerge if you ask me. Here is the thing though, I have felt, or more like hoped, for a while now that the game industry was spiraling into another crash. Too many over inflated budgets, too much loss of consumer confidence, too much DLC and microtransactions... even steam seams tio be filling with early access and shovelware now a days. It all leads into a huge mess and sooner or later things are going to have to either change or come crashing down hard on all the greedy publishers heads. And if you think about it, a crash will hurt the publishers and the greedy corporations then the consumer. Games aren't going to go away, all a crash will do is make the money-grubbers be unable to squeeze gaming for money any more. Recently I started to realize a huge crash will also probably make games not be the "in thing" any more, and at the risk of sounding like a hipster, that can only be a good thing. Idiot man bro frat boys will move on to sports or movies or whatever is the new cool fad, and SJWs will move to where there is a bigger podium to preach their doctrine at. Games will go back to being something for enthusiasts and people who genuinely love the medium. And that is still millions of people. People will still make games and people will still play them. So yeah, not really seeing a downside here. You might not see very many or any triple A big budget extravaganzas or anything like that, but honestly how many of them lately have actually been that amazingly good? I guess there have been a few, but I haven't played them myself. But I hope it happens soon because it's getting more and more annoying every day I see all this shit.
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