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    Babies at five-star restaurants?

    If YOU are going into a PUBLIC place, why do you expect that other members of the public should cater to YOUR wants without offering them anything in return? You went to a public place, knowing full well the public would be accompanying you. The business operates itself as a public establishment, welcoming all. If it was a private event and the organizers didn't allow children, that's one thing. You go to an establishment knowing full well the Public is welcome there, so expect some crying babies. Yes, even at movie theatres, which is more annoying to me, but whatever. If you're spending your money for an infant to absorb light patterns that have no relevance to their existence, that's your thing. I would just rather not hear any crying. What if the parents just moved to the area and don't have any family or friends in the area? What if the babysitter cancelled on them at the last minute? When you sit down at an expensive restaurant, does the menu, or even restaurant policy state that once you have commissioned a meal, your space will be free of annoyances? Or that all babies will be silenced? I haven't yet seen anything like that, so expecting it seems unreasonable to me. Paying your money at a public space does not buy you any special privileges. Lol, rereading this, I feel like it comes off kind of snarky... That is not my intention. I'm just saying public places have public experiences. And the public sucks.
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    Babies at five-star restaurants?

    It's easy enough to use this to say "I hate people who bring their awful kids to restaurants! You're ruining my expensive meal!", and I think that most people would think that way. People tend to claim that these parents are bad or whatever, which actually isn't the case at all. They're not bad, they're just weird. What's going on here is that parents intentionally bring their children to high end restaurants. They know their kid is going to make a mess. They know their kid is going to scream. They know what they're doing. What they want is for their children to develop a, um... refined?... palate, so they figure "What better time to start than four years old?" Which is a problem, of course. Kids don't want steak, they don't want salad, and they definitely don't want quinoa, but their parents are trying to get them to eat these foods for any number of reasons. Could be paranoia about future health or eating habits, or they're trying to sophisticate their child... who knows. What kids are getting are things with crazy words like aioli. They don't know what it is, let alone how to pronounce it. But the truth is, all children want is hot dogs, cereal with some weird animal on the box, or spaghetti with butter. So yeah. Parents. Give your kids what they want. Don't force them to eat vegan alternatives or anything that they don't understand.
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    Babies at five-star restaurants?

    No, no, no NO! Annoying children are annoying children hence they cannot appreciate fancy places, or ANY place in that matter. Im not going to fancy restaurants mainly because of the lack of money, but it does happen into other places too, coffee places, other places to have a meal. I do understand that raising a kid is hard, but that doesnt mean i have to take their crap when im out with my friends or my girlfriend (hahahah girlfriened, good one *ahem*) Find someone to babysit or have fun with a TV meal instead.
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