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    Here's the most recent picture of me I have. I took it a few days ago. Edit: Yes, that is an engagement ring y'all see...
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    'Splain Your Username

    My name is Amy, and I like dinosaurs.
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    Second Chance [In Development]

    Overview: Engine: RPG Maker MV Genre: Mystery, side-scroller Recruitment: Pixel artists, menu designers Synopsis: Chance knew from the day he was born that he was bound for greatness. Unfortunately, Chance was horribly misguided in this assumption. In the far-away city of Los Cactus, there have been murders most foul. Monster-kind is being shunned from the streets, the blame for these murders falling on their shoulders. An election on the horizon threatens to jeopardize their position in the world even further! Just who will step up to save them? Unfortunately for the monsters, that person is Chance Thomson, a hopelessly errant detective who struggles to tie his own shoelaces! Monster-kind's only hope lies in he and his new partner, a mysterious lady named Grace. With her help, can Chance shape up and solve the mysteries surrounding Los Cactus? Play as Chance in a collection of mysteries against tricky foes and cunning set-ups! Piece together clues to discover the villain's narrative, and do your best not to nab the wrong guy! Meet a wide cast of colorful characters, from zombie waitresses to your very own Slime Friend™, and try to break a very inconvenient sleep cycle! Characters: Gameplay Features: Screenshots: Credits: Of course, this project wouldn’t be possible without the help from my wonderful team, and many of the generous contributors in this community: Want to show your support? Here's a banner!:
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    Here is a picture of me and my gf
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    Hi everyone :3 P.S. Ughh how do you even spoiler tag xD I forgot Edit: Ok wow, that`s new to me
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    [ I feel so bad I keep reading the rules carefully and I think thoroughly before I post a thread or in a topic and make sure it's the right place to put it, and I still end up putting it in the wrong category. I feel really bad for all the mods cleaning up after me T____T I really am trying to be carefull...I will just have to be more cautious. Sorry for being so annoying >x<;; ]
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    Rpg maker projects:

    Rpg maker projects:
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    'Splain Your Username

    Im sorry but Amy made me die. I read that response as if we were attending an alcoholics annonomous conference. But instead of alcohol, Amy has a dinosaur problem xD That made my night.
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    It's been quite some time I ever left something in our Touhou Project x3 Well, let's get back to it shall we? *Ahem* Hullo hullo everyone~ Welcome back to another entry of Minerva's Touhou Diary This entry we're just going to talk about our very old project and what's going to happen to it in the future. I haven't left any updates in our project in a while up to the point where it was inactive xD But fear not, We're not abandoning this project, all the work and effort that we put into it so far will not go to waste for all you Touhou people out there! A lot of things has happened with me and my partner in crime over the last few months so our progression towards the Touhou project grinded into a halt. We didn't have much to show as well since it's just mapping and creating the proper assets over the past few months, pretty much we've been trying to get some good ideas implemented into it :3 So hopefully with the New Year of 2017, we can get something actually going~ So just to summarize, this project is quietly being worked on. I'm really sorry to everyone who has waited so long for at least a demo, I did promise a demo over the past 2 years or so but as we learn the fundamentals of RPG-making, we had to change our ways to where we needed to learn what game making was all about. I'll admit, when I wanted to get the demo out as soon as possible when I released the game page (which was like since 2012 xD), I was not thinking of the important aspects and I did rushed a bit with the project. With so many positive promises from many people, it was really heart warming to see what I've been doing before was making people happy to see it, I was like "I'm going to do better!" So here I am along with my personal pixel artist who offered her kitty services to me to speed up the project progression, we're really trying our best to make a good Touhou fanmade project x3 In all honesty, I really can't say for sure when and if we'll ever get a demo out for you guys to try since we're constantly learning, not to mention life has hit us with school and work so we're busy at the moment :3 I just hope that those who saw this project since the very beginning, hopefully you guys are still waiting x3 All the time and effort will not be wasted, I promise to you Sadly I wish I have something update worthy to tell to our supporters, but for now, we're going to work on it quietly and keep the suspense in all due time xD But once we do, I'm going to open the project page once again and it'll be back to the life it has since those very 4 years~ That will be it for this diary page of my book, the Touhou project will not be abandoned, we will spend our time and effort for a very long time to give out our very first project for you guys to enjoy ^~^ So once again, see you guys on a very later entry of my diary! If you have any questions regarding the future of Touhou Tales, you can always leave something here xD
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    The Problem of Fanworks.

    So apparently a big fan project that has been in development for years was released... rrriiight in time for it to be slapped with A DMCA claim and shut down. This is nothing new. Fanworks are often hit by this stuff. There are too many examples to really even list, nor am I really going to. Heck there are a few examples of fanworks by members of this very forum that I fear may spark this type of reaction in the future. To be honest, discussing the problem is kinda making me nervous so soon after I was banned for comments that could be seen to encourage piracy and/or plagiarism even though that wasn't the point I was trying to make. I think I will avoid talking or mentioning any particular project names for now, and try hard to avoid doing anything that would be seen to encourage breaking any laws. But I feel this is a problem that I think does need to be talked about. Fans work hard on fanworks because of a passion they have for the material. They do their best to make sure to share that passion. They most often do their best to make sure to recognize and support the original creators. They often act as free advertising for the original creator's project. Most of them are fairly humble and see themselves as nothing more then fans engaging in a hobby. And yet none of that matters in the eyes of the law. Thing is, fanworks, especially ones that use actual copyrighted materials, are always in a legal gray area at best and downright infringing at worst. They are always going to be stomped down when they get big enough. And really for a lot of fans, they grin and bare it, because they love the work. Because they "understand". But the really screwed up part? The companies that stomp them down in the mud still benefits from them having made the work. They still get their name in the lights. They still get to show how much their fans love them. They still get the publicity. Everyone will grumble and still "circulate the tapes". Heck, sometimes they don't even want to shut them down, but due to how copyright law works they basically have to. And that's why I think, unless copyright is abolished or majorly reformed, most fanworks are a bad idea. And I feel bad saying that, I really do. Because I do like a lot of them and there are many franchises I think the fans can do a good job expanding on and making better, even if it's not "canon". Because quite frankly, if someone tells you that you aren't allowed to take something and remix it into something you like better, they don't deserve for you to make it better. If someone tells you something old and forgotten isn't allowed to be polished up and remade for a new generation then maybe it should just be left to be forgotten. You might as well just take inspiration from it and make something new. And the fact is, as long as people cling on to franchises and the past for their imagination, the more they will be seen as more valuable then quality and the more corporations will seek to tighten their hold on names rather then the spirit they represent. If we are to break the hold of these corporations on things we love, maybe we will have to learn to let many of them go, and make new more open things that everyone can feel happy to be a fan of.
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    sneak sneak peek peek

    I wonder what these could be. *runs away*
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    Indie in A Week 3

    For the first time ever Kotori-chan actually finishes a game xD Well after countless hours of game making I have finally created a complete game with the theme of Silence. This will be my first ever completed game and will be my entry for the Indie in a Week 3 contest It is kinda hard to make a game within 7 days but I managed to complete it xD Time for some bug splatting and lots and lots of testing So what`s the title? It`s Neko Rush xD
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    Finally, new PC ready to go! It works 99999999 times faster than my previous one. Time to make backups and format my HDD to give it a fresh start. YAY!
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    I love this community! Everyone is so nice and supportive. What projects is everyone working on?
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    spent almost a full night just designing these damned protagonists for IGMC project. still not completed o_o'
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    working on something that'll appear soon~ here's a sneak peak of the characters
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    The 'staying up at 5am to design characters face'
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    People might have noticed that I was suspended not to long ago, mostly because I was running of my mouth and said something that I don't really mean that basically was encouraging people to ignore terms of service on scripts. I have already started this in a status message but let me be clear: I do NOT think that simply because you might not agree with a law/rule/common practice that you should simply be a rebel and ignore it. There is a time and place for that certainly, humanity would not have gotten this far without a bit of rebellion, and I do count myself as an anarchist. But actions have consequences, and you better be damn sure it's worth it before you start breaking rules willy nilly. This was a case of me not thinking about what I was actually saying. The point I was trying to make was more about how arbitrary peoples idea of what counts as "fair use" and what doesn't can be, not a call for people to actually break or even test the rules. It was a stupid point anyway, because it basically assumed the hypocrisy of a straw-man and took two examples in different context and tried to compare them. And it was a pretty trolly thing to say anyway. Not my smartest idea of a thing to say all around. I think I was in a particularly bad mood that day, as my mood really has kinda been going down hill lately, not that that is an excuse. My suspension is not really what I wanted to talk about though. As far as I am concerned it's over and done with. I served my time, and I hopefully won't be repeating the same mistake twice. It did make me want to examine my position on copyright though, and talk a little about some of the doubts and concerns I have with my way of thinking. Because I realize it's often quite radical, even for most people who are for serious copyright reform, and I always find myself going back and forth on some issues: I often want to push for getting rid of copyright altogether, but I sometimes want to hold back from insisting people go that far, mostly because I can see the argument that it isn't always practical for most people to make a living that way, at least not yet. I have often insisted that donation and croudfunding are both still a viable way of making money in a post-copyright world, and I still think that's true. It's a big economic shift though, and one that is likely to take a long long time. Honestly even a basic reform that gets rid of most or all of the huge unnecessary extensions that lobbyists like Disney put in place so they could continue making money off their old stuff and a crackdown on copyright trolls would probably be enough for me to be more or less happy, if not completely satisfied. There are lots of ways to reform copyright that will make it better for everyone without completely abandoning the concept. But I continue to wonder if it would be better to do so or if it would be better to do the hard thing and abandon the concept while rebuilding a whole new economic model. In the extreme long term I tend to think that any system that relies on people simply following the rules is going to fail. This may be too far away to worry about, but what happens when people start going into space and just vanishing and doing their own thing? How will you enforce the rules then? Even now in today's world there is trouble enough and more and more game companies are turning to micro-transactions and the free to play model out of fears of piracy. For each government crackdown, more and more pirates seem to slip through the cracks. Perhaps that is a sign that the rules of the game needs to be changed? Also, the idea of "copyleft" poses something of a dilemma for me. On the one hand, I do like the idea of things like the GPL and Creative Commons encouraging cooperation and guaranteeing that everyone is free to use and distribute anything that uses them but on the other hand. since copyleft is still based on the use of copyright to restrict the freedom of how things can be used, That is why I have always pretty much refused to list any terms of use at all in any of my scripts and conciser them public domain. On the other hand, I don't look at my scripts as that important, and mostly think of them as small hobby projects. If I ever did a large/serious project, I definitely think I would have to think more carefully about if I would want it to really be in the public domain or not, especially if anyone else wanted to contribute. It's just more practical and lets me not worry about things as much. But wouldn't it be hypocritical for me to do so? I am not really sure if my weird brand of ethics is really comparable with copyleft, but practical concerts may end up winning out in this case. I will cross that bridge when I come to it anyway. Heck if it's public domain and someone wants to contribute, they could GPL it without my permission anyway so it might not matter. Also also, in the end maybe I shouldn't worry quite as much about it more then I have to anyway. I don't produce much, and the rest of world is the way the rest of the world is. Truth is, I am very rarely personally effected by copyright. I really don't pirate things at all, even though I used to when is was much younger I guess. Nowadays it's just easier to buy games on steam then to get them any other way, and I think it's a pretty good way to fund developers actually. Donation is a hassle because I really don't use credit cards at all. Buying a steam gift card though is pretty easy. Heck I almost wish steam had a donation system built in so I could use my steam wallet to fund games I like. I don't even buy or play games all that often, and most of my time is spent reading free fanfiction or free youtube videos. Copyright annoys me, but is it really THAT big of a deal? Probably not. Still think it should be reformed or be abolished though, and I still have very strong feelings about it. Probably more then most other political issues, even some of the real important ones. At least it's one of the few issues I feel strongly about that I think most humans are likely to understand my position on.
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    The extent of my art skills

    Releasing my masterpiece as of today. Open the spoiler at your own riskkkkkk Thank you very much, now that you have been blessed with seeing this beautiful creation you shall go about your day.
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    SYNOPSIS: Cold, injured, and battered, Iris lay on the side of the forests river. Iris is a young child from a lost home, sexually assaulted, beaten, and neglected had seen things no child at this age should have to see. A group of radicals had slaughtered and burned the only people she could remember, she was the only orphan at St. Elias’ that escaped. As she awoke from being unconscious, she is hovered over by a figure, a stag the color of snow; however how could she see something so breathtaking when she is blind? Iris was born blind, she was dropped off on the doorsteps of St. Elias’ Orphanage; as she was a part of the community that was useless. Iris’ mother left her with the only thing she could feel connected with, a necklace with an ‘M’ engraved. Who is ‘M’? She feels as if this stag is her guardian and names him Michael after this letter, Michael tries to lead her as a guide to a place she could only feel safe as she felt when she was in her mother's arms. During the nights as she lay her head down, she could only dream what she could picture in her head, silhouettes; one in particular holding her as the gunshots rang, piercing through her delicate eardrums. As the hot, red glow spread, of what she could only feel was the flames that encased the distance, the one who held her wept. Who was the weeping savior, why did she only remember this memory before the orphanage, and how can she find out who they were? By: Emily J. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ So beyond the synopsis, I Dream of Silhouettes revolves around two characters, Iris, who is blind, and Micheal, a stag who Iris stumbles upon. The society in which Iris lives looks down on and executes the disfigured and dysfunctional. So with Iris being blind, she was abandoned at an orphanage outside of the city, as to avoid infanticide. I can't give much else away, but I can say that this game has a heavy story based around friendship, family, hope, and sacrifice. It comes full with an Action System in which the characters can fight and perform actions throughout the map as to make interacting with the multitude of puzzles and enemies simpler. It comes with full voice acting, custom menus, and custom graphics. The game will NOT be RTP based. This game is created by the "Quad Squad", a close group of friends who are skilled and talented.
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    It's done! Finally! *falls over* Download - PC Download - Mac You are the Goddess of Life, Fae. The sounds and energy from the life on your precious planet are what give you joy. But this joy is all but gone since the humans have destroyed themselves after years of war and famine. "Do you miss the sound of laughter? Work and progress? I Do." Against her father's will, she wants to restore human life to the planet. "History will repeat itself.... I wont protect you this time" Fae has the ability to sense spirits of the past. She calls them Echoes. The only way she can hear and see them is to enter her Echo State. Echo State is a soundless and timeless state. Not everything is as it seems in the world, the Echo State allows her to see things that normally cannot be seen on the surface. What dangers await our Goddess? Will you help Fae restore the life to the planet that she loves?
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    Oh my word. Making these games has always been an exciting and refreshing experience for me. I mean, what's life without a little challenge to spark the imagination, right? Well I'm hurting for constructive ideas this time around. What is it? Does this mean my IIAW days are over? I'm not one to give up easily. In fact, I pride myself in accepting and completing challenges. A lot of my inspiration spurs from visual stimuli, and so far, I've at least got some mapping done. Screenshots: And that's all I really have so far... other than some very vague ideas as to what I want to do. Oh the joys of the creation process... Also, silence, as you know, is the theme. This has been part of the challenge for me. For some reason, all of my idea feel too unoriginal when it comes to this theme. Thanks Jackus. XD
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    @Crescent- You definitely look older than in the past one I saw, It's probably been a couple years now. Got facial hair and everything. @SpuddyFerret-You look so incredibly enthusiastic. Here's one of my from last summer:
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    A Killozapian Entry

    A blog post named in honor of me and I didn't notice? I guess I haven't been here too much lately. Anyway, I kinda think all of the problems that the world is facing today is in a way kind of a good sign for the future. The old way of thinking simply no longer works. This is going to be one last desperate grasp for something people think they lost long ago, and probably no longer had in the first place. ISIS for example, is desperately seeking the return of the great Islamic empires of old. Most people behind Brexit I think are still pining for the days of the British Empire, and Trump invokes the glory days of the USA's past... what days I am not sure, but just some great glory days. Only people have seen how ugly and wrong those old days really were now, and that ugliness is coming to the forefront. I mean, don't get me wrong, I don't mean to compare people who voted for Brexit and Trump to out and out terrorists like ISIS, I am just saying all of this ties to a common thread. And they are all going to absolutely fail, because the world simply does not work that way anymore. Nationalism isn't going to give you your jobs back, isn't going to return the lost empires. It's just going to make things worse. But ultimately, that isn't the only problem. Not by a long shot. If it was they would just be scattered few angry voices in a crowd. I talked about the 'right' side of the argument, now lets talk about the 'left' side. The fact is that liberals absolutely let this happen. They had the momentum for a while there but dropped the ball. They got so caught up in identity politics, political correctness, and SJW bullshit that they allowed themselves to be made into a mockery. They focused so much on creating huge governments that milk people for taxes for their own agendas that they just make themselves out to be communist wannabes. They focused so much on making deals for trade to benefit big corporations and business over workers that they just make themselves out to be cronies. They spend so much time dealing with lobbyists and special interests that they just make themselves out to be paid for. Both the 'right' and the 'left' are stuck in a system that isn't working. It's kinda amazing how absolutely backwards you humans have this 'government' thing. And I mean that literally. Why the hell is the most important people in charge of making rules and enforcing an idea of order in your government always so people far away and remote that you will probably never even meet? The most important people in working out basic rules to live by should be in your intimidate community. You should be able to go to a local meeting and hash out everyone's wants and needs. Your mayor should be the one with the biggest say in how resources get distributed, not some guy in a fancy white house or palace or whatever you have never met. And don't get me started on economics. Sure the gold standard isn't perfect, but fiat currency is just a bubble waiting to burst. Cryptocurrency is promising, but isn't quite ready to replace fiat yet I feel. Taxes are understandable if you think of them as a kind of rent or tariff for living as part of a community, but distributing them so far and wide for programs that don't effect you or you don't agree with seems silly. What about crowdfunding a lot of public projects and programs? What about if services like maintaining highways and other infrastructure were paid by membership services of people who use them? Maybe the local government of each city will gather money collectively as taxes and decide what money gets sent to what programs further up the chain? I don't know, think of something, there has to be a better way then funneling everything through a remote central government. Also, I wouldn't trust anything written thus far on 'dark energy' as as far as I can tell, scientists still have no idea how the heck it works. There are still a lot of things in the universe science is just kinda guessing at. And with the possibility of warp drive, wormholes. creating baby universes, and such still not entirely ruled out, there is still possibly ways to stop even heat death in the long term, we will just have to wait and see.