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    [ I feel so bad I keep reading the rules carefully and I think thoroughly before I post a thread or in a topic and make sure it's the right place to put it, and I still end up putting it in the wrong category. I feel really bad for all the mods cleaning up after me T____T I really am trying to be carefull...I will just have to be more cautious. Sorry for being so annoying >x<;; ]
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    I recently discovered RPG School 2 for the Super Famicom. It is really interesting and I like a lot of the MIDI sounds too. The graphics are excellent for being 16-bit...very sophisticated game/software! I have @XxXhelazz to thank for sending me in the direction of this; I would not of known this existed otherwise...
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    I think I'm slowly getting the hang of this spriting business. Granted, I'm only editing the RTP at this point... We all gotta start somewhere.
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    [ AHHH I'm having a weird gold issue, all my gold is like this in the game. I make gold or treasure 1, and it says I have 1100 gold! Not just that, but when I open up the menu the 1 is seperate, in white color and the startin 100 gold is in blue! [How do I get the gold to be all blue in the menu and look like it's "right" or "together"] [How to I get my gold to say 1, when I give constant 1, [not through type, but actual gold I recieve. Or so 100 gold doesn't say 5100 or whatever xD.] Here's some images: It says 3(in white) and 100 after it. )3100 but it looks weird.) (because I made it so I did it 3 times to test it. If i did it once it would be 1 (white) with the blue 100 gold next to it in the menu.)
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    Will anyone care to see my face? If no one care then I'll go and hide in shadows like usual. (I'm not Vampire that avoid sun light, I just don't like bright place)
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    Yay XxXhelazz posted a pic! Show that pimple who's boss!
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    well, here I am... Now, I'll post a pic
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    Oh please. We all hacked you months ago
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    This will never happen for me. I understand security enough to know no one should be putting their image up. Unless you trust every one.
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    Here's the most recent picture of me I have. I took it a few days ago. Edit: Yes, that is an engagement ring y'all see...
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    Thanks xD It's been 10 minutes and I want to die >.< Dammit college deadlines You look awesome too, nice shirt
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    @Crescent- You definitely look older than in the past one I saw, It's probably been a couple years now. Got facial hair and everything. @SpuddyFerret-You look so incredibly enthusiastic. Here's one of my from last summer:
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    The 'staying up at 5am to design characters face'
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    it's been a long time since I last showed my face here; btw that's now I look like now ^^'
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    ugh everyone doing this, ugh fine I will do it
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    Here's a couple shots of me and my fiance. (I'm the one on the left in both photos.)
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    *Narrator voice* "With winter approaching, the elusive Amysaurus has grown into her winter coat..."
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    Someone encouraged me to be a little more here than just for the contest, so I'll do that with some level of dedication, will that be cool? I hope so! It sounds cool to me. So without further adue... erm, ado? adobe?? Whatever! I'M KIANU I KNOW KUNG FU WOAH!!! I'm Kianu with really long hair and a subpar outfit but shhh dont ruin my fantasy. COME AT ME AGENT SMITH!
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    Maybe I should post one at the end of my coding month ,with all my hair and facial hair in their full glory