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    Here's a sneakpeak on what's to come~
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    Tee-hee, I will take being compared to Cirno as a complement. Cirno is super cute after all. Oh sure, she may be a ⑨, but to me that's fine. <3 Anyway, what she lacks in brains she has in brawn!
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    My goodness, it has been a very long time I've came back here It's nice to see the familiar faces and new ones of this community~ To those who don't know me, I'm the Ghost Mistress of Hakugyokurou~ Alright... I'm LadyMinerva or Minerva for short x3 I've been a member of this community for almost 3 years~ (or longer) I'm experienced in designing and parallax mapping in the basic RM so far. I do have a current project here on the community that was a while back, but I've been on hiatus and a couple of life problems have happened so I needed some time away to regain my strength :3 Now I'm back and continuing where I left off and I hope to start a fresh new start with everyone here~ To be honest, from the very start; I have never made a formal introduction here so I'm like "why not? I got to start somewhere right?" xD Once again, it is nice to come back to the community and I hope everyone can accept a Ghostly Mistress here and again~
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    Unarchived and unlocked by request of @Nekotori.
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    A bit late to the party, but I'll wave from the back of the crowd because I never got a ticket...
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    *notices this after a month; gg Min* I feel I had this conversation before xD Waaahhh, I was so busy with things i never got back to check xD Yessss, my favourite Cirno- no wait my fairy is still around~
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