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    Catty Lands

    Haven't posted for a loooong time. Rest assured I am still working on this game. What do you guys think of the OST so far? I made most of the tracks in MuseScore and a few in ProTools (which was only available to me during a certain college class). I would love general feedback as well as thoughts on specific tracks. =)
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    Updated my HP Color Controller plugin. Adds a new color (see picture).
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    Pretty much how I spent the weekend:

    Pretty much how I spent the weekend:
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    Tsarmina's Laboratory

    Good morning! Good night! Good anything-in-between! Now that I've gotten smart enough to resolve issues with photo uploading, I've decided to start a resource showcase! Though, as you may see, it's a laboratory rather than a resource showcase...mostly because I'm experimenting and you have to understand that some of the mad scientist's experiments are going to go boom. Just a heads-up. Page One (You are here) Page Two (Third reply) Closed for now. Requesting rules below~ Page One (You are here) Page Two (Third reply) So, I'm guessing this is why you came here; to look at the resources experiments! Some of them go kaboom, and some of them turn out to cure cancer, but whichever way, the mad scientist is posting them for you. ~All-in-One Downloads~ Dropbox Page One (You are here) Page Two (Third reply) -Sarah -Amberique -Biddy -Ariana -Cordelia -Rapunzel -RESTAFF: Toadette -Sughayyer's Isis -Ariel -Jeff-Andonuts's Eunike -Coralie -Elise -Jeff-Andonuts's Xander (10 and 18 years versions) -Lorelle -Sughayyer's Lucy -RESTAFF: Iris -RESTAFF: Thetis (see matching Battler) -Safire -Alexis -Louisa -Lisbet -Lilian -Dawn -Tina (aka Red Riding Hood) -Esthetique (Esther) -Otaku's Misaka Mikoto -Susie -Azalea -Nick -Tsarie-version RTP Actor Mira -Li-Ying "Diana" Yang -Reyna -Noel who-you-could-also-use-as-a-Tsarmina-cameo -Melanie -Soizelle Ravenscar -RESTAFF: Miku Hatsune -Apple Portrait -Veronique LeMarjiette -Nadeshiko (Diana Edit) -Nemesis -RESTAFF: Neve -Elsa (Frozen) -Anna (Frozen) -Brie -Omri -Ashure -Clemson -Jessamine -Ophelia -Postman -Lavender -Tsarmina -Minthe -Lady Finnghers -Queen Cinnamon -Brie V2 -Ralph (RTP Actor) -Pyrrha Nikos (RWBY) -Teal Girl -RESTAFF: Diao Chan -RESTAFF: Lv Bu -Rose -Poppy -Alice -Ruby -Miss White Bun -Violette -Copre -Elikka -NowakSotto's Roman -NowakSotto's Layken -Margaux -RESTAFF: Honey -RESTAFF: Raspberry -Hairen -Aerik -Marina -Eleine -Grace -Delilah -RESTAFF: Belle -Sebastian -Nebula -RESTAFF: Sports Dude -RESTAFF: School Idol -RESTAFF: Lab Nerd Page One (You are here) Page Two (Third reply) -mrmilkman's Koko Island Title Screen -RESTAFF: Frosted Windows Set -Big Fat Mantis's Title Screen -RESTAFF: Class Award Cuties ^^ -RESTAFF: Autumn Trees~ -Wood Surface -Metal Surface -Blue Sky with Clouds -Wood Surface 2 -Radial Grass (courtesy of Photoshop) -Night Sky with Stars -Brickbusterx's Title Screen -RESTAFF: Garden CGs -ZoroarX's Mountain CG -RESTAFF: Sci-fi Cockpit -RESTAFF: Gears-Theme Game Over -Citrus Orange Letters Title -KIWI Title Screen (3 versions) -Angel Sky Title Screen (3 versions) -Sunset Screen -Game Overs (2 versions) Inverted Achromatics -Target Game Over -RESTAFF: Hogwarts Castle -Light Overlays (544x416) -Fog Overlay (544x416) -Leaf Overlays (2000x2000) -Looping Leaf Overlay -Tsarmina Close-Up <3 -Abstract Design Swatches Set I -Flower Title2 -RESTAFF: Blue Water -Wooden Board Background Page One (You are here) Page Two (Third reply) Wanna support my Laboratory? (You might not want to--it's hazardous! Nah, I'm just kidding.) Just highlight the bar and copy-paste into your signature! Put this in your sig to show support and spread the love (and art)! My game, Sugar Sweet, using my content! Support me!