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    Yay, I made a sprite... of a sprite! You see, sprites are fairy-like nature spirits. This one is a cute nature spirit of autumn! Edit: Better side animation, no ember things.
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    Hi everyone, I've got a site up with over 2000 tracks of free music and sound effects that you can use in your games. It's all original...all my own work. All I ask is to be credited as indicated on my homepage: http://soundimage.org/ I sincerely hope my tracks are helpful. Any and all comments are welcome and always appreciated. All the best, Eric
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    Holders Animated Battlers

    Holders Animated Battlers Terms of Use Click on each thumbnail for full sheet. Templates Job Class Weapons (Matching Job class template) Battlers Material Screenshots Download packs (Right click and save link as) *I no longer create battlers this small. *4 Frame format, additional script/plug-in required. Scripts/Plugs-ins. XP - AnimBat Animated Battlers - Comprehensive: By DerVVulfman VXAce - Theo Animated Battles VXAce - Battle Engine Symphony VXAce - Galvs Animated Battlers VXAce - Akea Animated Battle VXAce - Kread-Exs Animated Battlers VXAce - Victor Engine – Animated Battle: By Victor Sant VXAce - Actor Duel Mini Game - By Galv ~Help this section grow and let me know if you see/use anything else.
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    Author: Valentine Version: 2.0.4 (launched in 05/01/2020) About VXA-OS is the most complete and secure free tool for creating 2D online games from RPG Maker. It has been in active development since October 2017 and has been used in several MMORPGs, such as Urkon Online, Lotus Online, Darknessfall and Mystical Hunter. Features Current: » 5 types of chat; » 9 types of equipment; » 13 administrator commands; » 3 monitor commands; » Global real-time battle system on the server; » Passwords protected with the MD5 cryptographic function; » 99% of the event commands on the server; » Common server events; » Configurable resolution; » Global switches; » EventMachine network library; » Friends system; » Quests; » VIP system; » Account Editor; » Teleportation; » Paperdolls; » Guild; » Party; » Minimap; » PvP; » Bank. Next: » Remaining event commands, such as: Show Choices, Item Selection and Move Event; » Customized movement of events; » Condition of automatic start of events on the server; » Editor of players, global switches etc. Images » Login » Selection of characters » Bank and party » Quests and friends list » Administration panel and guild creation » Guild Download With DirectX: Mega 4shared Without DirectX: 1) After downloading the version with DirectX, download the executable Game.exe below and replace it with the one in the folder Client Download Game.exe 2) Open the Script Editor (F11) 3) Search for the script [VS] Mouse: 4) Replace ALL script [VS] Mouse with: #============================================================================== # ** Mouse #------------------------------------------------------------------------------ # Autor: Cidiomar #============================================================================== module Mouse typedef 'unsigned long HCURSOR' dll = 'System/VXAOS.dll' Mouse__setup = c_function(dll, 'void Mouse__setup(struct RArray*, struct RArray*, struct RArray*, void *)') Mouse__update = c_function(dll, 'void Mouse__update()') Mouse__getPos = c_function(dll, 'void Mouse__getPos(long *)') Mouse__getOldPos = c_function(dll, 'void Mouse__getOldPos(long *)') @triggered = Input.triggered @pressed = Input.pressed @released = Input.released @repeated = Input.repeated @last_lclick = Time.now @last_rclick = Time.now @dbl_lclick = false @dbl_rclick = false @pos = Array.new(2, 0) Mouse__setup.call(@triggered, @pressed, @released, @repeated) def self.click?(button) return @triggered[1] if button == :L return @triggered[2] if button == :R end def self.press?(button) return @pressed[1] if button == :L return @pressed[2] if button == :R end def self.release?(button) return @released[1] if button == :L return @released[2] if button == :R end def self.repeat?(button) return @repeated[1] if button == :L return @repeated[2] if button == :R end def self.dbl_clk?(button) return @dbl_lclick if button == :L return @dbl_rclick if button == :R end def self.tile_x # Corrige o display_x, já que a tela pode se mover #16 em vez de 32 pixel na horizontal se a largura da #resolução for superior a 1000 x = $game_map.display_x > 0 && $game_map.display_x > $game_map.display_x.to_i ? self.x + 16 : self.x (x / 32 + $game_map.display_x).to_i end def self.tile_y (($game_map.display_y * 32 + self.y) / 32).to_i end def self.in_tile?(object) object.x == tile_x && object.y == tile_y end def self.update Mouse__update.call() @pos = [0, 0].pack('l2') @old_pos = [0, 0].pack('l2') Mouse__getPos.call(@pos) Mouse__getOldPos.call(@old_pos) @pos = @pos.unpack('l2') @old_pos = @old_pos.unpack('l2') @dbl_lclick = double_left_click? @dbl_rclick = double_right_click? end def self.double_left_click? return false unless click?(:L) result = false t_diff = Time.now - @last_lclick if t_diff < 0.5 && @last_pos == @pos result = true else @last_lclick = Time.now @last_pos = @pos end result end def self.double_right_click? return false unless click?(:R) result = false t_diff = Time.now - @last_rclick if t_diff < 0.5 && @last_pos == @pos result = true else @last_rclick = Time.now @last_pos = @pos end result end def self.x; @pos[0]; end def self.y; @pos[1]; end def self.pos; @pos.dup; end def self.old_x; @old_pos[0]; end def self.old_y; @old_pos[1]; end def self.old_pos; @old_pos.dup; end def self.moved?; @pos != @old_pos; end end #============================================================================== # ** Graphics #============================================================================== module Graphics def self.is_fullscreen? false end def self.toggle_fullscreen end def self.vsync=(vsync) end def self.vsync end end Tips How to attack or talk to event: Press Ctrl. How to open the administration panel: Press F9. English vocabulary: Open the script editor (F11) and replace the [VS] Vocab script with: #============================================================================== # ** Vocab #------------------------------------------------------------------------------ # Este módulo lida com o vocabulário. Todos os textos # exibidos no jogo ficam aqui. #------------------------------------------------------------------------------ # Autor: Valentine #============================================================================== module Vocab # Login and account creation Username = 'Username' Password = 'Password' RepeatPass = 'Repeat password:' Email = 'Email:' Remember = 'Remember?' Register = 'Register' Connect = 'Connect' NewAcc = 'Register' Login = 'Log in' # Character creation and selection NotVIP = 'You are not VIP' VIP = 'You have %s VIP days.' Name = 'Name' Sex = 'Sex:' Class = 'Class:' Graphic = 'Graphic:' Points = 'Points:' Male = 'Male' Female = 'Female' Empty = 'Empty' Play = 'Play' # Chat SecondaryText = 'Press Enter to talk...' Map = 'Map' All = 'All' Party = 'Party' Guild = 'Guild' Private = 'Private' # Menu alert ServerOffline = 'The server is offline!' ServerFull = 'The server is full. Try again later!' ConnectionFailed = 'The connection failed!' Insufficient = '%s must be at least %d characters!' ForbiddenCharacter = 'The name can only contain letters, numbers and space!' Kicked = 'You got kicked out!' IPBanned = 'Your IP is banned!' OldVersion = 'This version is old. Please update!' AccBanned = 'Your account is banned!' InvalidUser = 'Invalid user!' InvalidPass = 'Invalid password!' InvalidName = 'Invalid name!' InvalidEmail = 'Invalid email!' InvalidCommand = 'Invalid command!' PasswordsNotMatch = 'Passwords do not match!' IPBlocked = 'You missed the data 5 times. Your IP was blocked for 3 minutes!' MultiAccount = 'User logged in!' Inactivity = 'You have exceeded the maximum downtime!' EnterPass = 'The character will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered. Please enter your password to confirm the deletion.' AccExist = 'This user already exists!' Successful = 'Account registered successfully!' CharExist = 'This name is already in use!' # Game alert Teleported = 'You have been teleported.' Pulled = 'You were pulled.' Muted = 'You have been muted for 30 seconds.' NonPvP = 'You can not attack here.' AttackAdmin = 'You cannot attack an administrator.' NotEnoughMoney = 'Insufficient money.' NotSellItem = 'This shop does not buy items.' NotTarget = 'You have no target.' NotSeeTarget = 'You are not seeing the target.' TargetNotInRange = 'Target out of range!' InsufficientLevel = 'You do not have enough level to use this item.' InsufficientMP = 'You do not have enough MP.' GlobalSpawning = 'Wait 1 second to speak again in the global chat.' NotAmmunition = 'You have no ammo.' NotPickUpDrop = 'You still can not get this item.' RequestDeclined = 'Your request was declined.' FullInventory = 'Your inventory is full.' FullTrade = 'The trade is full.' FullBank = 'The bank is full.' FullDrops = 'You cannot discard item now.' ProtectionLevel = 'You or your target does not have enough level to duel.' EquipVIP = 'Only VIP players can use this equipment.' SoulboundItem = 'This item is linked to your soul and cannot be traded, dropped or deposited in the bank.' Blocked = 'was blocked.' Unlocked = 'has been unlocked.' Busy = 'This player is busy.' Ask = 'Are you sure?' # Skills Attack = 'Attack' Support = 'Support' # Friends FullFriends = 'Your friends list is full.' FriendAdded = 'has been added to your friends list.' FriendExist = 'This player is already your friend.' FriendRequest = 'wants to be your friend. Accept?' Friend = 'Friend' # Trade TradeRequest = 'invited you for an trade. Accept?' TradeComplete = 'wants to complete the trade. Accept?' TradeDeclined = 'The trade was declined.' PlayerNotInRange = 'Player out of range.' InTrade = 'You are already in an trade.' Trade = 'Trade' # Bank Items = 'Items' Weapons = 'Weapons' Armors = 'Armors' # Party InParty = 'This player is already in a party.' PartyRequest = 'invited you to a party. Accept?' PartyMemberJoined = 'joined the party.' PartyMemberLeave = 'left the party.' DissolvedParty = 'Party dissolved.' FullParty = 'Your party is full.' NotParty = 'You are not in a party.' # Guild NewGuild = 'Guild creation' YouInGuild = 'You are already in a guild.' PlayerInGuild = 'is already in the guild' GuildExist = 'This guild already exists.' EmptyFlag = 'You did not draw the flag.' NotGuildLeader = 'You are not the leader of the guild.' FullGuild = 'Your guild is full.' GuildRequest = 'invited you to the %s guild. Accept?' NotGuild = 'You are not in a guild.' Leader = 'Leader' Member = 'Member' NewLeader = 'New leader:' Notice = 'Notice:' Main = 'Main' Manage = 'Manage' # Help Equipable = 'Equipable by' NotEquipable = 'Not equipable by' Consumable = 'Consumable:' BaseDamage = 'Base damage:' Soulbound = 'Soulbound' TwoHanded = 'Two-handed weapon' OneHanded = 'One-handed weapon' ItemType = 'Type:' Normal = 'Normal' MPCost = 'MP cost:' Hit = 'Hit:' # Menu Configs = 'Settings' BackLogin = 'Back to login' BackSelection = 'Back to selection' Quit = 'Leave game' Music = 'Music:' Sound = 'Sound:' Resolution = 'Resolution:' FullScreen = 'Full screen:' FPS = 'FPS:' Vsync = 'V-sync' NoLimit = 'No limit' # Titles Teleport = 'Teleport' Bank = 'Bank' Amount = 'Amount' Shop = 'Shop' Alert = 'Alert' NewChar = 'Character creation' UseChar = 'Selection of characters' # Quests Information = 'Information' InProgress = 'In progress' Completed = 'Completed' StartQuest = 'You started the quest' FinishQuest = 'You have completed the quest' Rewards = 'Rewards:' Item = 'Item' Exp = 'Exp' # Admin panel SecondaryPanelText = "Enter the name or 'all'" AdmPanel = 'Admin panel' AlertMessage = 'Alert message:' Motd = 'Motd:' Banishment = 'Banishment:' GlobalSwitch = 'Global switch:' Days = 'Days' ID = 'ID:' Kick = 'Kick' Mute = 'Mute' Pull = 'Pull' GoTo = 'Go to' Change = 'Change' BanAcc = 'Ban account' BanIP = 'Ban IP' Unban = 'Unban' On = 'On' Off = 'Off' Teleport = 'Teleport' GiveItem = 'Give item' Send = 'Send' # Buttons Ok = 'Ok' Go = 'Go' Cancel = 'Cancel' Yes = 'Yes' No = 'No' Create = 'Create' Delete = 'Delete' Accept = 'Accept' Block = 'Block' Unlock = 'Unlock' Activated = 'Activated' Disabled = 'Disabled' # Icons Quests = 'Quests' Menu = 'Menu' # Battle and HUD Critical = 'Critical!' NoHit = 'Miss!' LevelUp = 'Level up!' MaxLevel = 'Max level' end Discord Keep in touch with us and report any errors you find also in our Discord group. Tutorials Level next to the player's name in the chat Show group in chat and on top of the character Percentage experience Monsters do not attack administrators Do not attack party member Black background under the name Player names and events only appear if you hover over them Independence from RTP Parallax System Additional utilities MySQL database Simple launcher Auto Update Credits Creator: Valentine Thanks: Cidiomar Soreto LeonM² Komuro zh99998 Gallighan invwindy
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    Hi everyone, I've been building a library of images that you are welcome to freely use in your projects. They are all original...all my own work. I think a lot of them could be made into cool textures for games. All I ask is to be attributed as indicated on my homepage: http://soundimage.org/ The images are on my "TXR" pages. I'm adding new ones all the time, so be sure to check back often. I sincerely hope that some of them are useful. Any and all constructive feedback is welcome and always appreciated. All the best, Eric
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    Kokoro Reflections Free RPG Maker Resources Please check out or terms of use here: https://kokororeflections.com/terms-use/ Free Grand Staircase Shown with our Tuscan Seaside tileset which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Shown with our Trees and Foliage Super Pack which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Free Large Bird Cage Shown with our Tuscan Seaside tileset which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Shown with our Trees and Foliage Super Pack which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Free Fancy Door Shown with our Urban Modern tileset which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Free Large Jeweled Clock Shown with our Elemental Dungeon tileset which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Free Eagle Statue Shown with our Urban Modern tileset which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Free Elemental Jewel Tree Shown with our Elemental Dungeon tileset which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Free Large Trees for RPG Maker Shown with our Tuscan Seaside tileset which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Shown with our Trees and Foliage Super Pack which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Free Animated Gem Statues Shown with our Elemental Dungeon tileset which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Free Natural Rock Swimming Pool Shown with our Tuscan Seaside tileset which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Shown with our Trees and Foliage Super Pack which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Free Angel Statue Shown with our Tuscan Seaside tileset which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Shown with our Trees and Foliage Super Pack which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Free Warrior Statues Shown with our Tuscan Seaside tileset which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Free Tuscan Windows Shown with our Tuscan Seaside tileset which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Free Seashell Bridges Shown with our Deep Ocean tileset which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Animated Garage Doors Shown with our Urban Modern tileset which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Animated Toll Gate Shown with our Urban Modern tileset which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Seashell Houses Shown with our Deep Ocean tileset which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Trees Shown with our Tuscan Seaside tileset which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Animated Cars and Trucks Shown with our Urban Modern tileset which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Stained Glass Autotile 2 Shown with our Tuscan Seaside tileset which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Stained Glass Medallion Window Shown with our Tuscan Seaside tileset which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Stained Glass Autotile Windows Shown with our Tuscan Seaside tileset which can be found on our website or on Itch.io. Fairy Tale Clock Tree Animated Bubble Events Tall Orb Statue Fairy Tale Lantern Tree...thing #2 Fairy Tale Lantern Tree...thing Fish Statues MV Autotile Windows (be sure to read instructions) Animated Orb Statues MV Beds Multicolored Autotile Walls for MV Parallax Ship Sky Backgrounds for various purposes
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    Waves in Holder

    *Waves* The place has had a name change but I found it. Greetings to those that know me and hey to those who don't. I've started working on my Animated Battlers again so I'm around trying to spread the word once again. Aluxes/Estelle/Elicia are my old ones.
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    Are you naked
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    Hello all, We are a group of small developers who worked on our game project Stitched for the past 3 years. Stitched got greenlit several months ago and ever since we been hard at work to make this project into an amazing horror narrative experience as possible! Now we are very happy to announce that our game is released on Steam! Check out our game below: http://store.steampowered.com/app/727340/Stitched/ Abstract: Stitched is a horror adventure game about a girl who is trapped in a doll factory. Genre: Horror, adventure, puzzle, mystery Game Progression: Game finished Recruitment: None at the moment Demo: None at the moment Story / Setting / Purpose: Stitched strings together the thrilling story of Catherine Stockholmes, an otherwise ordinary girl. The story begins with Catherine waking up in an eerie doll factory. With a great desire to escape, Catherine is forced to venture through the factory. But little does she know that terrible fates always befall the curious ones. Will Catherine muster enough courage to needle her way out of the factory? Or will she fall into sheer despair and perish? For more information, please visit our steam page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/727340/Stitched/ Character Bios: Catherine Stockholmes: An 18 year old girl with a sweet and honest personality. She was diagnosed with a serious heart condition at a young age. Her symptom will worsen whenever she is frightened. This can potentially lead to her passing out or worse, death. Doll: A mysterious doll that displays a calm and stoic expression. She seems to know more about the incident that occurred in the doll factory than she lets on. Boy: A strange but simple boy who is constantly searching for his missing parents. He seems to be seeking for more than just his parents... Credits: { Project Creator/Lead Developer } Minh Nguyen { Assistant Developer } Joshua Kim Phi Ton Sagar Patel { Lead Artist } Betsy Luk { Illustration } Dorothy Kim - Webmaster/cutscene arts Melanie Ho - Cutscene arts Yvette Tsui - GUI arts Yu-Hsuan “Irene” Ti - General arts Yung Nguyen - General arts Allison Nguyen - General arts Cyan Chan - Concept arts { Graphical Resources } ‘A.M’ ‘Ayene’ ‘BenBen’ ‘Caitlin NicNubill’ ‘Flaming Teddy Productions’ ‘Hanzo’ ‘Mack’ ‘NanikasiraTkool’ ‘Pixel’s World’ ‘Rainbow Jello’ ‘Recife’ ‘White Patisserie’ RPG Maker XP Horror Interior Tiles - [Copyright](C) 2015 DEGICA, LTD; creator: Frontier Works Classic School Tiles - [Copyright](C) Sherman3D Modern Day Tiles - [Copyright](C) 2012 ENTERBRAIN, INC; artist Lunarea { Voice } Catherine Stockholmes - Dorothy Kim Dark Figure - Dorothy Kim Doll - Karen Lee { Music/Sound Effects } Darren Curtis John Hammer "Train destruction.flac" by CGEffex of Freesound.org "Glass Smash, Bottle, C.wav" by InspectorJ of Freesound.org Survival Horror - [Copyright](C) Joel Steudler The Emporium of Copper and Steel - [Copyright](C) 2014 DEGICA, LLC Musician Murray Atkinson Sinister Hollows - [Copyright](C) 2015 DEGICA Co., LTD; Pack Creator: Murray Atkinson { Programmers } Minh Nguyen Phi Ton { Scripts } ‘Acezon’ - F12 Reset Fix ‘Amaranth Games’ - Mouse ‘Near Fantastica’ - Mouse ‘SephirothSpaw’ - Mouse ‘Shaz’ - Mouse ‘Lanthanum Entertainment/Adiktuzmiko’ - Map HUD ‘Hime’ - Title Large Choices ‘Khas Arcthunder’ - Lighting Effect ‘Mithran’ - Text Cache ‘Moghunter’ - Picture Gallery ‘Raizen’ - Sliding Puzzle Game ‘TheoAllen’ - Pathfinding ‘Yanfly’ - Movement Mod, System Options, Save Engine ‘Zalerinian (~ZF)’ - Keyboard Manager { Game Engine } Enterbrain (RMVXA) { Testers } Joe Nunez Joshua Kim Minh Nguyen Nhu Pho Phi Ton Sagar Patel Saveen Chadalawada Triet Nguyen Trailers: Screenshots: Features: Compelling story: - Drives gameplay and exploration. Unsettling atmosphere: - Feel the suspense of not knowing what lies behind each door. Meticulously detailed, hand drawn cut scenes: - Original art brings scenes to life. Thoroughly developed characters: - Make decisions based on character actions and motives. Heart-stopping chase sequences: - Tread carefully. A variety of engaging puzzles: - Solve puzzles in order to progress as well as unlock secrets. Price: $6.99 Check out our game on steam and on itch.io For other media: Facebook Twitter IndieDB Steam Discussion
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    (clamps hands over ears to silence the cheers, the jeers and the horns) ALRIGHT ALREADY!!!! lolz Anyway, there's not much to say more than yes, those of you who were hoping I'd finally release a demo, are gonna get your wish. However, there are caveats to note: I'm still working on a lot of things, and right now, I don't really have a lot of critical things in place, so the first demo release is not going to be feature-filled. What can be expected: A short demo, mostly text by the main character and/or the narrator. Half an hour of gameplay tops A good amount of potential bugs and glitches, mayhaps even Interpreter crashes (need your help in testing!) Some 'easter eggs' Plenty of Ramsey's vulgarities No censorship No saving (kinda pointless as there's only one major event) Mack's/Looseleaf sprite graphics combined with MV hair (it works well honestly) and MV-style face sets Political/Religious references and mockery plus a strong LGBT+ representation (now and going forward!) What's being worked on: The battle system and battler graphics (I have not found graphics for things like police, military, and so on-do they even exist?), no battles yet Inventory items, shops and the mercantile system (as of now the third of the three is pretty broken) Clothing/face bits for all twenty-four possible playable characters (only a few have their basic clothing all done with some others having placeholders) Story is still being fleshed out (I have a lot already written down) Icon graphics (a lot are done but there's much left to do) Title screen art (gonna need help with this-somehow) Sorcery system and passive skills (I have a few of the latter done as well as one Destruction element of the former done) Relationship system possibilities (mostly just a proof of concept as of now) Custom Map UI (as in a scene that shows a map screen and where certain things are on it) A soft game menu screen that allows the player to leave the game but still technically be playing the game (I have the visuals made but they're not refined yet) What's planned: Multiple endings (I have one 'true' ending in mind) Multiple, replayable game story chapters akin to how Half Minute Hero does it Character building that caters to the player NSFW/Mature scenes (I'd love to have these as visual scenes but for now they will be text only) A way to force game/chapter restarts (Hard Game Overs) in the case of something truly horrific happening (I don't know if it is possible though) Cameos from other games and media (I already have a couple of these partially finished) Supporters and those whom have aided me thus far: My team (KBGaming): Aylee, Celica, Claire, Fiena, and Rachael Dearest love @Kayzee, whom has been great with RGSS3 stuffs @Rikifive, whom has also aided me in RGSS3 stuffs @AutumnAbsinthe, fellow femme fair who loves horror and memes as much as anyone @Verdiløs Games, whom hasn't been around in a bit, is hopefully recovering well. You, among many others, have aided and supported me. Merci beaucoup. I hope you enjoy my vision.
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    In the face of depression, unrequited love, and financial debt, I must now more than ever before finish a commercially viable project or enter the... job market, yuck. Will I prevail? Will Scrum come to my aid in these dire times? Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of... Life of a wannabe game programmer.
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    I thought of a fun plot twist: What if there was a character who said they didn't know who they are, so everyone assumes they lost their memories, but they didn't and never actually said that. They instead decided to throw away their old identity because they ended up not liking who they became. They knew who they were, just not who they are. Doubt I will ever use this in anything though.
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    Yay, I got my replacement power adapter! I am back! :3
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    So, even the paywall hype train has hit the RM community. I mean, the patreon garbage kind of paywall. Yanfly, you've really sunk down to the levels of the likes of dirty devs and asset flippers, but I guess it doesn't surprise me. It's either money or nothing. You know what that actually is? Greed. You could of put your plugins on Steam or somewhere where purchase would be much easier, but no, you gave the underprivileged the finger instead with sleazy Patreon. The Orwellian nightmare continues...
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    I decided to put some music I made for my game up on Soundcloud. I have used it before to share a track or two to people privately but I put a bunch of stuff as public today. I just figured since I haven't been working on my game much lately I might as well upload some of the music that I feel kinda proud of, just so something I have been working on is out there somewhere.
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    Since it's Lesbian Visibility Day, let me get this out of the way: I'm a lesbian game developer with my lovely girlfriend. After helping each other with our projects, we formed ObakeNeko Works, an indie doujin circle of like-minded yuri and game-lovers. I couldn't have asked for a better girl by my side. Thank you all for supporting us this far.
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    Sprites: Mack vs Chibi

    What? MSPaint? Paint.Net? Come on, GIMP is obviously the superior image editing tool! Especially when you load up on cool plugins. Though I am using the VX Ace generator parts for my game rather then Mack sprites, editing the images can still be a pain. I needed to really mess around with the generator images I was using to get them the way I want with the character creator script I am using. I did find a few handy shortcuts for some things. Like at one point I needed to properly crop almost all of the face graphics. I figured out though that I could drag image files over a open image in gimp and it will open it in a new layer, and I found a handy dandy plugin to export layers. So basically I could crop a whole set of images at once. And once I needed to recolor a bunch of images, but luckily they all used the same palette so I was able to make one which altered the colors I want and load it in. Really though, most of the sprites I am using I am using just because I had them available. If I could I would probobly use a completely different style. Maybe Kaduki-style sprites since they are usually 8-directional and my game features 8-directional movement. I shudder to think of redoing all the generator parts if I ever switch styles though... expectantly if 8-directional sprites are used. Well likely if I ever do switch styles it will only be if I manage to captu-- er... I mean recruit a sprite artist. *pauses and notices @Amysaurus posted... starts wondering what would make good bait for an Amysaurus trap...*
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    Don't Show Damage if Damage = 0

    You know, it's funny, I don't even use those messages... Let's see... *looks at the default scripts* Ah! I looks like if you set it to use MP Damage it won't display anything if the result is 0?
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    Changes is Game Development Area

    After a long struggle and bugs on my way, the Game Development Area has been successfully updated! I've noticed, that for a long time users kept posting their threads in wrong sections. Maybe it was because that area on the front page looked like this... Even from moderator's perspective it was hard to navigate - the whole list of sections with exactly the same names, but different parents (makers). So continuing with the 'Simplifying Forums Update', this area was reorganized. Now what used to be subsections, are main sections. The makers being main sections were transformed into tags. All makers/engines are placed together. For everyone's convenience, you'll have to select a prefix tag from the list when creating a thread. It will put an icon before the title, which will make things easier to recognize. Programming section got its parts merged. Instead of script requests, support and learning place, there's one called programming. I've took a look at these and in all three there basically were questions related to coding, so it wasn't making much of difference. Completed scripts etc. still have their own spot. Hopefully this will make things easier to navigate and faster to work with. It's all for your convenience, so if you'll have feedback and/or ideas, please share these below. Thank you!
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    awww thanks Riki. I will be sure to do good work and not let you or the other mods down, I am glad to be part of the team
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    Hello everyone! Currently we're working on improving the user experience. We're aiming to make things simpler to use and follow by dropping few rules/requirements here and there for your convenience. So with that being said, the first update applies to GAME PRODUCTION area with the following changes: Submission Area no longer exists Yep, now it's gone. Most of the time it was pretty much empty anyway. Now you have the ability to post your threads directly in Games in Progress and Completed Games. HOWEVER, all new threads will require moderator approval, so you're still supposed to follow the rules. Unapproved games won't be visible to anyone, except you and the staff. Improved The Tagging System You absolutely don't have to be worried about tags. All you have to do is to pick one required tag from the list, the rest is all up to you. The required tags aren't just cosmetic, they aren't just to irk anyone, they actually have a purpose. On the lists with games you're able to filter threads based on the software they were / are being made with. But even without that, it gives that fancy look to your threads! Simplified Rules and Requirements That is something you'll like - we dropped few requirements. Now all you need to include is story, 3 screenshots and credits. The rest is absolutely up to you. Nevertheless keep in mind, that not putting effort into your threads will ruin the first impression, thus may successfully make users not be interested in your projects. It's your project, your choice; If you don't care about presentation, there are low chances, that the others will care about your project in return. Rules can be found in both sections, located above the topic list, marked in red. These follow the same guidelines. If you'll have any questions or troubles, feel free to throw them below. If you have ideas for further improvements (regarding the whole forum), then of course feel free to share these too. We have some plans, that are in the works, but it's still good to hear potential ideas/opinions.
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    I'm back. Internet as down for a few weeks, so sorry for the sudden absence (not that anymore noticed since I only lurk nowadays ;P )
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    So, now I have every RM engine. A big thanks to @Radiant Arin for gifting me the MV engine; now I can focus more on gamedev (once I have a working computer again) rather than figuring out how to save money for an irregular sale (I'd have to be out of my f*cking mind to buy it at full price especially since I have only a fixed and very limited income which I rarely ever see any of...) Of course, I still have the season pass to grab, and likely, DLC as well (the total cost for all of it is four figures-something's rotten in the state of Denmark there lol). But before I even get into MV, I absolutely need to have better hardware; I cannot have screen flashes, lag, none of that nonsense. If I have to use a shaky DLL file to even get MV to run, then it's not worth it.
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    hiiiiiiii, why u delete ur last post? Sorry I didn't respond, my PC got corrupted.
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    Amy's Artwork

    @PhoenixSoul Thanks ^^ Here's a commission I finished tonight: