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    Newbie reporting in

    Thanks for the welcome, Rikifive, Bringer of Happiness. I'm glad to be here.
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    Lord Vectra

    Hiiii, I remember you! *Hugs*

    Hiiii, I remember you! *Hugs*
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    lolz I've NEVER, not EVER, not once have I ever believed in this utter nonsense. RPG Maker is a tool. A tool. It does ABSOLUTELY SQUAT on its' own... Same with a hammer, a gun, a spool of rope, a knife, a saw...(see where I am going here?) People can say what they want, but like @Kayzee said, it is fluff. The reputation that RM has gotten is fully and thoroughly undeserved, and that reputation falls on every single half-assed dev that makes 'games'. I'm not including those that are inexperienced, because I'm quite able to tell the difference between a 'first try' and a 'cash grab'. No game made with RM is automatically bad. Only if it is made to be a cash grab/asset flip is it bad. But even then, that is subjective. Also, Skyborn is an excellent game, though having more than one ending would of been a good addition.
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    Okay, I'm just going to say it: I feel like everyone here is talking about me personally. I've been using the RTP graphics and a lot of scripts because hey, my big strength is storytelling and design. And with the graphics I'm doing a lot of color changes and I believe unusual combos that make the world feel more ethereal. This game is really important to me, guys. These characters and this world are important to me. It's taken me a lot of effort to even get motivated to work sometimes, given that I've had some personal stuff get in the way. I want to change the world for the better and I believe to do that I was meant to weave stories and songs that convey my message of love, happiness and faith in people, and how I believe we can make a better world. Telling me that something I'm pouring my voice and soul into is rubbish based on some superficial stuff is heartbreaking. That's why I said to please consider the effect this has on actual people.
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