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    Hmmm... I think my little lunisolar calendar project is coming along nicely. I had to totally revamp it though. It's still probably not that accurate but... honestly, what calendar really is?
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    Jishaku Man

    Greetings, I'm Jishaku Man!

    Aww Thanks! Happy to be here!
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    Syntax is dumb sometimes, but if I can manage to run everything on Self Switches instead of a new global switch for Every. Little. Thing. Then I think we're good.
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    Thanks! All the art was done by me! It features original assets for pretty much everything. The music is done by our Lead Sound Designer Matt: https://www.matthewrockmusic.com/
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    DoubleX RMVXA Confusion Edit

    Yeah. I couldn't figure out where to change it for the two, but I went with a different solution. I just divided up my Random Skill Invoke into two skills - one for enemies and one for allies. Something tells me it might be too complicated to try and solve the compatibility issue. Ah well, great script, it did exactly what I needed
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    DoubleX RMVXA Confusion Edit

    Don't know if this is still looked at, but I noticed a weird interaction with this and Yanfly's Random Skill Invoke When I have both scripts active, Random Skill Invoke will ONLY activate on enemies, even if the skill it's invoke is Allies targeting. I'd be willing to make my own compatibility snippet, but I don't know where to even begin looking for where the skill invoke is getting mixed up.