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    Yes, yes, absolutely! They better be. If by nasty cold you mean low temperatures in real life then I know what you mean. I'm not a fan of cold either. Had issues with that in the past. This year I installed moar electric heaters+air conditioner all over the place, so it's good, except the fact, that my electricity bills skyrocketed. Such fun. Sadly placing campfires in home for cheap heating doesn't work in real life. Only if I was rich, maybe I'd be able to help there as well.
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    lol Kinda like the one in your avatar's eyes? (okay, gonna stop there) Looks like all things are in order. (okay maybe not)
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    Aaaah now that changes everything. Feedback is not disabled. I checked the permission settings and there was a derp in there. It was set to allow members create new threads, but not reply to existing ones - it should be the other way around and is now fixed. It may be my fault; There's a really LONG wall of sections, each having multiple boxes to tick - and each member group has the same wall set differently. It is simply confusing. It's not the first time where there was something wrong... and probably not the last, heh. Sorry for that. By the way I have clearly stated to comment in that thread when having any doubts or questions: I'm surprised, that nobody mentioned not being able to do so. The thread isn't locked after all. *ahem* Now it should be okay.