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    *appears in a puff of smoke* I HAVE BEEN SUMMONED! Hehe. You've done it now PS! You woke the mighty coding fairy from her slumber! Anyway, I have never used VX myself, but it seems to me from what I know about it that it really doesn't offer anything that VX Ace doesn't. I mean XP has free layered maps so I can see why people stuck with it. VX Ace is the last one to use Ruby and I really like Ruby so I decided not to move to MV. But VX doesn't seem too different from VX Ace in terms of features, unless I am missing something. I don't know for sure, but that's what it looks like from what I have seen of it.
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    @ReemusX Scripters I know that have great stuff: Yanfly Galv Victor Sant Tsukihime @Kayzee (even if she's a bit unorthodox) DoubleX Fomar @Rikifive (a very helpful person when around) LockeZ Estriole Calestian ... There are others but names don't come to mind at the moment, and I myself have done some small edits here and there, as well as created a bugfix that no one cares about, but the Battle Test bug exists so if you run into it, I'll be happy to send you the fix.
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    Awesome! I will look for those scripts. As far as coding and making my own, the RPG Maker looks really cut and dry and simple compared to Gamemaker and the year I have spent total with it. I might be making my own scripts for a few things I have noticed in VX Ace so far I would like to have in (unless I find them somewhere). I'm already working on my own tile sets and music right now to catch up what I lost in other engine...but for now I am making a little "tester" game using all the features in VX Ace I can so I can get more familiar with it. I'll have to search for that FF style battle script as well.