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    Using the code that Sixth provided and some modifications of my own... Tada. the script order I have is vlue formation yanfly party formation command There are two lines that need to be changed in vlue's formation script. the instructions is in Sixth's post for the script. basically... # Search for the first two lines like this in the script: members.each do |actor| # And replace both of them with this: battle_members.each do |actor| And the battle command
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    I had a thought and turns out it works. I change one line in Vlue Formation and it works.
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    You should put that into a spoiler so I don't have to scroll down 10 miles. The missing sprite does not happen to me. It works fine. I don't however have a battle script to show the sprites on the battle screen. What battle script are you using?
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    I still haven't lost hope lololol Even if there aren't any commands, i still have a problem with updating sprites in formation bonus after changing party in scene party bahh . It's a little frustrating cuz I like them both (and I've already costumized 60% of each scene). I'ts my fault for noticing sooner