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    Updates should make things better, right? GIGABYTE apparently decided to go the other way. AORUS ENGINE (GPU driver of some sort) was working really nice, but then.. There was that Awesome™ update that split its functionality into two pieces of software ~ introducing RGB Fusion for LED management. Of course, I didn't like that right from the beginning ~ I so dislike having to install more software, than necessary. Anyway, that aside, holy balls! Not only it has less options, but it also is almost like a virus of some sort. That Amazing!™ software seem to open command prompt (?) once in a while ~ like once per hour or two. It literally appears for just few milliseconds, so it's hard to tell what it exactly is. The problem is, that this ultra-quick pop-up steals the focus of the window, so if you're working on something, there is that chance, that it will randomly interrupt you for these few milliseconds. And the worst thing is, that if you're playing a game on fullscreen mode, it successfully minimizes the game and throws you to desktop. At first I was kinda scared, that something is not right with my system in general, but thankfully this is the only software I have installed lately and also thankfully it started doing this immediately, so I knew it had something to do with it, which saved me some hassle. I disabled that software and everything is back to normal. I hope they'll fix this as soon as possible. Seems like everyone loves that new Fantastic™ feature. https://www.reddit.com/r/gigabyte/comments/akfrln/rgb_fusion_process_check_killexe_stealing_focus/
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    an annoying TSBS error...

    tsbs is DEFINITELY a learning process, but I like it so far! I'm gonna say this problem's been solved, soooo go ahead and close this forum please!
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    @Angry Choco All are fantastic ideas. At the time I was working on the project this was attached to (it's shelved due to issues involving Ruby stuffs and because of the arrogance of another forum I don't want to discuss publicly), I definitely had some sort of TP restore after battle end thing in mind. Also, I had all characters have the 'Preserve TP Post-Battle' feature by default, so that potential issue was eliminated.
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    I finally got a laptop! But...of course...it can't run any of the RPG Makers. Sigh.