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    This New Series Will Go Over The Basic/Advanced Functions Of RPG Maker MV! Today I will be starting my new video tutorial series on MV, well you might ask yourself, or me why I'm I doing this where there are other tutorials around. Well it's simple most of those tutorials are not for, ACE, VX, XP etc... These tutorials will focus on both old and new features of MV. The other reason for these videos is, that I'v noticed ever since MV came out a lot of new makers have been showing up with no prior knowledge of RPG Makers, so this tutorial will mainly be for those group of Individuals. After this tutorial you should be ready to make your first game and beyond. After we cover the basics and advance stuff we will be moving on to plugins. Stay tuned. Tutorial Playlist - RPG Maker MV RPG Maker MV Video Tutorial EP 1: Introduction RPG Maker MV Video Tutorial EP 2: Interface RPG Maker MV Video Tutorial EP 3: Maps and Regions RPG Maker MV Video Tutorial EP 4: Events PT 1 Alpha ABS Tutorial Playlist - Alpha ABS Tutorials RPG Maker MV Alpha ABS Tutorial EP1: Installation and configuration RPG Maker MV Alpha ABS Tutorial EP2:Skills Items and Weapon Overview RPG Maker MV Alpha ABS Tutorial EP3: Skill Setup RPG Maker MV Alpha ABS Tutorial EP4: Weapon Setup RPG Maker MV Alpha ABS Tutorial EP5: Item Setup RPG Maker MV Housing system Tutorial snippet - Snippets So far i will be covering all these topics, but i know there's a lot missing from the list , that's where you guys come in, if you want me to do a tutorial on something, post it here, pm me, or leave me a message on YouTube and I'll add it to the list.
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    Sprites: Mack vs Chibi

    The only problem with OG MSPaint is the loss of transparency, other than that it is fantastic. As far as tile height is concerned, I've found that only the world map tiles look tiny by comparison, but to be fair, I rarely use the world map for the majority of my projects, and with my current project, I most definitely am using region maps so the issue with tile height is mostly minimized since I also am using custom resources. A lot of the face graphics don't even include helms...kinda lame if ya ask me. My game will have customization based upon what the player decides, but equipment will also change both the face and sprite graphics, so class differences are going to be less apparent on the surface, though one will notice a difference in stats (a mage isn't going to do much physical damage without some changes). I am focusing more on mechanics for now with my graphics issues kinda sorta dealt with.