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    hey, I'm interested in helping out if I can, I sent a request through discord.
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    Hello, all! I've learned how to make windowskins, and now I'm here to share my creations with you all I'll take requests, but keep in mind, I'm still new to making these, so if I can't do what you want, I may have to refuse the request. And now, the windowskins! First Windowskin: New Again: Green Leaf: Silver and Grey: Rainbow Dreams: Cloudy Day: Tightly Wound (**THREE VERSIONS!!!**): Pink and Orange: Blue & Green: Lovely Red: Pretty in Purple & Orange: Pikachu: Sparkly Red: Blue Blue Blue: Give Me Hope's Windowskin: All requests are to be handled at my windowskin shop. If you'd like to request a windowskin, please go there. My shop is currently closed. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I'll be updating this post frequently with new windowskins Stay tuned! Support Bar: If you'd like to support this resource thread, use this support bar I created~ Latest update: 5/17/17 - Added "Blue Blue Blue" & "Give Me Hope's Windowskin" to the post.
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    Ohay, another update I made a new windowskin called "Pretty in Purple & Orange"! It's super cute, I adore it~ Go to the main post to see previews of this in-game
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    Update: New windowskin! Called "Pink and Orange" Check out the in-game previews in the main post~ This windowskin is super cute, isn't it? >w< Hehe, hope you guys like it
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