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    Morality Metre for Menu

    https://github.com/Archeia/RMVXA-Script-Repository/blob/master/_To Reorder/Grouped scripts A-F.zip
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    Tomorrow is the day I start the journey to Singapore! Kinda anyway. More like the journey to where I will start the journey to Singapore which I will start the next day, and I already spent the last week or so with my human parents. Also: Haven't really been working on my game much lately. Been playing with Daggerfall Unity lately actually. It's almost feature complete! Only a few things that havn't been finished yet. It also has tons of cool mods! I still say Daggerfall is probobly the best Elder Scrolls game and the peak of the series and I really don't like the direction the series went in from Morrowind onwards. I mean even if I like Daggerfall for what it is, in theory I had no problem when them cutting back on the scale and making a more detailed handcrafted open world, but the problem was their more detailed handcrafted world was almost as lifeless and drab anyway. You want to see a good hand crafted open world RPG? Look at Ultima 6 and 7. Those games had actual personality. And yeah, maybe they could have trimmed down the number of skills (for example the language skills in Daggerfall are almost useless if you ask me), but did they have to gut the whole interesting character creation system? And the series hasn't really gotten any better. Don't get me wrong, Daggerfall can get pretty boring and irritating. I just rather have had them continue to improve the ideas started in Arena and Daggerfall instead of completely abandoning most of them for something that's just as boring and irritating in a different way.
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    I wonder if Minerva and Kotori still stay in touch. They were a pretty active duo back in the day