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    Corruption of Laetitia

    There is a fair bit of leeway to becoming pure again. In one of my playthroughs I was able to get back to 30 corruption (The requirement for the uppermost floor in the tower) before going to the second world. The trials themselves also lower your corruption slightly!
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    Kinda a coincidence you've posted the CRYSTAL PUZZLES track, because I'm planning to make a match-three game with crystals and stuff someday (if I ever manage to find the time for it, that is). For sure I'll be looking for some magical sounds of some sort for tapping gems, moving them around, their 'explosions' etc. etc.~ basically everything such a game will need. However, the style I'll be looking for is rather ... um.. specific, to say at least, so I'm honestly not sure if this is a good place to mention any of this. Here's a concept art I made: Either way, I'll be basically looking for some magical puzzle sounds and I was thinking, that it won't hurt to mention things here ~ as I said, it's never enough of sound effects and I'm having difficulties with finding the ones that would work well for me. So yeah, it's nothing important and feel free to disregard this, but if you'd have some sound effects for that, I'd be sure to check these out.
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    Yeah, I do need to build up the sound fx part of the site more. Any requests for specific types of sounds? In the meantime... Another super busy week…ugh…but I did manage to get a couple of new tracks done. Free as always to use with attribution: On my Horror/Surreal page, we have: CREEPY ACTION – (Looping) – This track might sound cool in a quick moving horror game…or perhaps something else that combines action with creepiness. It came out pretty well…if you need something like this, give it a try. https://soundimage.org/horrorsurreal/ On my Puzzle Music 4 page: CRYSTAL PUZZLES – (Looping) – This track might sound nice in, well, a puzzle game involving crystals….or perhaps other shimmering objects, light rays, etc. It has a techno feel to it as well. Should sound pretty cool under sound fx. https://soundimage.org/puzzle-music-4/ Btw, if anyone happens to have kids (or know someone who does) I’ve created a learning series that teaches them environmental stewardship in a fun way through stories and characters. It was my first try at making films with a DSLR…(they can be very challenging to work with in the field)…but I think they came out pretty well. The organization I made them for was very happy with them and uses the films all the time…hopefully others can benefit from them as well. Please feel free to share with teachers, family, friends or anyone you know who might find them useful. https://soundimage.org/dunes-island/ Enjoy!
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    Starting a new project. The previous one just got to the point of overcomplicated to fix, especially since I know not what is in error. So, this new one is going to be less complex, I hope... (my super-charged creativity makes 'simple' impossible)
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    Your library gets really interesting, I'm pretty sure I'll have some nice use from these someday. c: If that wouldn't be too much, please consider adding some more sound effects once in a while. There's never enough of these. When I'll be working on non-8 bit games, I'll be surely looking for some.