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    Corruption of Laetitia

    Empty pages are related to the separate routes, due to the way I set them up (A huge list of conditional branches and the like) the pages can be collected out of order and some casn't be collected at all if you go a different route. It's a bit confusing but I really know no way to fix it without removing page numbering altogether which.. gets even more confusing. Edit: I looked up the issue with page 30, it indeed can occur based on certain choices due to a typo. It will be fixed in the next version: I would do that with having both versions, but the artist I am working with would rather I don't reveal too much of the art before it is all finished.(I got permission to include one of the images) Which a bit of a bummer since that means I can't use it for promotional material and the like... But I'd like to adhere to his wishes since this is the only artist that agreed to work for me out of many, the only thing I could do is have a version where all the art is ripped out and replaced by blank images since for most of them I don't have the old artworks due to my backup storage device getting damaged. And the current release of the project had everything compressed and locked away. Maybe that is the option I have to go with. But I will see once I talked to the artist. I will quickly make a branching version without the new scenes that don't have any art yet as I don't want to spoil them before they get it. I may end up doing the save point system. Though I'm certain I'm going to catch flak for that. And it will likely create a host of new bugs. It's really just the last way I know to get rid of the overhead tiles bug since it only occurs when you save. Edit2: The people I asked about the bug say that it's really not something I should fix if the fix removes the ability to save everywhere, Completely remaking the game is also not an option considering 4+ years went into making it and I know the few people that wanted to play it have already played it. It's unlikely I can gather the willpower to finish that gargantuan task with that in mind. (Not to mention the remake would have to be entirely parallax mapped to have the same effect, which takes way longer. Would lag more. And have a terrifyingly huge filesize.) I will talk to my artist and ask for permission to patch the game including the updated art they did so far. If not I will remove the updated art and replace them with obvious placeholders.
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    Corruption of Laetitia

    Thanks for the info, and I'm sorry for forgetting about the artist's wishes. As for the old art, have you asked Archeia Nessiah for help in getting the art back from the exported version?
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    Hey guys, More experiments with various game art styles. I’ve got some pixel art-style map templates here: ART- MAP TEMPLATES https://soundimage.org/art-map-templates/ You’ll need to scroll down to the bottom of the page. It was suggested to me that they might also be useful as backgrounds. Feel free to edit and modify as needed. Btw, if anyone happens to have kids (or know someone who does) I’ve created a learning series that teaches them environmental stewardship in a fun way through stories and characters. It was my first try at making films with a DSLR…(they can be very challenging to work with in the field)…but I think the films came out pretty well. The organization I made them for was very happy with them and uses the films all the time…hopefully others can benefit from them as well. Please feel free to share with teachers, family, friends or anyone you know who might find them useful. https://soundimage.org/dunes-island/ Enjoy!
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    Amy's MV Resources

    @Amysaurus thank you for sharing your talents with us. Your arts are bright and positive.
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    1. When you're not doing what you've planned to do - what do you do? Most commonly - browsing forums, making posts 2. There may be things, that distract you and make you procrastinate - what usually distracts you? RPG Maker Forums Updatings 3. What helps you stay motivated? Deadlines ( motivated in a sense of panic ) Listen to light music also helps me.
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    Final Fantasy battlers on RPG Maker MV

    @FF2MV, that is great. I do not know that, but it is a good practice. In the future, you might commission artists to your game look unique.
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    Level Grinding | LV 7

    Oh then I'll wait patiently. 778
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    Corruption of Laetitia

    Thanks for info. I managed to complete the tower sidequest. However, page 21 of the diary is empty even though I have page 20 and page 22, and it seems to occur right before leaving the second world. Edit: I get this error message when trying to read diary page 30. --------------------------- Corruption of Laetitia --------------------------- Script 'YE | Message script' line 938: NoMethodError occurred. undefined method `upcase' for nil:NilClass --------------------------- OK --------------------------- Edit 2: The map depth bug actually prevents me from leaving some maps if I load into them, like the smithy in Gruhnwal, though I was barely saved by separate save slots (Abyss Walking is also an option, though only outside the Abyss). Personally, I think you should have both the current download and the patched version of the game (w/ incomplete art) available, since it's possible for a player to get cornered by a bug in the current download and they may need the patched version to proceed. You could simply call the patched version the "beta" branch.