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    💖My Little Pony: The Game

    Is There Going to Be An Option to Change Vector Art to Pixel Art in This Game?
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    Final Fantasy battlers on RPG Maker MV

    @FF2MV, that is great. I do not know that, but it is a good practice. In the future, you might commission artists to your game look unique.
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    Heya guys! I'm Belzark. You may already know me and / or my work from previous posts (Hydra, Angels of Sin, etc.) but now I've decided to combine them all into one topic! It's much more convenient and I've finally learned how to use spoilers so I can sort everything in different categories ^^ Rules and Terms of Use You can request Resources by either posting a comment about what you want or by sending me a PM, either is fine. Requests are free, but since they're put in the "Request" folder at the bottom of the topic, everyone may use them. I don't do commisions or requests for just 1 person. When a request is finished you will be PM'ed. Sometimes I'll post a forum message to say it's finished (when I forget this rule or when I just have a feeling it's better to post it there). These resources are free to use in commercial as well as in non-commercial games. I'd also like to know which Battler(s) / other resource(s) you like best. That way, I know better what kind of resources are wanted and how I can improve my work. Well, that's all for now. Enjoy the free stuff! Belzark Battlers: Tilesets Facesets Animations Requests Changelog