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    Summary LiArt is a Phoenix Wright inspired mystery adventure game (more akin to its spin off, Miles Edgeworth Investigations). Here you take control as Acura, a private eye who has to solve a case of murder within the mansion and catch the culprit! With her is Jean, the living lie detector who is able to draw out the lies! A beautiful detective with her trusty sidekick. A murder of a person they love by someone they trusted. Can the walking lie detector artist and the charming, witty private eye solve the case? Features - As a phoenix wright inspired game, expect to have to use your wits to catch peoples lies through PRESSing their testimonies and PRESENTing the relevant evidence to punch holes into their testimonies! - Resolve lies through art! - Different lies have different mechanics behind to solve them, some require tactical stealth action, others good ol' RPG, and more! - Game length: Its a short story with an hour or two of game play time only. - I got lost on what to do next/I can't figure out the answer... Worry not! Your inventory is updated with the notes system, giving you a general gist of what your next move should be! And in the cross examination phase you can use the "Eyepatch" to find out the answer! (limited uses) Screenshots Download Credits
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    word has it there's an indie dev's cousin still playing my public alpha from this month, so rewarding.
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