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    Entertaining Races

    I only mentioned Reploids, not robots, though to be fair, I meant to mention that this was my thinking a long time back. (Yeah, I have issues with when having a lot to say, sometimes some of what I intended to say gets lost and/or skipped. I don't know why this is.) As far as the Mario Bros. series goes, there's a lot of convolution in the lore and the people of that series, and of course, the movie adds to that by being more confusing when diving deep into the lore it presents. Thing is, I don't really think that there was going to be much more to it than a platforming game where some guy in overalls rescues a damsel in distress, and the characters having names at all was initially an afterthought that wasn't given much thought until popularity zoomed like it did for the first Final Fantasy, a far cry from their previous game series, Rad Racer (though that game series is fun in its' own right-shame they never finished Rad Racer III). True, Paulina is the damsel in distress in Donkey Kong, but the one that saves her was originally unnamed, just one of those blue-collar 'Joe Everyone' people. It wasn't until DK was remade on a more advanced platform (Game Boy) that Mario was the named hero. Mario's original game is Mario's Cement Factory (I love this game and I wish I had one of the original G&W releases of it-they're kinda rare and hard to get at a low price), but even then, Mario was really just another 'Joe Everyone' person back then. I don't really think the Mario Bros. series actually had any clear, distinct characters until after the second official game, Mario Bros. 3 (Mario Bros. 2 (NTSC-U/C && PAL) is a reskin of Doki Doki Panic and I always refer to said game as Doki Doki Panic), and even then, there was not a lot of clear distinction. Sure, there were names and roles but the lore was still very convoluted, and it was the same period of time when the movie came out. I would consider the movie a derivative story based on the Mario Brothers, and little more. Also, what is a Toad? A Toadstool? A Koopa? Is Yoshi just a dinosaur? Are Yoshi and Birdo somehow related? Any time I look deeply into the series, I always end up with many more questions than answers, but then I just press start and play World 1-1, and say 'F*ck it.' lolz Yeah, there's my take on it. I don't even consider SMRPG canon. Nope. Like the movie, it's another derivative story based on the Mario Brothers. It's an awesome game, though, don't get me wrong. In fact, any of the RPGs that star Mario are great, well, the three I've played anyway. I've not played past Mario 64 with exception to the spin-offs like Mario Kart, Mario Party, SSB, the DS remakes of Mario Bros., but none of the new mainline titles, so I don't have a lot of information on the likes of some characters other than what I've been told, like Rosalina for example, and don't even get me started on this oddball fandom involving a specific powerup combined with Bowser (you know what I mean @Kayzee! lolz) because that is some serious bonkerball madness...
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    Entertaining Races

    Reploids and robots are not the revival of humans. Their purpose is to work alongside the humans by doing jobs that are too dangerous for humans. Eventually laws changed due to Reploids being immortal to natural death unlike humans. Humans and reploids started to become very similar. It would eventually led to Carbons in the MegaMan Legend series. You don't see many humans in the X series because they are acting the background. Dr. Cain is the only human showed in the series. Other humans are referenced in the game's backstory and politics. You can also use the Super Mario series as there are many races in that series. Humans, Toads, Koopas. Yoshis, etc. The RPG games do a great job at highlighting each race's cultures.
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    That One NPC

    Custom Loose Leaf Sprites

    I downloaded the Loose Leaf resources a while back. They come as a series of png files and are adjusted to 3x4 frames for easy importing to earlier Makers like Ace. I've gotten good at splicing together custom sprites using these files, and I expanded my library a little during that process. Since the site is down I've decided to take requests for custom sprites. This is primarily for miscellaneous requests, as many as you want, but I'm not looking to sprite a whole game down to the NPCs. I am participating in an upcoming project and I'm going to sprite the whole thing with loose leafs. So for now if you want to sprite your whole game custom, I can take some requests and give you a link to the resource pack so you can do the rest of your game. I have some samples of my recent works with the resources. I've come up with a form to fill out containing the basic information I can work from. Get as detailed as you want. If you want to tell me what color every clothing item should be, that works. I save pnd files so anything can be edited after first drafts, and I don't mind. I want your sprites to be perfect for you, as many drafts/redos as that takes. Template: (Which you want used, male or female) Height: (Tall or short. Tall is a regular LL sprite, short is the dwarf/young resize I made.) Size: (Regular or muscular.) Outfit Description: Outfit Color Scheme: (If not specified in detail above, you can provide a general scheme you'd like) Hair Color: Eye Color: Extra: (Any extra details. Eye scars, missing arm, elvish, skin color etc.) You do not need to credit me. I am going to find out the exact nature of LL sprites in terms of who you need to credit. Mack is one of them.
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    WATCH TIMELAPSE HERE! Just recently I finished making an overworld map using RPG Maker MV. It has become kind of a hobbie to me. I haven't really made anything else in the software besides using the map editor, I'm sure I can't get a game done on my own. Since you're basically creating pixel art, I started experimenting and creating a few maps on my own. The video above is a timelapse of a 4 hour process in which I just sat down and "freestyled" a map from scratch on the editor. You'll be able to see how I went from the most basic shapes to detailing and giving the map texture for a very organic look. It may not be pratical for a game, but I think that the ending result turned out great. I want to post it here for anyone wanting to use as reference for future projects given that the process itself is pretty straight forward. You can also download those as free resources and import to your project in my page: https://ladyluck.itch.io/astrea-rpg-maker-mv-resource-map https://ladyluck.itch.io/juno-map-resource-for-rpg-maker-mv
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    I may post more short horror if I get more ideas I can finish.
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    Is there a way to convert Ace assets to MV? I have MV but do not have anything for it. Also, where might I find good free MV assets, as I am no longer receiving the money I once was and can no longer buy the official ones?