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    Diverse Graphics

    Personally I am kinda more worried about all the graphics fitting together in a consistent style then I am making them all extra unique. Unless that style is purposefully a mishmash, but at least that is consistently inconsistent. Though part of me kinda likes the idea of going ultra minimalist like in this screen shot I have shown off before of a RPG Maker game I found: I would probobly not go to quite that level of abstraction if I did it, maybe something more like Nethack's tiles: For now though I am just using the VX Ace RTP and some similar style graphics I found online. Maybe a bit boring but it works.
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    I created a background and redid all the assets from mjshi's minigame plugin.
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    Verdiløs Games

    Binding 101

    A total mood! I think the only form fitting things I have are leggings I wear under my pants when it hits the negative temperatures.