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    Why So Whitewashed?

    I disagree with you on your point of we all know the main protagonist is almost always white. There is enough media with the main protagonist with a ethnic background of African American, Mexican, Japanese, etc. I think a person's exposure or lack of exposure is due to a person's culture and their personal interests. Some people just do not want to watch other races in media.There is a guy from a different forum who said he would feel weird if he saw a African American in a RPG game from the RPG Maker. His comment screams volumes about his lack of exposure to media with different ethic and racial groups. I am only speaking for myself. I have seen protagonists from many different backgrounds. My first favorite white protagonist was Tommy Oliver from Power Rangers. Then, we had TJ, a black guy as the Red Turbo Ranger and leader of the Turbo rangers.
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    With the current asset pack I am using, I found myself using events for tile overlays once more. This is a temporary thing until I get a chance to merge these individual tilesets into one cohesive tile set, and possibly more. There's a lot of potential with the asset packs I grabbed with the latest assets sale that ends soon, and I look forward to seeing Ramsey travel through them...
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    Yeah looks like my ears going nuts is because everything is filled with fluid because of sinus problems.