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    The annual competition to see who can punch people in the face for stuff they don't need the most is going down at the local Walmart.
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    Alternate Paths In Maps

    @Kayzee The shape of the contents of the map. Square map content is fine for square structures, but not so much for something that doesn't have that kind of external structure, visibly or not. @That One NPC I agree with this, though I will give exceptions to some places where that is the design point, like the Trick House in Pokémon R/S/E for one of a long list of examples I could name. (I always waited until after beating the Elite Four to visit the place so I could get all the items in one sitting lolz)
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    That One NPC

    Alternate Paths In Maps

    The shape of the structure itself. If you walk into a town and you see five square buildings with a flat front face and short rooftops (non-rectangular looking), when you walk inside, they should be square houses. I'm not saying the house is one big square room, but yeah, nothing worse than walking in a square house to find a labyrinth of hallways of weird shaped rooms. It's just a continuity issue.
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    It's rarely the case that we've been able to predict technological breakthroughs over a portion of time greater than 50 years. In the 50s and 60s, they thought we'd have flying cars by now. We have a lot, but not as crazy as they thought it would be. We tend to think, "We've done so much in the last 50 alone." But major breakthroughs don't happen every other week. Progress is made every other month across the board, but these things take time. You also have to factor in everything we have done, lol. Progress has slowed down a bit because we did move so fast, for so long. We're now expanding into the unknown, the theoretical,the previously impossible. Even if there are nano machines, not every family will be able to afford the operations. This game is set in a world beginning to really feel the weight of climate change, over population, and shortage of resources. 2099 was a working date, I was thinking about further in the future when a Mars colony has been established. The super power governments send most of the extra resources to Mars (and getting them there), where they've largely banked their future. For being knocked out of her chair, a few straps like seat belts will help her stay in the seat even if it falls over. Some spring loaded kick stands on either side and the back could pop her upright again, and she uses a slingshot as a weapon, so she could attack fom a grounded position. I don't want to give anyone guns.
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    Red Army Files: 001 (PROJECT WAIFU)

    If there is one thing the Disgaea series has a lot of, it's loveable characters. See also, my favorite character in Disgaea 5, plip. ...Though it also has it's share of annoyingly cliche ones. And often times they overlap.
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    Alternate Paths In Maps

    Are you talking about the shape of the map it's self or the shape of the space inside it? Because just because the map is square doesn't mean it has a square space inside it, and there is a good practical reason to use square maps if you have some complex structure that expands outwards chaotically like a lot of caves do. I mean, rectangle maps are nice at times, but they can be fairy 'directional' if you know what I mean. A square map be diagonal or a cluster of chaotic non-symmetrical spaces, and there could be large chunks of it that are simply empty.
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    Honestly, I can't help but think that there is a strong possibility that by 2099 medical tech will make wheelchairs unnecessary. I mean, that would be like 80 years. Look at all the things that have happened with technology in the last 80 years. It's pretty crazy! By 2099 with might have nanomachines that can repair damaged nerves in no time or something. Heck, I heard people say that the singularity might happen as early as 2045. Not sure I quite believe that but predicting the future is kinda a fool's errand anyway. Though it's still fun to try sometimes! Even so, personally I think the game might be more interesting if it was set closer to modern day and featured tech that was less speculative and more like the kind of thing that might be possible to do with current tech. Which I bet is more then you might think! There are lots of amazing people out there who like to tinker and build up cool stuff, and I find it hard to believe there isn't already a small but dedicated group of people who are modding their own wheelchairs to do cool stuff.
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    Is there a script for like FF6 air ship style world map navigation? I thought I recalled a friend mentioning that they had one but I can't remember.
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    When I was thinking of doing something similar until that project became a writing project, I drew inspiration from from Alien: Resurrection. One of the characters is a bada** in a wheelchair who uses his chair to hide all sorts of things, like weapons and, if my memory serves me right, he also uses it to store things he picked up along the way. He's got a gun in there, I know that for sure. While he didn't have a technical backup for if he fell out, he did have a friend who was willing to carry him around if he couldn't use it - that was a plot point even. He was also great at using his arms to do things like climb ladders (another plot point).
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    This is an interesting concept. I think it can work, but that would depend on the plot. What do you think of the wheelchair releasing water or oil to slowdown enemies when they are chasing her? She would need a backup plan to defend herself if an enemy knocks her out of her wheelchair. How about a bracer with the ability to shoot bullets?
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    How about a Schwinn bike motor, for when the character needs to make a run for it, but using the hands won't suffice. Or, in similarity, having the option to turn the wheelchair into a hand-crank bicycle. Such would make higher speeds easier to obtain and maintain. I once saw some 3D models of a wheelchair/go-kart-like hybrid, that supported up to a 110cc motor. It was just a prototype design, but it looked plausible enough, back in 2004. Scissor spring coil mechanisms for lifting into the air, akin to ejector seat mechanics but at a fraction of the G Force those output.
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    @Seriel I guess not, lolz (I actually wondered if that might of been the case but no way to be certain) @That One NPC That is so true, and some of it is vanishing behind paywalls, or into asset packs... (if I can grab them via Steam it's fine)
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    Seriel's Github? What Happened?

    Hi, I changed my GitHub username from "Seriell" to "Erisa" a while ago, gists aren't redirected and that's why you're getting a 404 despite my best efforts. Your old links should work if you change the username in the URL, but I also made a repository to house all the ones I've made and you can find that here: https://github.com/Erisa/RPG-Maker-Scripts Unlike gists, repositories will actually redirect across username changes so that URL should be good to go in the future. I have no plans to ditch any of my creations, accidents just happen sometimes. Sorry about that! Feel free to send me a message (Through PM here or on Discord) if you have any problems like this in the future. I don't check this forum as much as I should, it's only by luck I found your thread as fast as I did. A forum PM will send me an email and alert me more than a thread can. (Apparently mentions dont send emails?)