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    RPG Creator

    Well, I myself have always enjoyed video games. RPGS are some of my favorite games. Saying that, when I grew up in the 2000's and played Blue mage in FFXI, I found a job I liked playing. Sadly no offline rpg really has a blue mage, or if they do anything more then a side. So I have been working on a script or story per say, but I don't know anything about programming. I am much better at making money. So I thought I would try to get a ballpark on how much a rpg game would take to make and perhaps hire one or two people. I can always share a more detailed script of my game to potential contractors. But basically a world full of magic had it removed overnight. Thus most magic users and tech vanished. This caused hardship on the world. But a few people found that through the animals, due to them living off the land they had abilities that could be learned and used as magic, hence blue mage was born. The story follows one to three toons and there quest across the world learning magic and helping people along the way. And in the end deciding if magic is good for the world or if it is better off without.
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    That One NPC

    RPG Creator

    Project budget estimates will vary depending on the project. Each team member will have a price. Going commercial you'll probably need a composer to make sure your music is original and created for your game specifically. The composers price may be a negotiation, so there's factors to work into that figure. If you're planning to release commercially - and if you're hiring bodies, I assume you are - it may be a good idea to look into paid resource packs around steam and RPG Maker sites, if you're using RPG Maker. Resources are important, unless you want to comb through the free stuff. if you find any packs you know want and can use for your game, factor those prices into the budget. Other site members may have a better estimate on the cost of the average indie project. There are some games I can direct you toward that have blue mages job classes, or characters that are blue mages. Final Fantasy 5: Blue Mage Job Final Fantasy 6: Character Strago uses Blue Magic Final Fantasy Tactics: Blue Mage Job Final Fantasy 8: Character Questis uses Blue Magic Final Fantasy 9: Character Quina uses Blue Magic Final Fantasy 10: Character Kimahri uses Blue Magic These are some other games you can play for more inspiration, as 5-8 had the best story lines and characters of the entire franchise. 5 was the birth of the blue mage. The best part about V and Tactics is with the job system, anyone can learn blue magic and keep it on hand even when they switch jobs.
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    Chain Reaction [BETA 1.3]

    CHAIN REACTION BETA 1.3 VERSION - AND THE FINAL I'll leave it as it is, consider it as just a minigame. <<< INTRODUCTION >>> Explode near other blocks to break them into particles, that can break other blocks creating a chain reaction! The longer the chain will be, the higher the score multiplier. Get as much points as you can and share your scores with everybody! <<< FEATURES >>> > Unique gameplay! (as for RM) > Custom fresh-looking menus! > Simple mechanics > RAINBOWS! ~ Colorful Flashes and stuff <<< SCREENSHOTS >>> <<< CHARACTERS >>> Green Orb - An orb that can explode. A hero that guards the Lands of Gray Background Blue Blocks - They're invading the Lands of Gray Background. There are lots of them! <<< CREDITS >>> - Created using RPG Maker VX Ace - Created by: Rikifive Scripting: Rikifive '-> 'Text Cache' by Mithran '-> Developer Tool: "Data Backup" by Hime Graphics: Rikifive Music: Rissquette EliteFerrex Sound Effects: Rikifive Enterbrain <<< DOWNLOAD >>> Download Chain Reaction BETA 1.3 <<< OTHER INFORMATION >>> - [ Arrow ] keys to move - [ Z ] or [ SPACE ] to 'blow' yourself - [ X ] or [ ESC ] to pause - [TIP] You can move around while falling down when re-spawning to avoid falling on a block and instantly dying - At the current stage there are not many features, however I plan to add more energy to it ~ bosses ~ bonuses ~ levels with different mechanics etc.. <<< HIGH SCORES >>> < 00. BETA LEVEL > PLACE | NAME | SCORE | MAX CHAIN -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1st | Tarq | 549504 | 115 2nd | Rezanta | 470992 | 117 3rd | Jackus ♪ | 448219 | 130 4th | ----- | 0 | 0 5th | ----- | 0 | 0
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    When it comes down to it, it seems that MV has a lot more reliance on the Workshop for completeness. The Add-On pack should also be reduced permanently to $10.
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    Hello! This is Edwin, Nova's husband. Nova's taking a small break from working on their games so they can take a little time to readjust and recover from the shock of learning their cancer is back. They'll get back to it soon and are sorry for the inconvenience. They asked me to tell you all this, and also asked me to wish you all a happy and stress-free holiday season, since they don't know when they'll be up to coming back. Personal note from myself, but thank you so much for being such good friends to them, especially PhoenixSoul and Kayzee.
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    Think it's possible to run multiple year cycles using days, weeks and months, for multiple locations without breaking Ace? Context: That space opera game I mentioned with regards to Mode 7. I sort of want each solar system to run its own year calendar, simulating relativity. I will settle for a universal year calender, but it would be nice to have that touch of realism.
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    Holders Animated Battlers

    I'm currently hunting down any scripts or plug-ins that let you use these battlers in ANY engine. If anyone finds any please post here and I'll update my wordpress and topics. Thank you
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    Upgrades rather than equipment might be something. Best example I can think of for comparison is pokemon, rock climb, use something like chair abilities. Turn based can still have some nice features, in the early stages being knocked over could take two turns to recover, then having a spell/magic/tech to recover quicker. Instead of a shield breaking bar, have a stability meter. Throw up a design document, that'll give you room to get ideas down, problems and solutions.
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    Hey there, sorry I missed you question. If you mean the NES game, I've done some chiptune style music, but not a whole lot. Do you need something created? In the meantime... Brand new music tracks are ready for your projects. All free to use with attribution: On my Fantasy 9 page: “OF LEGENDS AND FABLES” – In a faraway place. https://soundimage.org/fantasy-9/ On my Funny 7 page: “FUN WITH DOCTOR STRANGEVOLT” – (Looping) – Another day in his laboratory playing with gazillions of volts of electricity. Fun fun! https://soundimage.org/funny-7/ And on my Sci-Fi 8 page: “STRANGE THINGS 2” – (Looping) – More freaky goings-on in the night. https://soundimage.org/sci-fi-8/ Have a good weekend!
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    I wish I was better at sprite work, I'd make more chairs. It's one thing to edit something, it's another to create it from scratch. Modern adventure rpg. Some jumping on the map might not be too bad, I've thought of things like stair climbing wheels or some form of contraption, just so the chair doesn't end up feeling limited when navigating the game world. Being knocked over might not factor in because the battle with probably be active turn based.
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    What a lovely start to the holiday season. I'm on chemo again. Fuck.