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    Holders Animated Battlers

    6 More versions of Asimole! Finally got round to finishing these off. I will in the future create some more edited versions including Ice and Poison versions but for now I’ve selected what colours really help to bring out the variation of this creature. B Demonic C Snow D Desert E Toxic F Poison G Rare Gold I had planned on trying to finish the base for the squire but got a bit distracted. But for the last part of the night I am going to be trying to sketch some more poses.
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    What're Ya Buyin?

    It'd also be the first time I ever owned one. Main thing I'd wanna do is use it to play PSP games (it can do this), and maybe PS2 games (depending on if it could run them).
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    I finally reached 2000 tracks last week…woo hoo! Not too bad considering I started the site with 100 tracks. Anyhow, I’m a bit under the weather this week…(back probs…ugh)…but I did manage to create a few new music tracks for everyone…free to use with attribution: On my Fantasy 10 page: FARAWAY WORLDS CALLING – (Looping) – Ready to go? On my Chiptunes 3 page: ARCADE GOBLINS – (Looping) – Running around Pixeltown, causing chaos. I’d love to hear this in a 2D arcade-style game. Fun stuff! And on my Nature / Science 3 page EXPEDITION NORTH – (Looping) – Embarking for the frozen wilderness. This track might sound nice under the title screens of an adventure game. If you happen to use some of my assets in your projects, please feel free to share (if you wish.) I love to see how creative people are using my work!
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    Javascript is kinda weird, but then again this exists.
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    Holders Animated Battlers

    These are really awesome though...
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    It still seems like a massive learning curve jumping from Ruby to JS...
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    Holders Animated Battlers

    Got most of the animations for the female base done. I'll be doing weapon sheets separate from the base so they can be given a range of weapons, like for example the squire can either use 1handed sword or 1handed axe.