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    Hi there, everyone!

    Hello everyone, I'm Andrew, in Santa Clara, California. I am a complete, 100 percent newbie when it comes to game engine programs that people can use, to design, create, and distribute their games. I am very close to deciding to purchasing RPG Maker MV (It's eighty percent off right now, for several days, on Steam; YAY!). I read quite a number of customer reviews on Steam, but there's at least one potential issue that is holding me back. At least one reviewer has pointed out their frustration with the layering system in RPG Maker MV, when creating maps. They point out that the way the automatic layering system works, it causes one layer to get distorted or erased, and then that part has to be redone. Or something, to that effect, based on what I'm remembering from what I read in that review. How troublesome or frustrating have others had, in creating maps in RPG Maker MV, due to the automatic layering? Thank you, for anyone's response.
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    Hi there, everyone!

    MV has the same layering issues as VX and VX Ace. Essentially... Layer 1 and Layer 1+: Tile set A Layer 2: Tile set B/C/D/E (B/C/D/E overwrites itself when attempting layering even from two different tile sets) Layer 3: Events (does not include any tiles from Tile set A) Layer 1+: some parts of Tileset A could be layered, but only if the + layer is transparent) XP had it better. Layer 1/2/3: Any tile including autotiles Layer 4: Events (also allows any tile) Anyway, I suggest giving whichever engine you want a go, and see what comes of it. Also, welcome to the dysfunctional family.
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    Anybody know where I can find resources that work with the POP! Horror tiles? EDIT: For VX Ace, not MV.
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    Lighthouse scenery

    A map I made for a challenge ;3

    © Ronja/Avery

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    MV Ship :)

    The screenshot to show off my birthday resource 2016

    © Resources by Kadokawa and Avery