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    New images are ready on the following pages: TXR – Brick – Seamless https://soundimage.org/txr-brick-seamless/ TXR – Metal – Seamless https://soundimage.org/txr-metal-seamless/ TXR – Rock/Stone - Seamless https://soundimage.org/txr-rockstone-seamless/ For those of you using my free music tracks, don’t forget about my super high quality Ogg versions…the sound quality is really amazing…almost as good as WAV files and at a fraction of the size. Be safe and have a good week.
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    Mom treated her first COVID patient at her clinic a few days ago. Dad's gone nuts from cabin fever (already?!) and falsely accused me of wasting a can of Lysol (he just forgot to throw out the old can). Yep, our self-quarantine's off to a good start.