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    Sounds kinda fishy to me. Not that I don't believe you, it's just that sometimes it takes some real debugging and investigative work to really know what caused a crash. These kinda bugs always make me cautious because it's easy to think something fixed it only to find out later you were following a red herring the whole time.
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    how do you guard attack scene

    It's done in the troop page. Set the conditions to do the talking then perform the scene and do the battle. Thats basically a cutscene. I would do a autorun event and control all the actions. Specifying what every event is doing.
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    Okay, I get it. Kamikakushi's not my best game, I know. We can't all defend our first (finished and published) game. I guess I was wrong to assume people knew about Japanese and Korean mythology... Here's hoping You, Me and Nothing More doesn't alienate our target demographic.
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    I'm doing my best. I have too much on my shoulders. I'm probably too kind for my own good. I love my dog but he's so needy... I deal with unrealistic expectations daily. I have no one to talk to. I have no allies. I am alone here. Online, people may care, but once I go offline, yeah, there's not much comfort there at all... I know I care, and care too much. Is it too much to ask that someone else shoulder some of this crap?
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    Well, I turned 38 today. Yippee-ki-yay! My mom visited me today, without wearing a mask! I have asthma so if I catch the Doomsday Virus, I'm a goner. Not-so-Fun Fact: Seems the Covid-19 virus is a hybrid viral bio weapon consisting of at least SARS & HIV. That means severe & permanent lung damage as well as the destruction of your immune system, which is probably why people are either getting reinfected, or the virus goes into remission like Herpes & can flare back up later, which only seems like a reinfection, but its really that you can't develop antibodies for it because of the HIV aspect of it.